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Mobile App Game Development Cost Estimation: Expectation Vs Reality

Before developing a successful mobile game, a company must consider its clients’ expectations with the game and the set of features in the application. It plays a particular role in estimating the cost of developing a game according to the clients’ budget. Does every client ask the game developers about how much it costs to develop a mobile game?

Game development cost can not solely be decided by the development team or based on development things. However, it can be simpler to tell about the cost of development if the client can provide the list of specifications they need in the game. There is a broad market for mobile game development with numerous open doors for leveraging high revenues.

With innovations like virtual and augmented reality in mobile gaming, the industry is energized more than ever to perceive how a game app development company boosts its business growth. Most likely, this is one reason why PokemonGO did so well. With the increasing number of mobile game users, the mobile gaming industry expects immense growth in the upcoming years.

game development cost

But a company can’t tell you the estimate of game development merely with your thoughts on a superficial level. So how can you estimate the cost of developing your mobile game? Even though it is almost difficult to tell the specific expense, we can help you decide a range. In this article, we will go through the various factors affecting the mobile game development cost.

Parameters Affecting the Mobile Game Development Cost

Multiple factors altogether estimate the cost of mobile game development. Usually, such elements comprise the type of game, complexity of the graphics and game art, UI design, interface, and other vendors’ charges.

Here are some of the most significant game development cost estimation factors:

1. Game Development Cost Varying on Development Tools or Platforms

The first most significant choice is choosing the best game development tools for developing your game among platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, or Blackberry. The platforms you pick vigorously influence your general development costs. For example, payment settlement and organization frameworks in Apple devices are 10-20% costlier than Android devices. 

Android development costs somewhat more on the off chance that you need your game to be perfect with more established organizations. On the off chance that you select a mixture model, at that point, you would most likely face cost burdens from both the platforms. In any case, it bodes well to go with the half and half model because the expansion in costs additionally gets a comprehensive piece of the pie and a potential extent of income.

2. Pre-Development Game Development Cost Estimation

Having a harsh thought of the game or an all-around recorded arrangement can be the main factor in your prosperity or disappointment with the game. Planning your game’s story, levels, characters, and so forth is a pivotal advance in game development. While this is an interior procedure, it doesn’t imply that it won’t include any cost of game development.

Based on the complexity of thoughts, clients may need to hire experienced game designers and strategists to direct the design and development process. The pre-development expenses can be divided into two sections: 

  • Designing

It is a critical stage of game development where things like levels, gameplay, user interface, game condition, etc. are reported. Without an arranged game structure, it will get truly muddled to control and organize mobile game development, and the item may include numerous glitches and irregularities.

  • Planning of Plot and Characters

Stories are the premise of commitment. Without a plot and character, it will be hard to draw in the players until the game’s finish. Character configuration includes choosing the character, tongue, and tone of various game characters and their conduct with the client.

The average video game development cost of an experienced Android game development company can range anywhere between $30 to $80 every hour for a project. It is fitting to hire in-house or near-shore game app developers for planning the platform since this includes a lot of correspondence between the ideators, experts, and strategists.

3. Development Complexities

When you have arranged your thought, the following platform includes the development of your mobile game. This is the most cost-oriented, advanced, and the most significant factor. In case you, as a client, want to get into the details of development, at that point, this blog will turn out to be very helpful. 

To maintain a strategic distance from that, we shall give you appraises for various kinds of games with the goal you have considered according to mobile app game development cost associated with offering shape to your thought.

4. Promotions and Advertising

Effective marketing of a mobile game is a crucial challenge for a game app development company. You should put intensely in marketing things like promotions and advertisements to gain or retain more customer engagement. Besides direct advertisements, you can likewise put resources into social media engagement to assist you with making buzz and brand name by using the budget of game app development cost.

5. Testing

The process of testing a game is as significant as the creating procedure to keep clients drawing in with your game application. Things like bugs or moderate speed will cause an exceedingly terrible impact on clients. These are the explanations behind trust and deals lost for your business. To ensure your gaming application runs efficiently and conveys a rich client experience, you need some spending aside for the testing feature. 

No one gets a kick out of the chance to play a  buggy and moderate game. Thus, testing is a significant part of the process where clients can save aside some part of their budget. Testing is a significant part of the mobile game app development process, and it influences mobile game development costs in an upward manner.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile Game?

We just discussed the significant game development cost estimation factors for developing a mobile game. You can now observe that all those factors also distinguish between different types of games such as mini-games, small games, medium games, large games, and huge games. So this comes as the most important thing to tell you a specific range of developing your required type of mobile game.

1. Mini-Game App

Cost: $6k to $24k

Even to develop a basic game from the beginning, the average game development cost for mini-games is $12K. Be that as it may, if you only get a regular Pong or Pac-Man clone, you can have it worked for not as much as that. Watch out, however, if you have fantastic goals and a spending limit of under $12K, you’re probably going to be baffled.

A small game will probably be 2D in appearance and has a basic visual style and also straightforward interactivity. It will most likely just have one ‘level’ and won’t highlight many additional substances (for example, Levels, Characters, Power-Ups).

2. Regular Game App

Cost: $24K to $74K

Numerous planned advergames and independent mobile game activities would be considered within this value section. If you need to develop a game and plan to monetize it, you should spend a reasonable sum on the development to guarantee that the game has enough seen an incentive to the player. 

Ordinarily, when somebody connects with us to cite for their game thought, our estimate will lie someplace inside this value section. The average Android game development cost is $24K.

3. Intermediate Game App

Cost: $74K to $150K

Most notable autonomous games would sit inside this value section. These are games with substantially more profundity of substance (levels, characters, story) and replayability that interests a more extensive crowd than games in the past sections. Angry Birds and Cut the Rope’s main variants would have sat close to this section’s top finish. 

The average cost to make a video game in this segment is $74K, and it can change massively according to the complexity of any particular game. The number of features always end up increasing the total cost of any game.

4. Complex Game App

Cost: $150K – $310K

Games right now no doubt be titles dependent on existing IP and subsidized by a publisher or supporter. On the other hand, they may have been worked by an engineer and upheld by venture financing, probably an allowed-to-play title highlighting micro-transactions for monetization. These games will have a great deal of substance in that capacity and highlight significantly more profundity of gameplay.

5. Complex Game App With Multiple Features

Cost: >$310K

This is the area of the bigger studios and publishers. These will be excellent, enormous degree games with excellent quality illustrations and loads of substance. The most well-known allowed-to-play titles, for example, Clash of Clans, would fit inside this section, as will the outstanding quality paid titles. For instance, Infinity Blade 3 is claimed to have cost around $1.9 Million to develop.

The average game development budget for complex games exceeds more than $310. The cost depends on the number of developers working on the project and the project’s complexities.

Offshore Mobile Game Development Costs

The expenses of offshore development can shift broadly, with designers energizing to 100$ every hour and others charging as less as 10$ every hour. Since offshore development can be unsafe, it’s smarter to depend on factors other than simply cost.

Picking particular designers with aptitudes in working with famous game motors like Unity and Unreal can help make great versatile games. Choosing an application developer is a very crucial task

Suppose you choose to select offshore game development. In that case, it’s fitting to pick organizations situated in nations that can offer access to gifted ability, who have significant instruction and nature with the necessary advances.

Ukraine and Belarus offer redistributing arrangements at serious costs. For quite some time, India has been the default decision for redistributes as it offers gifted, educated professionals at sensible expenses.

How Much Does Mobile Game Maintenance Cost?

A large number of Mobile Games are created and released frequently. Some of them progress admirably and race ahead in the opposition of the International market. The errand isn’t finished here.

To be a boss in the market, one needs to bring the progressions and go for an up-degree in the items. Additionally, the upkeep and backing of the games is another fundamental component of achieving positive business outcomes. 

Essentially, we do the development of the game and hand them over to the customers. Subsequently, if the customer wishes to contact us for the upkeep and backing for the equivalent, we utilize yearly agreements and expand the administrations. In light of the prerequisites and conditions, we prescribe and do upgrades to the games.

A decent dependable guideline is to spend 20% of the initial development expense while computing the amount it will cost to keep up the versatile game. If your underlying development costs are $100,000, you can sensibly hope to spend about $20,000 every year to keep up the game.


The costs of creating an app is often a matter of concern for most of the customers. In this blog, we focused on estimating the budget required for mobile game development, depending on your requirements. Most people are attracted to this field because of the high revenues they get to earn following the success and popularity of the game among the audience. 

Now that the estimate of game development cost is clear, you would think of leveraging your budget’s most favorable amount by adjusting associated or planned features.

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A rough cost of development for AAA games lies somewhere between $60-80 million as per most game developers.


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