Steps to Build an App Like Mercado Libre
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Steps to Build an App Like Mercado Libre

Today everyone has a smartphone that makes the life of human beings more convenient and easier. In a couple of clicks, they can order everything they want sitting on their couch. As a result, the demand for online shopping app development services is becoming high.

We all are aware that the rate of mobile phone usage worldwide is growing fast so businesses have great opportunities to reach their audience through an eCommerce platform. Therefore, it is a good time to build an app like Mercado Libre. This is a popular Latin American eCommerce website.

You know that the best thing about this platform is that it has an amazing concept and the mind blogging revenue it generates. This is why every agency decides to build an app like Mercado Libre. However, it is required to follow the complete steps to build a  functional eCommerce website including rich features.

In this post, we will discuss the complete procedure to build an app like Mercado Libre, features, cost and many other important things that help you in building a functional and easy-to-use eCommerce platform.

What is Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre is a Latin America’s eCommerce platform. You know that it will operate in 18 Latin American countries by 2022. Moreover, the marketplace is run by nearly thousands of people across the region. The best part about MercadoLibre is that it is a fully automated marketplace like Amazon.

On this platform, both individual users and third-party sellers can register, list and sell products. Mercado Libre is the first Latin American tech firm to be listed on the NASDAQ that was launched in 2007.  Moreover, it owns five distribution centres throughout the region as well as a software centre in Colombia.

This website is user-friendly as it can be accessed through the website or the mobile app. You know that over 400,000 small and medium-sized companies in Latin America use the website as a sales platform. Here, users get a huge variety of goods such as clothing, electronics, media products, auto parts, consumer goods and many more things. So, it is a good idea to build an eCommerce platform like it.

However, it is not an easy task as it requires lots of aspects such as appropriate technology, framework and knowledge. In such a scenario, it is good to search for an e-commerce app development company that has years of expertise and advanced solutions to implement your ideas into reality.

Why Focus on Building an E-Commerce App Like Mercado Libre?

Why Focus on Building an E-Commerce App Like Mercado Libre?

As we mentioned Mercado Liber is a popular eCommerce platform in Latin America when it comes to shopping. But why? Well, if you did not, know it. In less time, Mercado Libre got millions of customers. Moreover, it follows great principles to succeed in the market. There are several reasons to focus on building an e-commerce platform. Some of the reasons are listed below:

1. Growing E-Commerce Market

No doubt that the e-commerce market continues to expand rapidly with an increasing number of consumers preferring online shopping. Building an e-commerce app allows you to stay in this competitive and fast-growing market as well as reach the target audience. Henceforth, it is a good idea to build an online shopping app.

However, doing this task on your own can be challenging if you don’t have experience and knowledge, so you have to seek the help of professionals who have good knowledge of coding and new trends.

2. Established Brand and Market Presence

We all know that MercadoLibre is the largest as well as most successful e-commerce site in Latin America. Building a similar application, you can easily leverage the reputation, brand recognition and attract users as well build trust. So, it is beneficial to build an app like Mercado Libre.

To make the app development process easier and more convenient, you can hire dedicated developers who have years of experience so they are eligible to build a functional app. Moreover, the professionals are up-to-date with upcoming changes and technologies so they have solutions to fix the problems.

3. Diverse Product Offering

Building an app like Mercado Libers makes it easier to provide a wide range of products across various categories including fashion, electronics, home goods and more. Making similar applications allows businesses to build a platform that accommodates diverse product offerings, and needs of different customers and catering to their preferences.

If you want to build an app, you can seek the help of an on-demand app development company that has a team of dedicated developers who help you from start to finish. However, you have to check their experience, knowledge and many more things that help you in making a wise decision.

4. Regional Focus

Mercado Libers has a strong presence in Latin American countries where it offers reliable logistics, localized services and convenient payment options.  In order to stay in this competitive market, you need to focus on a specific region or country that helps you tailor your application to cater to the local market. Moreover, you have to understand the unique characteristics and meet specific customer needs.

For getting the best solutions for your business, you can also seek the help of a mobile app development company. A leading company believes in building strong relationships with the customers so never compromise on the quality of the project.

5. Multiple Revenue Streams

Building an e-commerce application enables you to explore different revenue streams and monetization strategies, providing opportunities for sustainable growth and profitability.  So it is a great idea to build an app like Mercado Libre.

However, building a functional and easy-to-use app is not an easier process as it requires several aspects. So it is necessary to seek the help of professionals who have years of experience in building e-commerce apps. So they easily complete  Mercado Libre app development tasks on time.

6. Technology and Innovation

Crafting an e-commerce app requires leveraging advanced technologies such as secure payment gateways, seamless user experience, mobile app development and personalized recommendations. With innovative technologies, it is easier to be a king of a competitive market. Building an e-commerce platform with innovation and modern technology makes it easier to get more profit.

These are some advantages you can get by building an app like Mercado Libre. If you want to get more profit and build good relationships with the target audience, you have to contact professionals who will easily build an app that not only provides a great shopping experience to users but also ensures high ROI.

Must-Have Features for E-Commerce Apps

Must-Have Features for E-Commerce Apps

Well, choosing features for your e-commerce app is an important decision that you should carefully consider because it may affect the overall project. While deciding to build an online shopping app make sure that the application includes the following features:

  • Simple Registration Procedure

When deciding to build an app like Mercado Libre, it is necessary to include a simple registration feature. It will help users to register to the app through email Id, phone number or social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or another social media site.

Thus, you have to make sure that the application has this functionality. In order to make the e-commerce platform efficient you can seek the help of experts who will assist you in every possible way.

  • Multiple Payment Options

It is necessary to include various payment options for various customers. Having multiple payment options users can make the payment easily from their debit or credit card. Henceforth, it is essential to integrate multiple payment gateways into your application and give them a variety of options so customers feel free to choose from them.

In Addition to including cash on delivery, debit and credit card options, you can also include UPI, electronic bank transfer and many more. For online shopping app development, you can also have content experts who will do the job easily.

  • Push Notification

Push notification is an essential feature an e-commerce platform should have. By including this feature, it is easier to keep users engaged with your app. Usually, this feature informs the audience about new and latest updates, offers and news. Therefore, it is required to include this functionality in your app.

  • Social Media Integration

Social media integration allows customers to promote their purchases and share referral coupons and discounts with their network. In simple terms, it allows it to spread to a large network and eventually the entire social media domain. Therefore, you have to include this functionality in your application.

  • Add to Cart

This feature allows the users to buy a product right away and prefer to save it for future purchases. Having an add-to-cart feature, users are able to add products for future purchases. Henceforth, you need to make sure that you include this feature in your application to make it more user-friendly.

  • Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings help other customers to know about the services of the selected agency. Generally, this feature not only increases trust but also helps customers to make wise decisions while visiting your app or website. This is why you have to include this feature in your application which makes the application attractive to download.

  • Live Chat Assistance

Live chat assistance helps the users to connect with the support team as well as ensure hassle-free communication if they feel any problem. No doubt that first-time buyers face difficulties in ordering products and making online payments. Therefore, it is essential to include a live chat feature on the app.

Procedure to Build an App Like Mercado Libre

E-Commerce app development is just like any other app. In order to build an app like MercadoLibre it is necessary to follow a set of steps during development that helps projects succeed. For your help, we mentioned all the steps below:

1. Establish Your App’s Goals

In order to build an app, it is necessary to establish your application’s goal. Once you establish a goal, it is easier to build an app as per your requirement. So once you decide to build an app like Mercado Liber, don’t forget to follow this step.

2. Decide Your Target Audience

The next step is to decide on the target audience. Deciding target audience not only means the type of person that will use the application but the circumstances of that usage. Once you decide on a target audience it is easier to provide the services according to their need and interest. So it is an important step you should follow.

3. Choose Features

As features play an essential role, you have to determine the features you have to include in your application. Sign-in, add-to-cart, review and ratings are the basic features of an e-commerce application. By including all the necessary features in your app you can make it more user-friendly.

4. Technology

Then you have to choose a tech stack that ensures the success of the project. In order to build an e-commerce app it is important to choose the right technology that is suitable for your project. No doubt there are several options but you have to choose one that is suitable for you.

5. Build an App

Once you have the right technology, features and all other aspects, you have to build an app. For this, you can also seek the help of a mobile app development company as they have a skilled team of professionals who are proficient in doing their job dedicatedly. Moreover, when you hire experts there are less chances of errors.

6. Test and Launch the App

After building an app, you need to make sure that everything is ok there. In order to find out the mistakes and fix them, you can seek the help of QA testers who are proficient in finding bugs and technical glitches and also fixing them. Once the application is tested, you need to launch it on the Google play store and Apple Store.

Costs to  Build an eCommerce App

The cost to build an app like MercadoLibre depends on several factors such as project complexity, size, features, and many other factors.  The location of the developers, as well as their experience, also play an essential role in determining the cost to build an application. For your idea, we mention a list that gives you an idea of the cost to build an e-commerce app.


City Hourly Cost to Build E-Commerce App
Europe $40-$100 Per Hour
UAE $30-$80 Per Hour
US $45-$100 Per Hour
India $20-$40 Per Hour


Hope you will get an idea of the cost to build an e-commerce app. However, it is just an idea, not a reality. In order to know the overall cost you have to contact a reputable company that will give you a complete brief of the cost to build an e-commerce app.


Each one has a smartphone so they use it to complete their daily tasks whether it is shopping, booking appointments and many more. As a result, the demand for e-commerce app development has become very popular. But building an app like MercadoLibre is not a joke. It requires dedication, the right framework, technology and many other things.

So, it is advisable to hire dedicated developers as they follow each and every step to build an app. It means when decide to build an app, don’t hesitate to make proper research because it will help you in making a wise decision for your next project


1. How Much Does It Cost to Build an E-Commerce App?

The cost of e-commerce app development depends on several factors such as complexity, size and many more things. Once you choose a foreign country you have to pay higher compared to Asian countries. In India, you have to pay $15-$30 per hour.

2. How Much Time E-Commerce App Take to Build

Unlike the cost, time also depends on several factors such as the experience of developers, knowledge, complexity, features, framework and many more things.

3. Do You Provide Maintenance and Support Services?

Yes, we offer support and maintenance services to our customers. Once you get app development services from us you don’t have to pay money for maintenance for one year.

4. How to Find a Leading Mobile App Development Company?

To find a leading mobile app development company, you need to do research, check experience, expertise as well as check many other things. For making a wise decision you have to check reviews and ratings.