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Best IoT App Development Platforms to Use in 2020

The future of the software industry is directly impacted by technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality, and more. If we focus on IoT, this technology can play a crucial role in empowering mobility. IoT can open up ways for smart devices to comprehend things better than ever before. Considerably, the top IoT app development platforms play a vital role in strengthening the IoT ecosystem. 

IoT devices follow standard internet protocols to interact with each other and transfer information. IoT app development platforms fill the gaps between the data networks and device sensors. These platforms integrate the data into the sensor system and provide insights utilizing back-end applications in the sequence of developing a large amount of data through multiple sensors. 

Most of the business enterprises have been inclined towards the utilization of IoT and created IoT-oriented internal business units to reduce overall workload and set up a smartly connected atmosphere. A few reports have concluded that:

  • IoT has created several impacts on businesses in recent years and the world is projected to have 1.5 billion IoT enabled devices with cellular connections which itself is a big number.
  • The base of IoT can reach up to 31 billion devices across the globe by the end of this year. 

An IoT development company employs the IoT platform to develop sustainable IoT solutions and later to perform their hosting with intuitive support. Keeping in mind the same, we have come up with a list of the best IoT platforms that would rise in 2020.

10 Best IoT Development Tools to Use in 2020

In this blog, we are going to list the best IoT app development platforms to use in 2020 based on their effectiveness, efficiency, the base of customers, and versatility of usage. 

  1. Microsoft Azure IoT Suite 

This platform includes a wide range of services such as IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, Machine Learning, Notification Hubs, and Power BI make up the Azure IoT Suite. From plenty of devices to operating systems, it empowers every significant component related to the IoT applications and permits examination and representation of more information. Subsequently, experts have perceived its element like adaptability from POC to the higher phase of deployment.  

IoT platforms facilitate clients with a lot of features integrating collections of data extracted from connected devices. They analyze in-motion data streams to store large data sets, display real-time information, back-office system integration, management of devices board, and so on.  

A comparison of different IoT platforms would not finish without the arrangement by Microsoft Azure, a cloud service giant in a similar association with AWS and Google Cloud Platform. Microsoft Azure IoT Suite offers a set of features and customizes them to develop new solutions based on specific project prerequisites.  

With Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, you are getting the most grounded security features, versatility, and simple combination with any current or future frameworks. The platform permits you to associate with many devices by different producers, integrate data analytics, and utilize the IoT information for AI purposes. 

  1. IBM Watson 

As per their depiction, IBM Watson recalls the Internet of Things becomes the internet that thinks. This striking proclamation implies that IBM tries different things with integration IoT and solutions & experienced created by Artificial Intelligence.  

The IBM Watson IoT platform supports remote device control, secure information transmission, and cloud capacity to store large amounts of data, real-time analysis of data with effective risk-management and security features. The development platform offered by IBM incorporates various advantageous tools and services, making IoT programming creation simpler and progressively productive. 

With IBM Watson, you can rapidly make sure about a wide range of associated devices. It permits designers to complete connectivity, management of data, and real-time information analysis with effective risk-management and security features. The real-time information extracted from the associated devices is managed at several points and is also arranged and coordinated with the help of data services. Since this platform is secure and well-designed, it provides designers with an effective method to ensure the integrity of IoT solutions.

  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

AWS is one of the best IoT cloud platforms in 2020 available and offers a minimal effort framework platform in the cloud. Because of its extraordinary versatility, it is utilized by a large number of IoT app development companies all around the globe, and its cost-adequacy and adaptability make this platform outstanding amongst the Software developers. 

AWS IoT Device Management permits expansion and association of devices. The administration guarantees secure and versatile execution with the potential outcomes of checking, investigating, and refreshing the device usability. 

  1. Salesforce IoT 

On the off chance that you are searching for an adaptable IoT platform, check this US-based maker of distributed computing programming and undertaking arrangements. Salesforce is concentrating its IoT advancement exertion on making an incorporated framework associating IoT devices with their clients directly inside the Salesforce structure. Their fundamental objective is making the IoT information open to anybody. 

With Salesforce IoT, you can make custom IoT applications associating with any device and deciphering its information for additional utilization. The “client first” approach embraced by Salesforce makes the platform stand apart from the opposition. 

  1. Oracle IoT 

In our study of the top IoT platforms, we incorporate Oracle is notable for its propelled arrangements in the areas of database management, cloud computing, and enterprise software. The Oracle line of items comprises an IoT arrangement, as well. 

Oracle Internet of Things platform connects the undertaking programming to “this present reality” of devices and their measurements. Oracle gives excellent business openings it’s adaptable conditions for making business applications. Being a leader in database management services, Oracle supports the development of incredibly large amounts of data, subsequently facilitating enterprises to construct IoT systems with immense scope in the industry. 

Another point worth referencing is the utilization of cutting edge security components that shield the IoT frameworks from outside dangers. As such frameworks, for the most part, contain different devices, some of which have no inherent security measures, the use of centralized safety measures is more than legitimized.

  1. SAP 

The SAP platform is an advantageous domain for the remote administration and checking of every single associated device having a place with your IoT framework. The remote devices can be associated with either straightforwardly or using a cloud application. The incredible analytical capacities facilitate the mobile app developers to prepare, sort out, and concentrate on the information extracted from sensors, meters, and other IoT devices. 

By utilizing the newest and top IoT mobile app development trends in 2020, SAP gives an effective alternative of IoT information for developing and integrating AI applications.  

  1. Cisco IoT Cloud Connect 

Cisco focuses on making an advantageous platform for mobile cloud based IoT solutions. The Cisco IoT Cloud Connect platform features voice and information correspondence, broad customization of IoT applications, and different adaptation openings. 

By picking the Cisco platform to develop an IoT application, you can leverage adaptability alternatives on mobile applications and client experience. A line of additional apps facilitates actualizing different capacities. IoT Services for Utility Networks utilize to fabricate frameworks explicitly intended for use by top IoT app development companies in 2020, while an IoT development company gives access to master counsels on the significant business challenges in the IoT division. 

  1. Kaa 

While talking of IoT platforms comparison, Kaa is considered the best open source IoT platform by many experts that gives an astounding development experience to start to finish IoT solutions, brilliant items, and associated applications. Because of its component rich toolbox, this IoT platform accommodates your financial limit and, simultaneously, is adaptable for various business applications. Also, it offers a direct hardware integration for IoT app development developers.

Kaa is a production-ready, adaptable, multi-reason middleware platform for setting up start to finish IoT solutions, associated applications, and savvy devices. It is a method for completing successful correspondence, manages, and interoperation capacities in associated and savvy devices. 

It mounts from little new businesses to an extraordinary undertaking and holds propelled sending models for multi cloud IoT solutions. It is fundamentally founded on adaptable microservices and promptly complies with for all intents and purposes any need and application — some different highlights as underneath. 

  1. Zetta 

Zetta is an API based IoT app development platform that utilizes Node.js as a programming language. It is considered as a complete suite to develop HTTP APIs for devices. Zetta joins REST APIs, WebSockets to make information concentrated, and ongoing applications. Coming up next are some prominent highlights. It can run on the cloud, or a PC, or even humble improvement sheets. The platform features an interactive interface and useful software to control sensors, actuators, and controllers. 

This IoT application advancement platform facilitates designers to collect smartphone applications, device applications, and cloud applications. It can transform any machine into an API. 

  1. Arduino 

In the case, top IoT app development developers seek to create an application that can see and exercise grounded commands over real-time challenges identified with standalone applications, Arduino can be a foremost choice as an IoT app development platform.

This platform offers a set of IoT hardware and software. It is an easy-to-utilize IoT platform. It works through a variety of hardware specifications that can give interactive media. Arduino delivers solutions with the help of programming language and the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) strategy.

Opt for the Top IoT Platform

An IoT app development platform can identify a software suite of elements used to deploy applications that manage connected devices. The data is extracted from connected devices to track and control devices. With a boosted popularity of IoT in the modern-age businesses, the market has been using top IoT app development platforms. 

As per Gartner, 95% of new-age products may utilize IoT technology and its applications with some peculiar and extraordinary implementations by the end of this year. We are living in an age where almost every single device is somehow utilizing the resources of the internet to generate data and information. Such data can be analyzed and become usable to enhance the competitiveness of business enterprises with IoT applications. 

Any individual project can be unique with specific requirements considering different parameters like security, scalability, and storage. So it is important to identify the best IoT app development platform conforming to the needs of your customers and their projects. As an experienced IoT development company, you can reach out to us and understand the real-time challenges and prices if you go with any particular platform for developing an IoT application.

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