How to Build a Healthcare and Fitness App Like Amwell
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How to Build a Healthcare and Fitness App Like Amwell

The healthcare industry in today’s scenario has changed a lot, from offline appointments and medicines to everything online, the medicine world is more simple and accessible 24/7. The use of mobile apps has increased over the years as more and more industries believe in having a mobile application for their business as these are more easy and convenient. 

Not only a healthcare mobile app helps with the doctor’s appointments or medicines but also provides a variety of features such as you can keep a check on your steps, heartbeat rate, and many other things that you can keep a track of. 

What do the patients expect from a Healthcare and Fitness app? When a user is installing a new application, there are certain expectations that the user sets in their mind. And if your application does not have those features, the user will be disappointed leading to uninstalls and bad reviews on your application. 

By designing an app that meets the demands of the online market and what the patients prefer, one can easily improve the experience of the user, increase the engagement of patients, and improve the outcomes in terms of health. While developing an application, you need to ensure that the app is patient centric, it will help in making your app a success. To make your app a success, find a Healthcare and Fitness App Development Company to build an app like Amwell.

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What is Amwell? 

Amwell is one of the most popular healthcare and fitness apps developed in the USA by Roy Schoeberg. The application offers healthcare services that are easy to access and available anytime the patient requires. The application helps in booking virtual appointments at the time of an urgency and instantly connects the user with a doctor through video call. Amwell is available 24/7, giving assistance to their patients anytime, anywhere. 

Features of Amwell – A Healthcare and Fitness App 

There are certain features of Amwell that make it a standout application in the healthcare and fitness industry. With simple and easily navigated features of the application, a patient has to sign up on the app and they will easily find their medical records, prescriptions, and schedule an appointment without the hassle of going out in long queues waiting for their turn. These are some of the features to look for in Amwell – 

Different Types of Treatment You Get With Amwell 

Through the application, a patient gets access to online appointments where they can get treatment for any disease or trouble along with issues like – 

  • Nutrition Counselling 
  • Pediatrics 
  • Menopause
  • Psychiatry 
  • Therapy 
  • Urgent Care 

Sign Up Process

One can easily get access to the features of the application by simply signing up. After which, your information will be stored safely and you won’t have to login every time you visit the application. 

Choose the healthcare professional that suits your needs and budget as well from the app. Schedule easy appointments and get help from the professionals. 

Qualifications of Therapists 

The doctors at Amwell go through a defined process of selection where we ensure the most important factors are all verified for the safety of our healthcare app and the patients who trust us. The selection process involves checking the licence, board certification, if they are credentialed to work in your state. 

Schedule Your Visits 

Easily schedule your visit with the doctor through the application. Sign up to the application and get in a room full of doctors, connect with them and if they are not available you will enter a virtual waiting room to wait for your turn. 


Get your prescriptions anytime anywhere with the help of this application. All of your prescriptions will be given on  the dashboard and made accessible to you once you sign up on the app. 

How To Build a Healthcare and Fitness App Like Amwell?

1. Easy Navigation 

The healthcare mobile app that you develop should be easy to navigate and use. A patient will expect to use an app that has a simple interface and can be understood with ease by the person using them. Always remember to add some special features in your app but make sure that these features are not very hard to use and are understandable at once. Any patient would prefer an app that allows easy doctor appointment schedules, cancellation, purchasing medicines, etc. A healthcare app that has easy navigation and gives the right understanding to the user will always be the most preferred choice of the user as they will get all their healthcare needs in just a click. 

2. Detailed Information and Access 

Another important thing to include while developing an app is to make sure that there are all the details given on the app that any user needs. Any patient would require information about their medical records, medicines, test results, and other health related information. The information that you provide on your application should be proper and the patient should be able to check the information about their blood sugar, blood pressure, etc. anytime they want. Your application should be designed in a way that it can provide information about a specific condition as well. Ensure to use easy words and interactive tools to keep the user engaged with the application. 

3. Online Consultation With the Doctor 

The next important step and feature to add in your healthcare and fitness app is the option to get online consultation with the doctor. It may not be easy for every other person to get in touch with a doctor offline, so the healthcare professionals should be available online so that the client can have access to them anytime they want. Sometimes, there are situations where the issue the patient has is very minor and does not require rushing to the hospital, these can be handled by the help of an online doctor. This helps in saving transportation as well. Also, one gets access to specialists online who are not available to handle the patient in their local areas. This also increases the demand for specialists around the area. 

4. Allowing Patients to Connect with Their Community 

Why is having access to the patient community important? Because this allows connecting and interacting with other patients as well. Some studies have found that patients who are able to connect with other patients like we do on a social media platform. By connecting with other patients having the same problem or disease, will give them the comfort they are looking for and also, they might be able to give suggestions on how to get relief from the disease. 

5. Keep It Simple but Amazing 

The most important thing when it comes to building an app is the user experience. You need to make sure that you are able to give your users the best experience which is easy and accessible at all times. The user should be able to navigate through the app with ease without having any trouble. Your features and other things should be clear to the user whereas also make sure you are using layman language while developing the app. 


Build a Healthcare and Fitness App Like Amwell CTA

6. Integrate It with Wearable Devices 

Before developing your healthcare and fitness app, find a Wearable Devices App Development Company that can help you in developing an app that can be accessed through smartwatches, fitness trackers etc. Once your app is integrated with a wearable device, you would be able to get in touch with your health better, have an understanding of the requirements of your body, personalise your fitness goals accordingly, convenience as the user can get access to their health scores without having to visit a healthcare centre, improved engagement of the patient as they are able to easily monitor their health and seek help whenever required, and lastly, keeping track of your health from time to time leads to improved overall health. 

7. Schedule an Appointment 

Your healthcare app should have the feature where the user can easily check the availability of the doctor and schedule appointments by describing the trouble they are going through. This will help in avoiding long queues and wait time at the doctor’s clinic. 

8. Secure Messages 

The messages between the patient and the doctor or any other person should be secure. This allows the patient to also ask questions, join the community, get an understanding over their health score, etc. This ensures the confidentiality of the information shared by the patient. This allows the patients to securely share their information about their health with the doctors without worry. 

9. E-prescriptions 

Another feature that you shouldn’t miss in your healthcare app is the provision of E-prescriptions. This will give access to the users to download their prescriptions anytime they want making it easy for them to get medicines. This streamlines the process of getting medicines avoiding any hassles at the time of treatment. 

10. Payment Processing 

Add a secure payment gateway to your app for easy billing and payment collection for video consultations and services that you avail. Make sure that the payment charges are transparent and communicated to the patient beforehand as overcharging fees is an issue patient usually face with online applications. 

11. Multilingual Support

Another additional feature to your mobile app would be incorporating multiple languages. As you know, not everybody is comfortable with English, so you need to give the option of other languages as well allowing the user to choose the language they speak and are able to read. 

12. Providing AI-Assistance 

Adding AI assistance is mandatory as we all know the priority AI has when it comes to technology. This will help in providing information based on the symptoms and the urgency. This will allocate the resources where it will give information about the numbers of doctors and their availability, if they are limited or heavily occupied. Also, limited time should be given so that the patient does not have to wait. 

13. Giving Reports and Analytics 

The app should have the feature on where they collect the data and analyse it on the usage, outcomes of the patient, optimising the functionality and identifying signs of improvements. The analytics should be strong as they will be used by the healthcare provider and the doctor as well. The analytics section should be added to the application giving access to the user on how to improve their overall health. 

Technologies Required in Building a Healthcare and Fitness App 

Developing a mobile app is crucial and requires you to choose the right technologies in terms of languages and frameworks. If you want your app to be on the expert level, then you need to hire mobile app developers for the development of your application. Here’s an overview of the tech stack that one needs to know about – 

Tech Stack Options 

TechGropse is the best mobile app development company using different tech stack options according to the requirement of the application. Our developers will find what suits your application the best and bring out perfection in your application. 

Native App Development (iOS and Android) 

Swift (iOS), Kotlin, Java (Android), UIKit (iOS), Jetpack Compose/XML (Android)

Cross Platform App Development (React Native, Flutter) 

JavaScript/TypeScript, Dart, React Native, Flutter 

Progressive Web App 

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, Angular, VueJs. 

Backend and Cloud Services 

Node.js, Python, NET, Java, Express.js, Django, Spring, ASP.NET Core, AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, MongoDB, Postgre SQL, MySQL

What Would Be The Cost to Build a Fitness App?

If you have made the decision to build a fitness and healthcare app like Amwell then you need to hire dedicated developers for your project. Hiring a team of developers would be the best option for you as you can get in touch with them through the process of development and ask them to make the required changes in the design or any other thing that you are not liking much. 

Our developers are experienced and experts of their domain working 5 days in a week for 8 hours. To hire our developers on an hourly basis, the charges would fall between 20$ to 40$ and the monthly cost would be around 1100$ to 1500$. Hire developers from TechGropse and you will get an application that fits your expectations perfectly. 


App Design Price Per Function 
Research For App Design $100-$350
UI Design $10000-$40000
UX Design $2000-$8000
Branding  $5000-$20000
Illustrations and Animations $1000-$20000

Five Alternative Apps Like Amwell 

1. ZocDoc 

An application that gets you out of long queues when you are waiting to get your appointment done. The ZocDoc app will help you as it reduces the hassle of making an appointment with the doctor providing an instant online booking feature. 

2. Medisafe 

Do you sometimes forget to take your medicines on time? If yes, then this app is designed for you. The application sends you reminders on your phone when you have to take your medicines. The app has helped in improving the overall experience of the patients. 

3. Fiton 

Fiton is a fitness app that helps you stay updated about your fitness by giving you access to online videos, real time heartrate, music streaming etc. 

4. HealthTap 

Another healthcare app to talk about is the HealthTap where users get access to reliable health information and medical advice from licensed physicians. One can get answers about their health, get information about specific topics, and get appointments with the doctors. 

5. GoodRx 

The application helps find patients’ prescription medicines at the lowest prices at pharmacies near them. Other than this, the patients can search for the medicines by searching for the name and condition. Helps you in location pharmacies, compare prices and save money on your medicines. 

Final Words 

TechGropse is a Healthcare and Fitness App Development Company where our developers will help you build an app exactly like Amwell adding the best features to your application. Our developers will do thorough research on the requirements of the market and what is it that we can do best to make your application a success in the competitive market. These are the best features of an application that you can add to make it stand out. Make sure to have an understanding of the user experience and how you can do everything seeing that the user does not leave the application and uninstall it. 


1. What are the key features to include in a healthcare and fitness app like Amwell?

Key features include virtual consultations, appointment scheduling, patient records management, prescription services, fitness tracking, health monitoring, and secure messaging.

2. Which technologies are essential for developing a healthcare and fitness app?

Essential technologies include mobile app frameworks (e.g., React Native or Flutter), backend services (e.g., Node.js or Django), video conferencing APIs, secure databases, and encryption protocols for data security.

3. How can user data security and privacy be ensured in such an app?

User data security and privacy can be ensured through end-to-end encryption, compliance with healthcare regulations (e.g., HIPAA), secure user authentication methods, regular security audits, and robust access controls.

4. What monetization strategies can be employed for a healthcare and fitness app?

Monetization strategies include subscription models, pay-per-consultation fees, in-app purchases for premium features, partnerships with healthcare providers, and advertisements.

5. How can user engagement and retention be improved in the app?

User engagement and retention can be improved through personalised health plans, regular notifications and reminders, user-friendly interface, gamification of fitness goals, and providing high-quality, responsive customer support.