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Best Social Media Apps You’re Probably Unaware About

Human instinct, by default, has been modified to be socially dynamic to a limited degree. A few people are more dynamic, while others are less. Individuals have always been craving for links and networking. And in this digitizing period, people have found ways of becoming socially engaged on the internet because of the recent upsurge in social media apps and platforms.

2020 is where innovation innovates and keeps on developing. It means an upsurge of new applications trying to knock the top boys off their perch. We use numerous trending social media apps and platforms. Each individual likes to be social and intuitive on the planet. In this digital culture, it is elementary nowadays to engage easily.

While on the one hand, this upsurge of social media apps presents brands with a shared chance to contact developing crowds on rising platforms, there’s likewise an increasing challenge around how to best distribute time, assets, and attention among the ocean of options now at the disposal of people around the world.

Most Underrated & Best Social Media Apps (Top 3 Will Blow Your Mind)

You must have tried at least one trending social media application for various purposes, be it for connecting with your friends or family members or reaching out to a broad audience for whatever cause. It’s not wrong to say that almost everybody has used social media apps in one way or another. Chances are you have used most popular social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, or Instagram.

But do you know that there is a pool of other social media applications just waiting for you to explore? You’ll be awestruck by the wide range of features provided by these applications. Be it for optimally marketing your brand or securely connecting with your loved ones; these applications ensure consistency.

The best social media applications are never complete without the most popular social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But many other social media gems are hidden at the bottom-most ocean of Google Play Store and Apple app store. This article will give you a proper rundown of the most underrated, yet the best social media apps you must use to enrich your social media presence, their most-valued features, and their download links.

15. Periscope

After the recent ban on the most popular social media app Tik Tok, which was used for video-streaming, many social media applications with a similar user interface emerged overnight. The sole purpose of these applications was to unify the users of Tik Tok on their applications. Still, this purpose failed massively as these applications ended up distributing Tik Tok users rather than unifying them under one application.

What if I told you that there’s a social media app facilitating the idea of live video for its users way before the launch of Tik Tok and way before Instagram first introduced live video feature? Quite fascinating, right? The chances are that you missed acknowledging this application. Here’s ‘Periscope’ for users who want to broadcast their video and gain many followers. This app surely deserves the place in our list of top social media apps.

Notable features:

  • Broadcast live videos.
  • Interact with people in comments.
  • Replay any missed live video.
  • Broadcast privately to a selected number of people.

Download it for iOS & Android

14. Yummi

When you open the Yummi app for the first time, you might fail to notice the difference it contrasts with the framework of Instagram. You might end up resonating with the vibe of Instagram from Yummi. You might think that it’s merely Instagram for food.

However, if you browse through the entire app, you’ll notice that it’s bigger than that. It’s a social media app for foodies that lets them share their favorite dishes, location, and feedback. A user’s food log is the direct reflection of their nutrition lifestyle and food-exploring adventures.

Notable features:

  • Bookmark favorite posts.
  • Swipe feature for exploring places quickly.
  • Food tracker for saving memories.
  • Privacy controls.

Download it for iOS & Android

13. Peach

The peach application resembles the Twitter application, and it is created by the co-founder of Vine application, Dom Hofmann. This app is a fun and simple way to keep up with the latest trends, friends and express your thoughts for making it reach a wider audience. It’s a highly interactive and user-friendly application. It provides you with a walk-through of what the application offers right after you download it.

Like texting, you can do ‘peaching,’ and peaching is as simple as texting but in a better way. Peach brings you closer to your friends, providing you with the freedom to retain your private communication with each other. You can also record Vlogs using the Peach application. However, you might end up communicating with yourself because Peach still lacks a suitable amount of users.

Notable features:

  • Create a post by doodle.
  • Detect and play the song played in the background.
  • Play offline games for random timepass.
  • Use throwback for keeping a memory saved with the date.

Download it for iOS & Android

12. Houseparty

Houseparty is a live video chat platform that allows you to connect with contacts saved in your group via group video call. You can select up to 8 users from your contact list and do a group video call with them and that too, without exhausting a great portion from your data pack. This app makes it easy to link face to face, notifies you that your friends are in the house, and willing to chat so you can start the conversation straight away. Houseparty is a popular social media app among teenagers.

It is similar to other social media apps like Google Hangouts, but the significant difference is that you don’t have to request to join a chat. You can just get online, and you’ll automatically chat with anyone you’re connected to. You can likewise connect with the friends of your friends for expanding your social group.

Notable features:

  • Different frames.
  • Background select.
  • Play Uno and other games with your friends.
  • Connect without the hassle of sending or accepting requests.

Download it for iOS & Android

11. Slack

Slack brings team communication and collaboration to one place to enable you to do more work, whether you belong to a big company or a small company. Take your to-do list and advance your tasks by bringing together the right people, talks, tools, and information you need.

You can conveniently share all your resources at a single location by sending a related message in Slack to another service or by tasks directly from your workstation in your project management software. The device directory is the perfect place to access external applications. The internal Slack team reviews every app.

Notable features:

  • Communicate with your team.
  • Organize your conversations by topic, project, or anything else that matters.
  • An internal team of developers for testing apps.
  • Social media platform for the entire organization.

Download it for iOS & Android

10. Wattpad

Reading never goes out of style, and writing never goes out of elegance. If you love any of these, then Wattpad is the most suitable platform for you to drool over. Wattpad is one of the most-loved social media apps for storytelling and reading. It proudly presents a wide community of 80 million readers and writers in front of you. It is the most popular social media app among the writer’s community.

If you are a reading enthusiast, you can go through the bucket list of your stories/poems on this platform, and if you are a writer, you can post your stories/poems here for transcending them to a wide range of audiences. You can get in touch with other passionate readers and enthusiastic authors, reply to stories as you read them, and support writers in creating and expressing their views and original stories.

Notable features:

  • Read stories and books.
  • Get your stories discovered.
  • Connect with the story-lover community.
  • Leave comments on ongoing stories for providing valuable insights.

Download it for iOS & Android

9. Foursquare City Guide

Foursquare is a social media app dedicated to places. This app satisfies true wanderers’ souls, who search for a perfect spot hidden from the regular crowd’s eyes. Foursquare can easily lead you to the ideal spot if you are a true traveling enthusiast and want to explore great places without having to spend massively on city guides.

You can also get helpful, positive tips from our trusted global community and keep track of where you’ve been and where you want to go, all in one place. Foursquare allows you to add different ‘tastes’ on food. It is known for keeping a running to-do of neighborhood hot spots or must-try places while traveling.

Notable features:

  • Short tips written by people who visited the place.
  • Keep a history of places you’ve been with memories in the form of photographs and journals.
  • Wide community.
  • Rate places.

Download it for iOS & Android

8. Kik

Kik application is an instant messaging platform for mobile. It’s the same as Snapchat and Facebook Messenger. Users may interact with friends or groups on Kik. Security and confidentiality is the core feature of Kik. Unlike any other messaging apps, it doesn’t require a phone to get registered.

It maintains anonymity by registering with a username or email. Kik is so technologically advanced that it has its cryptocurrency called Kin. Users can easily make money by taking brand surveys, sharing content, or other platform activities.

Notable features:

  • Anonymous users.
  • Meet new friends with similar interests.
  • Choose whom to chat with, even in the groups.
  • Share videos, pics, gifs, etc.

Download it for iOS & Android

7. Reddit

Reddit is a social media app for open networking and information sharing and publishing by users. Users can share pictures, videos, links, and text messages. When published, members can vote down or up according to how much they enjoyed the specific post.

Reddit is a game-changing network for both users and marketers, but in Indian Oceanic regions, it is not as widely embraced as it should be. People find it similar to Quora but with a more complicated user interface. However, you can always roll on Reddit for publishing free content and for sponsoring your post for greater reach. Reddit is a popular social media app in the people who love to share their ideas and love public speaking.

Notable features:

  • Join the community according to your likes.
  • Chat with the community.
  • Upload photos, videos, and other files.
  • See what’s trending.

Download it for iOS & Android

6. Minds

Minds application is a newcomer in the scenario of social media applications. Even if it is one of the latest social media apps, it is making headlines because of the compelling and extraordinary user interface. Minds is a social media app to have open conversations and bring people together under the principles of freedom, transparency, and privacy. This ends up harnessing trust between a brand and target audiences.

Minds use blockchain technology to ensure optimal transparency and attract users by using a cryptocurrency. Minds stand apart from other social media apps by using audience targeting. Mind also doesn’t use surveillance to offer “personalized ads,” which means that you have more control over where your content goes.

Notable features:

  • Share photos, videos, and blogs.
  • Engage with people from all over the world.
  • Earn money in multiple currencies.
  • Encrypted chats.

Download it for iOS & Android

5. Flickr

Images are powerful words for building a brand’s online presence and for delivering emotions. That’s where Flickr comes in handy. Flickr is a visual platform for posting, sharing, discussing, and archiving photos and video materials. On Flickr, users can search for anything they need and upload their content in no time.

Even though this social media app is not as widely used and embraced as Instagram, it remains a new social media hybrid service for image storage and sharing. Flickr boasts the largest, most influential community of photographers in the world where you can easily upload, edit, and share your photos from any device.

Notable features:

  • Large community.
  • Search for inspiration and photographic ideas.
  • Edit photos using vibrant and aesthetic filters.
  • Browse support.

Download it for iOS & Android

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most influential visual social media apps in the world. Pinterest is a social photo-sharing service with over 750 million ideas for anything from arts and crafts to family and career life. Sophisticated Pinterest feed algorithms also make it very effective as a business-friendly tool.

On Pinterest, you can showcase your product, build links, and easily get your brand name out there by showcasing your products. On Pinterest, you can share snippets of information and expertise in the form of infographics. You can also save pins for future reference and a strong online presence. Pinterest is the most used social media app for images.

Notable features:

  • Save pins.
  • Create infographics.
  • Share pins.
  • Lifestyle inspirations in one place.

Download it for iOS & Android

Top 3 Social Media of 2020

You’ve almost sailed through the entire list of top 15 social media applications. The next three social media apps will make you crash to your respective app store and download them right away. So, go through the final stage of this list for making it worth your time.

3. Viber

Many countries where the Whatsapp calling feature is restricted or the entire Whatsapp application is banned. People in these countries widely use Viber because it is a reliable social media app for conveying your messages and audio or video calls.

Viber is free to use. Users can make unlimited international calls just by connecting the phone to the internet. There are 1 billion users of Viber worldwide who are continually increasing. Viber supports end-to-end encryption for securing your messages. With its unique features, Viber earned a third-best place in our list of social media apps.

Notable features:

  • Free messaging services.
  • Sync with desktop and tablet.
  • Low-cost landline calls.
  • Create a group chat.

Download it for iOS & Android

2. Telegram

It’s unbelievable to see a social media app like Telegram being used as a secondary messaging application rather than exploiting its rich features. Telegram is a cross-platform messaging application that provides simple, fast, secured, and synced messages. It’s obvious to put Telegram application in top social media apps because of its high endurance and smooth efficiency.

Telegram application is a powerful tool for creating a group chat with up to 200,000 members, sharing large videos and documents. It is the ideal platform to organize and manage online communities. Even after getting shadowed by its rival Whatsapp, Telegram is widely used as the top social media app for messaging in the education sector. Telegram is also the most used social media app among different cinephile factions.

Notable features:

  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • End-to-end encryption of conversation.
  • A powerful tool without any ad.
  • Send files without any limits or size on the disk.

Download it for iOS & Android

1. Hike Messenger

Hike messenger is truly the best social media app, but it is hidden from most people’s eyes because it is one of the most overlooked social media apps. Just like the Telegram app, Hike messenger is also used as the secondary messaging application even if it contains a fine assortment of features with a highly futuristic social media world within itself.

Hike messenger was developed in India, and it provides a countless number of stickers that dictate the Indian lifestyle or Indian cinematic universe. As compared to Whatsapp, the server crash issue in the Hike Messenger is almost negligible. It incorporates end-to-end encryption for securing the chats. With its unique features, Hike messenger topped our social media app list. Its users can vouch that it is undoubtedly the top social media app.

Notable features:

  • Hide chats using code or pattern.
  • Hidden profile status from a selected number of people.
  • Colorful stickers for communicating.
  • Highly stable server support.

Download it for iOS & Android

Best Social Media Apps: Top Gems

Isn’t it fascinating that you finished the entire article without the names of big guns or most popular social media apps? Maybe you missed their names in this article, but the consistency and feature-rich user experience, these 15 apps never fail to give a befitting reply to the big guns and famous social media apps. There’s no denial in the fact that the massive social media apps market has a range of different users. You should consider the potential audience for your business by using any compatible platform.

We have only just scratched the surface with what we believe to be the list of social media apps in 2020 that need more mouths to support and more ears to hear about. With new social media apps releasing every month, it can be challenging to pick which ones to use. Hopefully, this article made you aware about the underrated social media apps virtuosos and their notable features.

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