12 Useful AngularJS Tools for Creative Web App development
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12 Useful AngularJS Tools for Creative Web App Development

Nowadays, the trend of web app development is becoming more popular. To establish a business efficiently, enterprises start to create their virtual reality. Therefore, the demand for development is high. However, you should choose the right framework for crafting a web application. Angular js development company can choose this framework for making the web app development process more convenient.

Google launched angular JS in 2010, and now this framework has become one of the world’s most sought-after software development frameworks. Plus, it always supports a wide array of tools and plugins that make the development procedure smooth and easy, without any compromises in output quality, be it use and features or visual appeal.

However, Angular js development company uses this framework to craft a web application. With years of expertise and in-depth knowledge, they will easily develop a web application that is fully functional and equipped with great features.

We all know that Angular JS is a popular open-source javascript framework that Google launches. This framework helps to simplify the development and testing process. By using it, developers overcome the challenges of the web development procedure.

Another great thing about this framework is that it can be clubbed with CSS and HTML to improve the web application’s functionality. Therefore, it is widely used for creating a fully functional web application that is quick and responsive.

Plus, this also has some great tools that make it the best framework for web development. If you want to know about the best Angularjs tools for creating web application development, stay tuned with us.

Must-Have AngularJS Development Tools for Creative Web App Development

Must-Have AngularJS Development Tools for Creative Web App Development

This is the primary question that makes angular so effective? The answer is simple, AngularJS tools for creative web app development. Here, we will list the top 12 tools that make the development process smooth and easy in 2022.

1. Karma

This is a QA and testing framework. As we all are aware, no web application can be launched before it is tested. And nothing is better than karma which makes testing an easier task for us.

The USP of this tool allows the developers to test their code in a true-to-life ecosystem. In simple terms, with the help of this tool, developers rapidly identify potential issues, glitches, and bugs compared to a simulated/lab setting.

Hence, it is the best tool in the list of top Angularjs tools for developers, making the development process smoother and easier. You can rely on this tool if you want to make the testing process smooth.


  • Simple to integrate with Jenkins, Semaphore, and Travis
  • Offer test coding in various browsers.
  • Always perform nicely across all browser types.
  • Assist anytime because of a vibrant open-source community at GitHub.


2. Protractor

This tool is developed by Google and is used for creating web applications that enable end-to-end testing. Protector is usually based on top of WebDriverJS, which runs tests in a genuine program collaborating with the app as any ordinary client would.

Furthermore, it naturally synchronises your test to the page and is compatible with Node.Js, Jasmine, Mocha, and Selenium. This is why it is the best tool for custom android app development.


  • Protector provides a complete set of end-to-end testing tools.
  • This allows testing on an actual browser.
  • Always offer a complete set of end-to-end testing tools.


3. Jasmine

Jasmine is another top tool in the list of tools for angularjs testing. It enables the developers to test web development. Generally, this open-source tool has a simple API and clean as well as straightforward syntax.

It offers an aligned configuration that removes browsers’ or JavaScript testing environments’ dependencies. Plus, it works best while testing Node.js code and on websites that support JavaScript runtimes.

With the help of this tool, testing and debugging become easier for the testers. Thus, it is counted in the list of the best angular tools. If you want to make the development procedure easier, it is time to choose this tool.

Being a custom web development company, it is required to have this tool in your development toolkit. It makes testing easier for you and helps you create an excellent web application per your client’s requirements.


  • Excellent open source platform that helps in testing
  • Easy to run on any Javascript-enabled Platform


4. io

In the list of Angularjs tools for developers, Mento.io is one of the best tools that offer development teams unmatched levels of flexibility, allows them to apply this to specific code blocks directly, and accepts selectable text input.

It is not dependent on jQuery, giving coders more options. Furthermore, it can be used for any component and chosen content data sources. You know that ment.io enhances efficiency and reduces developer effort, making it the most desired AngularJS tool for creative web development.

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5. Sublime Text

This is the top angularjs tool for creative web development. The reason behind its popularity is its efficiency, effortless coding, and output quality facilities. It has support built-in for a number of coding and markup languages.

Moreover, it has various packages that make working with AngularJS development tools easier. With CSS sorting, the developers can also sort properties in alphabetical order, enabling easy file switching and reducing code errors.

This is why you can count this on the list of top tools for angularjs testing. With the help of this, you can make the iPhone app development process easy.

6. Angular UI

AngularJS development Company can also count on this tool for web development. It contains UI-bootstrap, which is a collection of Bootstrap UI elements for angularjs tools. Speed and project deployment duration are the key factors that make it one of the best tools among developers.

Angular UI always helps to speed up the process with the use of directives that can be easily integrated with UI-Bootstrap. Therefore, it is one of the best angular js tools for creative web app development.

7. js

Testing is required before launching the web application. Therefore, Mocha.js is the best angularjs tool for creative web app development. It offers a high level of development and enhances mapping accuracy and reporting frequency for web application development initiatives.

On the other hand, it always enables asynchronous development that is easy and enjoyable. It runs in sequential order, allowing for precise monitoring and dynamic while mapping unfixed exceptions to the appropriate test cases.

Thus, the AngularJS development company uses this framework to make the development process more efficient.

8. Sublime Text

This is another top AngularJS tool with built-in support for various programming and markup languages. Therefore, experts believe in this tool for creative web development.

Sublime Text comes with various packages that make working with angularJS tools easier. Moreover, it will deliver seamless coding, high efficiency, and superior results. It includes a simple user interface and a number of performance-enhancing features.

Apart from this, it is available for various OSs that allow you to easily switch projects, offers a custom UT toolkit, and enables cross-platform editing. Thus, it is counted on the best Angular JS tools list.

9. AngularFire

Undoubtedly, each angular app requires a sound backend development infrastructure. AngularFire helps to save time because it is an exceptionally efficient Angular JS IDE online for app backends.

It requires firebase to recognize users and maintain important data. Information can be regularly saved for offline usage. Moreover, it allows for dynamic API features, higher development capacity, efficient management of binary data files such as videos, photos, and archives, and synchronised real-time binding.

10. Videogular

This is an HTML-5-based video player that fulfils all Angular JS video needs. When you hire angular js developers with videogular, they can deploy effective integration of video support and incorporate videos and other multimedia elements right into the AngularJS app they are working on.

It comes with bindable properties and a robust API which offers developers the ability in order to create custom plugins. Another great thing about this is that most modern browsers support it. Thus, it is counted on a list of useful AngularJS tools.

11. Webstorm

This is also a leading AngularJS tool for coding platforms and related technologies such as React, TypeScript, Angular, HTML, and style sheets. It always comes with a 30-day trial analysis licence key.

Furthermore, it has the anticipated JavaScript capability, including CSS and HTML giving it a leg up on the competition. This tool is a fantastic option if you are tired of having to refresh your browser to see improvements happen immediately when working with the platform’s text editor.

With this help, you can easily prevent this, and it always allows you to test coding on different browsers. Thus, it is suggested to choose this tool for creative web app development.

12. NG-Inspector

This tool also enables you to develop, understand and debug AngularJS applications. It always allows developers to locate code errors and inconsistencies. Plus, it can add an auditor sheet to the browser to assist in the development cycle, grasping the AngularJS application, and troubleshooting.

Hence, you can count on the list of Angularjs tools for developers that assist you in creating a fully-functional application as per your customer requirements.

The Final Note

These are some useful AngularJS tools that every developer should refer to in 2022 in order to develop a fully functional application. It means now developing a feature-rich, dynamic and highly performant angular-based app is no longer a distant dream.

With the tools mentioned above, you can easily craft a perfect Angular-based application in order to match your business needs. It is possible to build a fully-functional and responsive web application using all these tools.