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10 Apps To Make and Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Everyone wants to make a new year’s resolution which gives spark to their coming year. The approach is to make more active themes, positive and healthy business life cycles. Everyone wants improved finances, new things, personal and professional development. There are so many techniques you can apply to make the best new year resolution. You have to mentally prepare yourself to set a goal that motivates you.

Your resolutions should be limited so that they can be managed easily. Your resolution should be specific and you can break your goals into smaller short term goals. You should write down all your goals and share the list with others. You can automate where you feel possible. Regularly review your resolutions and keep on track. But you don’t need to worry because we have come up with the 10 best new Year resolutions apps that will help improve you in numerous ways.

There are billions of people who make the new year app in the month of January but as time passes, these new Year resolutions apps fade away. Several developers and top healthcare companies develop healthcare and fitness apps for new year resolution as per the client’s demand. But this time, you are at the right place because we have collected the best apps which are compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. Hope you are excited to download the apps so let’s begin!

Best iOS & Android Apps You Must Use This New Year

1. Way of Life- One of the Best New year Resolution Apps

Way of Life is a new year app that tracks your habits. Since it is good having an app that changes your bad habits into good ones. The app is one of the best new year resolution apps where you adopt new habits and eliminate the bad ones. The new year app is an amazing application that continuously motivates users to change their habits.

Key Features of the Way of Life app are as follow:

  • Powerful Reminders with flexible scheduling and custom messages
  • Archive Complete Goals
  • Charts-bars graphs with trend lines
  • Quickly Jot down a note

Download this New year Resolution Tracker app from Android & iOS

2. Match dating- Best New Years Resolution Apps

Match Dating app is a new year app where users get their true love through the new year application. The match dating app is for everyone no matter if you want a long-term relationship, flirting, or just friendship. The app was introduced before the development of tinder.

Key Features of the Match dating app

  • View Photos of Local Singles
  • Search for Single Men or Women
  • Message to New People
  • Send Winks to show Interest

Download this New Year resolutions application from Android & iOS

3. Glassdoor- New years resolution app

If you want to go high in your career then glassdoor is the best option. The app provides data about salary insights, company reviews, and various vacancies. A job searcher should look at glassdoor content because it gives real data of the companies. The new year app is for both freshers and professionals. Not only glassdoor but there are top job apps in the Gulf of employers and employees.

Key Features of the Glassdoor app are as follows:

  • Job Search tools automatically find the right opportunities for you.
  • Hiring Companies options tells who is hiring now.
  • Workplace Transparency such as salary reports, interview reviews, and questions.
  • Job Applications where you can use an easy button to apply for jobs.

Download this Best App for New Year’s Resolutions from Android & iOS

4. Qapital- New years resolution tracker

The Qapital is a new year app that handles your finances in a very efficient manner. The new year app is a mobile banking application that enables you to save, spend, and invest smartly. Qapital has more than 8000 reviews making it comfortable for everyone to download the app.

Key Features of the Qapital app are as follows:

  • The app features allow you to pay Bills, look Weekly Insights & can Direct Deposit
  • The app allows you to Send Checks
  • You can through Google Pay
  • Whenever you invest or, it sends you notifications

Download this new year’s resolutions app from Android & iOS

5. Nike Training Club- one of the best New Year Apps

The Nike Training Club can be your new year app as it will bring your workout to the next phase. You can easily manage the workout routines given by the new year app which featured as world no 1 Nike Training. Such professionals will help you while doing physical exercises.

Key Features Nike Training Club app are as follows:

  • Essential Yoga Flows for Every day
  • Big Workouts for Small Spaces
  • For the Whole Family
  • Boost Your Mood

Download this new year resolutions tracker app from Android & iOS

6. Calorie Counter: MyFitnessPal- Best New Year Apps

MyFitnessPal is a new year resolutions application that helps you to reduce weight at a certain level. You get a healthy body without losing much of your weight. As per sources, the users have reduced their weight up to 200 million pounds and some users started losing their weight in the initial weeks.

Key features of the Calorie Counter app are as follows:

  • Tracking Food is fast & easy
  • Reach Your Goals
  • Log Your Exercise & Steps
  • Get Support & Motivation

Download this new years resolution app from Android & iOS

7. To Do List- New Year Resolutions Application

The To-Do List can become your new year app as it has supported thousands of people across the globe in captivating their logic and locations to experience. The users can share their shopping ideas with vacation planning. The application makes your every challenge easy.

Key Features of To-Do List App are as follows:

  • User-Friendly tasks management
  • Grouping Tasks in handy task lists
  • Intelligent Notifications
  • Syncing with Google that just works

Download this new years resolution app from Android 

8. Skyscanner

The new year app helps you to make your traveling easy. The application provides you details regarding flight bookings, prices, discounts, and accommodations. The app has supported up to 90 million users which has made its brand value in the market. The app does not charge any commission.

Key Features of  Skyscanner app:

  • Book Your Whole Trip
  • Find the Best Value Flights
  • You can select your choice of hotels and rooms
  • The app allows you to take a car for rent

Download  this new year resolutions application from Android & iOS

9. Headspace- Best Meditation App

Headspace can become your new year app where it helps you to do meditation. The headache has become the new normal thing happening with everyone. There is lots of stress in everyone’s life so such apps help to reduce stress. The app helps to do physical exercises which remove the headache.

Key features of the Headspace app are as follows:

  • Available Online Courses to guide for workout exercises
  • Exercises with full Guidance
  • Stress & Anxiety Meditation
  • Falling Asleep & Waking up Meditation

Download this best app for new years resolutions from Android & iOS

10. Quit Now- Best New year App

The New year app can help you quit bad habits instantly. Quit Now can help you to quit smoking and live a healthy life with it. The app has helped thousands of users who are leaving no smoking life. You can install the app in your smartphone.

 Key features of the QuitNow app are as follows:

  • Your ex-smoker status tells the day you quit smoking, how many days are you free of smoke, how much money you saved, and how many cigarettes you avoided.
  • Achievements in your quit smoking motivations
  • Community is a chatbox where all the members are non-smokers
  • Your ex-smoker health status tells us the list of health indicators to explain how your body improves day by day.

Download this New Year resolutions app from Android & iOS


Everyone wants to be changed from the beginning of a new year. We set goals for our better life. But sometimes we need something which constantly reminds us of our set goals. Such apps help to fulfill our goals in 2021. We have discussed the top 10 apps which you can download to improve yourself in the coming years.

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