How to Build an App Like Gett: A Complete Guide

In metro cities, traffic and parking space are common problems, so people prefer to book a taxi rather than buy their own cars. As a result, the demand for taxi booking applications is becoming high in metropolitan cities. This is why the transport industry invests a lot of money in building an app like Gett.

Developing an app similar to Gett seems to be a wise move for both startups and transport companies. Over the years, Gett, Uber, and Ola have gained huge popularity worldwide, so it is a good opportunity for the transportation industry to build a taxi booking app that will not only help to increase revenue but also improve services.

If you also want to create a taxi booking app, you must first study the company’s technology and business process. It will help you craft an app equipped with rich features and functionality. But still, people don’t have complete knowledge of the app development process.

In this blog, we will guide you on how to get started. Make sure you read it till the end!

How Does a Taxi Booking App Work?

How Does a Taxi Booking App Work?

Once you decide to build an app like Gett, it is essential to understand how it works. It is obvious that it may seem anywhere you need to book a taxi, take the ride, make the payment, and be done. However, it involves a sophisticated procedure in order to complete one ride.

In order to use a taxi booking app, the first step is to install the app on your smartphone and sign up for the portal. After that, you must register as a rider; the app will direct you to book your taxi. To understand the complete process, look out the following points:

  • Ride Request 

You have to open the app on your smartphone and request a ride. For this, you need to fill in details such as your drop location on the top and choose the type of taxi you want. Based on your destination and time, you will get the estimated fare. You need to confirm the booking, which will connect you with the driver nearest the pickup location. 

  • Request Accept

Now, the driver will accept the ride request, and you will get all the details about the driver on your smartphone. When you start, you can see the whole route of your destination on your phone screen and share them with your family and friends for your safety.

Moreover, the application allows you to cancel the journey within minutes of booking a taxi, but you have to pay cancellation charges in many cases. However, it depends on the city and other factors. 

  • Payment 

After reaching your destination, the taxi driver will end the ride on his application, and it will process further to estimate the final amount. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have enough cash in your wallet because you can make payments through a card or e-wallet.

  • Rating

Once the journey is complete, the taxi booking app asks you to rate the driver, which other riders can see. This is a chance for the users to recommend the driver you think is doing a great job.

Basic Features a Taxi Booking App Should Have 

Basic Features a Taxi Booking App Should Have 

Generally, a taxi booking application works on 2 separate applications with different functionalities.

  • Passenger App:-  In order to serve the ones who are booking a taxi
  • Driver App:-  To monitor the work of the drivers who book rides and drop the riders

Both of the applications have different features that make them separate. So it is essential for you to understand the complete procedure if you plan to step into the taxi app industry. If you decide to build an app like Gett, you must include basic features.

Passenger App

  • Register/ Login 

This is the first feature you must include in your application, as it allows the passengers to register on the application using their phone number, email, or social media account.

In order to include this feature in your application, you can contact a taxi booking app development company with a proven track record and a team of skilled developers who will provide one of the best services.

  • Booking Interface 

Once you decide to build an interface, you have to include a booking interface feature that redirects the passenger to the booking page, where they will have to type the drop location and type of taxi and include their current location.

To make the development process more efficient and easier, you can count on an on demand app development company committed to providing you with ultimate solutions per your requirements.

  • Tracking 

This feature is also required to include in your application. Once the ride is confirmed, the passenger can track the location of the driver, an estimated time he will take to reach the pickup location, and always the route to their drop destination.

However, doing this job requires years of experience and knowledge. If you don’t have technical experience and skills, you must hire dedicated developers who are experienced and well-versed in building an app.

  • Price Calculator 

You have to include this feature as it helps the passenger check the approximate amount of a ride that depends on certain factors such as location, time, city, and many more things. In simple terms, they don’t have to worry about the cost because they will see it on their screen before booking a taxi to reach their destination.

Thus, you have to include this feature in your app. To complete this job as soon as possible, you can contact a mobile app development company committed to serving you the best as per your requirements. 

  • Payment

This feature will help the passengers make the payment through different methods such as credit cards, debit card, and online modes as per their convenience and comfort. It means they don’t have to worry about going to an ATM to withdraw some cash.

In order to make the development task easier, it is suggested to contact professionals who easily build an app like Gett.

  • Push Notification

This feature helps the users get notifications regarding new updates, offers, driver status, estimated arrival time, the driver’s contact details, and many more. So you must include this feature in your application, making it unique and helpful to passengers. 

  • Reviews and Ratings

Users don’t get any service without seeing the reviews and ratings, so make sure your application has reviews and rating features. This will help the passengers to share their experiences which can be useful to new ones.

In order to include this feature in your app, you can hire dedicated and experienced developers who are professionals in their job.

Driver App

  • Register/Profile/Login Authentication

Logging into the app to drivers for detailed verification, profile authentication, and approval by the admin is required. So make sure that your application is equipped with this app.

  • Accept Bookings

This feature allows the drivers to accept or reject the booking. In simple terms, the drivers will get a notification to book the next ride, and they can either accept or reject the request. If drivers are available so they will easily accept the booking

  • Push Notifications

This function alerts the driver regarding available drivers, destination, pickup location, payment mode, order updates, etc. In simple terms, this feature helps the drivers to reach the pickup location as soon as possible.

  • Navigation 

This feature uses Google Maps to get the fastest and shortest route to the ultimate location with added voice-enable service to avoid distractions. When you build an app like Gett, you must ensure the application includes this feature.

Complete Guide to Create a Taxi Booking App Like Gett

Complete Guide to Create a Taxi Booking App Like Gett

In meteor cities, parking a car is difficult, so people prefer to book a taxi to reach their destination. As a result, transportation agencies invest in taxi booking apps. If you want to build an app like Gett, we mentioned the list of taxi booking app development steps:

1. Hire a Development Team 

The first step is to find a reliable mobile app development company that has years of expertise and a strong team that can bring your project to life. A leading agency undoubtedly has a team of developers with years of experience in delivering cutting-edge solutions. Moreover, it gives peace of mind that your project is in the right hands.

2. Define Your Niche, Audience and Analyse the Market

Before working on your project, the hired team has to get more information from you. Make sure that the selected agency has a clear understanding of your niche, market, and audience. You have to thoroughly analyse the market and competition to gain valuable insight and shape your own needs and targets. 

3. Develop MVP 

To build an app like Gett, you have to develop an MVP. However, this stage requires developing a basic version of your future application with minimum functionality to watch what it will look like in general terms.

In order to make the development process easier, you have to contact a taxi booking app development company that will give you one of the best solutions per your requirements.

4. Choose a Tech Stack 

Another essential step required to build an app like Gett you need to choose a tech stack. The right tech stack ensures the success of your project. At this point, you can also consult with a development team in order to define what is an ideal choice for you.

5. Develop the App

Now it is time to start the development process. At this stage, your selected development team can help you implement your ideas and build a high-quality, functional taxi booking app like Gett.


6. Test 

Once the development task is completed, it is time to test the application. For this, you can also seek the help of QA testers who are proficient in this job. They will test the application and make sure that everything is running smoothly.

7. Launch and Promote 

When everything looks good, you must launch your application on the Google play store or App store to make it available to the users. After launching the application, you have to promote your app to make the users aware of your application. Moreover, you can share the link on social media platforms.

Final Thought 

In the metro cities, the taxi demand is higher than in other places. This is why many agencies decide to build an app like Gett. This will help the agencies to get good revenue and profit in less investment. If you also want to build your own application, contact the professionals.

A leading agency such as TechGropse believes in providing the best solutions to its clients. So, they ensure customer satisfaction and provide instant support to them. It means it is profitable for you to contact a leading agency to complete the development process within the committed time period.