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Apps Like Afterpay: How to Develop One for You?

Ecommerce platforms are on the rise.Its technologies are being used at rates that were not anticipated until 2025.. Nowadays, people are relying on e-commerce platforms to make a purchase. Sometimes, we see several deals, but because of money unable to purchase them. In such a situation, you may lose your deal. But now you don’t need to worry about anything because of the help of afterpay app development.

Through it, you don’t need to worry about money. There are several platforms where you can shop now and pay after some time. This is the reason that people prefer such applications for shopping. This is the reason that companies are showing interest in BNPL app development. It helps the users to make their shopping more convenient and easy.

If you want to provide a great user experience, then it is time to invest in buy now, pay later app development. However, developing such an application is not a cakewalk. Therefore, you should find a reliable name in the industry with years of expertise in developing apps like Afterpay.

With years of expertise, an android app development company will give you one of the best solutions that meet your business need. So, you should find an honourable name committed to providing you with one of the best solutions within your budget. Here, we will discuss about some apps like Afterpay.

A List of Apps Like Afterpay


A List of Apps Like Afterpay

When it comes to making purchases, people believe in e-commerce platforms to purchase products. But without money, it is pretty challenging to buy something, which is why you need to wait for next month. However, you don’t need to think more about money because now you can make a purchase of a product and pay after. 

This is the reason that makes afterpay app development more popular in the city. Here, we mentioned a list of apps, like afterpay, that will assist you in choosing one as per your need and requirement.

#1. PayPal Credit

This is the most known platform to send and receive money and pay and get paid securely in the online world. But you know that this application is similar to Afterpay. It means if you are a PayPal user, you can get a line of credit to make a purchase online on any online store that accepts PayPal and yet have the ability to pay it off over time. 

You can purchase an item and service that cost over $99+ and pay it off in six months without any charges. Plus, there is no annual fee for using this app, and there are no interest fees if you pay all your instalments on time. Comparing both PayPal credit and Afterpay are pretty much the same. However, Afterpay charges a higher late fee compared to it. 

Another fantastic thing about PayPal is that it is always accepted in more stores as a payment option. In simple words, it is known worldwide, so you can easily make a purchase with this app. If you want to make such an app, it is time to contact an app development company. 

#2. Klarna

It is always similar to Afterpay, which helps you make a  purchase online and pay later in four instalments. This app is available in almost all online stores where you pay. On the other hand, you can use this app to split the cost of your purchase using a computer but always on a mobile phone. 

This is the reason that businesses are investing their money in making apps like Afterpay. If you are wondering about developing such an app, you should contact a reliable agency that has years of expertise in this field. It makes sure you get one of the best solutions within your budget.

#4. Sezzle

This is another app that includes a list of apps like Afterpay that allows you to purchase any time online and yet pay in four instalments over six weeks. And you don’t need to pay any interest if you pay all your instalments on time and you get a quick approval decision as soon as you apply.

Hence, nothing will stop you from shopping in your favourite online store without burning a hole in your pocket at the same time. Plus, there is no impact on credit score, and yet you will get to shop around thousands of online stores. However, it has a program that helps educate you about finance and can also teach you how to improve your score. 

Another interesting thing about this app is that it gives customers more time to repay instalments, while Afterpay makes users repay instalments weekly. So, you can also rely on this application to make a purchase. On the other hand, you may also develop your own apps like Afterpay.

However, the BNPL app development process is not as easy a task as it seems. Therefore, you need to seek the help of experts who have years of expertise in this field. It ensures you get one of the best services that meet your task more conveniently and quickly. 

#5.  Zip

Zip is another option that helps you make a purchase flexible by having the chance to purchase the time now and pay them later. In simple words, you can pay for anything you buy in four instalments over six weeks. 

The interesting thing about this app is that you can use it anywhere, even buying groceries, buying dresses, paying bills, or purchasing something online or in-store. So this application can be used in the most popular stores with ease. 

If you are in business and want to build apps like Afterpay, it is the right time to call an agency that has years of expertise in making an application that allows you to pay after shopping. Therefore, you should find out an honourable name in the city.

However, finding mobile app development companies is not easy because of several options. In such a situation, it is really tough to determine which one is trusted and genuine. So, you need to keep some important things in your mind while making a purchase. 

#6. Affirm

Affirm is similar to Afterpay, but it works differently, which is why it is another popular choice if you need apps like Afterpay that help you pay for things in a much longer period. With the help of this application, users are able to pay over three, six, or even 12 months without paying any fees if they make payment on time.

On the other hand, this app can be used at Expedia Hotels, Walmart, Peloton, and other popular retailers and online stores. It means you can complete the shopping process successfully in three steps. Therefore, the demand for buy now pays later app development is high. 

However, it is not an easy task to develop an application with ease. In such a case, it is recommended to contact a react native app development company that has years of expertise in this field. They make this task more convenient and easy. 

#7. Stokes

This is another application that allows you to make a purchase now and pay after. It always focuses on helping people to purchase higher-priced items. Using this app, you will have to build an account that might take up to 24 hours to get approved. 

Even though it takes a bit longer to get approved than other applications, it means that you can get a credit limit that will fit your situation as per your financial situation. Moreover, through it, you can shop for your favourite products that are out of your credit limit. Hence, businesses love to develop apps like Afterpay.

Step-By-Step Guidance  to Develop Apps like Afterpay

Of course, several apps work similarly, like Afterpay. However, each has different features and functionality that make them outstanding. Therefore, if you decide to develop apps like Afterpay, you should follow all the aspects. 

However, developing an app is not as easy a task as it seems. So, it is suggested to contact a reliable agency for custom iPhone app development. Being a reliable name, it will provide you with one of the best services; make sure to follow the mentioned steps:

1. Idea and Concept

Buy now, pay later app development required an idea and concept. In order to build an app, it is necessary to keep some crucial things in mind, such as what unique features will make your buy now, pay later application different from competitors, what is the main idea behind the app, and what value you can offer users. 

If you have all the answers to these questions, it is easy to develop apps like Afterpay that allow you to shop the products on time and pay after sometimes. This will make your shopping experience more convenient and easy.

But, you should also take the help of an agency that will quickly give you one of the best custom mobile app development services. So, take your time and find a reliable name with years of expertise and in-depth knowledge in app development. 

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2. Target Audience

For BNPL app development, another thing to consider is the target audience. Understanding your targeted audience’s requirement make the development process easier and lead to a better final product. In order to develop a fantastic app, it is necessary to create a user persona or a detailed portrait of your ideal user.

Once you are researching an app idea, now it is time to decide how to build your apps like Afterpay; you should always determine who your target audience is. However, it is not enough to know the target audience’s place of residence, age, hobbies, and financial situation; you need to think about your application users in terms of numbers. 

If you think about how to create an afterpay app from scratch, you should start by doing some initial research on your target audience. The research can be done online, where you can search statistics, explore other data and find communities. However, this process is not an easy task on your own.

So, get in touch with a react native app development company that helps you make an app equipped with great features. Hence, you need to take time and search for a well-known name in the city that has good years of experience. 

3. UI/UX Design

Once you make a strategy, it is time to use the UI/UX design. The first impression is the last impression. This is the reason that you need to make your app attractive and engaging. This will help you in attracting your customers for your products and services. 

The design plays an essential role in the success of an app. Suppose you decide to develop apps like Afterpay. Using appropriate UI/UX design, you can quickly develop an app that helps the users to enjoy their shopping. 

4. Development and Testing 

This is the most crucial part, but it may take months to develop apps like Afterpay and years of continuous development and iterations to build a complex and non-stand app. In order to develop an application, you can seek the help of a custom flutter app development company.

When you hire android app developers, they work according to your business need and ensure you get one of the services efficiently. Moreover, they are always aware of upcoming difficulties, so it is not difficult for them to handle all the problems.

Apart from taking iOS app development services, testing is a necessary process. For this, you should look out for poor performance, as slow applications tend to scare away users. Therefore, testing should be done before developing the project, which is why you don’t have to troubleshoot issues after your application is launched.

In order to test an app, you can also seek the help of an agency that is committed to providing flutter app development services and testing services. Moreover, it makes sure that your app is bug and malware-free. So, the user will enjoy the application while making a purchase. 

5. Marketing and Promotion

Marketing is another important part of building apps like Afterpay, as, without promotion, no one can find out about your product. You can promote your application in a variety of ways, one of which is by advertising on social networks like FB and Instagram. 

As you can see, deciding how to create a buy now, pay later application from scratch is not enough, as you require to keep in mind post-development activities such as advertising and promotion. In this case, you can take the help of an agency for custom iPhone app development.

Final Thought 

We hope this blog provides you with all the information about how to develop apps like Afterpay. For app development, the first thing you need to consider is your target audience. Understanding your users’ requirement make the development more accessible and more successful.

Research the fees of different app development companies to choose the most suitable solutions. It’s best to select a trusted payment provider with a solid user base. A reliable  BNPL app development company will showcase you to more people and attract customers to your application.

If you want to implement the idea into a reality, you need to seek the help of professionals for custom iPhone app development. With years of expertise and knowledge, they make this procedure smooth and easy.