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Mobile App Development Companies in Saudi Arabia 2021 (Updated)

There are many internet-enabled ways that allow you to connect and interact with people across the world in no time. As a business organization, you can make the best use of those advances in technology to excel in your business. And the mobile application is such an online tool that has changed the way people browse information or buy a product or service online. But the region in which you are holding up is also of great significance while looking for application development that works wonders for your business.

If you are searching for the best mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia, here is a list of the top mobile app development companies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia will make it easy to find a reliable app maker in the Saudi region. After hiring any of these companies, you can expect to bag an app like Talabat and Uber for your business.

Without taking more time here is the list of top app development companies in Saudi Arabia, choose the best mobile app developers as per your project need and estimated App development cost. 

 Top App Development Companies in Saudi Arabia 2020

Below is the list of the top mobile app development companies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia that is stacked after weighing various parameters like client feedback, years of experience, hourly rate, and more, which, in turn, will help you hire dedicated mobile app makers in Saudi Arabia:

1. Cubix

Mobile app development companies in Riyadh

Cubix is an expert in development, customization of mobility solutions. They have over 8 years of experience integrating complex enterprise-level solutions, business intelligence analytics, advanced web, and mobile solutions. Working for a wide range of clients that include individuals, startups, and organizations.  

This app maker company is constantly improving and mastering industry progression. Their qualified development team has mastered all and are improving their skill set in E-Learning, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, SaaS, Augmented Reality, Virtual reality Industries. 

Expertise: AR/VR, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, SaaS, 

Headquarters: Saudi Arabia.

 2. TechGropse

Mobile app development companies in Saudi Arabia

TechGropse is one of the top app developers in Saudi Arabia. They have served more than 100+ Clients with a dedicated team of Android and iOS app developers. Their web & mobile app development services are not only limited to Saudi Arabia but they are providing services in India, the USA, and the UK in various domains like Apps for Taxi Booking, Restaurants, healthcare, retail, and Apps for Business.  

Expertise: Android App Development, iOS App Development, Cross-Platform App Development Website Design & Development, Xamarin App Development, Digital marketing services  

Headquarters: India, USA, and Saudi Arabia.

3. Magneto IT Solutions

Mobile app development company in Riyadh

Founded in 2009, Magneto IT Solutions is a leading mobile app that works with a passion to bring ideas to life and create stunning applications for start-up and corporate.  

They mainly focus on eCommerce, Mobile Application, Customize Web Application, Digital Marketing, SEO Service, IOT, Chatbot. From the very beginning, they have been pursuing a set of values as definitive guidelines for providing quality service. 

Expertise: eCommerce, Mobile Application, Customize Web Application, Digital Marketing, SEO Service, IoT, Chatbot 

Headquarters: India, USA, and Saudi Arabia. 

4. Peerbits

mobile app development companies

Peerbits is a global mobile application development company in Saudi Arabia having a strong team of 50+ highly skilled IT experts. Delivering web development, mobile application development, and IT consulting services across diverse business verticals. Peerbits carry the trust of more than 200+ clients spread across the world.  

They guarantee the quality, competence, and rapid execution of any projects ranging from mid-sized portals to complex app development and custom mobility solutions. Their vision is to provide the utmost integrity and client satisfaction through our services, creating lasting relationships with our clients. 

Expertise:  Mobile Application, Customize Web Application, Web Designing & Development, IoT. 

Headquarters: India, USA, and Saudi Arabia.

5. Simform 

Mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia

Simform, A mobile app design company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with a mission to help successful companies extend their tech capacity by providing them mobility solutions in this tech-driven era. Founded in October 2010, they have helped organizations ranging from Startups that went public, to Fortune 500 companies, and WHO backed NGOs. 

Simform helps companies become innovation leaders by delivering software teams on demand. 

Expertise:  Custom software development, Enterprise mobile app development, Web application development, Cloud Migration and Management, Software testing services 

Headquarters: USA, Saudi Arabia.

6. Terasol Technologies


app developer jeddah

Terasol Technologies is one of the top mobile app development companies in Saudi Arabia, whose mission is to create apps that would help people learn and grow with technology. Every member of Terasol Technologies is working towards building apps that would not only create history but also give people the opportunity of experiencing tech they did not know could become an essential part of their lives. 

They have grown with each project and refined their skills to serve nothing short of perfection. They have the plan to become an umbrella company in order to cushion new startups and most importantly to provide launch pads to new dreams like Logix, Drill Out, Aeons, Polar Catch, Gravity 1.0 and similar apps and games that decorate our website. 

Expertise:  Mobile Application, Customize Web Application, Web Designing & Development, IOT. 

Headquarters: India, USA, and Saudi Arabia. 

7. Taqniaty-

developers in saudi arabia

Taqniaty is among the leading mobile app development, web design, web hosting and digital marketing companies in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. First established in 2004, They have a long history of delivering the most excellent results to our esteemed clients in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and GCC countries. 

They have the best knowledge and clear-cut understanding about your responsive website development, mobile apps, digital marketing, SEO consulting, content writing, pay per click advertising, and all different services that fulfill your modern business needs and requirements efficiently. Let us accomplish your internet marketing goals successfully. 

Expertise:  Mobile Application, Customize Web Application, Web Designing & Development, IoT. 

Headquarters: Makkah, Saudi Arabia. 

8. The Sound Pipe Media


top app development companies in saudi arabia

The Sound Pipe Media, a mobile application development company in Saudi Arabia begun its journey 6 years ago. Since then, they have been working with a lot of new companies and business people globally.  

They specialize in developing social networking mobile apps both for iOS/Android. Their great part of the portfolio is working inside of the Informal communication space and eCommerce Long range interpersonal communication. 

Expertise:  Social Applications, Customize Web Application, Web Designing & Development, IoT. 

Headquarters: United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia. 


 9. E-Vision

mobile app makers Saudi Arabia

E-Visions is a fast-growing mobile application development company in Saudi Arabia, they have expertise in design and develop professional business solutions. It also offers uniquely attractive designed IT solutions to its clients and helps each company interpret who they really are among their peers through the internet. 

E-Vision specializes in offering ICT business solutions and services in a wide range of areas, catering to a multitude of industries. With years’ experience in management consulting, IT, Development & training we are proud to have worked with several of the largest organizations in the middle-east, providing high-quality services and optimal satisfaction is a software development and solution provider house, where we design and develop professional business solutions that are presented to our customers to cover the business needs of excellent quality and reasonable cost. 

Expertise:  Social Applications, Customize Web Application, Web Designing & Development, IoT. 

Headquarters: United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia.

10. LimraSoftech

mobile app makers Riyadh

Limra Softech is an IT Consulting Software Development Company that delivers personalized business solutions. 

They hold an extremely large group of specialization offering adaptive and quantifiable services in the expertise of advanced web and mobile solutions, enterprise apps, and portals. They provide full-cycle servicing that covers every aspect of app production and implementation, Web/Mobile Application, Digital Marketing, and ERP Solutions. 

They have a team of well experienced, diverse experts in their respective domains. They have pride in creative work and joint teamwork. Limra Softech ensures the product is built by experts. Their exposure to companies from all different Regions has made them grow stronger and we have become the preferred Consulting Partners in Saudi Arabia. 

Expertise:  Web Designing & Development, Mobile app development, ERP Solutions, Digital Marketing 

Headquarters:  Saudi Arabia. India, Malaysia

How Your Business Can Benefit from Having a Mobile App?

The advent of mobile applications has a tremendous impact on the business world. Be it the launch of a product or run a social campaign or communicate with an audience, there is no way better than a mobile app. It can do a lot of things in the most appropriate and effective manner. Have a look below at what a mobile app can do for your business.

Mobile app development in Saud Arabia

Reduces customer waiting  

With a mobile app, you can respond to customers’ queries in the fastest manner. It provides a much faster alternative compared to mobile web browsing. Compared to a web browser, application development takes a second to launch because most information is already stored there. 

Reminds of your business

mobile app has huge potential to increase the visibility of a brand. It enhances your presence on the World Wide Web in the most effective manner. This helps turn prospects into loyal customers.  

Enhances customer engagement

People are increasingly resorting to applications as it is easy and fast to search for a product or service using a mobile application. So, building a mobile app will enable you to quickly connect with your audience and provide them with the most relevant information that can help them buy from you.  A mobile app development company would help you in application development that is more interactive, user-friendly, and quickly responsive.  

Reduces cost

Top app developers in Saudi Arabia aimed at application development that plays a vital role in reducing the cost of marketing. Apps can reduce the costs of SMS messages and paper newsletters while providing secure and effective communication between customers and businesses. A mobile app will also reduce staff workload by reducing information requests over the phone. 

For any app maker company, it is not a cakewalk to code and design a mobile app that works in the best sync with your business requirements. The process of application development is very intricate, requiring a lot of skills and creativity. So, hire from top mobile app developers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia that has a strong reputation in the market and has a vast portfolio of the world’s best apps.

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