Trulia App Development: Cost and Features

Selling and buying property was a daunting task in the past. But now, it is easier to buy and sell property through the help of a real estate app. Moreover, in the past, you had to hire a real estate agency or agent to inspect the property that was up for rent or sale and arrange for potential buyers to see the available properties. As a result, real estate industries build an app like Trulia.

With the help of an app, buying and selling properties easily is possible. As a result, the demand for apps like Trulia has become more popular. Through the help of a real estate app, everything is possible. No doubt that half of the purchases begin their search for a home online. We all know that no one has time to visit different places to buy a house.

If you want to build a real estate app, you are at the right place. Today in this blog post, we will share the cost of building an app and the features you should include in your app. Moreover, we will share other important information you should know about to build your own app.

Technology Stack Required for Property App

Technology Stack Required for Property App

Undoubtedly, the technology stack plays an important role in building a real estate application. In order to implement the ideas into reality, it is necessary to choose the right technology. With the right technology, making a robust and fast application is easier.

Therefore, when building a real estate app, choose a tech accordingly. This will help you in building a functional and robust solution. Below we mentioned technologies that an on-demand app development company uses to build a real estate app.


Platform Technology/Tools
Android App Development Java, SQLite, Java, JDK, Kotlin
iOS App Development Mac OS, Swift, Objective C, iPhone SDK
App Designing Canvas flips and adobe photoshop
Database Spatial Neighborhood APIs,MapBoxGoogle Maps APIs, SimplyRets, Spark APIs,  iHomeFinder, Google Places API
Database CoreData or Realm frameworks, The Onboard Informatics Community
Backend  Development MySQL, PHP
SDK files  Facebook SDK, Firebase SDK
Video Calling API Twilio


Key Features to Keep in Mind While Building an App Like Trulia

No doubt that features are essential to ensure the success of a project. Therefore you have to choose features accordingly. This section will share some essential features a real estate app should have. So without wasting your time, look at the following features:

1. User Login & Sign Up

This is an essential feature a real estate app should have. With the help of this feature, it will be easier to navigate your application. In order to make the signup and login process easy, you can provide more options. Recently, people have been able to log in using their email id, social media account, or number.

To make the procedure easier, you can authenticate the user’s identity using two-factor authentication, sending an SMS code to the user’s smartphone. In order to include this feature in your application, you can seek the help of dedicated developers who are well-versed in building functional and easy-to-use applications.

2. Search & Filters

This is another essential feature a real estate app must have. It helps users to filter residences based on location, price, and room numbers. In simple terms, buyers have access to a new degree of versatility because of Truila’s more than 30 search criteria.

Therefore, it is necessary to include this feature in your application. To make the app development procedure more efficient and convenient, you can contact a real estate app development company that will provide you ultimate solutions per your requirements.

3. Property Details

Detailed property information includes video, description, photo, landmarks, price, nearby areas, owner details, and more. If you offer detailed information about each property, users get all the required information and can make wise decisions. A real estate application should be extremely specific about every aspect, from price per square foot to location and point of contact.

So make sure that the application has a property details feature. With this feature’s help, buyers can get all the information about a property. Therefore, remember to include this feature in your application. For this task, you can also seek the help of mobile app developers because they are well-experienced and knowledgeable.

4. Photos & Street View

Another important feature you must include in your application is photos & street view. It will help the users to see the inside of the property. This is why you have to include this feature in your app. You can also include an immersive 360-degree virtual tour and videos shot inside a particular building as part of an upgraded feature set.

But you know that integrating a VR feature requires substantial work and specific expertise to implement successfully. When you decide to invest in Trulia app development, you have to include this feature.



5. Cost Calculator

This is another important feature a real estate app should have. Users can use this feature to determine the interest rates for a mortgage loan. So when deciding to build a real estate app like Trulia, ensure the application is equipped with this amazing feature.

In order to make the development procedure more efficient, you have to contact professionals with years of experience in the mobile application development field. With in-depth knowledge and good years of experience, they will provide the best solutions.

6. In-App Chat & Messages

Sometimes users may face issues and look for instant solutions. This is why it is necessary to include in-app chat & message features. It lets users complete a transaction by contacting a real estate agent. Therefore, it is necessary to include this functionality in your app.

In order to complete the job on time, you can contact a reliable mobile app development agency that will never disappoint you at any cost.

7. Push Notifications

You have to include a push notification feature in the application. Through the help of this feature, it is easier to inform the users about new offers and the property’s availability. Therefore, remember to include this feature in your application when investing in Trulia app development.

Types of Real Estate Apps

All real estate agencies have undoubtedly invested their time and money in getting the best-suited application for them. Therefore, it is essential for them to show their presence in the application world as it allows people to stay connected from any corner of the world.

We all know that the rising demand for properties has paved the way for investing in real estate app development. It means companies of all sizes, new and old, have gotten their applications made. Below we mentioned the types of apps, so take a look at the following types of real estate apps:

1. Property Buy Sell Rent Mobile App

This type of real estate mobile application is like an online marketplace, which lets sellers and buyers register on it. Real estate owners selling their properties can put their houses on sale, including pictures of their properties and the details of its price.

Meanwhile, the buyers can search for properties from a list in the application. Moreover, they can access the essential information and the location of all properties up for sale and listed in the app. In order to build such a type of app, you can seek the help of a mobile app development company that will help you in every possible way.

2. Real Estate Company App

This is another type of application that is specifically for the agents of real estate. Through the help of this app, they can put up their properties on sale segregated under different parameters. If you decide to build your own app, you can build this type of application and can earn good revenue and profit.

3. Indoor Navigation Real Estate Mobile App

These kinds of applications use mobile-integrated sensors and features to take the users for a virtual tour inside the house through their mobile application. With the help of this app, people are gravitating towards such applications as they can get a better experience from the comfort of their homes. However, you must invest a lot to build such kinds of applications.

4. Smart Home Mobile Applications

This is another type of real estate app. Through the help of such an application, users can control everything in their house with the help of their mobile devices. These applications allow them to manage anything at their houses with their smartphone.

5. AR VR Real Estate Mobile App

This type of application allows the realtors to provide a 3D tour to their viewers, helping them save time by giving them real tours of the properties on sale. The best thing about AR and VR technology is that it has gained a lot of prominence over the years.

In order to make this kind of application, you can contact a team of professionals with good years of experience and knowledge in the Trulia app development field.

6. Buy Virtual Land in Metaverse

Buying a property is a good investment option since it ensures a high rate of return. So, many people are purchasing properties. Now it is time to purchase land in the Metaverse, just like buying land on Earth is advantageous. Therefore, the demand for such types of applications has become high.

Advantages of Building a Mobile App for Real Estate Business

No doubt that applications make life more convenient and easier. But you know that there are several advantages to building mobile apps for real estate businesses. Below is a  list of building a real estate application:

1. Widen Your Consumer Base

If you want to increase the customer base, a real estate app will be the right way. It will allow your customers to view plans, properties, prices, videos, and many more. Making use of this, users are able to browse through thousands of homes without moving an inch.

A mobile application can fix many issues for sellers, in which the first one is reaching potential buyers irrespective of their location.

2. View Property Remotely

In today’s time, buying a home requires a lot of physical investment, such as visiting numerous properties and more. With a real estate application, an agent can show their clients photos, videos, guided tours, and many more.

On the other hand, users can only see the property they are interested in. It will save time and help them visit a property, add value to the decision-making procedure, and increase sales. So it is a good idea to invest in Trulia’s app development.

3. Get in Touch with Customers Directly

Another great advantage of building a real estate app is that owners can increase customer interaction. Therefore, building a real estate app is essential. If you include the communication panel with your application, you can contact the customers instantly.

It not only increases trust but also increases reliability in your customers. Therefore, you have to invest in Trulia app development.

4. Accurate Customer Targeting

Once a customer registers on your app, you will get their personal information, such as preferences, geographical location, budget, etc. This information can assist you in making a wise division and suggesting property to customers within their budget.

5. Move Ahead of Your Competition

Lastly, another advantage of building a real estate app is to move ahead of your competitors. This app will promote your brand through word-of-mouth and digital marketing practices. Therefore, you must build an app with rich features and modern technology.

Cost to Build a Real Estate App Like Trulia

Trulia app development cost depends on a number of criteria. A few factors are complexity, the development team’s size, the development firm’s location, and many more. Depending on the area, developers take charges for real estate app development.

A normal app development cost can be between $10,000-$15,000. Once there is high complexity, the price can increase. Below we mentioned a table of the cost to build a real estate app based on different locations.


City Real Estate App Development Hourly Cost
Africa $30-$100 Per Hour
Europe $25-$80 Per Hour
Australia $30-$90 Per Hour
USA $20-$80 Per Hour
America $30-$110 Per Hour
India $25-$40 Per Hour


This table will help me understand how much it costs to build an app like Trulia. In order to know the actual cost, you must contact a reputable mobile app development company.


Over the years mobile applications have gained more popularity as the demand for real estate applications is high. But building an app is a challenging task. If you want to build a functional app, it is necessary to have knowledge of the cost and features a real estate app must have. In order to get detailed information, you can read the above-listed points.


1. How much does it cost to develop a real estate app’s MVP?

The cost of developing a real estate app’s Minimum Viable Product (MVP) can vary based on several factors, including the app’s complexity, the features and functionality required, the development team’s rates, and the geographical location of the development team.

2. What are the Advantages of Real Estate App?

Real estate apps provide a convenient way for users to access real estate listings and related information anytime, anywhere. Users can browse properties, view images, check prices, and gather important property details from the comfort of their smartphone or tablet.

Real estate apps typically contain large databases of real estate listings, including residential, commercial, and rental properties. This extensive inventory allows users to explore various options and filter properties based on preferences such as B. Location, price, size, facilities, etc.

3. How Much Time Does It Take to Build a Real Estate App?

The time it takes to create a real estate app depends on several factors, including the complexity of the app, the features and development approach required, the size of the development team, and the level of app expertise and experience. Developer.

4. Do You Provide Maintenance and Support Services?

Yes! We provide maintenance and support services to customers free of cost while you take app development services from us. After that, you have to pay some amount that is less compared to our competitors.