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Mobile App Development Companies in UK, London

People are fast going mobile in every walk of life – be it personal or professional. They are so attached to their phone that they hardly imagine a life without it. To say, in other words, the phone has become a crucial part of today’s life. About two-thirds of the UK population use mobile applications, and this is growing steadily. According to Statista’s forecast, the mobile app development companies in the UK, London revenues will exceed 30 billion British pounds by 2025. 

The Mobile app has become an integral part of every business, which gave the emergence of more new mobile app development companies in London. If you are looking for app developers, it is harder to pick the company that suits your needs. Here is the list of mobile app development companies in the UK specializing in creating mobile applications for vertical domains.

Best App Developers in the UK 2021

Here is the list of the leading app development companies that have a proven track record in the UK region:

1. Intellectsoft

Founded: 2007   | Company Size: 201-500 employees   | Projects: Nestle, Universal, Guinness   

Intellectsoft is a software development company founded in 2007; they have expertise in the latest technologies. Since, Intellectsoft evolved into an international, full-scale software solution development company with offices in Silicon Valley, New York, London, Oslo, Helsinki, and Minsk, they have helped companies achieve their goals with impactful, industry-specific software solutions. 

2. TechGropse

Founded: 2015   |   Company Size: 50-100 employees   |   Projects: Waspha, BBT (Big Boyz Toyz), Fantasy Magnet   

TechGropse is one of the best mobile app development companies in the UK.  They have served 100+ Clients with 51+ teams of dedicated mobile app developers. They cater to services in various domains like Apps for Taxi Booking, Apps for Restaurants, HealthCare App, App for retail, and Apps for Business.  

They use Agile Methodology for Mobile App Development, offering robust and scalable mobile app development services to our clients globally. 

3. Fueled

Founded: 2007   |   Company Size: 51-200 employees   |   Projects: Verizon, QuizUp, Afterlight     

Fueled is a web and mobile app development company in London that provides Specialized in designing and developing award-winning mobile apps and websites that are fast, attractive, responsive, and easy to use. Fueled is developed in 2007; they have served clients like Verizon, QuizUp, and Afterlight.   

4. Hedgehog lab

Founded: 2007   |   Company Size: 51-200 employees   |   Projects: Nasdaq, Mitsubishi, Autodesk   

Hedgehog is a global digital product consultancy that designs & builds software for the world’s best businesses. Hedgehog is a digital solution provider that designs, develops, and market apps, augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality & other digital solutions for phones, tablets, TV, kiosks & other post-PC devices.  

Hedgehog has successfully delivered projects for Nasdaq, Mitsubishi, and Autodesk. 

5. Mubaloo

Founded: 2009  |   Company Size: 51-200 employees   |   Projects: Cisco, Samsung, London’s Air Ambulance    

Mubaloo is an award-winning mobile app development company that develops innovative mobile strategies and intelligent mobile apps. They provide business transformation consultancy for businesses and project management.  

Founded in 2009, Mubaloo has created over 240 apps with organizations worldwide, including Aviva, Bang & Olufsen, Canon, Eircom, Hargreaves Lansdown, London’s Air Ambulance. 

6. Magora Systems

 Founded: 2010  | Company Size: 51-200  |  Projects: Danone, SMS Centre, Jurni   

Magora Systems is a Mobile App Development company founded in 2010. They have extensive experience in the IT outsourcing market and Mobile app development. From Business Analysis, UI, and Architecture Design to Development, QA, and Post-Delivery Support, Magora provide full service to their clients. Magora has great team expertise in Android and iOS app development.  

7. Konstant Infosolutions

Founded: 2003   |  Company Size: 51-200   |   Projects: Volkswagen, Stanley, Biteheist   

With Diverse industry experience, Konstant Infosolutions is an award-winning mobile and app development company. Many prestigious organizations have rewarded them for their excellent services. Konstant offers strategic consulting and customer research, graphic design, and mobile app development and implementation of world-class e-business applications. 

8. Waracle

Founded: 2007   |   Company Size: 51-200 employees   |   Projects: Clydesdale Bank, ScotRail, Workplace, Scottish Power   

Waracle is one of the leading Mobile app development and IOT consulting company in the UK. Clydesdale Bank, ScotRail, Workplace, Scottish Power are some of the top clients they have served with 51+ employees. They have the skills and expertise to help you innovate faster and deliver world-class mobile app and IoT capabilities operating across the UK and Europe.   

Techniques to Hire Mobile App Developers in the UK, London 

 The best mobile app developers in the UK, London, are hard to find globally, surrounded by developers better than others. It’s like the tip of the Iceberg. It is important not to be in a rush while hiring mobile app developers. Spend quality time searching for the best mobile app development companies for your future business. Though we have done the shortlisting of companies, there are still various qualities in a checklist to work on.  

There are a few steps to keep in mind and considered. It’s a fight off between mobile app developers. Not to forget, some quick hacks will help you get a brief of all that you need to check to hire  

Do you have a question in mind as to how we judge a developer from a company or hire developers? So, here are some target points which are considered while appointing a company. You can search for the best companies with dedicated developers on a platform like the clutch, Appfutura, Good firms. These are trusted platform that has listed top companies. 

Check List Before Hiring A Mobile App Developer in the UK

1. Company Portfolio

It is the first step to hire mobile app developers. Appointing a company is a difficult task; it’s not a piece of cake. Every company has competitors to deal with, and you must know about it. Firms use portfolio companies. Some firms build a portfolio of companies specializing in a specific sector, such as engineering, teaching, and IT services. They were introduced to showcase the insights of projects that were accomplished by them, and this is the best way to judge the company capabilities of doing work.  

2. Company Reviews  

Reviews of the company are the second step towards hiring dedicated mobile app developers as it shows the company’s reputation. You must hire a putative company to accomplish all your needs for Application. Check reviews on different platforms; don’t believe or trust on a single platform. Always examine on more than two platforms like the clutch, google Appfutura, and many more.

Examine the reviews of the Application developed by the company. App development companies would be transparent in displaying all kinds of reviews, whether they are bad or good. It will help you to choose between various App development companies by their performance for another client by building applications.  

 3. Lean on Quality and Analyze Their Expertise

The quality of the Applications built by the company is more important than the price. App development is a complex and difficult task to perform, and it is important to know about all of the company. The Application needs an understanding of the target viewer and imagination. Those who are experts in their field can think effectively and rationally about every problem. Lean on Quality Instead of the Price Plans of a company.  

Know the Quality of a company is always a profitable task for your Application. App development companies are thousand worldwide, and choosing the best for you within budget is a hard task to do.    

4. Building Relationship

Any company that is hired by you has good relations with others, and When you work towards building a strong relationship with the company, you will have the best Application than others. The social relationship is the way to find the best apps for Development Companies. 

Why Invest in Mobile App Rather Than Mobile Website

Mobile apps are fast becoming popular among people of age groups. From searching for products, reading reviews, shopping, or just hanging out with friends and family, mobile apps are preferred.   

  • Better personalization  
  • Ease of sending notification  
  • Most use of the features of a mobile device   
  • Ability to work offline  
  • Freedom designing   
  • New branding experience  
  • The new stream of conversation   
  • An easy way to enhance brand presence  

Apart from these impeccable benefits, a mobile has much more to do for your business. Studies show that people spend more time using mobile apps than websites. This means having a mobile will enable us to target those people better. A mobile app provides a good tool that helps get traffic to your website and turn that traffic into your customers. As it works offline, a mobile app provides a better connection with your audience all the time.   

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