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Top 10 Apps for Oil and Gas Industry That Rules the World

Mobile app development grew exponentially in recent years and is constantly thriving to push the digital age into useful enhancements. Mobile apps are touching and uplifting every sphere of technological advancements. There’s a dedicated mobile app for everything in our modern world, and oil and gas companies are not excluded from this list of technological advancements. Applications are now supporting various oil and gas organizations to streamline processes and manage safety protocols for allowing smooth data flow.  

Those days are long gone when oil and gas professionals had to work in the field without any knowledge about technology and the dynamics. Mobile devices became more appealing, as oil and gas professionals have to work on-site. They can carry mobile devices anywhere they want to and stay updated with the recent tasks assigned. These factors are playing vital importance in accepting mobile apps, and different oil and gas companies are now taking the help of mobile app development companies.

Best Oil and Gas Industry Apps 2020

Oil and gas industries are embracing new technologies, and even some organizations have just begun acquainting new devices to enhance their profitability, coordinated effort, and the influx of their new abilities. Now the question arises that what mobile applications should be used by an oil and gas professional for making the work-life smooth.

Given below are the top oil and gas apps for Android and iOS:

  1. Oil & Gas Prices Tracker

This application stays up with the latest on everyday crude petroleum and gaseous petrol costs. Developed by the Arrow Engine Company, the application is straightforward and simple to use, making it a simple technique to follow the market’s progressions.


Key features:

  • Live crude oil prices 
  • Charts for the comparison
  • Newsfeed related to the oil and gas industry.

Download it on iOS and Android

  1. Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary

A more straightforward option in contrast to hefting a word reference around in your back pocket is the Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary application. The application contains each key term you could consider identifying with the oil and gas industry. An incredible device for industry professionals or newcomers, the app gives moment and simple access to explicit division dialect. It is considered one of the best mobile apps for the oil and gas industry because of its easy-to-use framework.

Key Features:

  • Definitions for major oilfield activities
  • Offline glossary
  • Definition review in case of error. 

Download it on iOS and Android

  1. Wildcatter

One of the best apps for mobile apps for the Oil and Gas industry with Real-Time Stock channels, Job Listings, Data RSS channels, Company News Feeds, Business News, Business Analysis, Crude Oil, and Gas Price Quotes, Video Feeds, Podcasts, and Regulations from around the globe. The application screens world news, job postings, and media channels for all parts of the Oil and Gas business, both upstream and downstream.

The oil and Gas Field Operations application is intended to guarantee the precise and customary data progression and smooth out field activities by dealing with a lot of gathered information rapidly and without any problem.

Key Features:

  • RSS data feeds
  • Crude oil and gas price quotes
  • Video feeds.

Download it on Android

  1. Virtual Rig Catalogue

This 3-dimensionally arranged application permits you to study the aptitudes and gear of Maersk Drilling’s apparatuses. The imaginative application features XLE’s, V-rigs, R-fixes, and even D-rigs, yet to gain access to the list, you need an individual code, which can be given by an organization agent. It is one of the most intuitive and best oil and gas apps in 2020-21.

Key Features:

  • 3D Models 
  • Personal codes for authentication

Download it on iOS and Android

  1. Drillutions

Drillutions gives you tools that can be utilized to maintain a strategic distance from issues and boost efficiency. From overseeing information to making complex computations to trading specific information with others. They endeavor to put the business edge in the palm of your hand.

Key Features:

  • Pipe tallies
  • Reference records
  • Convert data

Download it on iOS and Android

  1. Rig Count

This application gives an intuitive examination of Baker Hughes U.S. rotating rig checks. The business instrument naturally presents data – with guides, graphs, and rate counters – and permits clients to get nitty-gritty knowledge in specific areas making it one of the most detailed mobile and gas software applications.

Key Features:

  • Interactive analysis
  • Push notifications in case of new modifications
  • Wide variety of filters

Download it on iOS and Android

  1. Oil Handbook

Oil Handbook is the one-stop-shop where you can not just discover oil engineering configuration tools and tables but also perform a monetary examination, such as IRR, NPV, and Payback. You can evaluate the oil cost dependent on an idea instructed in MBA Finance courses. You can query WTI and Brent Crude Oil Prices. You can likewise perform the Black Scholes Options examination to settle on complex oil venture choice investigation.

Indeed, even the oil options analyzer rapidly reveals the estimation of holding up given a specific degree of instability and substantially more.

Key Features:

  • Energy calculator
  • Oil price estimator
  • Oil investment analyzer
  • Project cost estimation

Download it on iOS and Android

  1. TallyBook- Oil & Gas

TallyBook makes drilling information perception and investigation basic by changing raw data into drawing in visuals. The application is profoundly intelligent, with features like panning and zooming intended to be simple.

Key Features:

  • Data Visualization
  • Insight in improving operational performance
  • Time-based data logs

Download it on iOS and Android

  1. Oil & Gas Safety Management

It is an application to direct oil and gas examinations without having to drag your PC and camera. It manages essential fundamental safety assets, set up quality confirmation and control as a regular occurrence, sync gathered information over various gadgets. It reviews individual defensive hardware and transportation in a split second, controls crisis readiness and planning, keeps every gathered data on your gadget and shares reports as custom PDF and Excel documents.

Key Features 

  • Sync collected data
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Save and view features

Download it on Android

  1. Opito Train-R

The Opito Train-R application gives workers inside the business access to their training records. The application can be utilized as a defense to ensure that oil agents are able to work explicit posts both on and offshore. Opito Train-R permits its clients to follow and format their preparation plan, while likewise furnishing them with the closest instructional hub areas. It is one of the best oil and gas mobile applications created by mobile app developers.

Key Features

  • OPITO Certification
  • Search training providers with location

Download it on iOS and Android


The oil and gas industry was once considered the most backward industry in terms of technology. This sector always relied on manpower and machines much more than technology and advancements. Mobile applications and the best technologies for mobile app development are reducing the cost of paperwork and increasing the efficiency of the oil and gas industry.

As the trend of mobile application development grows exponentially in recent years, these applications with a wide variety of features and contrasts will continue to flourish with the trend.

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