6 Steps To Build an App Like Zepto 

Zepto has seen immense progress since 2023, India’s first startup that has risen to be the most popular grocery delivery apps. . The rapid growth of the application shows no signs of slowing down. The technological advancements have made it possible to Build an App Like Zepto, to meet all your needs.

In 2022, the global online grocery industry was valued at $50.28 billion and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.8% from 2023 to 2030. These statistics indicate that the industry’s demand is expected to double in the coming years. Consequently, many businesses are eager to capitalise on this opportunity by investing with a Grocery Delivery App Development Company.

This blog will explore Zepto-like grocery delivery apps, their business model, the process of building an app like Zepto, essential features, and the costs involved.


Business Model of Zepto  

Zepto operates on the “dark store” model, which involves establishing warehouses in residential areas that are exclusively accessible to delivery drivers. Customers can place orders only through the Zepto India website or app.

Zepto boasts over 100 dark stores in various locations. While dark stores are designed for rapid delivery, they can sometimes struggle with large sales volumes. To maintain high service and quality standards, Zepto developed an advanced platform that aids in the picking and packing process.

Build an App Like Zepto

This system allows Zepto to offer a wide range of products at the lowest possible prices. Here are the key aspects that highlight the uniqueness and flexibility of the Zepto grocery delivery app development:

  1. Fast Service: Zepto’s main focus on providing easy service to customers. Their marketing features set them apart from competitors.
  2. Free Shipping: Zepto offers free shipping, making it more appealing than other companies charging delivery fees. 
  3. Fast Delivery Time: The website shows an impressive average delivery time of just 8 minutes and 47 seconds.


6 Steps to Build Grocery Delivery App Like Zepto 

6 Steps to Build Grocery Delivery App Like Zepto 

If you are looking for Zepto app development, then finding a custom grocery delivery app development company ensuring the success in developing an app like Zepto would be a great option. Building such applications is easy and requires planning and understanding the need of the market to be able to successfully find space in the market. Creating strategies ensures that all the resources and time are used efficiently leading to a cost saving aspect.

By following this approach while doing custom grocery delivery app development, you will easily find a way for your app’s seamless and successful implementation, delivering a user-friendly and reliable experience for customers. 

Here are the steps to build an app like Zepto:

1. Decide Your Value Proposition 

Every successful business idea needs a clear value proposition. For an instant-delivery service like Zepto, the primary value proposition is speedy delivery. Additionally, consider offering premium packaging, round-the-clock availability, and other attractive features to enhance customer satisfaction and differentiate your service.

2. Select What You Want to Deliver

When starting an on-demand app development delivery service like Zepto, it’s wise to begin with a focused selection of products. This allows you to manage inventory effectively and to fulfil the initial customer demands. As your business grows, you can gradually expand your product offerings based on market feedback and demand trends.

3. Choosing a Technology Stack

Developing an app like Zepto requires careful consideration of the technology stack. Depending on whether you’re targeting android app development or iPhone app development, or both platforms, you’ll need frontend and backend tools, a secure database, and security measures. Choose mobile app frameworks and programming languages that best suit your app’s requirements and scalability needs. One should hire dedicated developers from a reputed mobile app development company to find success here.

4. Start the Zepto App Development 

Mobile devices have taken over the business not only in groceries or food industry but every other industry you can think of which makes mobile commerce essential for reaching their customers in the market.  Whether Build a Grocery Delivery App Like Hungryroot or Zepto, make sure it meets user expectations and operational needs. You can collaborate with a custom grocery delivery app development company or manage the development process in-house, focusing on features like an admin panel for business operations, a user-friendly ordering interface, and tools for partners to manage their offerings.

5. Launch Your Mobile App

Before launching your Zepto-like app, conduct thorough testing to minimise bugs and ensure a smooth user experience. Consider launching a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) initially to validate market demand and technical functionality. This approach allows for early user feedback and helps prioritise future feature developments based on real-world usage.

6. App Maintenance and Updates

Post-launch, ongoing maintenance is important for addressing any issues that are not seen and refining features based on user feedback. Regular updates and improvements enhance app performance and user satisfaction, ensuring your grocery delivery service remains competitive and appealing in the market.

Key Features of Zepto 

Key Features of Zepto 

Building a grocery delivery app like Zepto requires integrating essential features that enhance user experience, streamline operations for delivery partners, and provide robust management tools for administrators. Here’s a breakdown of key features across user panels, delivery partner panels, and the admin panel:

1. User Panel

Easy Onboarding Simplify user registration by allowing sign-up with phone numbers or email addresses. Collect additional details during the order placement process to streamline initial interaction.

Intuitive Interface Design a user-friendly and visually appealing interface to ensure ease of navigation. Organise products into well-defined categories for quick browsing and seamless shopping experiences.

Accurate Location Tracking Implements precise location detection to facilitate seamless communication between customers, delivery agents, and the app. Improves efficiency in order fulfilment and delivery.

In-App Payment Gateways Integrate secure payment options within the app to allow users to choose their preferred method. Ensure seamless transactions and enhance convenience during checkout.

Push Notifications Keep users engaged with timely updates on order status, promotional offers, and new arrivals. Increase user interaction and encourage repeat purchases through targeted messages.

Reviews and Ratings Enable users to rate products and delivery experiences. Facilitate informed decision-making for future purchases and provide feedback to improve service quality.

User Dashboard Provide a personalised dashboard where users can view order history, track deliveries in real-time, and manage preferences for scheduled deliveries.




Real-Time Order Tracking Offer real-time tracking of orders from placement to delivery. Allow users to monitor the location of their order and the assigned delivery agent for efficient planning.

Scheduled Delivery Enable users to schedule deliveries at convenient times. Cater to the needs of working professionals and enhance customer satisfaction with flexible delivery options.

2. Delivery Partner Panel

Instant Updates Notify delivery agents instantly when orders are assigned and provide real-time updates on order status changes. Enhance efficiency and ensure prompt order fulfilment.

Optimised Routes Provide delivery agents with the shortest and most efficient routes to customer locations. Optimise delivery times and maintain service reliability.

Delivery Partner Dashboard Offer a dashboard where delivery agents can view assigned deliveries, check earnings, and access performance reports. Facilitate seamless management of daily tasks and earnings tracking.

In-App Wallet Enable delivery agents to view tips received, track earnings, and monitor incentives earned through the app. Provide transparency in financial transactions and incentives.

3. Admin Panel

Store Management Manage inventory across warehouses and retail stores. Monitor product availability, update stock levels, and ensure seamless fulfilment of orders.

Delivery Agent Management Track delivery agent performance, manage availability, and optimise coverage in service areas. Make data-driven decisions to improve operational efficiency.

Revenue Insights Access comprehensive reports on gross profits, investments, and engagement metrics. Gain actionable insights to enhance revenue generation and operational effectiveness.

The Grocery Delivery App Development varies based on several factors, including the features you want to incorporate, the platform you choose, and the target market’s location.

For a basic app, you can expect to pay between $10,000 and $15,000. If you wish to include additional features or launch the app in multiple locations, the cost will range from $16,000 to $25,000.

To estimate the development time for your app solution, refer to the table below. It provides an approximate timeline for developers to Build an App Like Zepto. Take a look.

Function Approx Hours
UI/UX design 50 Hours
Front-end and Back-end development 350 Hours
Technical documentation 40 Hours
MVP testing 70 Hours
Maintaining and bug fixing 40 Hours


If you are ready to build an app like Zepto, the fastest delivery app in India then you have all the information you need. From the features of the app to the development process, you can find the best on demand app development company and get your application going by hiring dedicated developers. The blog also provides information on the Grocery Delivery App Development Cost in India to give you an estimate on the cost and how much will you initially need for a fully featured application bringing success as soon as it launches in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Does it Take to Build an App Like Zepto?

The time required to build an app like Zepto depends on the complexity of features, platform choice (Android or iPhone), and the expertise of the mobile app development company. Partnering with a reputable on-demand app development company can help streamline the process and ensure timely delivery.

2. How Does a Grocery Delivery App Like Zepto Work?

A grocery delivery app like Zepto works by connecting customers with local grocery stores and delivery agents through a seamless platform. Here’s how it typically functions:

– User Onboarding 

– Browsing Products 

– Placing Orders

– Payment

– Order Processing 

– Delivery 

– Feedback 

3. Why Invest in Grocery Delivery App Development?

Investing in grocery delivery app development offers numerous benefits:

– Market Growth: The online grocery market is growing rapidly, with significant potential for returns.

– Convenience: Customers prefer the convenience of having groceries delivered to their doorstep.

– Scalability: Custom grocery delivery app development allows you to scale your business efficiently.

– Competition in the Market:  Having an app like Zepto can set you apart from competitors.

– Revenue generation: Generate revenue through delivery charges, membership fees, and sponsored ads.

4. What are the Benefits of Online Grocery Delivery App Development?

The benefits of developing an online grocery delivery app include:

– Increased Reach

– User Convenience

– Efficiency

– Cost Savings

– Data Insights