Best Chatting Apps

Looking at the digital world in which we are living, it is safe to state that messaging apps have become an integral part of our lives now.

Ever since the onset of global pandemic COVID-19, chatting apps have been in the spotlight as they help a great deal in keeping up with communities, friends and families over the ease of a few taps. With the best chatting apps, your messages reach anywhere, anytime.

You could own a large enterprise or even a small work network, one thing you will always need assistance with is chatting apps for effective communication.

The modern world of today demands a platform where every team member can come together to manage projects across various devices. In this blog we will talk about the best chatting apps that today’s tech has to offer and a brief guide on how to choose the best one for you.

What is a Chatting App?

A chatting app is a platform where users, irrespective of their physical location, come together over one virtual platform to connect with each other. Unlike traditional messaging systems, these apps do not require the use of a sim card. The function with the availability of the internet.

If you think about its presence, looking back you will realize that they have been here for a while. This presence trails its traces with services like MSN and AIM. However, recent chatting services are much more seamless, robust and are available across various platforms such as Android and iOS.
Best chatting apps do not require a phone number to operate with, furthermore, they back up some amazing and engaging features that go beyond cute emoticons.

Advantages of Using the Best Chatting Apps

The only way you can row forward in this fast-paced world is when you can adapt to the changes. Communication is considered one of the key aspects in any business field. Enhancing these elements is important for flourishing a brand. We are listing down some advantages of using the best chatting apps and how they help you in growing your business.


Using a chat programme, you may communicate with someone in real-time. In certain circumstances, it turns into a platform where clients, leads, and prospects may ask questions about your goods and services, and you can reply right away. This aspect alone has a significant impact on your company’s productivity, making it the ideal candidate for a chat application.


After learning that people use chat programmes to connect with friends and family, businesses immediately began sending emails to consumers and potential customers. In a similar vein, businesses only began to implement GIFs and emoticons in their emails, social media postings, and websites when users began doing so as an alternative form of communication.

Nowadays, people communicate with one another via texts to discuss almost everything. Due to the increase in social media users, businesses will benefit from employing the best chatting apps as a channel for client communication.


A chat app can be easily included into your daily schedule. From a computer or mobile device, you can make contact or provide feedback, then dismiss the app and carry on with your current task. Simply wait for the other person to answer, then reply back when it’s your turn.

Because both you and your customers can see the entire context of the conversation and pick up the thread whenever you choose, the nature of the best chatting apps is incredibly useful for you and your customers.

Increased Productivity

Apps for smartphones are a common sight in today’s digital world. Everybody’s phone has a wide variety of apps, and each notification adds another thing to reply to.

Having a team messaging or chat programme specifically for business purposes is still desirable, even though some social networking applications can be distracting and reduce work efficiency. In the end, this can help your workers manage their time better and be more productive.

Employees now have a channel to speak with you or their coworkers about problems with a project or a particular assignment by incorporating a chat application for your team.

File Storage and Sharing

The best Chatting apps now have the ability to communicate documents, music clips, and images in addition to other features. This implies that it can also act as a backup if the primary ways don’t perform as expected or if your device breaks or is stolen. You can locate and retrieve files that were shared there using this facility in your chat app.

Best Chatting Apps to Boost your Business

Best Chatting apps have emerged to offer a variety of interactions with others, including free texting, audio and video chatting, sharing of photos and files, and all of these with the added security of encryption. Following extensive testing, these are some of the top messaging applications available for both Android and iOS.

1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is frequently selected as one of the best chatting apps in the pool since it is a multipurpose chat team programme that offers choices for one-on-one and group meetings. Remote teams may have meetings within the app thanks to its video conferencing function, which also enables screen sharing, translation, file sharing, and chat.

A feature of Microsoft Teams allows for the classification of projects, departments, subjects, etc. via groups. Since the app is deeply integrated with other Microsoft Office programmes, editing documents right within them and real-time team collaboration are both made simple.









Free Sign-up
Additional Features- $5 Per Month


Power stacked with amazing features and provides seamless team collaboration


2. Whatsapp Business

Did you realize that WhatsApp processes 65 billion messages daily? Using WhatsApp for business might provide you access to a sizable chunk of the platform’s 1.5 billion monthly users. WhatsApp includes a business-specific app known as WhatsApp Business that enables companies to communicate with their clients. You may send customers important messages and provide customer assistance with WhatsApp Business.

Additionally, you may utilize WhatsApp’s status function to advertise your company’s goods and services as well as one-time deals, seasonal promotions, and event reminders.



Android and iOS


1000 Conversation Free
999 Rupees after 1000 Conversation



Reach People Anywhere, Anytime


3. Google Chats

Because of its robust capabilities and limitless chat history in its free edition as a tool for team collaboration, Google Chat has a legitimate position in this list. You can build Rooms in Google Chat where you can have discussions and organize your team’s conversation around a certain subject.

The seamless connection of Google Chat with Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Meet makes it possible to exchange files, photographs, and links without any customization, but with just a click, you can still accomplish a lot. You can swiftly search for items in team discussions, both 1:1 and group, and exchange files from GD, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. You can set up meetings inside the app and get data about your calendar from other applications like Salesforce.



Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, Web


Starts at $6/month per user


Fully covers your conversational and organizational needs


4. Slack

Slack, a platform for enhancing team connection and productivity, is one of the best chatting apps. Different teams and topics can be grouped into conversations using Slack’s channel structure, which is segmented by themes. In addition to using channels, Slack allows you to send direct messages to specific team members and make Threads to save conversations.

Slack enables you to tag users and instantly alert the whole channel. It provides screen sharing, phone and video conversations, and texts in addition to messaging. The simple design and straightforward functionality are two of Slack’s main benefits. Additionally, a built-in Slackbot may give you reminders and provide assistance with FAQs.



Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux (beta), Web





Free with limited message history
Paid plans start at $6.67/month per user


Simple Interface


5. Flock

This chat app fosters effective teamwork and serves as an enjoyable virtual meeting place. Standard messaging capabilities like channel division and 1:1 messaging support are available, however Flock includes many more distinctive features.

The app, which is presently the only one with a built-in note-taking tool called Notes that enables users write, edit, and format brief documents on the go, for instance, allows for the creation of polls within Channels, which can turn out to be particularly beneficial in collaborative decision-making. These facilitate the organizing and dissemination of lengthier communications and are simple for team members to share.



Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, Web


Free with limited message history
Paid plans start at $4.50


Comfortable user interface and features


How to choose the Best Chatting Platform for your Business

Overlook  the times when sending SMS-based mobile texts was the norm. Advance yourself with advanced tech.  Best Chatting Apps like Whatsapp Business, Slack, Flock to name a few, are used to transmit messages in modern times. Every channel has its own characteristics, rules, and privileges.

As a company owner, you must pick the channels that best suit your requirements and enable you to effortlessly contact your target market. You must select a chat app that satisfies the following requirements:

  • Analyze the data you think will need to be shared. This could include text, videos, and other multimedia files.
  • Think about your target audience. This means that you should use a chatting app that works well in the region you wish to operate in.
  • Employ the platforms that are relevant to and preferred by your clients. Make careful to examine your company’s demands and choose the channel that best satisfies them.

Choosing the Best Chatting Apps for Personal Use

People seldom consider the security holes in the apps they’re using while sending texts on their mobile devices. They might not be aware of the vulnerability of their data, and if they were to divulge any delicate personal information in a message, it might cause a blunder.

Because of this, some users opt to install an encrypted messaging app for tight security. However, not every programme for encrypted communications is made equal. We are listing down some tips which you can follow to choose the best chatting apps for your personal use

1. Researching is the Key

For those who are concerned about the security of their communications, end-to-end encryption should be a no-brainer, and reliable chat apps are widely available. Some of these programmes have already stood the test of time and have a good reputation. Before installing an app, a user should thoroughly go through the policies, track record and ownership of the app that they might be using.

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2. Always Double Check What you Type
Even if the solution is marketed as secure or encrypted, electronic or textual communication can frequently (nearly always) be legally discoverable and susceptible. Anything with an internet connection is prone to malware and most likely will be. Understanding the same, you must keep in mind that even if you choose the best chatting apps, you should be careful of what you type and send over the internet.

3. Only Download the Apps you will use

Be careful and just install the apps you need and use because users make it a custom to not go through the details of the apps.  Check your security settings and uninstall any outdated apps that have access to your data if you use Google. The number of apps that have access to your data could leave you aghast.

4. Scram the Privacy Policy
Check the chatting app’s privacy policy before using it, and search for end-to-end encryption—a requirement. Look for news about security challenges the organization has faced and its efforts to resolve them. Trusting the service provider is crucial: You should put your faith in the corporation to stand up for its consumers’ privacy when there is undoubtedly a breach; this should be their first priority.

5. Don’t Fall for Free Apps

To use a legitimate app that is commercially supported and is provided by respectable vendors. Free social media-focused applications are probably not safe or private, so expect that. They might shout free on their banner but are likely to charge you with your data and privacy.


Chatting apps have made our lives easier and they are here to stay. Not only they help you to improve personal communication but are effective for improving workflow too. In this blog we discussed some of the best chatting apps and the procedure to choose the best chatting apps for your use.