How to Build an App Like Rooter
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How to Build an App Like Rooter

Social networking apps enable people to connect and interact with others worldwide, share information, and engage in various forms of communication. In simple terms, such platforms have become immensely popular in recent years. If you want to build an app like Rooter, searching for professionals is a good idea.

The primary purpose of such apps is to facilitate social interactions, allowing users to build personal connections, connect with friends and family, and share content such as videos, photos, text posts, and links. The users are able to engage in conversions, like or share content, comment on posts, and send private messages to each other. 

What is the best part of such platforms? It provides a wide range of features to enhance user experience and foster engagement. These features may include news feeds or timelines that show a chronological stream of content from users’ connections, privacy settings, customizable profiles, and many more. As a result, live game streaming app development is becoming more popular.

In this blog post, we will share a complete guide to building an app like Rooter, features, and much more information you should have prior to handing over your project to someone.

An Overview of Rooter 

Rooter is a popular social networking platform that was launched in 2018. Its unique approach to connecting sports enthusiasts and fans worldwide instantly generated attention. Its user-friendly interface and innovative features make it a go-to platform for sports lovers looking to engage with like-minded individuals and stay updated on the latest score, news, and discussions. 

In simple terms, the platform offers users a space to express themselves freely and engage in conversations that matter to them. Rooter encourages users to share their personal experiences, expertise, and insight, creating a vibrant community of individuals with diverse backgrounds and interests. 

Another aspect of the Rooter is that its layout is clean and easy to navigate, making it accessible to users of all ages and technical backgrounds. It also has incorporated algorithms that personalize content based on the user’s interest, ensuring they are presented with relevant and engaging information. Furthermore, it is committed to user privacy and data security. 

Suppose you also want to invest in live game streaming app development. In that case, you must seek the help of professionals with a good portfolio, years of experience, knowledge, and dedication to complete a project on time.

How Social Networking Applications Help to Make Money

How Social Networking Applications Help to Make Money

Undoubtedly, social networking applications help people stay connected with others worldwide. But you know that it is also helpful for making money. It has various ways to generate revenue and make money. Below are some methods are listed:

  • Advertising 

Social networking applications often display targeted advertisements to their users. By leveraging users’ data and preferences, it can offer relevant ads to a specific audience, attracting advertisers willing to pay for exposure. They may use different ad formats, such as sponsored content, display ads, or native advertising. 

Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity to search for a video streaming app development company compatible with implementing new ideas and technologies to build the best solutions for your business.

  • In-App Purchase 

Several social networking applications provide in-app purchases that allow users to enhance their expertise or access additional features. These purchases include premium subscriptions, digital content, virtual goods, or exclusive memberships. By offering value-added offerings, applications can generate revenue directly from their user base. 

Henceforth, you have to build an app like Rooter. But this is not an easier task. In such a scenario, you need to seek the help of well-experienced professionals in building a functional app.

  • Freemium Model 

Generally, social networking applications follow a freemium model, where the basic features and platform access are free. Still, users can upgrade to a premium version for advanced features or exclusive advantages. The premium version is typically offered through a subscription model, which generates recurring revenue.

However, building an app is more challenging than it seems, so searching for a  mobile app development company that helps you in every possible way is advisable.

  • Data Monetization 

User data is a valuable asset for social networking applications. They can analyze this data to gain insights into user behavior, trends, and preferences. The aggregated and anonymized data can be sold to third-party companies for market research, target marketing, or product development. 

In order to make the app development procedure more convenient and easier, you can seek the help of an on-demand app development company committed to providing ultimate solutions within your budget. 

  • Enterprise Solutions 

Many social networking applications undoubtedly provide enterprise solutions or premium versions tailored for companies. These versions may include additional features such as advanced communication tools, analytics, team collaboration, or customer relationship management capabilities. By changing a subscription fee to businesses, applications can generate revenue from corporate users. 

You can hire dedicated developers to get robust and innovative solutions because they have in-depth knowledge and experience to complete complex tasks. 

Features a Social Network App Must-Have

Features a Social Network App Must-Have

Social networking applications have become an integral part of daily life as they connect people and facilitate communication and sharing of information. So you need to choose the features accordingly. Here are some essential features a social networking application should have:

  • User Profile

Social networking apps should allow users to create and customize their profiles, including profile pictures, personal information, and interests. It allows users to express their identity and connect with others with the same interests. In order to include this feature in your app, you can seek the help of a mobile app development company.

With years of experience and knowledge, they can easily build an app like Rooter, including rich features.

  • News

Newsfeeds are a central feature of social networking apps, allowing users to see updates, posts, and activity from the people and pages they follow. News feeds should be personalized based on user preferences and display content chronologically or algorithmically. Henceforth, when building an app like Rooter, don’t forget to include this feature in your application. 

  • Friends/Connections

Connecting with others and building a network of friends is essential for social networking apps. Users must be able to send and accept friend requests, follow or subscribe to other user’s profiles, and manage their connections.

To make the development procedure more convenient, hiring dedicated developers is an ideal choice because they can easily handle the complexity. 

  • Share Content

Users should be able to share different types of content, such as text posts, photos, videos, links, and documents. Apps should support easy uploading and sharing of content and provide options to add subtitles, tags, and privacy settings. 

  • Message and Chat

Social networking apps require messaging and chat features that enable private conversations between users. This includes one-to-one messaging, group chats, voice, and video calls, sharing multimedia content in conversations, and more. 

  • Notification

Real-time notifications are important to keep users up-to-date on profile-related activities such as friend requests, likes, comments, mentions, and messages. Users should be able to control the types of notifications they receive and the frequency of notifications.

  • Privacy and Security

Social networking apps should prioritize user privacy and provide robust security features. These include options for controlling the visibility of personal information, managing privacy settings for posted and shared content, and implementing secure authentication and data encryption measures. To get the best solutions, you can also search for a  video streaming app development company that helps you in every possible way. 

  • Discoverability and Recommendations

To help users find new connections and content, social networking apps offer features such as search capabilities, personalized recommendations based on your interests and connections, trending topics, and suggestions for new people and pages to follow. 

  •  Events and Groups

Support for events and groups allows users to create and join communities of like-minded people. This may include organizing and promoting events, attending, discussing topics in groups, sharing relevant content, etc.

  • Analytics and Insights

Social networking apps should provide analytics and insights for users who want to track engagement and reach. This may include data about post views, likes, comments, follower growth, and demographic information about your audience.  

Steps to Build A Social Networking App

Steps to Build A Social Networking App

Building a social networking app can be complex, but we’ll outline the necessary steps. Note that this is a high-level overview, and each step may require more detailed planning and implementation. Here are the steps to create a social networking app:

Step 1: Define the App Concept

Determine the purpose and audience of your social networking app. Identify unique features and value propositions that differentiate your platform from existing platforms. Once you define the complete concept, building an app like Rooter is easier. 

Step2: Conduct Market Research

Find out about market conditions, competing apps, and user preferences. It helps you understand what users expect from social networking apps and identifies gaps and opportunities. Therefore, you must follow this step to provide the best solutions to your valuable clients. 

Step 3: Define App Functionality

 Features play an essential role in the success of a project. Based on your research and target audience, create a list of features you want to include in your app. You must choose the features carefully, including the user’s profile, news feed, messages, notifications, privacy settings, search functionality, etc.

Step 4: Design the UI/UX

In order to make the application more attractive and eye-catching, it is necessary to keep an eye on the designs. So, you must work with the designer to create an intuitive and visually appealing  UI/UX for your app. This includes wireframing, prototyping, layout, navigation, and designing visual elements. 

Step 5: Select a technology stack

There are several technology stacks, so you must choose one that is suitable for your application. You have to make sure which tech stack is suitable for your application. In order to choose the best technology stack, you can contact a leading mobile app development company that will guide you on which tech stack is suitable for your application. 

Step 6: Backend development

Develop server-side infrastructure that handles data storage, user authentication, and API endpoints. Choose a reliable backend framework and set up a database to store user information, posts, and other relevant data.

Step 7: Front-end development

Implement user interface design using front-end technologies. This includes coding the app’s screens, navigation, and interactions. Ensure a responsive design that works well on different devices and screen sizes.

Step 8: Testing and Quality Assurance

We conduct extensive testing to ensure your app works well, is bug-free, and provides a seamless user experience. Test with different devices, operating systems, and network conditions. Implement analytics to track user behavior and identify opportunities for improvement.

Step 9: Launch the App

Once the application is tested, it is time to launch it in the Google play store and Apple Store. However, more than launching an app is required. You also have to advertise it. This will assist you in informing the audience about your app. 


Over the years, the demand for social networking apps has been high as it helps people communicate, chat, share videos, images, and many more things. As a result, many agencies decide to build an app like Rooter. If you also want to build your own application, follow a complete guide.

The above-listed steps will help you build a functional and easy-to-use application for your business. Apart from it, you also need to search for a reputable mobile app development company committed to providing you with ultimate solutions within your budget.


1. What is Rooter App Development Cost?

The Rooter app development cost can vary significantly depending on various factors such as complexity, project size, features, the experience of developers, and location.

2. How to Search for Dedicated Developers?

Searching for dedicated developers can be a crucial task, as finding the right talent is essential for the success of any development project. You must define your requirements, conduct market research, and schedule interviews. 

3. How Much Time Does it Take to Build a Social Networking App?

The time it takes to build a social networking app can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the complexity of the app, the platform it is being developed for, the features and functionality required, the size of the development team, and the level of experience and expertise of the developers.