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In this fast-paced and well-developed world, it’s hard to manage small things manually especially if we talk about small businesses. If you are someone who is running a small business, customer satisfaction must be your focal point, and to achieve that you may go through some tiny important things. 

Managing inventory, streamlining orders, and tracking is never-ending in small e-commerce businesses. So, what is the solution for this? Don’t worry we are here to solve this problem as we are going to introduce you to order management software

In this blog, we are going to discuss everything about OMS. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started…

Before taking a deep dive into the ocean of OMS, let’s learn the basics of this system.

What is an Order Management System?

An order management system also known as OMS is software for businesses to handle the sales department. In other words, it is a tool that streamlines and simplifies the order process, from order receipt to fulfilment & tracking.

In addition to that, this software will help your customer to consolidate orders across multiple channels. Moreover, it will also help businesses to streamline the process efficiently, ensuring timely deliveries and boosting customer satisfaction.

Now as we have discussed order management software systems, let’s move forward to the importance of it. 

Importance of order management software for small businesses

If you have good order management software then you need not worry about time and inventory management. In addition to that, good software for small businesses can increase the efficiency and productivity of the business by 10 times. 

If you are running a small business and looking to scale and adapt to the ever-changing e-commerce landscape then order management software for small businesses could be the best choice for you. 

This perfect tool with the goal of streamlining the process from beginning to end and adaptive software can improve the efficiency of your business. 

If you haven’t understood the importance of good order management software then keep reading, as we are going to discuss ‘why you should use a good order management system’ in our next section. 

Why should you use an Order Management System?

Order Management Software

As we have discussed this system can help you throughout the process. In addition to that, there are multiple factors that make this system more impressive and will force you to try out this new technology at least once. Let’s look into it…

  • Maximise convenience

It has been already proven that inventory control software for small businesses makes life easier by cutting the employee’s route to process orders. In the traditional methods where e-commerce platforms used to do all things manually, this new smart method will definitely save their time and effort too. 

When we say that this technology can save your time and effort it simply means that one can adjust that time 7 efforts in some other place to take more benefits. 

  • Reduce human error

A good order management program can reduce the chance of human error. An OMS  is made to deal with a large amount of data and humans may make some mistakes in this. On the other hand, this tool can easily handle a large amount of e-commerce data without any human-like issues. 

To better understand let’s take an example of a wrong payment issue; assume that your customer receives the incorrect order or pays the incorrect amount, this could be the worst-case scenario. Especially when a customer finds your mistake, so, what you can do is you can simply adapt an OMS to avoid this kind of issue. 

  • Fastest order process

These order processing software can help you to process the order on a fast basis. We all know that, be it you or me everybody wants a quick response, it’s human nature…right? Because we get really anxious if we have to wait for too much time and it may lead to that a loss as the customer can go straight to our competitors. 

It’s obvious that we will not want our customers to go anywhere other than our own site then what we can do is we can go for an order processing software that can help us to process the order on a fast basis. 

  • Faster development 

An OMS provides you with the opportunity to group all the order’s statuses in one place and you can easily keep your keen eye on every step. This amazing feature can increase your development process exponentially. Meanwhile, you can focus on providing the best possible in the shortest possible time instead of monotonous data entry.

  • Simplify cross-channel commerce

We all know that online retailing is more than just purchasing stuff from a website. With the increase in social media and technology simultaneously everybody is doing advertisements for their products. 

Cross-platform advertisement can be the best way to showcase your product but it also comes with some difficulties like catchy content, eye-soothing graphics, and the right product to the right audience.

But keeping all these things for multiple channels with the pace is a big task. To maintain the pace of all e-commerce key performance indicators (KPI) in an error-free manner you will need an automated order management system that can receive orders from numerous channels.

These are the main reasons to choose a good OMS but there are a lot more to explore. Now let’s see what are the major benefits that OMS can provide. 

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Key benefits of an order management system 

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Today the market standards have been changed and they all fall in the customer’s favour. So, a business owner and his/her team should think in a way where customer satisfaction is everything. In this period of time, an order management application can be your friend. These applications with customised and high-tech technology will offer multiple customer-oriented benefits. 

  • Low inventory cost

Inventory management is something that may cost you extra multiple times like at the time of moving the stock from one place to another. In this situation inventory system software for small businesses could be the best option. 

This inventory management software can easily manage the whole process of inventory from packaging to delivering the item. In addition to that, a good e-commerce management system also gives users automated insights into product information. 

  • Adds value to your supply chain

With the help of an order management system, you can easily synchronise your products, orders and future stock for betterment. Moreover, this will also provide you with reliable information for your customers. When you get reliable information about your customers it ultimately strengthens your business relationship. 

  • 24×7 accessibility 

The small business order management software offers you 24×7 accessibility to you and your customers which means you can simply know when customers are placing any order and can track them and customers can make any placement at any time. As a result, this will not break the connection between you and your customers. 

  • Exponential growth 

As we all know this OMS  comes with automation and customisation both these word implies that you don’t have to do everything manually. You just need to command your OMS  and it will serve however you want it to be. Ultimately, this all will save you time and you can focus on something new that you could have done for your business’s betterment. 

Furthermore, you can also collect and analyse the data for further growth and to avoid future difficulties as well. Additionally, the automation process can also improve your customer’s experience by streamlining the ordering process. 

  • Real-time updates

Getting all the updates in real-time is a common problem for both customers and retailers. Customers want quick responses and retailers want quick testimonials and both can be delayed by a long process or manual process. But not anymore, as customer order management software can help you provide instant responses to your customers. 

You can provide them a chatbot system to your application on which customers can find their answers instantly. As a result, your customers will get all the information instantly and they may recommend or just post good stuff about your site or product. 

Increase sale volume 

With the help of the best OMS  system, you can seamlessly increase your sales volume by utilizing a multi-channel e-commerce management system. You can advertise your products on multiple channels at the same time and other deals like special offers, festival offers, clearance sales, etc. so that your customer can not miss the chance of a great deal from you. For this particular reason, you can go for sales order management software that will help you to promote your stuff on different channels. 

So, these were the major benefits of order management software but there are a lot more small things that you may experience while using a particular OMS. Other than just giving you these mentioned benefits there are multiple jaw-dropping features that may be included in a good or cutomised order management software. Let’s look at the features of an ideal software. 

Top features of order management software

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In this fast-paced and competitive business world where technology is ruling the market, how would you choose the best OMS for your business? You will need an order management system that can do multiple things at once like tracking, responding, reducing manual efforts, great results, etc. 

Finding all these in one place is a difficult task but you can make it a bit easy by just finding some top and major features in an order management system software, and what would be those features that we are going to discuss in the next section, so, stay tuned! 

  • Multi-channel integration 

After looking at the advanced technology and fast digital world multi-channel integration could be the first and most important feature of an OMS. This OMS should support integration with several sales channels, including online stores, marketplaces, and physical locations. 

As a result, this feature will allow you to consolidate orders from different channels in a centralised manner. In addition to that, this will ensure a streamlined process and a unified view of all orders.

  • Error reduction 

This software for a small business must incorporate the feature of minimising the possibilities of error. You can achieve this by doing automation to your system but don’t forget to check it manually every 6 months for better customer experience. 

If your system is validating order information, checks for discrepancies, and automates order routing to the appropriate fulfilment centres that means the automation process is working well and you can go ahead with this system. 

  • Real-time inventory check 

Real-time inventory visibility is one of the most crucial features of any OMS as this feature will let you know all the information about inventory checks. This particular feature will enable you to monitor stock availability, track stock movements, and prevent stockouts or overstocks. Moreover, accurate inventory check offers efficient order allocation and prevent overselling or backorders. 

  • Automated Replenishment

The automated replenishment feature is one of the most interesting and important features. In this feature, both customers and retailers will be notified of their inventory. In simple words, if someone has bought a product from your site a couple of months ago and if this feature is working or simply applicable for your OMS. Then the customer will notified to refill that particular product. On the other hand, if there are some products that are high in demand then you will get notified each time the product gets sold or short in amount. 

  • Shipment visibility & order tracking 

Your OMS  should provide you the shipment visibility at each and every step. It allows the customer and you to check the shipment status and progress of the shipment each time. In addition to that, real-time order tracking offers transparency, improves customer experience, and enables proactive communication regarding order updates. 

So, these were the main features of an OMS that have to be present in a good order management system vendors’ software. Obviously, these are not enough for an ideal OMS  but these are some of the major features that should be there. 

We have come a long way…right? You must be impressed with order management systems, their benefits, features, and other impressive things. But wondering in much dollars you have to pay for this, let’s find out. 

How much does an Order Management System cost?

The order management system is not one solution for all kinds of problems, every business will need its own customised OMS and therefore, the price will also vary accordingly. Moreover, we can discuss the factors on which the price of any order management system will depend. 

  • Support

OMS support is something that plays a vital role for any business but not every company provides it or some companies offer it on a subscription basis. So, it’s up to you which kind of monthly or yearly subscription you will use. 

  • Business size 

Business really matters when it comes to the price of any OMS there are multiple factors that a software development company will cost you. 

  1. How many people will there in the system to manage it 
  2. What is your order volume or month or year 
  3. How many warehouses do you have 
  • Type of system 

According to the business and business needs, there are multiple kinds of OMS systems like pro, premium, pro plus etc. It totally depends on you which plan according to your business needs is best for you. 

  • Implementation 

There are some small but important tasks that may increase the cost range like Implementation, onboarding, and other modifications. On the other hand, if you own up a small business and you just need tracking customer software for the betterment of your tracking process then this step is skipable for you. 

A long blog…right? But knowledge in today’s world is equally important as taking a breath and this blog is full of knowledge related to OMS. 

Bottom line

As we all know technology is the future of this digital world and if we want to match the step with digitalisation then we must adapt technology. In the e-commerce world data is something that cannot be managed manually or by just one person perhaps there are still high chances of mistakes. So, things like shipping programs for small businesses or the whole OMS can help you out. 

As we have seen an ideal OMS can really save us the time and effort that we can utilise in our future goals. We have discussed all the factors that can OMS can help you manage like data management, shipping management, order management, tracking, real-time inventory management, etc. So, basically, OMS has eaten the e-commerce management system and has no crumbs left on the plate. 

Now a you know everything about order management systems and in case you want to implement them in your business then from where you will get the best one? 

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How does the order management system work?

It totally depends on which kind of OMS or order management system you are using but ideally, it runs on some vital steps that are given below:

  • Order creation 
  • Order processing 
  • Inventory management 
  • Order fulfilment 
  • Shipping and tracking 
  • Refund and exchange 
  • Reporting and analytics 
  • Integration 

Is the order management system scalable?

Yes, OMS systems are scalable but it also depends on you like which kind of order management system you have chosen. According to the business growth you need to have the software so that it can easily adapt to the high growth without harming the business scalability. 

Do I need IT assistance for its set-up?

Some OMS are easy to set up but if you have customised it according to your business needs then you may need assistance for it. 

Thanks for your time!