Best Budgeting Apps
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Best Budgeting Apps for 2022

Setting up a monthly budget, and sticking to it is the most important tactic if you wish to attain financial success. Keeping a track of money that enters and slides from your wallet should be a habit especially if you’re just starting with the concept of budgeting. 

Many people avoid budgeting because it seems like a boring and difficult task.  Best  Budgeting apps, on the other hand, make the process easier and can help you save money in the long term. Best Budgeting apps can assist you in avoiding overspending and debt by tracking your earnings and expenditures.

If you too wish to know more about Budgeting Apps, the Best Budgeting Apps for 2022, you are at your one-stop solution. This blog concerns explaining budgeting apps, and their types along with the list of best budgeting apps for 2022. 

What are Budgeting Apps?

There are various apps for spending money, banking apps, wallet apps, shopping apps and whatnot. Who thought that with the digital advancements of today, apps will also help us to save money?  The best budgeting apps allow users to manage their income, spending, and savings. This information can be used to analyze and attain insight into your spending patterns.

Best Budgeting apps also include debt payback calculators and investment calculators to assist you in improving your financial graph. You can make better judgments about your spending and saving habits if you understand where your money is going.

As a consequence, the best budgeting apps can turn out to be an invaluable resource for anybody looking to get control of their finances.

Few Benefits of using Budgeting Apps 

Earning money is not as hard as being able to save it. It is critical to keep track of your money and how you spend it. Everyone should have a budget since it’s easy to overspend without one, leaving you with nothing to save or struggling to meet your bills at the end of the month.

Best budgeting apps are a popular tool for users to create a budget and keep track of their spending. There are some best budgeting apps available to help you track your spending, monitor your recurrent costs, and manage your money.

  • All your information in one place
    People nowadays have several financial accounts. You may have a checking account with a local bank, online savings account with an international bank, some bank wallets and much more. If you didn’t have a budgeting app, you’d have to log in to three or four separate websites to see all of your accounts’ balances. Budgeting applications gather information from all of your accounts and display it on a single dashboard. All you have to do is open the app with a single click and get real-time balance information for all of your bank, investment, and credit card accounts. This makes it much easier to understand your financial situation and determine if you can afford to spend more or not. 
  • Notifications and Alerts
    Budgeting apps can assist you in keeping track of your expenses, but they are only useful if you remember to check the app on a frequent basis. For that purpose, most budgeting applications have automated notifications that notify you of critical occurrences even if you don’t access the app.

For example, an app can notify you if a significant, odd transaction occurs in one of your accounts, giving you the opportunity to investigate possible fraud. Apps also inform you of upcoming bill due dates, allowing you to prevent missing or late payments, which can harm your credit score. They can also notify you if your checking account goes below a certain level, which might result in hefty overdrafts.

Best budget apps allow you to adjust the notifications they send, allowing you to adapt the experience to your specific needs. If you have set up automated payments for your credit cards, you may not need to be notified of every upcoming due date. If you wish to keep your checking account balance at a specified level, you may set up alerts to notify you if it goes below that level.

Customizable notifications allow you to be alerted of events that are important to you, making these applications helpful even if you don’t check in on them every day.

  • Budgeting Made Easier
    Making and sticking to a budget is one of the most difficult aspects of money management. Aside from the discipline necessary to stick to your budget, you must also log every purchase you make, noting how much money you spent and what you spent it on.

Best budgeting apps do half of the work for you by automatically recording and classifying purchases. When you first install the app, you may enter your anticipated expenditure in many areas such as food, rent, petrol, and entertainment.

When you make a purchase using one of your connected accounts, the app records the transaction and categorizes it for you. You may access your budget at any moment to check how much you’ve spent and how much money is still available in your budget for the month.

Because these best budgeting apps track and categorize your spending, all you have to do is be disciplined and keep to the spending limitations you establish for yourself.

  • Progress Tracker
    Many budgeting programmes will maintain track of your finances over time, allowing you to track both your general financial status and your progress toward particular goals.

Most applications, for example, allow you to create savings objectives. For example, you may set away $500 for a weekend trip. You may set the goal in the app, choose the account to save to, and track your progress. Every time you make a deposit to your savings account, the app will track your progress toward your goal, allowing you to readily see how close you are to leaving on your vacation.

  • Avoid Miscalculations
    Nobody enjoys making mistakes, but financial errors may be particularly expensive. An overdraft in your checking account may transform a $5 transaction into a $40 charge after the overdraft fee is applied.

    A missed credit card payment can create an immediate blunder in the form of interest charges and penalties that you may face later, but it can also inflict long-term financial harm in the shape of a lower credit score and higher lending rates.

You’ll have a better understanding of your personal money if you utilize the best budgeting apps and receive alerting notifications. This can help you keep track of payment due dates and your checking account balance, resulting in fewer errors.

Best Budgeting Apps for 2022 

#1. Mint 

Chances are you have already heard its name, Mint is an excellent all-arounder that is appropriate for those who have never used a budgeting app before. You can either link your accounts automatically or manually enter transactions. It will automatically classify your costs and inform you if you are approaching your spending limit, much like most other budgeting applications. Aside from that, it provides useful features such as a subscription manager and an investment tracker. You’re unlikely to utilize every function in Mint, but it’s a good starting point for determining what you want from the best budgeting app. 

#2. YNAB

YNAB is a budgeting programme that employs the zero-sum budgeting technique, which demands you to “spend” every dollar you make on paper in order to avoid waste. By assigning a task to each dollar you make, you can guarantee that all of your bills are paid on time while simultaneously working toward financial objectives, such as saving for an emergency fund, paying off high-interest debt, or both.

This best budget app links with all of your financial accounts, allowing you to manage your spending and bank balances in a matter of taps. You will also get access to a variety of financial tools, such as expenditure and net worth reports, loan calculators, goal-setting tools, and more.

While YNAB does not provide a long-term free plan, they do provide a 34-day free trial. This may be enough time to test YNAB to see whether it’s worth it, but be sure you’re okay with continuing to pay for this app once the first month is over. If you desire to continue using YNAB after the free trial, you’ll have to pay $14.99 per month or $98.99 per year in subscription costs.

#3. EveryDollar 

Being one of the best budgeting apps, this app provides a zero-based budgeting paradigm that is less complicated (and maybe easier to handle) even than YNAB.

Let’s start with the basic free edition of EveryDollar. Instead of linking accounts, you manually enter incoming and outgoing funds throughout the month. You also classify budget line items and create bill payment reminders.

EveryDollar’s premium edition provides those capabilities as well as the ability to link to your bank account. Your transactions are instantly displayed in the app, which also gives personalized statistics and recommendations based on your spending patterns. With the feature that it provides users can also link their savings and investment accounts together.

#4. Honeydue 

Honeydew is the best free budgeting app designed specifically for couples. This app links with over 20,000 financial setups, allowing couples to see all of their transactions and bank balances in one spot. With its incredible features, they can also communicate with one another through the app, whether to convey an encouraging message or inquire about a charge. Honeydew also makes it simple to manage the payment of household bills and costs, with both partners always knowing where they stand.

This app also allows you to upgrade to a free joint checking account known as a Joint Cash account. This account has no fees or account minimums and provides access to 55,000 free ATMs countrywide. 

#5. PocketGuard 

If you want a comprehensive view of your money on your mobile device, PocketGuard is another budgeting tool to consider. This software allows you to view your invoices, spending, and savings accounts all in one spot. You can set up and monitor savings goals using the app, as well as utilize spending tracking and basic budgeting features to figure out what you need to do to save more money each month. With the premium edition of the software, you can even modify categories and produce cost reports.

This programme also assists you in negotiating lower prices on your cable bill, mobile phone bill, and other routine bills. When you recommend your friends, you can earn up to 12 months of free PocketGuard service.

If you want to pay for PocketGuard, the membership charge is $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year. Lifetime membership is also available for $99.99.

#6.Personal Capital 

Personal Capital is for those who want to grow their pocket sizes while still managing their finances. It has a lot of tools that will let you see your investments, retirement fund, and monthly cash income. While it is primarily an effective investment solution, it also checks all the boxes for being the best budgeting app. You can categorize your costs and compare them across months. There is also little manual labour involved; it will automatically link your spending. It is absolutely free to use and is also accessible over the web. 

#7. GoodBudget 

Goodbudget is one of the best budgeting apps that helps you to achieve financial goals with a budgeting system. This app requires you to allocate a percentage of your monthly income to specified expenditure categories (called envelopes).

Your financial accounts will not be linked by this app. You may manually enter account balances (which you can obtain from your bank’s website), cash amounts, debts, and income. The money is then allocated to envelopes.

The app is available on both your phone and the web. There are also several articles and videos that will assist you in using the app.

Goodbudget has a free version that allows for one account, two devices, and a restricted number of envelopes. Goodbudget Plus, the premium version, offers limitless envelopes and accounts, up to five devices, and other benefits.

#8. Fudget 

Fidget is one of the best budgeting apps for people who don’t want to link their financial accounts and prefer a simple UI over sophisticated functionality. You create lists of arriving and departing money and manage your balances with Fudget’s ultra-simple design. There are no budget categories at all.

With Fugdet you can also export your budget and other features with the Pro account. Fidget is available for free, with a one-time fee of $3.99 to upgrade to Fudget Pro. It has a 4.8 rating in the App Store and a 4.6 rating on Google Play.

#9. Zeta 

Zeta is an excellent alternative if you and your life partner are searching for a free budgeting solution that will help you keep track of your expenses and manage your money jointly. Accounts such as bank accounts, credit cards, and investment accounts are all linked to the app. You’ll be able to monitor your net worth, watch your spending, and manage your payments all at the same time.

In addition, you may open a no-fee joint bank account with features such as contactless payments and bill pay. The main disadvantage is that the interest rate on the joint account is somewhat modest. However, Zeta is a useful too for couples who wish to keep track of their finances.


To select the best budgeting apps you must first identify your needs. In this blog we have listed down the best budgeting apps for 2022, after you’re sure of the services you would like to avail yourself in your best budget app, analyze the apps and then sign up to avail their benefits and features. 

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