How to Build an App Like Signal?

Effective communication is crucial for reaching the intended audience. Consequently, there is an increasing need for messaging software. Having a private messenger application, users are able to chat with people easily. Building an app like  Signal is  profitable. Users are able to communicate messages, photos, and videos by using this application. 

Henceforth, it is an ideal choice to build an app like Signal. According to an estimate, there will be 2.7 million more messaging app users by 2027, and by 2030, that number might rise as high as 15%.  It is true that you will get more profit investing in private messenger app development.

You must obtain all the necessary information if you intend to develop an app similar to Signal. In this broadcast, we will share a complete guide to build an app like Signal. Let’s check the details without turning your head. 

Explanation of Signal App

Prior to taking a deep dive into the messaging app, we have to learn what a Signal application is. This cross-platform messaging app allows individual and group conversations with attachments, including files, photos, voice notes, and videos. Additionally, it consistently supports group and one-to-one voice and video chats.  Therefore, there is a demand for messaging app development company to develop this type of application. 

However, the procedure is not easy without any skill sets and knowledge. Thus, it is necessary to get detailed information on the application development. To make the process simpler and more convenient, look for a mobile app development business. 

Features to Consider to Build an App Like Signal

Features to Consider to Build an App Like Signal

There is not only an option to communicate with others. Many users prefer more than one messaging app because of their convenience. In the popularity of an application, key features play an essential role. As such, you need to confirm that the software has every functionality you need.  Here is the list of features you have to take into account when deciding to build an app like Signal.

  • Registration 

Once users install the application, they will sign up to the app using the required credentials such as email, mobile number, and social media account. From now on, it is imperative to ensure that the program has this capability. 

It is really tough to include this feature in your app on your own without any skills. Thus, it is good to contact an Android app development company that will help you transform your ideas into reality. 

  • User Profile 

You must incorporate this feature as well in your application. With the help of this feature, the users are able to complete their details such as FAQs, contact details and other required information they have to update. Don’t forget to add on this feature to your app as it will help users to include the functionality to the application.

  • Push Notifications 

Users want to get updates about the products and services. For this reason, it’s critical that your app has push notification capabilities. This will notify the users of the received messages, and push notifications will inform users when their preferred products and services are available. 

As a result, you have to include this feature to make sure that the users get updates about the products and services they want to get. 

  • File Transfer 

Another feature you have to consider is file transform, where millions of users are able to exchange tons of text messages, images, video files and audio. However, the size of files is different, and it takes time to transfer them. No doubt that a secure messaging application is a highly loaded system, streamlining data ciphering and transferring. For this reason, your messaging app needs to have this capability.

  • One-time Viewable and Self-Destructing Messages

Signal works like WhatsApp and provides a “view once” setting, which means users can share images and videos that disappear once they have been viewed. In order to include an extra layer of security in your application, it is required to consider implementing self-destructing messages. 

The Signal application allows users to set a timer from 5 seconds to one week to destroy received messages and media files in the chats. 

  • Note to Self 

This is another important feature you have to include when deciding whether whether whether to build an app like Signal. It helps users to send important messages, links to video and audio content and voice notes to themselves. It makes it handy for users to have an Evernote-like organizer built into their secure messaging app as well. 

  • Blurred Images 

In order to safeguard the privacy of people, Signal offers users a face-blurring feature that allows them to blur faces or other image parts they want to obscure when sharing over the Signal chat. This application’s image editor is able to identify and blur faces automatically, meanwhile, other elements of an image can be blurred manually by users using a blur brush. For this reason, the feature must be included. 

You can also hire mobile app developers to build an app like Signal because the professionals have years of experience and knowledge to transform an idea into reality. 

  • Incognito Keyboard

This is another feature you have to add on. However, it works for some Android devices. If you go to the Signal setting and activate incognito keyboard mode, it makes it impossible for the keyboard’s dictionary to remember the text the user types. 

The absence of autocomplete and suggestions is the best feature of the app. In order to protect users’ input,  it is profitable to implement an incognito keyboard feature. Henceforth, you have to add this functionality to your private messaging app. 

These are basic features you need to make sure that the application is equipped with these features. However, it is difficult to add these features to your application on your own. An on-demand mobile app development company is someone you may contact for assistance. 

Complete Guide to Build an App-Like Signal 

Complete Guide to Build an App-Like Signal 

More secure messaging apps can ensure user privacy and data protection are needed as there is a growing need for privacy and security in digital communications.

Here we mentioned steps you have to follow to build an app like Signal in order to empower your audiences in an effective way:

  • Define the Purpose and Features of App

This is the first step you have to follow to build an app like Signal in order to define the purpose and features of the app. Identify the requirements of the target audience and determine what functionality they want in your messaging application. 

You have to make sure that the secure messaging application adds end-to-end encryption, user data protection, secure authentication and safe communication between the client and server. 

  • Design the App Architecture

After defining the purpose and features of the application, you have to design the app architect. It includes deciding on the platform, programming language as well as a framework to be used for the development and design of the database schema and APIs that the application will use. 

In addition to creating the database schema and APIs that the application will utilize, it entails selecting the platform, programming language, and framework that will be used for development. Ensuring that the app architecture is scalable, safe, and performance-optimized is crucial. 

  • Implement End-to-End Encryption 

If you want to create an app similar to Signal, you also need to take into account this phase. Encryption forms the basis of secure messages. The application’s use of the Signal Protocol is a good place to start when implementing end-to-end encryption.  Working with a dating app development company, you can also make the procedure more convenient and secure. 

  • Adding Security Features 

Additionally, you have to implement other security features to make sure that the app is safe. User authentication, safe key management, secure user data storage, and secure client-server communication are a few examples of the possible features. In order to make sure user engagement, you can include advanced features. It guarantees that your application is simple to use and easy on the eyes.

  • Conduct Security Testing 

To find and address any security flaws, comprehensive security testing is necessary.  It may include conducting penetration testing, code reviews as well and security audits to make sure that the app is resilient and secure from attacks. 

You may also get in touch with a signal app development business for this work; they have a team of experts with years of experience and understanding.

  • Launch and Maintain the App

Once the application is tested, it is necessary to check it to make sure the application is working properly. In simple terms, testing helps identify security vulnerabilities in the application and make sure that the app is resilient and secure to attacks. To ensure sure the software is secure, it could involve performing security audits, code reviews, and penetration tests. 

It is required to run the application after testing it. To ensure that the application stays secure over time, it is crucial to keep an eye out for security flaws and maintain it with frequent updates and bug fixes. 

How Does a Messaging App Like Signal Make Money?

Well, messaging apps don’t make money, but with in-app advertisements, you can make money. You may want to consider marketing your brand to business users. You can design a version with features like on-premise deployment and third-party integration that is specifically focused on business communication needs. 

Making money from your application is the key to deciding how to finish.  Running advertisements, and charging some amount for extra features, it is easy to make money. 

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App like Signal?

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App like Signal?

The cost to build an app like Signal depends on several factors like features you want to include in the application, the location of the developers you choose from and many more. Here is the list of Signal app development cost based on different factors.

Complex Signal App Development Cost 

The main factor that can influence the cost of developing a mobile app is its complexity. In case of less complexity, you have to pay less compared to the high cost completely. Here is the table for an idea

Type of Complexity Hourly Cost
Less complexity $30-$70
Medium complexity $35-$80
High complexity $30-$100

Once deciding to build an app like Signal, contact the experts who will provide a brief about the cost based on the complexity of mobile app development.  To know the actual cost, you can contact Signal  app development company.

Cost Based on Different Locations

Apart from the complexity, the location of the developers plays an important role in determining the cost. If you choose Asian developers, you have to pay less compared to European and Australian developers. For an idea, we mention a list below:

Region Hourly Cost
Australia $20-$60
Europe $25-$80
USA $20-$100
Dubai $25-$90
India $15-$30

If you are planning to build an app like Signal, this table may be beneficial to determine how much you have to spend based on the different locations of the developers.

Signal App Maintenance and Support Cost 

Building an app is not enough. It is also required to make changes in the app, like updating the app, including advanced features and doing other activities.




Maintenance Type  Estimate Cost Range
Bug fixes $500-$1,500
Performance optimization  $800-$3,000
Security updates  $2,000-$5,000
Feature enhancement  2,500-$8,000
Compatibiity updates  $1,500-$10,00


You have to keep in mind that the table is just for an idea. In order to know the actual cost, it is suggested to contact the professionals as they have good knowledge and skills to build an app like Signal so they will provide accurate information that you want to know. 

The Bottom Line 

It is obvious that it is easy to connect people through messaging applications. As a result, there is a large need for these applications. Therefore, startups to large enterprises are showing interest in building an app like Signal. You can also make money by investing money in messenger app development. 

On the other hand, thorough understanding of the steps and development process is required.  The necessary steps to create an app similar to Signal are outlined above. You can get assistance from a mobile app development business that will assist you in every manner if you are unable to complete the task on your own. 


1. How much does it cost to design a Signal app?

The price of developing a Signal app depends on a number of variables. For an idea the cost may be between $10,000-$60,000. However, the price could go up based on your needs. 

2. How much time is needed to create a messaging application?

It is difficult to say the exact time to build a messenger app. The time depends on features, complexity and many more things. You have to contact a mobile app development company to find out how much time it takes to build an app.

3. How to search for dedicated developers?

In order to find a group of experts, you need to look through the developers’ prior work, which will assist you in deciding if hiring specialized developers from the chosen organization is right for you.