Easy Steps to Build an App Like Badoo
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Easy Steps to Build an App Like Badoo

The world is moving fast towards its digitalisation and we are moving faster. The modern world is gaining more popularity because they are known for their technological smartness adding thrill and excitement to their life whether it is personal or professional. For example, we can see that dating apps are more used by the younger generation nowadays than it ever was in the past. Matchmaking and dating was something that was done through the help of close friends and family members. 

Since the introduction of dating apps, people are able to find a partner more suited for them according to their similarities in hobbies, likes and dislikes. A dating app can help you find a partner or it can just get you something casual or a friend that you may be looking for. The increase in use of dating apps has also impacted the mobile app development company in a positive way. The expected worth of the online dating market is $2.5 billion by the year 2024.

Considering the highly competitive market for a dating app, the demand for Dating App Development Company and developers has also increased. Developing a dating app is not an easy task and that is why we have made a list of factors any developer should consider to Build an App Like Badoo, Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Happn, etc.

What is Badoo? 

There is no doubt that the need for dating apps has increased gradually in the last few years. People are more passionate about meeting new people, socialise with them, and see how things work out between them. Badoo is a unique dating platform that not only gives you the chance to meet new people but also acts as a proper social media where you can connect with people all around the world. 

Understanding The Concept of the Application – 

Before we get into the technicalities of Badoo app development let’s understand the more important questions, i.eWhat would be the selling point of Badoo? As we know, whether you are starting a business online or offline, we can never actually have a startup without understanding our audience and who are referring too with our services or products.

The unique selling point of the application is to provide strangers from different parts of the world a platform where they can meet and connect with each other, have conversations about their life and plan a meet up if things go well. The application offers a swiping and scrolling functionality to know about the profile of the users, allowing better communication between the two and easy interactions. 

Getting In-depth Understanding of the Trends

The next step to be followed is to get an in-depth understanding of the trends that are going on in the market in terms of a dating app. This includes knowing about the target audience and understanding what they actually prefer in terms of a dating app. Their expectations from a dating app is the major question one should ask and know before starting to build dating app

Another factor to keep in mind when building a dating app is the existing competition in the market amongst other dating apps. Your app should have something unique and different from what others are doing in the market to ensure your application does not lack behind in terms of features as they are the most important. By analysing the valuable insights of the dating market, you will definitely be able to get the best for your dating app development. 

1. Adding Uniqueness To Your Dating App – 

Any Dating App Development Company would find ways to add greatness in their app but how do we achieve that? We have discussed that above, now we will focus on the facts that can make your app unique and stand out in the market.

2. Adding Video To Your Profile – 

A video would be a great way to add authenticity to your dating profile. This will help with better connections between people, as they will be able to record videos about themselves and see the video of other people as well providing better communication. 

3. Giving Power To AI For Matchmaking – 

AI has been the world’s most talked about trend. Using AI in Dating App Development makes your algorithms such that they find the best partner for you based on the preferences of the user and their behaviours as well. 

4. Develop An App Around Games – 

Games are a great way to keep your user interacting and engaged with you. This helps the user stay a bit longer on your app than usual. This will increase the chances of the user to connect with each other. 

5. Integrating Your App With Social Media – 

Every other application is nowadays integrated with social media for authentication of accounts and taking information from your existing accounts. You can do the same here, integrate your dating app account with social media.  

Key Features of a Dating App And Its Technical Aspects 

Now, let’s talk about the main task that we are writing this blog on, Badoo app development. Any developer should take into account these following aspects that come under the technical aspects of building an application from scratch. There are some features that every dating app needs to have so that the user can have a great user experience. To help out a developer with the building of an application, allowing your application to perform at its best.

  • Sign Up/ Log In Feature

The most primary and important feature of any app or even a website is the signup/login. Most dating apps have a separate portal for the signing up and logging in part. Having an independent portal provides users with a better experience while using the application. Also, add fields on your signing up portal like user ID, password, captcha, etc for security purposes. Other than this, you application should ask for limited details while signing up or logging in as too many features can slow down. 

  • Details of the User 

A separate page for the user profile would be a plus one. This assists the users to add all the necessary information they think they need to add for easier connection with their partner. Name, city and state, contact number, email address, hobbies, fashion sense, gender preferences, country, etc. are some of the details that a user profile must have. Adding to it, there should be slots so that the users can also upload different pictures of their choice. 

  • Location 

Adding the distance feature would be a good way to go. This helps the user to adjust the distance they are willing to travel to find the person they are looking for to date. The users can also choose the distance they want and the profiles should be displayed within the area making it easier to connect and interact with. Add the toggle button to make the changes in the distance unit between miles and kilometres. 

  • Social Media Connections 

Like any other app, another important to add feature of a dating app would be adding social media connections. While the process of login and signup is taking place, you should provide the feature of linking your dating profile with social media profile as this will help connect better. Give them the option to link their profile with multiple social media platforms. This somehow looks more appealing to the user and attracts more users on the app.  

  • Private Chat Rooms

Social media apps should definitely have chat rooms for individuals to interact with each other. This will only help the users to connect better and understand each other about their personal preferences etc. One can design the icon on the top of the application presenting all other notifications indicating unread chats, new chats, likes, dislikes, swipes, etc. You can also add a filter or sorting option allowing users to easily find the chat room they are willing to visit at that time. 

  • Verification and Security 

Whether you are developing a dating app or any other app, ensuring the verification and security of your details is important. To do so, add some security measures such as password, biometrics, face recognition, OTP etc. The verification of user authentication increases the transparency of your application. There are certain security features like a secured HTTP URL, or a 256-bit encryption program, etc. into your application as there is a lot of personal information shared by the user. 

  • Push Notifications 

The push notifications feature in a dating app is important to alert the user of any activity taking place in their account instantly. Whether it is a new message in the chatroom, a new match, any offers, or anything else that concerns the application and its functions too. One should take into account the technologies that are being followed and add them into their application to make it more fun using.

How Much Investment One Needs to Develop a Dating App?

If you are planning to Build an App Like Badoo, then one needs to see the features they are willing to add in their app. This completely depends on the complexity of the project and other technical aspects of the application that one needs to take care of. Like developing a cross-platform application costs more than a native app. Likewise, the cost will increase if you are willing to add more features into your application that are not given in the subscription package. Each package will give you access to different features according to the amount you are willing to pay. Get an understanding of your requirements and set a budget, then hire dating app developers to further process the development and launching of the application.

Cost Estimation:

The cost to develop an app like Badoo, Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Happn, etc. varies between the amount of $50000 and $150000 or more but it depends on the complexity and features that the client wants us to add in the application. Here’s an overview of estimated expenses:

Features  Approximated Cost 
UI/UX Design $5,000 – $15,000
Backend Development $20,000 – $50,000
Frontend Development $15,000 – $30,000
Integration $5,000 – $15,000
Testing and Deployment $10,000 – $20,000
Maintenance (monthly) $1,000 – $5,000

Technologies Required In Coding an App 

TechGropse is one of the Top Dating App Development Companies around the world and we are known well for using advanced technology and innovative online dating app solutions. Some of the technologies used by us are given below –

– Back end functions are handled by using technologies like Java programming, integration modules, node JS, APIs, etc. A database should also be included in the text stack because you need a place to securely store the information of the user and other details without losing the details to any technical glitches. 

– We also make use of frameworks integrated with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 for the functioning of the front-end part. Some of the best frameworks that we use to develop the interface of a dating app are AngularJS, React, and many more. 

Final Words

With the increasing popularity of dating apps amongst the younger generation, developing an application would be a great idea. TechGropse is a Dating App Development Company that works for both android and iOS platforms. It will be the best choice for you as one can find the app developed according to their requirements. You can also hire dedicated developers to get your application completed by them. Additionally, a perfectly developed application will only bring more and more people to your application making your investment worth. 


1. Is the online dating app market performing well?

The online dating app market is thriving, evident from its impressive $2.5 million worth.   

2. What is meant by a cross-platform online dating app?

A cross-platform online dating app refers to an application capable of running seamlessly across various operating systems, such as Android and iOS. 

3. Does user interface design matter for a dating app?

User interface design holds paramount importance in a dating app. A visually appealing and user-friendly interface is essential to attract and retain users. An intuitive UI enhances user experience, ensuring swift responses to actions, ultimately contributing to the app’s success.

4. How can I monetize my dating app?

Monetizing a dating app can be accomplished through various strategies. Value-added features, in-app purchases for premium services, and targeted advertising are effective means to generate revenue streams while sustaining the app’s growth and profitability.

5. How can I guarantee complete privacy and security of users in my Dating App?

Ensuring complete privacy and security for users is imperative in a dating app. Additionally, prioritising secure data storage and transparent user consent management enhances user trust and fosters a safe environment within the app.