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Having a busy schedule and office work, it is tough to clean the house. Therefore, you may see overflowing garbage, stinky bathrooms, and crusting closets that cause bacteria and health issues. However, it is not an easy task to clean a messy house after a tiring day. Thanks to on-demand house cleaning app development, the world is an easy place to call for cleaning services.

Therefore, people are looking for a cleaning company that can clean their messy houses and keeps the things in the right place. This is why the demand for on-demand house cleaning app development is high. Yes, gone are those days when on-demand services are only for food delivery, car wash, and food delivery. On-demand cleaning apps will let the users choose multiple services that they can’t do themselves.

With the help of this application,  it is easier to find someone to clean and do house chores for busy people whether it is washing clothes, doing utensils, dusting, and many more. You will find professionals to do all the work.

Latest Trends and Market Size of On-Demand House Cleaning App Development

On-demand clinic app is a book for those people who face difficulty in doing house chores. And now these are becoming a market trend as they are considered a better option amongst other services. Another biggest reason for the on-demand cleaning app development’s popularity is the dedicated functionality and easy access to the resources.

According to an idea, the house cleaning market is highly expected to reach $40.38 billion by 2025. Thousands of people all over the world demand the on-demand house cleaning app development to clean their houses. Therefore, cleaning is now becoming the fastest growing industry which currently has $20 billion in sales with 20 percent annual growth.

Hence the popularity of on-demand cleaning app development services is becoming high in the world. If you want to earn a good profit, investing in house cleaning app development is a great idea. However, in 2019 the market size of cleaning services globally was $292.6 billion which has drastically grown to $308.7 billion.

So, there is no doubt that investing in on-demand cleaning app development can be very profitable.

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Characteristics of Best On-Demand House Cleaning App Development

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When it comes to developing a house cleaning app, it becomes quite challenging for owners to figure it out all at once. Over the years, the house cleaning app development company has gained popularity and affirms that the solutions delivered to you are interesting and engaging. Adding trendy and required features, house cleaning companies serve the best to their valuable customers.

So, add the mandatory features for successful on-demand app development.


User Panel

Signs up:

A first and foremost important feature of house cleaning app development is signing up. In this section, users need to enter their information such as first name, last name, email, address, phone number, and other basic details in a house cleaning app. This will assist the users in login into the application.

One Tap Booking:

Another feature you should add to a house cleaning app is the e-tap booking option. The users can check the cleaner availability in their required time and then they can get a list of service providers at their fingertip while using this application.

Having this characteristic, users can easily send requests to the on-demand app development and they can get into contact easily. Moreover, if a service provider is unable to satisfy the user, they can switch to another one for getting the best services.


It is also required to add notification features to On-demand app development services. While users login to the app and allow notification permission to the app every notification will pop up for every transaction. It will also help to share new offers and provide other latest news to users.

Undoubtedly, notifications are an attractive way to keep customers engaged with the latest updates cleaning companies have to offer in-store. Therefore, it is required to add this feature to an on-demand house cleaning app.


Booking is another great feature you should add to an on-demand house cleaning app. Through it, house cleaning companies can see bookings with all transactions such as payment mode, time of payment, and many more. In simple words, it becomes simple to explore all the details regarding services and payment.

So, it is beneficial to add this feature to on-demand app development.

Security and Payment

The on-demand house cleaning app development should also have the security of paying and receiving payment from both sides of app users. To make the on-demand app development successful, you can add the most secure mobile wallet and cash-on-delivery options.

Furthermore, a house cleaning app also ensures that users’ details remain private and they can enjoy it without any difficulties.

Multiple Languages options:

To reach out to more people and connect with them more effectively, house cleaning companies add this feature to their apps. The language option will allow the users to communicate with the service provider in their native language. The cleaning companies also use this feature to connect with users who are not well acquainted with the primary language of their on-demand house cleaning app development to keep their users engaged.

For this, you need to connect to an on-demand app development company that will give you the proper guidance on this subject.

GPS Tracking Feature:

On-demand house cleaning apps should also have a GPS that will assist the users to track cleaner locations while he/she is on/her way. On-demand app development companies can also use Google maps to develop this feature, and the iOS app development platform map, can be used that will help the app users to track and optimize the route.

Admin Panel

The on-demand house cleaning app is required to have an admin panel that would ensure that you have a complete hold on the solutions and the operations. And, the admin panel should have the following features:

The requirement to Have Online Schedule Management:

This is the primary section of the admin panel where the admin can manage all the scheduled bookings, cleaners, and the users registered.  Analytics and Dashboard: This is the major part of a house cleaning app. This is why all the information such as contact information of cleaners registered, most bought offers, types of services purchased, etc. are tracked and managed by the admin.

Job History:

Last but not least, an on-demand house cleaning app should have job history features. Through it, service providers instantly check their detailed job history.  They can check the details of the completed jobs and ones that are still pending. This characteristic helps in keeping the cleaner’s schedule up to date.

Manage Facilities and Cost:

Under this section, all the services provided to the users are managed by the admin including price. Apart from this, it is necessary to ensure that the admin can change the services and cost as per the user’s requirements and market trends.

Allocate tasks to Cleaner:

To fulfill the demand of the users in a better way, it also has a feature that helps the admin to allocate the task to the service provider as per the number of requests they are aligned with.

Service Provider Panel

Accept/Reject Booking:

It is required to have to accept and reject booking feature in a house cleaning app that helps the service providers to take or deny users’ requests if they are busy.

Notification and Alerts:

Having a notification feature in a house cleaning app, a service provider gets an alert that a user avails of its services.

Start and End Services:

Another important feature is the start and end services a house cleaning app should have. It helps the service provider to begin the services and to end it as it is over.

Track Payment:

House cleaners must have a feature that supports them to track their payment. It will assist them to organize their day more productively.

Flexible Schedule:

This characteristic help the service provider with the flexibility to work whenever they need. They can select their schedule and start to work accordingly.

Preferred Availability:

Having this feature in a house cleaning app, a cleaner can choose their availability. They can decide when they are available and when not for a service

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Benefits of On-Demand House Cleaning App Development for Businesses and Customers

Advantages of House Cleaning Development for Companies

Better Visibility:

Nowadays, people are relying on smartphones for every service more than ever now. Applications provide better visibility and let a business reach potential customers with ease. Thus, the demand for on-demand house cleaning app development is high.

Marketing Tools:

House cleaning apps always act as an excellent marketing tool for a business. It allows cleaning companies to connect with their customers through messages, notifications,s, and messages. It allows the service provider to stay connected with the customers frequently, reminding them about the latest offer and services.

Push notification is another great feature of the on-demand house cleaning app development that allows the company to send notifications about upcoming deals, offers, and new services.

Help to Create Long-Lasting Relationships with Customers:

For the best and possible solutions, users always want to connect with brands. House cleaning apps have options to call, message, and chat with the company directly. It is required to build trust and reliability for business among customers. Thus, when choosing an on-demand app development company, tell them to add this feature.


Perks for Users

On-Demand House Cleaning App Development

More convenient:

Nowadays, people demand comfort and convenience and house cleaning apps provide just that. Therefore, the popularity of on-demand house cleaning app development is high. Through the help of mobile applications cleaning companies offer home-related services on a single platform so that their clients can live their life comfortably. -People who use a house cleaning app can browse various service providers and evaluate them based on the rating given by other users, hire them and pay for the services.

Easy mode of payment:

The house cleaning app has an E-commerce integration that enables users to pay without any risk. It means users don’t need to handle cash and enjoy authorized paid services. This always standardizes the amount and enjoys authorized paid services, unlike other cleaning facilities.

Save a Big Amount:

Usually, house cleaning apps have almost all required cleaning services. Most of these companies have done a market study before launching their app. Hence, users can easily avail all services they want in a matter of time. They can easily choose, book, and schedule time as per their convenience, and the service provider will be reached at their doorstep.

The Exact Cost of On-Demand House Cleaning App Development

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The on-demand house cleaning app development cost depends on the features and facilities. Hence, you need to know what you want to add to a house cleaning app. It will assist you in finding a reliable company for on-demand house cleaning app development to complete the project successfully.


Most of the companies charge according to the men’s power and the hours they put into developing an application. In different regions, on-demand app development companies take different prices per hour. In Europe, developers charge $130 per hour and in Australia, they charge around $190 per hour.


So, it only depends on you what you want in a house cleaning application. Sometimes the cost of the on-demand house cleaning app development depends on the platform. Thus, choose a plan according to your requirement as well as your budget. The following table will assist you in determining the cost of on-demand app development.

Region Cost of On-Demand App Development
USA-based developers $50-$250/hour
Singapore-based developers $50-$250/hour
India based developers $10-$80/hour
Europe based developers $60-$10-$130/hour
Australia based developers $100-$190/ hour


However, it is an idea not an exact list of on-demand house cleaning app development costs. To know the real price, you need to contact a  reliable app development company.

Wrapping it  Up

To make the work easy and smooth people are looking for a house cleaning app that is a great opportunity for users as well as cleaning companies. However,  it is required to have the necessary features for admin and users, as well as service providers. So, find a reputed and well-known on-demand app development company that provides amazing features at an affordable price.