How to Build an App Like Lazada

The world of ecommerce is increasingly becoming more popular as we are moving towards the modern era of digital technology. The everyday trends that we come across in the advancement of technology are to improve the experience of the user ensuring that they are properly navigated to use the app and  it also has the features that every user needs. 

Lazada is an ecommerce application founded in the year 2012 and was able to spread their presence in six Southeast Asian countries. The application has been ever evolving since then with their headquarters situated in Singapore. 

Now, if you are planning to start your own business by developing an app like Lazada. This blog helps you get an understanding of how to build an app like Lazada and how it will be beneficial for your business. Before we move to the technicalities, let’s get an understanding of the three pillars of the application.

Logistics – They have developed their own logistics warehouses by having their own sorting facilities equipped with the technologies. 

Payments – The application has secure and safe payment options allowing users to trust while making payments. 

Technology – The technological aspect of the application allows users to give the best experiences. 

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What Are The Benefits To Build An App Like Lazada For Business?

Before we get into the final steps of learning how to develop an app like Lazada, it’s important that we understand the advantages such an eCommerce platform offers.

The primary benefit lies in delivering an outstanding user experience by enabling online ordering within a wide range of product categories. The user is accustomed to make the purchase of the item through these ecommerce platforms giving them an amazing experience with a range of product categories and hassle free ordering processes. To do business expansion, integrating these features into your app is essential. Let’s explore the advantages of developing an app like Lazada.  

1. Superb User-Friendly

One of the standout qualities of the Lazada app is its remarkable ease of use. Users find navigating through the app with so ease and flexibility, with the ability to effortlessly select and order products from a wide range of categories. Accessing the app, logging in, and placing orders are all streamlined processes.

2. Convenient Product Sorting

eCommerce platforms like Lazada offer users comprehensive options for sorting and selecting products. With a 360-degree approach to product browsing, users can easily sort items based on their preferences and price ranges. If you’re considering venturing into Lazada app development, adding such flexible sorting options into your app is important for user satisfaction.

3. Location-Based Shopping Experience

Users while shopping expect the flexibility to shop from anywhere and have their purchases delivered to different locations, be it for themselves or as gifts for loved ones. The Lazada app excels in providing such features, even offering gift-wrapping services. Implementing similar functionalities in your app can enhance its appeal and utility.

4. Competitive Pricing Advantage

Imagine having access to competitive prices without the hassle of physically travelling through stores. The Lazada app fulfils this expectation by offering customers a wide range of competitively priced products. Incorporating a similar pricing strategy in your app can significantly attract a larger customer base and foster business growth.

5. 24/7 Availability and Support

Customer support is the most significant factor when you are ready to establish a strong market presence. Drawing inspiration from apps like Lazada, which provide round-the-clock support, ensures that customers can seek assistance whenever needed, with prompt responses available within seconds. Incorporating support features in your app can improve the overall user experience and bring customer loyalty.

6. Enhancing Your eCommerce Venture

The forthcoming section delves into the operational intricacies of the Lazada app, providing valuable insights into how you can emulate its functionality with the assistance of an eCommerce app development company akin to Lazada.

How Does Lazada App Development Work For eCommerce Purposes?

For B2B and B2C customers alike, the Lazada app offers an easy onboarding process. While user registration is straightforward, the process for sellers differs slightly:

1. Register:

Sellers begin by filling out a registration form and uploading authentic identification documents. They must also read and accept the seller agreement.

2. Training:

Sellers undergo online training conducted by experts to familiarise themselves with the platform’s features and policies. Their seller accounts are then verified.

3. Product Listing:

Sellers list their products under relevant categories, upload product images, and are ready to accept orders. They also have access to customer support throughout the process.

Key Categories Available on the App

The Lazada app, is a legendary eCommerce platform like Amazon and Flipkart, offers a wide range of categories for users to explore:

– Electronic Accessories

– Electronic Devices

– TV & Home Appliances

– Health & Beauty

– Babies & Toys

– Groceries & Pets

– Home & Lifestyle

– Women’s Fashion & Accessories

– Men’s Fashion & Accessories

– Kid’s Fashion & Accessories

– Sports & Lifestyle

– Automotive & Motorcycles

Key Elements of the Lazada Web Portal

The Lazada web portal comprises five key segments:

1. LazMall:

Similar to Paytm Mall, LazMall consolidates products across all categories in one convenient location.

2. Free Shipping:

This section features products available for purchase with no delivery cost.

3. Everyday Low Price:

Showcasing daily low-priced products, this segment offers attractive deals to users.

4. Top Up & eStore:

Dedicated to mobile top-ups, gaming purchases, travel deals, and more, this segment provides additional value-added services.

5. Voucher:

Users can explore and utilise vouchers for discounts on their purchases, enhancing their shopping experience.

Understanding the working of the Lazada app’s business model is crucial when developing a similar eCommerce platform. The following section gives a deeper insight into the app’s business and revenue model, providing valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Lazada Business and Revenue Model

A business model outlines the processes of the company and how they operate and also, generate revenue. The model includes details about cost structures, revenue streams, product offerings, user base, and other essential aspects.

1. Market Positioning and Revenue Sources

Looking at Amazon’s relatively weak presence in Southeast Asia, the Lazada app capitalised on various product categories such as groceries, electronics, and clothing to generate revenue.

2. Advertising and Traffic Boosting Mechanisms

Similar to Google AdWords, Lazada provides sellers with the option to adjust bids for cost per click, effectively boosting traffic and market share.

3. Product Portfolio and Services

Lazada’s product segments cater to a wide range of users, offering online shopping options for men, women, kids, groceries, and more. In addition to selling products, it provides payment solutions and logistics services to local merchants, along with a customer-friendly 15-day return policy.

Revenue Generation Pillars

Revenue Generation Pillars

Lazada’s revenue model revolves around five key pillars:

1. Lazada Marketplace:

Merchants offer their products on the platform, and Lazada handles the payment process, earning a commission ranging from 1% to 4% on each product sold.

2. LazMall:

Acting as a virtual mall featuring selected, authorised, and top local online brands, LazMall generates revenue for Lazada through deals, earning up to 5% from each transaction.

3. Top Up and eStore:

This section facilitates mobile top-ups, gaming purchases, and travel deals, with Lazada earning revenue through commissions, although the exact percentage can vary.

4. Grocery Delivery:

Lazada’s foray into grocery delivery began with the establishment of RedMart in 2018. The app earns a commission based on the total amount of each order processed through this service.

5. Fintech Solutions:

Lazada also offers fintech services in Southeast Asia, contributing to its revenue stream through various financial transactions.

Understanding these revenue-generating mechanisms is important for entrepreneurs looking to develop an eCommerce app similar to Lazada. For further insights on building your own platform, explore our “Looking to Build an Ecommerce App Like Lazada” section.

How To Build an App Like Lazada 

Getting on the journey to create an eCommerce marketplace like Lazada or Amazon involves several crucial steps. Let’s delve into each step in detail:

1. Comprehensive Research

Begin by conducting thorough research into existing eCommerce platforms and their competitors. Understanding the features, functionalities, and market trends will provide valuable insights into crafting a successful app.

2. Define Your Objectives

Clearly outline the objectives you aim to achieve with your eCommerce app. Whether it’s solving specific problems or addressing market needs, setting clear objectives will guide the development process.

3. Platform Selection for App Launch

Choose the platform(s) for launching your eCommerce app, considering factors such as user demographics, market share, and platform-specific advantages. Options include Android and iOS, each with its own advantages and user base.

4. Engage Ecommerce App Developers

Hire experienced eCommerce app developers from an E-Commerce Website Development Company who possess the necessary expertise to bring your vision to life. Evaluate their portfolio, conduct interviews, and ensure they align with your project requirements.

5. Define Features and Functionalities

Identify and prioritise essential features and functionalities for your eCommerce app, catering to both users and vendors. The goal is to create an engaging and user-friendly platform that meets the needs of all stakeholders.

6. Wireframing and Designing

Create wireframes and designs that embody the user experience you envision for your app. Pay close attention to user interface design, ensuring seamless navigation and intuitive interactions to enhance user satisfaction.

7. Develop and Launch MVP

Develop and launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to market quickly and gather user feedback. An MVP allows you to validate your concept, identify areas for improvement, and iterate based on user input, all while minimising development costs.

8. Collect and Analyze Feedback

Focus on collecting comprehensive feedback from users to refine and enhance the app’s functionality and user experience. Pay attention to user interactions, identify pain points, and iterate on features to align with user preferences and market demands.

By following these steps diligently, you can pave the way for the successful development and launch of your eCommerce app, poised to compete effectively in the marketplace.

What Is the Cost to Build an App Like Lazada?

What Is the Cost to Build an App Like Lazada?

Businesses often inquire about the Lazada app development cost for their own eCommerce presence through an app. However, it’s important to note that several factors can influence the development cost.

Platform Selection:

The choice of platform significantly impacts development costs. iOS and Android are the primary platforms for eCommerce apps, each with its own complexities. Developing for both platforms incurs additional costs.

Feature Set:

The features you wish to incorporate into your app play a crucial role in determining the cost. More features translate to higher development expenses. Prioritise essential features while considering optional ones to manage costs effectively.

Geographical Location:

The country where development takes place affects labor costs, thereby influencing overall expenses. Variations in labor costs across different regions contribute to differences in development costs.

Investment and Growth Potential:

Developing an eCommerce app entails a significant investment, but it can yield substantial growth opportunities for your business. By carefully assessing the factors discussed, you can strike a balance between affordability and effectiveness in app development.

Estimated Cost:

While the exact cost can only be determined based on specific project requirements, an average estimate can be provided. Developing an app like Lazada with basic features typically ranges from $20,000 to $35,000. For more advanced features, the cost may exceed $50,000. Consulting with an eCommerce app development company can provide further clarity on costs and project scope.

Investing in an eCommerce app is a strategic decision that can propel your business growth. By considering various factors and seeking expert guidance, you can develop a cost-effective and impactful app tailored to your business needs.

Find below the Cost to Develop an eCommerce App Like 6th Street or Lazada categorised –

Wireframe: $8000-$10000`

Front-end & Back-end Development: $9000-$12000

UX/UI Design: $2000-$3000

QA & Testing: $4000-$5000

Why Should You Hire Ecommerce Developers from TechGropse?

Why Should You Hire Ecommerce Developers From TechGropse?

TechGropse is a leading on demand app development company with expert developers who are experienced in their domain.  

1. Expertise in eCommerce Development: 

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2. Customised Solutions: 

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3. Multi Skill Set: 

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4. Innovative Approach: 

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5. Quality Assurance: 

Quality is paramount at TechGropse, and their developers adhere to best practices and rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure that the final product meets the highest standards of performance, security, and user experience.



6. Transparent Communication:

TechGropse maintains transparent communication channels throughout the development process, keeping clients informed of progress, milestones, and any potential challenges.

7. Timely Delivery:

With a focus on efficiency and project management, TechGropse ensures timely delivery of projects without compromising on quality, helping you meet your business objectives within the specified timeframe.

To Conclude 

The cornerstone of your app’s success is providing users with a seamless and convenient shopping experience. This entails designing a user-friendly interface and optimising your app to run smoothly across various devices. Exceptional customer service is paramount to building trust and loyalty among users. We are an iPhone app development and android app development company developing apps aligning with your requirements.

Ensure that your app is equipped with a dedicated customer service team ready to assist users with any inquiries or concerns they may have. By prioritising these aspects, you can develop an app that not only meets users’ expectations but also establishes itself as a go-to platform for online shopping. Collaborating with a reputable mobile app development company can help you execute these strategies effectively and optimise your app for success.


1. How long does it take to build an app like Lazada?

The timeline for developing an app like Lazada can vary based on various factors such as the complexity of features, platform(s) chosen (iOS, Android, web), and the development approach (native or hybrid). Generally, it can take anywhere from several months to a year to build a fully functional app.

2. What features should be included in an app like Lazada?

An app like Lazada should include essential features such as user registration, product browsing and search, secure payment gateways, order tracking, ratings and reviews, seller management, and customer support. Additional features like social sharing, push notifications, and loyalty programs can enhance user engagement.

3. How much does it cost to develop an app like Lazada?

The cost of developing an app like Lazada depends on factors like the complexity of features, design requirements, development platform(s), and the hourly rates of developers. On average, building a basic version of the app can range from $20,000 to $50,000, while a more feature-rich version can cost upwards of $100,000 or more.

4. Can I use ready-made solutions, or do I need custom development for an app like Lazada?

While ready-made solutions like white-label eCommerce platforms exist, custom development is often preferred for an app like Lazada to ensure scalability, flexibility, and uniqueness. Custom development allows you to tailor the app to your specific business requirements and differentiate it from competitors.

5. How do I ensure the success of my app like Lazada in the market?

To ensure the success of your app like Lazada, it’s essential to conduct thorough market research to understand user preferences and market trends. Additionally, focus on creating a seamless user experience, implementing effective marketing strategies, and continuously improving the app based on user feedback and analytics.