12 august 2020

Mobile app development has overpowered the market and has acquired development effort being set into giving an uncommon customer experience to the customer through mobile applications. Exactly when people talk about cell phones, the mobile application is, taking everything into account, the one firm system they are suggesting.

It has become more feasible to have a dedicated mobile application for our daily tasks, from query resolution to increasing credibility of the brand’s identity; mobile applications are an all-in-one wonder. A mobile app helps an association from various perspectives. For any organization, the most challenging thing is to locate the sharpest method to communicate with their clients. A mobile app is an approach to communicate and reach out to their clients adequately. A sufficient mobile app assumes various jobs to enable an association to develop its business.

With a purchaser driven economy delving in for the long stretch, associations must change as per what the buyer needs and where he needs it – promptly accessible and at whatever point it may suit him. Alongside this rising pattern of mobile applications and organizations adopting them, different countries are accomplishing hailing work by pushing their mobile app developers in this industry. Mobile app development companies are surging towards progress.

There are several ways for mobile app developers to understand the roles and advantages of pushing any business online or utilizing a dedicated mobile application for business systems. We have seen a tremendous increase in the mobile app development industry in the past decade, and it is increasing daily. Amid this upsurge, mobile app development companies have found a new method based on bugs and errors for measuring the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for checking the overall robustness of any developed application.


Mobile App Downloads Worldwide From 3rd Quarter 2016 to 2nd Quarter 2020 

12 aug 2020


Steps to Create a Bug-Free Mobile App

If you are thinking that in your next project, you and your team are surely going to impress the client by giving a bug-free mobile application then you are probably wrong. This is a myth as not even a single application runs without bugs. 

However, we can surely contain the total number of bugs. Given below are the best tips to create a bug-free mobile app:

  1. Do Code Reviews

Inspecting a code from another professional or a group of developers brings out numerous false notions. If you skip something in the middle, another specialized individual can get it rapidly. Innumerable organizations rely upon pair programming. Here, two designers compose a code at the same time. The utilization of code surveys is gigantically significant in those applications where the job of security-related code comes to use. Thus, advanced coding encourages leaving fewer bugs in an application. 

  1. Opt for Beta Testing

Deploying the beta version is the most widely recognized method of testing the acknowledgment of your portable applications by the end client. The advantage is that you can test the application over and over to discover more significant bugs.

 Clients may discover issues with various forms of working frameworks introduced in their frameworks. Consequently, this facilitates crafted by designers for identifying bugs. Simply ensure that your application has all the functionalities before you give it for the final testing. 

Beta testing is one of the most popular testing strategies for the bug-free deployment of mobile apps.

  1. Rely More on Automated Testing

Automated testing is used to test application programming interfaces, UIs, and application modules. Automating testing is the ideal one to go for when there is a heap of modules in your mobile application. You don’t have to be a professional analyzer to utilize automated tests. Indeed, you can take the assistance of unit testing for building up the significant pieces of the application. A lot of unit testing systems are accessible which one can utilize. 

Automated testing also helps in mobile app development services for developing a bug-free application.

  1. Error Handling

Indeed, even before you plunk down to determine the issues, decide the problems your clients encounter. If you have an application that runs on the trial and beta versions, the client and users won’t get in touch with you. Utilize automated error and reporting strategies to make the way toward testing simpler. While preparing error reports, one needs to recognize the issue, incorporate log records, and form numbers. 


  1. Utilize Dedicated Testers 

Quality affirmation is something imperative in mobile application development. You should have various analyzers, especially committed to an individual undertaking. Sometimes, applications are excessively confused and require the competency of experienced analyzers. At times, it gets hard to support testers financially. In such a circumstance, one developer can test each other’s code. 

  1. Making Use of Virtual Machines

To make a robust application, you need to test it on various working frameworks and different conditions. Besides testing the application, you will get a lot of time to test it in different virtual machines. For different working frameworks, it is acceptable to take pictures of standard sizes, test them, and afterward, at last, transfer them on the server. At whatever point you need to test, you can utilize the base pictures without installing the OS.

  1. Good Debugger

Different web application development platforms, such as Python, Ruby, and PHP, make it hard to debug the entire code. In this way, an IDE like Visual Studio will give you the best procedure. With a decent debugger, you can affirm the risk of bugs. There is no reason to distinguish or eliminate bugs, changing code parts, and a couple of print explanations without any problem.

  1. Explore Recent Trends

Code norms enjoy modernized code procedures. It engages the code with the ability to amend bugs and guarantees the reception of an elevated requirement of value.

This methodology may assist associations with reducing reliance coding techniques on each other and secure the method of testing application codes.

Bug-Free Apps for Muck-Free UX

Making an application bug-free is a critical and homogeneous substance of success. At the same time, it is like shooting an arrow at an unidentified object in complete darkness. Although by using bug tracking software, you will be able to handle resources in a much better way, and it will help you to offer solutions quickly and efficiently.

When you provide a bug-free solution, the end-users are always satisfied with your products, increasing the level of trust they have for you. To develop a bug-free solution, one must plan and work according to the client’s basic expectations. This article provides you a fundamental insight into the mobile application testing strategy.

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