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How Much Does It Cost to Develop Food Delivery Apps like Zomato, Grubhub, Uber Eats?

Top food delivery apps such as Zomato, Uber Eats, Grubhub, Doordash, Just Eats have made their way into our lives making it simpler and more flavorsome. Having a lazy workday from home? Just slide into any of these apps and order your favorite dish right at your doorstep. If you are running a restaurant or cafe and wish to upgrade your business to the online world, hiring a food delivery app development company will be a wise option. 

The world is blazing with technological trends and the most demanded and needed trend currently is on-demand apps. It is for the same reason that restaurant tables are now being availed online on apps. Food outlets have monetized their business with app development and have been thriving with the results. So if you too want to dive right into the pool of success with your restaurant leveraging the fierce technology of today all you need to do is hire a  food delivery app development company

How does this On-Demand Food delivery App work?

If you wish to give the world a robust best food delivery app, the first and foremost thing you will have to do is a partner with local restaurants and food vendors to get along with the concept of your app so that your users are given a variety of cuisines to order their food from. You might create a high-functioning app that is loaded with advanced features and is greatly accessible, but in all truth, the success rate of such a food delivery app will depend on the number of restaurants and vendors you collaborate with. Once you form one concept and score a number of partners, all the entities should work as one single unit. 

There are times when businessmen come up with a dynamic idea of a food delivery app but they let the concept lie in the pipelines because they simply can not fathom the depths and technicalities of the cost that control the development of an app like uber eats. There are various factors that influence the development cost, one being the point of interactions of the users and app. There is a simple procedure which is followed and is explained as- 

  • User Search
    The users explore restaurants, dishes on your app to find the one that they wish to order right on their doorstep. The food delivery app developers make sure to integrate features such as filters so that the users can make their choice easily and effectively.
  • Order Confirmed
    After choosing the dishes from the list of options, the user then confirms the order and proceeds to the payment portal. There are various ways such as COD, Credit Card, Debit Card, or wallets, with which users can make payments for their orders.
  • Restaurant confirms order
    After the user selects and pays for their order, it is the restaurant’s turn to confirm the order. The restaurant then also gives details about the order such as the estimated time by which the order will be delivered to the users.
  • Restaurant prepared the order
    Once the order is confirmed by the restaurant, the food outlet then sets to prepare the order for customers.
  • Delivery Valet is assigned
    While the restaurant prepares the food, a delivery person is assigned to deliver the order to users.
  • Valet picks the order
    Once the order is prepared, the valet comes to the restaurant to pick the order.
  • Order gets delivered
    After the order is picked up by the valet, the delivery person delivers the order to the assigned destination.

There are various features in the app that facilitate the delivery of the order. These features include in-app calls and chats. These features help delivery people contact the customers to be able to deliver the order in a shorter time.

With the advancement of technology and the integration of Artificial Intelligence solutions, it will be in no time that the orders will be delivered through drones and robots. We’re moving towards a world that is cashless and contactless. It is integral for businesses to offer their customers services that meet the demands of today’s world and needs are available with few steps.

cost of food delivery app

It is after the delivery of the order to the customer that the profits are divided between the restaurant and app owner.
Before knowing about the various panel features of Food delivery Apps, let us know why you must invest in a Food Delivery app and how they make money. 

How Do On-Demand Food Delivery Apps Make Money?

There are various ways in which on-demand food delivery apps can generate revenue. Let’s discuss these ways in brief- 

features of food delivery app


  • Through Delivery Fee and Price Surges
    This is one of the most common yet effective ways of earning through food delivery apps. Top food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy, and Uber eats charge a delivery price for the delivery of the ordered food at your doorstep. Another common way of making incentives is applying price hikes during business hours and at the time when food delivery is the need of the hour.
  • Earning through Partnered Restaurants
    The profits can also be earned through collaborating with restaurants and delivery partners to split up the cost and profits.
  • Earning Revenue via Advertising
    The partnered restaurants are charged a price to play their advertising and marketing cards. With multiple cuisines and places in the market, restaurant owners need to be made visible with hungry letters. 

Before learning about the cost of food delivery app development, let’s first understand various features of different panels of apps like uber eats- 

Food Delivery App – Restaurant Panel

top food delivery apps

  1. Dashboard: Once Restaurant owners sign up on the app, they are given a dashboard. With their dashboard, they are able to keep a check on the pending orders, completed orders, and also the orders which are out for delivery. This allows restaurant owners to work with a better insight.
  2. Accept or Decline Orders: This feature in any best food delivery app is one of the most significant features. The timeliness of the food delivery plays a very important role. In cases when the order takes too long to be delivered, restaurants often end up with bad ratings and reviews. To avoid such complications, riders are given an option of Accept or Decline orders, which they can use as per their availability.
  3. Manage Restaurant Account:  Restaurant owners are given the ability to set up an account of their restaurant on the app. With this restaurant owners can add their restaurant pictures, name, logo, food images, hours of operation, minimum order quantity, their restaurant menu, and also the prices along with delivery time. and add all the menus available along with the price and expected delivery time. There are various other details that restaurant owners can integrate but one must note that these features impact the development cost.
  4. Payment: Restaurant owners are given a payment section. This section allows users to pay for their orders using various payment methods. 

Food Delivery App-Rider Panel

food delivery app- Rider panel

  1. Login: The admin provides the riders with login credentials with which the rider can log into the app.
  2. Order Request: Once an order is requested, the delivery person is auto-assigned on the basis of the location. The order will be notified with ID, customer name along with address. On the basis of his location, the rider can accept/ reject the order request.  
  3. Order Delivery: If a rider accepts an order request, s/he has to deliver the order at the delivery location and update the order status as the order is delivered. 
  4. Call/Chat: Food delivery app development cost also rounds up the implementation of in-app calling and chat features which makes it easier for users and delivery partners to communicate about the delivery location. 
  5. Push Notifications: These allow the delivery man to stay updated with the assigned customer and restaurant activities.  
  6. GPS Tracking: This allows users to know exactly where their order has reached and how much time it will take to be delivered.
  7. Online Support: This feature of a top food delivery app allows the rider to communicate with a support team in case of complications and issues.
  8. Google Map Navigation: The Google Maps navigation allows the delivery boy to deliver the order right at the customer’s location. 

Food Delivery Mobile Application – User Panel

food delivery app- User panel

  1. Login: Users can log into such apps with simple integration of Facebook, Gmail, or phone number. 
  2. Location: Users are given ordering options on the basis of their location. 
  3. Menu: The menu allows the users to make their choice before reaching the payment portal. 
  4. Set Pickup on the Map: The GPS detects your location or you can manually set up a location as the delivery address. 
  5. Payment: After the location is set and the order is finalized users have to pay for their order. There are various payment options available for users, they can choose any option as the best suitable for them. 
  6. Contact Information: At times when a user needs to communicate with the restaurant or the delivery partner, s/he can do so with the information provided by the app. 
  7. Track Delivery Boy: The delivery boy is trackable with the GPS integration.  

How much does it cost to develop Food delivery apps?

During the tough times of Covid-19, food delivery apps gained immense popularity since the world was under lockdowns. This is the era of on-demand apps and the best time to invest in the food delivery app market. We can further see why investors have begun to show immense interest to develop food delivery apps like zomato. 

Any goods/service comes at a price and so does the app development process. While every app and app development process are different from each other to conclude at a different final cost, there are still some factors that influence the cost of food delivery apps. These factors include- 

  • Features needed in the app 
  • Complexity of the UI
  • Application Concept
  • UI Design 
  • Testing 

Estimation of cost of food delivery apps

When you talk about questions like how much does Grubhub charges or what is it that makes app development costs vary, you must know that there are certain factors on which the app development cost determines. Let’s discuss these factors-

  • Location
    The location where the app development company is placed determines the cost of app development greatly. When you lookout for an app development company you must ensure that the services provided to you are robust and high performing. If we compare, the cost of app development is less in India as compared to other countries like America and Europe.
  • Platform
    The platform to puts a major impact on the development cost of a food delivery app. There are different costs for different platforms. In the actual picture, the platform charge is just the payment for Appstore or Google Play Store to host your application. This further concludes the point that if you wish to host your app on both platforms, you will have to pay a higher amount.
  • Pre-Advertisement
    Pre-advertisement gives a head start to your app in the market. There are various techniques of advertisement you can implement to popularize your app and let them know it’s making its debut. Suspense contests, quizzes, and giveaways can help with a great deal of engagement. These advertisement costs are added to the final cost of the app development.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular food delivery apps are-

1. Postmates
2. Grubhub
3. Doordash
4. Zomato
5. Just Eat
6. Uber Eats 

There are various factors on which the cost of app development depends, these factors are-

  • Features needed in the app 
  • Complexity of the UI
  • Application Concept
  • UI Design 
  • Testing

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