50+ Fun Websites: Cool Websites to Cure Boredom

The internet is the best place to pass the time whether you want to play games, listen to music, watch movies or do anything else. In the past, all age groups loved to visit parks and other places, but now people are searching for fun websites that help them pass their time when they want to.

Nonetheless, people spend most of their time watching web series or movies on famous websites for fun. Are you also looking for some fun websites to pass your time? No need to worry, as we will introduce curated over 50 fun websites to visit to cure your boredom. We all know it is no longer the era when people depended on offline and outdoor games for fun.

Technology has advanced, so many online entertainment options are available on the internet. As a result, billions of people rely on the internet to pass their time. This post will introduce the fun websites and games you can visit anytime and anywhere to enjoy your day. Let’s take a look at the fun Spotify websites.

List of Top Crazy Fun Websites

List of Top Crazy Fun Websites

People are looking for the funniest way to pass their time. Cool websites are a great way to pass the time if you want to have fun in your free time, whether sitting in the home or office. 

No doubt that there are lots of options on the internet, so you will find lots of websites to cure boredom. In this section, we will provide detailed information on funny websites you might not know. 

1. Find the Invisible Cow

If you love to play games, you can count on it on the list of fun websites. This amazing game is available on the web that can assist you in breaking your boredom. While playing this game, you locate the hidden cows on the screen. You must look for the hidden cows dragging your mouse or fingers on the display. 

You can turn your audio, listening to the sound of the displayed page; you can learn where your cow is hiding. In order to find the cow, move the cursor around the white screen. While playing this game, you will hear the screaming, “cow, cow, cow.” It means you can count on this website in the list of fun websites to visit to cure boredom.

2. MapCrunch

Getting bored sitting at home? Then MapCrunch is an ideal option for you as it allows users to experience virtual travel of the world. This amazing game puts its visitors randomly to different locations around the globe. In order to cure boredom, you just need to hit the Go button to get a random street view from anywhere on the planet. 

There you will also find an options menu where you can choose the countries you want to view from the list. You can easily discover new locations and tourist attractions using this fun website and add them to your wish list. Henceforth, you can include this website in the top fun game websites list. 

3. The Useless Web 

You can include the useless web in the list of fun websites. When you visit this website, you will see a big button. Pressing that button will redirect you to several ridiculously pointless websites. This amazing website will take you to one of the websites you might know and love or others that might be new to you. 

There you will find a list of meticulously arranged websites that are an absolute waste of time. Once you press the pink button, you will land on a vast collection of websites – from weird and funny sites to the most bizarre and hilarious ones. 

4. How Stuff Works 

This website generally focuses on how things function. On this website, you are able to find answers to your most demanding questions regarding animals, cars, money, culture, and everything you wish to know about and its mechanism. Using this website makes it easier for you to learn and discover new things with this productive and fun website.

This innovative website offers simple and brief language. This constructive website provides various fantastic podcasts for the functioning of different things. It means you can count on this website in the list of fun Spotify websites to cure boredom.

5. Hacker Type

You can include hacker types in the list of fun websites. This addictive website can help you see pop culture and movies. Using this website, you can transform into a temporary hacker by clicking on your keyboard. This time-wasting website is a hub of money-saving tips and productive tricks. 

In simple terms, this website can turn your hacker dreams into reality. It means you can include this website in the list of fun websites.

6. Gnoosic 

This website has a music search engine that assists in making your music playlists. It learns and adapts from website visitors and predicts which musicians people would like depending on artists they already like. This is why you are able to include this website in a list of fun websites to cure boredom. 

7. Patatap 

If you are getting bored, you can use this website. This website only does one thing: it plays noises and animations based on the keys on your computer’s keyboard. So, you need to start typing random lines on your keyboard, and this website will reward you with a slew of amusing poses and animations. So, including this website in the list of fun Spotify websites is a great idea.

8. Drench 

Drench is included in the list of top fun websites to cure boredom. It will keep you entertained for hours. You are given a board full of various hues in Drench and must ‘drench’ the entire in a single color. However, the difficulty is that you only have a limited amount of turns to complete the board, so it is a cool website to pass your time. 

9. River Styx 

This website takes you on an interactive tour of the underworld and river, where you will encounter many Greek gods and goddesses. It makes it an intriguing and fun website. Therefore, people can use this website to pass their time anytime. 

10. Cool Things 

This website contains compilations of articles and information about exciting stuff, which make it a fun site. There you will find a category where you can easily find entertainment, gadgets, toys, and even inventions. This site is generally a traffic site to obtain present ideas, whether you are looking for gifts for men or women.

11. Post Secret 

Post secret stores do real individuals send in anonymous secrets on real postcards? It contains a variety of secrets, ranging from awkward childhood memories to regrets, worries, and everything else. It may appear different, but you can get lost reading secrets submitted by people worldwide. Henceforth, it is a great website to cure boredom.

12. Little Alchemy 2

The website is concerned with the transformation of several elements combined. You begin with the features of fire, earth, water, and air. The objective is to produce as many diverse materials or things as possible. Earth and air will combine to make dust. 

13. Vsauce 

This is a cool website on the internet that makes studying enjoyable and engaging. When you are bored and searching for something to do, you can visit the website to learn about exciting items and concepts, such as the game you win by losing, money problems, napkin ring dilemmas, and more. 

14. Giphy 

It is an entertaining website for animated gifs and images for messaging and social media platforms. If you are searching for funny and reaction gifs, this amazing website will assist you in conveying your messages, saving you time. There you will find all kinds of gifs, from funny and creative to unique narrative gifs. 

Simply put, it is a search engine for your unique reaction gifs and images to post in your messages. On this website, you will find emotional, funny, weird gifs and stuff to do when bored. 

15. Papertoilet.com 

This is a popular website for those who are getting bored. There you will find innovative games where participants can introduce themselves. In simple terms, it is a single-serving fun website that shows how toilet paper rolls and wraps up as players scroll up and down. 

If you are searching for an addictive crazy website, it can be an ideal choice. By using this website, you can sharpen your mind and handle it. 

16. 100,000 Stars 

100,000 website is interactive 3D visualization of the location of over 100,000 stars closest to the sun. Whether you love astronomy or are fascinated by science and nature, visiting this fun website is an ideal choice to waste time. This time-wasting addictive website is a hub of stars, galaxy pictures, star catalogs, and many more that are difficult to put into words. 

On this website, your journey embarks on the sun and ends up in the galaxy’s outskirts. Using this website, you can enhance your knowledge about the universe. 

17. 2048

This website provides simple addictive maths games. If you are a number wizard and love mathematical games, this website is the perfect choice for cure boredom. While playing this game, players have to reach the number 2048. 

Generally, this website provides a sliding block puzzle game consisting of a rectangular grid of numbered tiles. You can move these sliding numbered tiles with four arrow keys to make 2048. The best thing about this website is that you can always download this app from the google play store or the app store on your mobile phone. 

18. Zoom Quilt

This is an amazing website for fun. The main purpose was to produce a seamless animated illusion with infinite zoom. You can use the arrow key in order to navigate and view the infinitely zooming images. 

By using this amazing website, you are able to watch super cool endlessly, zooming artwork and a great variety of fantasy pictures on your screen for a long time to cure boredom.

19. Stellarium 

If you love to explore planetariums and constellations, you can choose this website. This is an open-source online planetarium that runs in your browser. Hitting the images, you are able to watch the unlimited phenomena around the universe sitting in your home on your system anytime. 

Users can watch constellations, moons, and planets with this online planetarium by choosing a particular moment. Using this website, you can select the date, time, and location to seek the night sky spectacle. 

20. The Pixel Thought

Are you feeling exhausted and stressed? This funny website is suitable for you. Pixel Thoughts is an online meditation tool that assists in clearing your mind. With this spiritual successor, you can meditate for 60 seconds. You are able to write or add something here that is bothering you. 

Within minutes you will get some practical facts that will assist you in recovering your issues. So if you want to pass your time and eliminate anxiety, you can use this website. 

21. A Soft Murmur

In order to create ambient sounds while working or reading, you can use this website. You can create a mix of soft and natural sounds to last for a long time. In simple terms, if you feel tired or distressed, this is an amazing website to produce different sound styles. 

From the soothing sounds of sea waves, rain, and wind to the annoying sound of thunder, all types of sounds can be easily created using this funny website. Apart from this, you can also use this website to avoid distracting sounds in your surroundings. 

22. Bored Panda 

If you are looking for appealing visual content, this website is a great choice. It offers leading art content, uploaded pictures of gigs, crazy pop, and many more. This website generally focuses on images, art, design, illustrations, and sketches. Furthermore, it helps users to share their artwork and publish it publicly. 

In order to share your images, design, photography, skills, DIY, and other artwork, you can use this platform for more fun things to look around. You know that there are millions of compelling sections and categories that can cure your boredom. 

23. Loco

If you are a gamer, this is an ideal website for you. Loco is a dedicated streaming platform where many big streamers play games and chill for hours. You can stream any games and stream any music without fearing copyright issues. 

This is a cool free-to-use website that anyone can join and chill out with friends. When you stream on this website, you get recognition and are the top streamer of all time. 

24. JustWatch 

This amazing website lets you watch your favorite shows or movies. So you can count on this website in the list of fun game websites. This website will tell you the name of streaming services where you can watch your shows and movies easily. You can browse your favorite and add them to your watchlist to check which content is available on streaming platforms. In simple terms, you can easily check the availability of shows or movies.

25. Minute Mail 

Are you looking for fun websites? You can count on minute mail. With the help of this amazing website, you can make an email that lasts only 10 minutes. In general, this website gives you a self-destructive temporary disposable mail address. It means the countdown starts when it gives you a mail address, and once the time runs out, the id automatically destroys. 

This is why it is a cool website. The best part of this website is that you can use it when you visit an unreliable website for the first time, and it demands your email id to enter to use their services. 

26. Canva 

Another amazing website is Canva, which is the most popular designing tool. Through the help of this website, users can create presentations, logos, banners, videos, social media posts, etc. This is an all-in-one shop for designers, as they can use its features to create anything from scratch. However, you must pay some amount to use its premium features, such as tools and high-end images. 

27. Neal. fun

This is a cool design website where users can make great stuff using tools. From creating your custom face out of a selection of emojis to discovering your celebrity look alike, it has something for everyone. You can use this amazing website to kill your boredom. 

28. The Pixel Thought 

This meditation application allows you to come around and release your life stress by connecting with others. In order to use this website, you have to write your stress thoughts in the star box and then witness some magical sounds and content that assist you in clearing stressed thoughts from your mind. 

Stress relief provides a 60-second brief meditation pause to focus on your problems and put them into the stars and see them disappear from your mind. It means you can include it in the list of top fun websites. 

29. Camel Camel Camel 

This website tracks the price history on Amazon. If you are looking to buy something, this is an interesting website because it shows product prices have gone up or down in the past. Apart from tracking prices, it offers you historical price charts, price history for a wide range of products sold on Amazon, and price fluctuations. 

Usually, it is a money-saving website for anyone who shops a lot but always wants to save more money on products. 

30. VirusTotal 

Sometimes, people realize a bug or malware on their system. But now, you can remove bugs by using VirusTotal. It can assist you in getting rid of all the virus-related issues in your system without stealing anything. An amazing thing about the software is that it does not take any data from your computer but gives you a cure to kill all viruses. 

You can select a specific file, URL, or domain and find a hash and IP address to detect malware and other bugs. So it is a great choice for you to prevent your system from malware and other issues. 

31. Product Hunt

Product Hunt is an amazing fun website for those who want to pass their time. Users can discover and share new products using this website, mostly in the tech and startup space. In simple terms, it is a community-driven platform where countless creators, founders, and tech enthusiasts showcase their latest creations and get feedback from a large, engaged audience. 

By using this website, you can browse various categories of products, upvote your favorites and even join discussions with the creators themselves. It means you can include this website in the list of top fun websites. 

32. This is My Website Now

This amazing website allows you to “take over” the website and make it your own. Simply put, it is a fun and interactive way to experiment with web design and development, as you can customize the website’s appearance and your unique content and even change the site’s URL. 

It also uses a simple drag-and-drop interface that makes it easier for you of all skill levels to create your own funny and cool version of the website. 

33. Drive Me Insane 

If you are searching for something different and unique to cure boredom. This amazing website allows you to display your messages on your system screen, and the online traffic can see those messages. 

Using this website allows you to use home automation at someone else’s expense. In simple terms, you can turn on and off the lights using a webcam around your screen. You are able to play with all of the lights and get visual feedback to kill your boredom. So, it can be included in the list of fun Spotify websites.

34. Reddit 

If you want to connect yourself to an endless conversion, community, and authentic human connection, Redding is a cool website. This is a network of many communities where users can easily find anything they want to read. You can easily find an extensive list of social news here, from writing prompts to facts to sarcasm; you will dwell in a pool of reading content. 

Moreover, you are able to find vast material relevant to your hobbies and interests. Once you register on this website, you can share your post, videos, image, and texts with the community. 

35. Quick Draw 

The quick draw is an amazing choice to kill time. This website gives permission to users to draw images of something, and the neural network recognizes it. Moreover, you can add a doodle to this website, and the system will guess the doodle. On the other hand, you can share your drawing publicly. This cool website is an effective way to pass your leisure time and teach you to draw when bored easily. 

36. Oregon Trail

Would you like to play video games? Well, Oregon Trail is a cool website for you. This website is the most inspirational and popular website that refreshes all your childhood memories. If you are bored, this amazing game can be a great option. Here you can play video games and pass your time easily. 

37. Ocearch Shark Tracker

This is a cool website as time passes. It offers you to explore the migrations of sharks and other marine creatures. It is a global non-profit multinational company of science workers that conducts the world’s real-time visualization and tracking of sharks and marine animals. 

The primary goal of this website is to help scientists gather unachievable data about the sea world and ocean. Using this site, users not only make the internet fun but always help the science team unravel the ocean’s giants and collect data about it. 

38. Radio Garden 

If you love to listen to the radio, then the radio garden website is the best to kill your time. The best part of the website is that you can listen to thousands of live radio stations by rotating the globe. In order to use it, you have to tap the green dot to choose the location, and you can listen to your programs played by the radio station.

Using this cool website, you are able to access any radio station broadcasting from any city or town worldwide. You have to tap the preferred country from your screen and enjoy the radio of the location in your home. Henceforth, you can include this website in the list of top fun websites.  

39. Oddee 

Oddee is a top website in the list of fun website games. This website allows users to discover all the odd yet interesting stuff. This hilarious platform offers you to share your strange stories anonymously. You can also find a list of some crazy and bizarre stories on this website.

This cool website comprises strange to weird things. The best part of this website is that it covers a range of topics from science, medicine to home, art, design tech, ads, and many more. If you are getting bored and thinking about what to do, visit the Oddee website to kill time. 

40. Cookie Clicker 

To make an absurd number of cookies, you can visit the Cookie Clicker website, an original idle game funded by advertisement. You just have to click on multiple cookies to bake millions of giant cookies. Sometimes when you are bored, you can visit this cool website to waste your time. 

In order to play this cool game, you have to click the large cookie pop on your computer screen to earn a cookie for each click. Visit this time-wasting fun game, become a coolie pro, and collect massive cookies. 

41. Virtual Gym Trainer 

Do you want to stay fit and healthy but don’t have time to go to the gym? Well, Virtual Gym Trainer is the best choice for killing time. This website lets you get your daily home exercise and get in shape. You can get your gym trainer who will train you to stay fit.

Using this website, you are able to stay in your required shape by tapping on the muscle on your screen. Here you will get simple exercises to get the desired results. Therefore, including this website in the list of top fun websites is a good idea.


OMGFDOGS is the ultimate time-wasting website in the list of top fun websites. It presents an endless loop of cartoon dogs running on your screen from left to right. If you are not sure what to do when you are bored, you love this cute infinite loop of dogs with an attractive colorful background and sound.

43. The Onion 

This funny website provides sarcastic news about national and international events. You can always check out the latest comedy news, articles, videos, images, and a lot more super cool stuff on this addictive, super fun website. 

Using this website, you will get a laugh-out-loud experience. Therefore, you can include it in the list of top fun websites to pass your time.

44. Cracked 

Cracked is a great website for those who want to waste their time. This amazing website features an incredible collection of ridiculous and addictive articles. You can find many amusing articles, pics, videos, and many other humorous stuff here. This online magazine usually provides ridiculous and funny articles you can read to pass out your bored time. 

If you are searching for a comic website to pass your time, visiting the Cracked website is a good idea. 

45. My Fridge Food

My Fridge Food is a cool time-wasting website for those who are getting bored. Using this website, you will get instant delicious recipes for food. You have to enter the ingredients already available in your fridge, and this website will show a delicious recipe from those ingredients. 

You don’t have to purchase anything new to try this recipe. You can choose the ingredients from your fridge and make yummy food. So, this is a great website to visit if you are bored. 

46. Gravity Points 

Gravity Points is the ultimate fun website to visit. This amazing website features a digital pen that helps you to create tiny gravity points on your screen. Once you move the pointer, it produces the simulation of gravitational pull on your screen. 

This website helps to understand how gravity operates. You can design as many center points as you want in a couple of clicks and see how certain things revolve around them. Using this amazing website, you can kill your time with ease. 

47. 9Gag

Are you searching for an entertainment website to kill time? This is a community-driven hub for user-generated visual content. It allows users to upload and share their content. Moreover, they are able to upvote and downvote existing posts to push the best content to the top. 

On the other hand, it is the biggest online meme community that lets you discover new meme collections, clips, funny videos, and behind-the-camera failure scenes. If you want to cure boredom, 9Gag is the perfect website. 

48. The Oatmeal 

If you are searching for unique comics and crazy stories, Oatmeal is a popular website. It features unique images, sporadic articles, odd stories, and all funny things that will make the best of your boredom. You will find new updates, quizzes, super cute graphics, and comic articles on this website. If you are thinking about what to do when getting bored, it is the best choice.

49. Wait But Why?

To get a flavor of humor reading the regular news, visit the Wait But Why Website. It provides monotonous and boring publications in an entirely new way with an infusion of humor and entertainment. Anew Finn and Tim Urban built this funny website to entertain and educate users simultaneously.

It means users are able to read news in a cell-crafted and captivating way regularly. If you are looking for fun websites, you can count on this website. 

50. Wayback Machine

Would you want to see how the website looked in the past, then visit the Wayback Machine. With this website’s help, you can watch the historical versions of websites that archive from the list. This amazing website will take you through digital time travel. 

In order to use this website, you have to enter the URL of a specific website and choose the data. The Wayback Machine will show screenshots of the particular website. If you are looking for the best fun websites, it is an ideal choice.

51. Big Think 

Are you feeling dull and looking for something new and exciting to pass your time? Visit the Big Think website. It is one of the most influential and inspiring websites that provide educational and expert-driven content. 

Moreover, you can discover the life history of some of the most successful people worldwide. You can always discover the life history of some of the most successful people worldwide. On the other hand, you can read about well-known people’s thoughts, life stories, and quotes. 

You can get motivation from some of the world’s big thinkers using this coolest site. In simple terms, this website provides insight into the skills and big ideas of the world’s renowned experts. 

52. Taste Dive 

Taste Dive is a super cool website that recommends songs, films, books, music, authors, TV shows, podcasts, and everything per your taste. If you are bored and don’t know how to spend time, this is an excellent choice. This amazing website covers the components of social media platforms. If you are feeling dull and downcast, visit Taste Dive and search for new games, videos, music, literature and spice up your life taste. 

53. Wordle

If you love to play games, visit the Wordle website, an online word-based game where players have to guess a five-letter word. However, you can play this amazing game only once. Since players from all over the world use the same world, you will get a chance to meet some professional players worldwide. 


Nowadays, people don’t like visiting parks and other places to kill time. Instead of visiting parks, they search for online websites to cure boredom. If you are getting bored, then there are several websites to visit. 

Above, we mentioned 50+ websites that help you kill time when you want. So, you can choose one based on your interest and desire to cure your boredom. 


Q1. What is the Most Fun Website?

There are several amazing websites to cure your boredom, but the invisible cow, gypsy, and Reddit are fun.

Q2: What Websites Can I Go on When I’m Bored?

You can visit numerous websites to cure your boredom. Some of them drive me insane, product hunt, and find the invisible cow. 

Q3: What are Some Fun Websites to Play On?

The invisible cow, useless web, MapCrunch, Hacker Typer, and many more websites to kill your time. 

Q4: What is the Coolest Website Ever?

100,000 Stars is arguably an amazing website. In simple terms, it is a fantastic website for unraveling the secrets of space.