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Best Mobile A/B Testing Tools for Ruling the Internet

Several marketing guides claim to know how to increase traffic or convert and continue to adapt marketing strategies to keep up with the new technologies and resources availability. One improvement can function on one platform, but not on the other since each company is different — and the audience is diverse.

The same implies to A/B testing tools- since the dawn of the internet, there have been A / B testing. For one website, a tool might render marvels but at the same time, does not follow the criteria of any other platform. This is why you must select the correct A/B testing tools and do the A/B testing efficiently.

Best Mobile A/B Testing Tools in 2020

A/B test gives you the ability to test an endless number of theories like adjusting your website’s color of a button, editing the marketing copy, or even adjusting your game speed. Mobile A/B tests help you to grasp the impact instantly. The A/B testing is easier nowadays because of various effective tools available but choosing the appropriate tool is quite a task.

Each organization has a diverse set of customers, so no single-size formula for the best website design, the most persuasive copy creation, or the most productive product exist. It can be a struggle to find the right mobile A/B test tools. New tools enter the market, and a mixture of free, paid, and beta tools could be confusing. So, we’ve put together a list of best A/B testing tools to help app developers like you optimize your products through A/B testing tools:

1. Optimizely

Optimizely is a digital development site for enterprises, products, and innovation teams with 24 Fortune 100 companies as clients. You can conduct several tests on one page at a time with their powerful A/B and multi-page testing tool, which helps you to test different variables in your web design.

Optimizely offers A/B and CRO tools at cost-efficient prices. Optimizely provides you with some powerful tools in your hands. It can also be used optimally on dynamic websites for research, different experimental dimensions such as ad campaigns, geography, cookies, and different experimental segmentation parameters such as user, browser, and location.

Key Features:

  • Mobile A/B testing.
  • Highly enhanced page testing.
  • GUI editor.
  • Advanced audience targeting.

2. VWO

VWO is another fantastic platform for digital engagement that offers optimum quality competitiveness. VWO also has several useful methods for enhancing the resourcefulness of A/B testing. The newly introduced VWO Plan, a dedicated platform to refine all of these, contains versions such as VWO research, VWO perspectives, VWO full-stack, and the experimental versatility.

The async feature of VWO is another enterprise feature that enhances test efficiency to prevent slower loading times and flickering that is common to a lot of A/B testing tools. VMO offers a SmartStats feature with a powerful dashboard that enhances the statistics to optimize the tests quickly and efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Robust dashboard.
  • Asynchronous code to prevent slower loading time.
  • GUI editor.
  • Bayesian statistics.

3. Google Optimize

Google Optimize offers one of the best data collection and A/B testing tools, so you get almost all of the free results. Brands with large teams will want the Google Analytics 360 Package – like Optimize 360 – to register, but it is crazy how much you can do with these free versions. Backed by Google, it is one of the best A/B testing platforms.

Regarding its software, you can do a whole lot of things with the offerings of Google. Indeed, if you have the developers in this list who know how to set up advanced monitoring, they can do much more than the other software. Google is a straightforward solution for A/B testing without much hassle to create. It is one of the best free A/B testing tools available.

Key features:

  • Mobile A/B testing tool.
  • Free versions also available.
  • Personalization features.
  • Multiple elements testing on a single page.

4. Adobe Target

Adobe Target is a comprehensive optimization platform that quickly combines the functions of Adobe’s Clouds with an integrated dashboard. This dashboard keeps you informed of all marketing and testing strategies aimed at simplifying administration. Abode Target also acts as a personalization tool for businesses in which A/B tests are available.

You can also receive automatic personalization, mobile device optimization, and suggestions based on the experience and data of your customers. The platform guides you through a three-step testing process, in which you build your version, target your audience, and then customize your test goals and settings.

Key Features:

  • GUI editor.
  • Automation tasks.
  • App A/B testing.
  • Audience targeting through stats.

5. Crazy Egg

A/B testing, heat mapping, and usability testing software are available on Crazy Egg. Its A/B testing tool helps you test each page on the web page with a snippet of code applied to the pages on which you want to experiment. The dashboard of Crazy Egg provides you with a robust and precise improvement control.

Crazy Egg can also create A/B tests without coding knowledge, transfer more traffic to the optimal test variant when it knows that the test variant is the most effective, and offer intuitive tools for monitoring the conversion and reporting. Crazy Egg is undoubtedly a tool to consider if you are working for a small business.

Key Features:

  • Heat mapping.
  • Complete variant control.
  • Graphical and friendly interface.
  • Cost-effective.

6. Convert

Convert is an innovative research tool designed to improve customers’ websites and digital goods for companies and CRO experts. You can experience this when using the app that feels like a platform made for technical experts. Convert allows you to fragment users based on behavior, cookies, and events based on JavaScript.

Convert therefore allows you more flexibility to make adjustments and evaluate your way while offering instruments such as the visual function to accelerate the entire process. If you have the CRO and developer skills to take advantage of this platform, most of the other A/B testing methods get too restrictive when you get accustomed to the freedom provided by Convert.

Key Features:

  • Mobile app A/B testing tool.
  • Multipage testing.
  • Precise audience fragmentations.
  • Unlimited variations of tests.

7. Convertize

Convertize is an inexpensive A / B testing and personalization platform with plans for up to 20,000 users a month ranging from $49 a month. You would also want to sign up for the team plan that begins at $199 / m for as many as 100,000 visitors a month if you’re going to run serious CRO campaigns.

Infinite tasks and experiments can be completed on unlimited numbers of websites with the Team plan – as long as you remain under a monthly visitor limit. You also obtain comprehensive test functions and a solid range of targeting options to set targets for each experiment. When it comes to cost-effectiveness, Convertize is very difficult to be left.

Key Features:

  • Smart editor.
  • Lightning mode for quick reloads.
  • Statistical engine.
  • Autopilot for shifting the traffic automatically.

8. Apptimize

Apptimize can be found on iOS and Android, is one of the most common A/B testing tools for mobile apps. Apptimize lets you make real-time adjustments. Without uploading to the App Store, you can create any new experiments you want. Apptimize is not just an A/B evaluation tool.

You get potent characteristics to flag those users for which you create new features. During your A/B evaluation, you can also cover up the functionality for some user classes. It’s beneficial when you measure which characteristics consumers want or which characteristics produce revenue. As A/B testing tools for mobile app automation, Apptimize can be used.

Key Features:

  • Robust automation tool.
  • Mobile app testing tools.
  • Real-time adjustments.
  • An infinite number of test experiments.

9. Taplytics

For the testing tool for iOS and Android apps, Taplytics is an A/B application that allows you to change live without App Store updates. For mobile apps, this is a great deal because many platforms do not allow fast iterations. Taplytics makes it easy to test something in your apps for PMs and advertisers without understanding how to code.

Visual improvements can be made, functionality can be more complicated, and cross-functional teams with all of the resources that each of the team requires to develop. This method allows you to test anything from the colors of your button to the physics of your game.

Key Features:

  • Mobile app testing.
  • GUI interface.
  • Bundle of features.
  • User-friendly.

10. Omniconvert

With data-driven decisions, Omiconvert offers creative optimization solutions. Your team of experts provides consumers with suggestions about their campaign progress. Their plans include unrestricted testing of businesses, funding for implementation, and more. Functional personalization offers many add-ons to improve performance.

Omniconvert also combines its segmentation tool and its A/B testing tool to monitor over 40 division parameters such as geolocation, traffic source, and user behavior, to enhance the user interface, product functionality, and the ability to convert content from your website. Omniconvert is one of the most effective and best A/B testing software.

Rock it With These Tools

If more than one instrument is suitable for you, try it free to see if each tool fits your skills and type of website to knowledge. Before moving into advanced software, you choose a free or inexpensive tool if you have just begun. This helps you to discuss the facets and strengths of the separated research platforms.

We have tried to incorporate the best A/B testing tools on this list. We also hope this list helps with any issues about choosing the right tool for your site and company. There are various other tools designed for particular types of testing and these test tools should be utilized according to the budget of the project or an organization.

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