Steps to Build eCommerce App Like AliExpress
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Steps to Build eCommerce App Like AliExpress

Online shopping apps have made the lives of people easier and simpler. We all know that day-to-day life has undergone a tremendous change because of the growth of technology. In today’s time people are fond of purchasing products without having direct contact with shops and malls by getting offer deals. Therefore, the demand for eCommerce apps is becoming high. As a result, it is a great opportunity to build eCommerce app like AliExpress.

There is no doubt that online shopping applications have made people’s lives easier and more straightforward when buying products. Having an online eCommerce app, the users can easily access a wide range of products and services. In this blog, we will discuss how to build an eCommerce app like Aliexpress by glancing at the steps to create a successful eCommerce app and features to include in the application.

Overview of AliExpress

AliExpress is an online retail platform that connects buyers as well as sellers worldwide.  It offers a large selection of goods at affordable costs. The Alibaba Group launched the application in 2010, which became more popular. The platform operates on a marketplace model, where sellers, primarily from China and other Asian countries, list their products for sale, and buyers from various parts worldwide can browse and purchase them.

This platform is known for its vast product range, spanning categories like fashion, electronics, home and garden, beauty and health, toys, and much more. Buyers on AliExpress benefit from buyer protection policies, including a refund guarantee if the purchased item is not as described or does not arrive within the specified delivery time. It assists in building trust between buyers and sellers, fostering a secure online shopping environment.

This is why it is a good idea to build eCommerce app like AliExpress. However, building a functional and easy-to-use application is a challenging task. In such a case, you have to search for a reliable and trustworthy eCommerce app development company that is committed to providing you ultimate solutions.


How Does AliExpress Work?


How Does AliExpress Work?


In order to use the AliExpress app, it is necessary to create a free account on the official AliExpress website by clicking on the sign-up link in the top right corner. You can create a new account by entering your email address in the registration form or by signing in with Facebook or Google.

Following the initial account creation, this platform will request your first and last name, gender, date of birth, nationality and list of the shopping categories you are interested in, such as consumer electronics, men’s clothes and tech accessories. Once you create your profile, you may browse AliExpress and hunt for products using the search bar at the top of the screen.

You can buy any product simply by pressing the ‘But Now’ button on the product’s dedicated product page, or you can include it in your shopping cart by clicking the “add to cart” button and making the purchase later on. As a result, the demand for an app like AliExpress is becoming high.


Key Benefits to Build eCommerce App Like AliExperess

Online shopping platforms have become famous not because they provide all the items in one place but also because they save money and time. As a result, companies are deciding to build eCommerce app like AliExpress. Building an eCommerce like AliExperess can provide a plethora of advantages for entrepreneurs searching to establish a strong online presence and tap into the vast world of digital commerce.

  • Global Reach and Market Expansion 

The first and foremost advantage of creating an eCommerce app like AliExpress is the great opportunity to achieve a global reach. It successfully connected businesses with customers across the globe, breaking down geographical barriers. By designing a platform with international shipping options and multilingual support, our application can attract a diverse customer base. This global exposure opens up new marketers, allowing businesses to expand their reach beyond local limitations. It’s an excellent advantage for eCommerce app development.

To gain this benefit, you must invest in AliExpress app development by seeking the help of trusted and well-experienced developers. With years of expertise and knowledge the professionals easily transform the idea into reality.

  • Diverse Product Range and Supplier Network

AliExpress is known for its extensive product catalog with a wide range of items in different categories. Building similar e-commerce apps allows businesses to work with a diverse network of suppliers and offer a wide range of products.

This variety attracts a larger audience and caters to different consumer tastes. Ensuring a smooth supplier onboarding process and implementing effective inventory management tools will help maintain a robust and diverse product selection.

  • Secure Payment Gateways and Transactions

Security is a top priority in e-commerce, and AliExpress has built trust by implementing secure payment gateways and encryption protocols. When developing an e-commerce app, integrating reliable and widely used payment options ensures your users a secure and seamless transaction experience.

Trust is a key factor when it comes to online shopping, and a secure payment system can significantly increase customer trust, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

  • User-Friendly Interface and Experience

AliExpress is very popular not only for its wide range of products but also for its user-friendly interface. Focusing on a clean and intuitive design when creating an e-commerce app will improve the overall user experience.

Implementing features like easy navigation, an easy checkout process, and personalized recommendations can contribute to user satisfaction. With the growing trend of mobile commerce, it’s also important to invest in responsive design for mobile users.

  • Data Analytics and Personalization

Data analytics and personalization features can significantly improve the performance of your e-commerce apps. AliExpress uses data to understand customer behavior, preferences, and purchasing patterns.

By integrating analytics tools into your app, you can gain valuable insights that can help you optimize your marketing strategy, improve product recommendations, and increase overall user engagement. Personalization features such as customized product suggestions and targeted promotions contribute to a more personal and enjoyable shopping experience for users.

  • Brand Loyalty and Customer Retention

Building an e-commerce app similar to AliExpress gives you the opportunity to develop and strengthen brand loyalty. Implementing customer loyalty programs, offering discounts, and providing excellent customer support all contribute to a positive shopping experience.

You can stay connected beyond individual transactions by communicating regularly with your customers through newsletters, push notifications, and social media integrations. A positive customer experience leads to repeat business positive word of mouth and fosters a loyal customer base.

Top Features an eCommerce App Like AliExpress Must Have

Key features play an essential role in the success of a project. This is why you have to include the necessary features to your application while deciding to build eCommerce app like AliExpress:

  • Seamless Registration 

First impressions are the most important. Hassle-free registration is like a warm welcome to your store. Simplify sign-up by providing multiple options such as phone number with OTP, email and social media logins. Therefore, you must include this feature in your application by seeking the help of a mobile app development company with ultimate solutions per your requirements.

  • Wishlist Magic 

Everyone wants to remember those products they liked but couldn’t find later. This feature will help users include their favorite item in the wishlist to remember for their next purchase. In simple terms, users can bookmark products they are interested in, and the seller can send them notifications when the product goes on sale. This feature will enhance user experience and assist in making long-lasting relationships with customers.

  • Effortless Checkout Experience 

Instant and smooth checkouts are a game-changer. Therefore, when deciding to build eCommerce app like Aliexpress, ensure the application is equipped with this feature. Including this functionality you can also reduce friction and make purchasing a breeze. A straightforward checkout process requires less work and information from the user, which boosts sales and makes customers happy. It is now imperative that your app have this feature.

  • Comprehensive Product Information 

Once users search for a product they want to get every information that is essential. Therefore, you must incorporate this feature into your application. It will provide comprehensive product information within the mobile application. Including this functionality can provide a remarkable user experience and improve your sales. Remember to incorporate this feature into your app.

In order to make the procedure more accessible, you can seek the help of an Android app development company that can easily build an eCommerce app like AliExperess, including rich features and trends.




  • Multiple Payment Options 

This is another essential feature you must include while building an ecommerce app like AliExperess. No doubt that making payment is easier if there are multiple payment options. So, you have to make sure that the users are able to pay money via PayPal, credit card, debit card and net banking.

It will help you ensure an excellent user experience. However, doing this job is challenging, so it is suggested that an on-demand app development company with good years of experience in this field be contacted.

Strategies You Have to Follow to Build an eCommerce App Like AliExpress


Strategies You Have to Follow to Build an eCommerce App Like AliExpress


Once you are aware about the features, advantages, technology and other aspects of an eCommerce app, it is time to start the development procedure. However, it is a challenging task as there are multiple strategies that you have to follow to build eCommerce app like AliExpress. Here are some steps that help you in building functional applications.

1. Gathering Information 

The first step to building eCommerce app like AliExpress is to gather all of the project information. As a developer, it is important to ask the necessary questions to learn more about the client’s requirements. Analyze the client’s demand in depth before deciding on the purpose and objectives of the website. It will assist you in developing functional and robust IT solutions for your clients.

2. Planning, Strategizing and Wireframing 

Now it is time to compile the information gathered in step one and construct a complete website plan. A site map is undoubtedly a list of all of a website’s key subject areas and any relevant subtopics. The site map assists users in understanding the website’s navigation structure and the content that will be provided.

As an app’s end users are potential customers, their experience should be as simple as possible. Therefore, don’t forget to follow this essential step while you are deciding to build eCommerce app like AliExpress.

3. Designing 

An important factor in a project’s success is its design. Therefore, when you decide to build an eCommerce app like AliExpress, it is crucial to ensure that the designs look professional. Throughout the design procedure, the group often creates one or more application prototypes. Thus, when deciding to build an eCommerce app, the graphics look professional and eye-catching.

For this task, you can search for a trustworthy company from which you can hire dedicated developers and designers who work dedicatedly on your project and provide the ultimate solutions as per your requirements.

4. Development Stage 

The development process needs to get underway as soon as possible. For this task, it is required to hire mobile app developers with good knowledge and skill sets to provide ultimate solutions per the client’s requirements. Moreover, once you hire dedicated developers, they implement advanced technology to transform your idea into reality.

5. Testing and Launching

You must test the application after it has been built.  Every page must be checked to make sure that the application is shown appropriately across all browsers and that all links work. If everything is fine, you have to launch the application on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. It will assist people in finding your application.


What is eCommerce App Development Cost?


What is eCommerce App Development Cost?


Apart from the complete guidance to build eCommerce app like AliExpress, it is also necessary to know the eCommerce app development cost. Generally, the app development cost depends on several factors. Here, we will show a table of cost based on different factors just for an idea. Let’s take a look:


Factor Influence on Cost Hourly Rate (Low) Hourly Rate (High)
1. Project Complexity High complexity projects may require specialized skills and more time. $30 $150
2. Platform (iOS, Android, Web) Developing for multiple platforms increases development time and cost. $25 $120
3. Design and UI/UX High-quality, intricate designs may require more time and skilled designers. $20 $100
4. Features and Functionality More features and complex functionalities increase development time. $25 $120
5. Integration with Third-Party APIs Integrating external services or APIs can add complexity. $30 $150
6. Payment Gateway Integration Secure payment systems may require specialized expertise. $30 $150
7. Customization and Branding Extensive customization and branding efforts may increase costs. $20 $100
8. Testing and Quality Assurance Thorough testing ensures a bug-free app, but it adds to the development timeline. $20 $100
9. Project Management Efficient project management helps streamline the development process. $20 $100


Note: this is a rough estimate of AliExpress app development cost for an idea. So, while deciding to build an eCommerce app like AliExpress, consult with a leading mobile app development company to get the exact cost of mobile app development.


Summing Up

Well, it’s not a big deal to order products and services via the help of an eCommerce application. Therefore, many enterprises are showing their interest in investing in eCommerce app development projects. If you are also deciding to build eCommerce app like AliExpress, the above-listed features may be helpful to you.

Apart from the listed information, you must hire dedicated developers proficient in building functional and responsive applications for various sectors.



1. What are the main features to include in an e-commerce app like AliExpress?

Key features include an easy-to-use product list, a secure payment gateway, a robust search and filtering system, and user reviews.

2. How can I ensure secure payment transactions in my e-commerce app?

Implement a secure and widely used payment gateway, use encryption protocols (SSL), and adhere to industry security standards. Stay one step ahead of potential threats by updating your security measures regularly.

3. How can I efficiently manage a large product catalog?

 Implement a scalable database system, optimize product search and filter functionality, and provide an efficient caching mechanism. Consider a content delivery network (CDN) to improve the loading speed of your products.

4. Which technology should I use for app development?

Frontend (React Native, Flutter), backend (Node.js, Django), reliable database (MySQL. Choose a robust technology stack, including popular frameworks for MongoDB).