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Best Health Apps for Mobile in 2020 (Updated List)

Healthcare service providers are engaging the use of mobile apps for healthcare as mobile applications in their quest for facilitating clinical correspondence among suppliers and patients just as they improve the administration of medical clinic work processes.

Health apps permit Healthcare institutions to viably streamline correspondence between patients, healthcare institutions, and their parental figures and consider a day in and day out the administration of a patient’s condition alongside the capacity to customize medicinal services per tolerant.

Every health app gives authoritative impetus to the reception, for example, decreased expenses in the executives’ work process. Suppliers influence mobile applications as a safe stage to oversee and get to significant medicinal services information without trading off information security.

Best Health Apps 2020

Right now, we will list down the best mobile applications for healthcare that you ought to know about. The essential intention of healthcare applications is to give smooth and clear clinical correspondence among patients and medicinal services specialist co-ops.

1. Medscape: Best Health App

Medscape is a health app offering access to medical information for physicians. The application also provides regular training for physicians and health professionals. The Medscape app is particularly recognized as a drug, disease, and treatment reference resource, with efficient point-of-care testing and decision-making features.

The app integrates certified CME/CE courses, as users can earn credits by answering medical questionnaires. The developers have done great work by integrating adequate information into a lightweight interface. The pages for drugs, conditions, and procedures are remarkably well-maintained and comprehensive.

best health app

Key Features of Best Health App Medscape:

  • 400+ medical calculators.
  • Stay updated with FDA approvals.
  • Newsfeed related to health issues.
  • Step-by-step procedural videos.

Download the App from Play Store and App Store

2. MySugr: Best Health App for Keeping Diabetes in Check

Those using the mySugr app health app call it a clean & intuitive healthcare application with a customizable dashboard interface and sync the user’s glucose monitor set to the application. The app has many significant features, such as reminders that notify you to follow-up with more healthcare information like blood sugar levels after exercise. 

You can share all this information and reports in statistics to your doctors and ask them to manage your treatment plan to better your sugar levels based on the given information. Other significant features of the mySugr app comprise automatic blood sugar tracking, food and medication logging, activity tracking, and insulin tracking.

best health app

Key Features of Best Health App for Android: mySugr 

  • Integrated Google Fit.
  • Auto-log feature.
  • Robust dashboard.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly reports.

Download the App from Play Store and App Store

3. Doctor On Demand: One of the Best Health Apps

This video consultation app provides users with the facility to have a one-on-one interaction with their doctors, psychiatrist, or psychologist regardless of having insurance or not. The app’s distributors can be licensed physicians, psychiatrists, and psychologists. Doctors can check your case history and symptoms and get ahead with an examination to prescribe required treatment or medicines. 

The app has done well in terms of revenues, and it became popular soon in the region for its advanced & highly interactive features. Patients can utilize the best of this app in ‘non-emergent healthcare problems’ where it does not require imaging services like common colds, eye problems, rashes, common prescription refill requests, and muscle or sports injuries. This is undoubtedly the best health tracker app.

best health app for android

Key Features of Doctor on Demand Health App:

  • 24*7 doctor’s availability.
  • Consultation without insurance.
  • No monthly fees.
  • Mental healthcare is available. 

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4. CareZone: Best Health Record App

This health app stores healthcare-related information like drug names, refill information, dosages, and the physician’s name. App users can set up reminders for appointments and medications with interactive scheduling features given in this application. Some trackers can monitor health vitals such as blood glucose, weight, and sleep to track the treatment’s progress. 

The app has gained immense popularity in the region. It is recognized as an impressive healthcare application because of these features. Users can document medical appointments and other critical dates and store information on doctors, pharmacies, insurance, and a lot more with a calendar function.

best android health app

Key Features of CareZone Best Android Health App:

  • Scan your medication.
  • Reminders for not skipping the medication.
  • Organize memos.
  • Journal feature.

Download the App from Play Store and App Store

5. AirStrip ONE: One of the Best Health Apps

AirStrip offers a mobile app, an interoperable stage that permits care and coordination between different devices, and numerous consideration settings. Information from electronic wellbeing records, wellbeing data trades, clinical gadgets, and other checking arrangements can be gotten to between cell phones, tablets, and PCs from emergency clinics, post-intense consideration places, and network-based consideration associations. 

The AirStrip application’s strategy is to generally improve social insurance conveyance with mobile arrangements that connect clinicians with their patients across various components like geographic, innovation, and work process limits. The application gives its clients commitment and knowledge capacities alongside patient-focused consideration.

best health tracker app

Key Features of Best Health and Fitness App AirStrip ONE:

  • Delivers dynamic data.
  • Safeguards privacy.
  • Customized user experience.
  • 24*7 availability of doctors.

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6. CareAware Connect Messenger: Android Health App

CareAware Connect offers healthcare institutions a mobile answer for complete work processes and oversees clinical correspondences on a solitary gadget. From care groups to subordinate staff, various groups can team up and impart to improve care coordination. 

Clients can likewise see quiet information from a rundown that incorporates vitals, measurements, allergies, and orders taking medical consultation and medication. CareAware can be utilized with scanner tags to oversee the prescription organization and comparable devices to relate patients in a versatile catalog.

best android health app

Key Features of CareAware Connect Messenger: Android Health App

  • Text messaging feature.
  • Robust dashboard.
  • Push notifications.
  • Receive Electronic Health Records (EHR).

Download the App from Play Store and App Store.

7. MyChart: Health Tracker App

Patients can download the MyChart on either the App Store or Google Play to get health-related 

information from past in-office visits to suppliers. Presentable information comprises data related to test results, inoculations, drug, and wellbeing conditions demonstrated by a supplier. 

MyChart health tracker app likewise permits a patient to affirm arrangements, take care of their social insurance tabs, and transfer persistent produced information, such as wellness measurements from a wearable well-being gadget. Through the application, patients can legitimately message their suppliers and affirm/plan arrangements.

best health and fitness app

Key Features of MyChart Free Health App:

  • Review test results.
  • Schedule and manage appointments.
  • Push notifications feature.
  • Price estimate calculator. 

Download the App from Play Store and App Store

8. PatientKeeper: One of the Best Health Monitor Apps

PatientKeeper is one of the best health tracking apps. PatientKeeper’s Computerized Patient Order Entry (CPOE) framework permits suppliers to arrange labs, radiology, meds, and comparable administrations for their patient’s overall emergency clinic divisions. Lists for methods and meds are kept in the versatile CPOE, so suppliers aren’t required to modify records for new patients. 

Additionally, suppliers can “top pick” techniques and meds that are repeating for patients as an approach to spare time. For emergency clinics, PatientKeeper chooses phone arranges that may cause authoritative wasteful aspects and permits suppliers to monitor sensitivities, test results, persistent vitals, and related well-being information.

android health app

Key Features of PatientKeeper iOS Health App:

  • Messaging options.
  • Review various vital signs.
  • Secured messaging system.
  • Enter charges for patients. 

Download the ios health App from the App Store

9. PatientTouch: Best Health and Fitness App

PatientTouch is one of the best health apps for iPhone. It interfaces clinical correspondence with big business executives. Suppliers utilize the application to associate offices and different pieces of the consideration continuum. Care groups utilize the application to interface clinical work processes and for maintaining clinical correspondence. 

PatientTouch additionally accompanies venture programming that unifies the assignments, all things considered, jobs, and gatherings in a well-being framework. Also, an investigation dashboard tracks client reception, amassed information, and high-hazard tolerant populaces.

free health app

Key Features of PatientTouch Health and Fitness Tracker App:

  • Medication administration.
  • Fully HIPAA compliant.
  • Communication access between team members.
  • Record vital signs.

Download the best ios health app from the App Store

10. Spok Mobile: One of the Best Health and Wellness Apps

The Spok mobile healthcare application gives suppliers a bound together spot to arrange clinical mind and improve clinical correspondence. Spok refreshes suppliers with “delivered/read” messaging from a few distinct gadgets. Suppliers can likewise compose informing by need, and safely message individuals from the consideration group. 

Different highlights of the Spok application incorporate combination with current EHR frameworks, supplier inclinations for the specific methodology of care obligations, and medical clinic wide booking. Suppliers can get to the application from their favored gadgets, for example, cell phones or watches.

best health apps for iphone

Key Features of Spok Mobile Health Fitness App:

  • Robust dashboard.
  • Communication with doctors.
  • Schedule consultation.
  • Share images for better insight.

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How to Get Yourself Developed the Best Health App?

Something else that makes these applications dependable is that they are normally refreshed, and their designers include new highlights/functionalities. Most looking for building a custom medicinal services application have been signed by the “opposite side” of healthcare – the bills, the pausing, and the depleted consideration experts are combating an inexorably high patient-to-doctor proportion. 

Eventually, however, this “radicalization” is bringing about development. Today, we are seeing these equivalent customers assemble medicinal services applications that convey quiet consideration under the individuals’ control. 

In any case, that is just a large portion of the fight. We lately discovered that only 2% of these human services applications are being utilized by patients, which implies that a ton of forthcoming e-health innovators is not satisfying their purposes of improving healthcare.


These were some of the most popular and considered the best medicinal services applications for Android and iOS platforms that are keeping up a concrete situation in the market. There are many healthcare development companies in countries like India & the USA. We would still recommend you analyze a mobile app development company’s success with its volume of customers and their expertise. 

It will help you to find a credible and cost-efficient healthcare app development company for your project. You can also study blogs and consult with the experts in the industry with years of experience using healthcare applications to deliver effective healthcare services to patients all across the world. You can also consult our experts or visit more about this on our website.

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