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Top 10 Celebrity Look Alike Apps

Did you check these Celebrity Look Alike Apps?

Did you check these Celebrity Look Alike AppsPeople are always looking for mobile applications whether they require entertainment, grocery and other things. There are millions of apps on the internet that have different features and themes. However, some attractive celebrity look-alike apps are one of them which are on trend.

Undoubtedly, celebrities are the inspiration of many people, so building celebrity look-alike apps is becoming more popular and demanding among people. Generally, this app will use face recognition technology. In simple terms, users need to upload a photo and choose a proper filter to find out what celebrity look-alike app best suits their purpose.

If you want to build celebrity look-alike apps, you need to find a reputable name that is committed to providing you with one of the best solutions that suit your needs. They will provide ultimate solutions with years of expertise and in-depth information about the technology and trends.

An on demand app development company will use the unique concept and technology to build a functional and responsive application that is compatible to run on different platforms such as Android and iOS.

An Overview of Celebrity Look-Alike Apps

Celebrity Look Alike Apps

Celebrity look-alike apps are face recognition apps that analyse the user’s face and match the features of the face with that of other celebrities. The applications are always accurate with face recognition and analysis. However, if a user wants to get different results, such an application can change the result.

Hence, many industries are looking for on demand app development services to help them get high revenue and return on investment. If you want to build your own app, it is necessary to find a trusted and reputable name that will give you one of the best solutions as per your requirements.

Know How Celebrity Look Alike App Work

As we mentioned, a celebrity look-like app is usually based on facial recognition technology. This application uses an algorithm in order to identify the best celebs that match the user’s face.

Vital facial recognition is the procedure of detecting a person’s identity using their face. This technology captures and analyses patterns that are based on the person’s facial details. In order to use this application, you need several components like:

  • Robust server in order to store the database of profile
  • A video camera you can also use a smartphone that has a good-quality camera.
  • An effective comparison and recognition algorithm
  • Trained neural network with unrestrained access to millions of pictures.

Once you have all these components, then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First of all, download and launch the application, then upload the photograph.
  • The algorithm analyzes the image and compares it to the many celebrity images available in the database.
  • Then it will determine the picture that has the maximum matched details and offer you a final result.

Significant Features a Celebrity Look-Alike App Must Have

Significant Features a Celebrity Look-Alike App Must Have

With attractive features, it is easy to attract several users, so you need to choose unique and innovative features when it comes to building celebrity look-alike apps. Besides the unique functions, you need to try to implement something unique to your application that makes you stand out from other ones.

Here, we mentioned some fundamental features celebrity look-alike apps must have. This will help you in making your application more unique and attractive. So, let’s start:

  • Cartoon Character

This is the fundamental feature to attract the younger generation. This will convert a face from an image into a cartoon character. Usually, this is an AI-based function where you can easily create a cartoon character base. Furthermore, you are also eligible to give your application a theme and keep changing it from time to time to increase engagement levels.

  • Gamification

This is also a required feature that will increase entertainment. The user will undoubtedly enjoy this feature because it allows them to create funny videos, take a quiz, gather points for completing small tasks in the app or create a greeting card.

  • Celeb Look-Alike Tools

This function will assist you in recognizing the famous matching faces that resemble the users. Thus, you need to add this feature to your application. In order to include this feature in your app, you need to get in touch with a mobile app development company.

  • Celeb Look-Alike Filters

People love makeup and face editing, which is why you need to add filters and effects features to your app. This will ensure that the user will enjoy the application while making videos. This is why make sure that the application must have this function.

In order to make this process easy, you can hire dedicated developers. They will easily build a functional and responsive app with years of expertise and knowledge.

  • Advanced Image Editing Tools

Celebrity Look-Alike Apps must have this amazing feature that allows users to share their photos on social networking platforms. Therefore, it is a highly recommended feature in your mobile application.

To make this process more convenient and easier, you can get in touch with a reputable name committed to providing on-demand app development services at an affordable price.

List of Top 10 Best Celebrity Look-Alike apps

When it comes to building an app, you need to focus on the unique quality of each app, make a list of their special features and prepare a combined list. Here, we mentioned a list of top10 best celebrity look-alike apps that help you in taking an idea to build your own application.

1. Gradient

This is the first celebrity look-like app that provides several features such as blur background, recolor hair, face retouching, multiple filters for applying, collage creation and many more.

The core function of this application is a face match with a celebrity. Moreover, its unique feature is the AI face; through it the user is able to find how they will look if they were born on a different continent.

If you want to build your own celebrity look-alike apps, you can take an idea from this application. However, you need to seek the help of professionals who have years of experience in building fully-functioning and responsive apps with rich features.

2. Celebs

Second popular app is Celebs that has a machine learning model algorithm that empowers it for the face-matching of users and celebrities. This application compares a picture of users with many celebrities in order to find out the best possible match.

So, you can take inspiration from this application and build the best solutions. However, you need to find an on-demand app development company that is committed to provide ultimate solutions to you.

3. Star By Face

Another great app is Star by Face that has great popularity worldwide. In order to use this application, you need to upload your photo to an application and the picture can also be added by URL.

Hence, you can take a reference from star by face and build an app that is equipped with rich-feature. In order to make your application more unique, you can hire mobile app developers who have years of expertise in building custom solutions.

4. Y Star

Y Star is also included in the list of popular celebrity Look-Alike Apps. This use of this app is as simple as using your smartphone’s camera. In order to find out which celebrity do I look like with this app, you need to click your picture using the Y start camera and wait for results.

This application will scan your facial features irrespective of sex, age and scars. So, it is a great choice to build a celebrity look-alike app such as Y star. To make it more attractive you can use the latest technology and trends.

5. Looky

Another easy-to-use celebrity look-alike application is Looking that helps the users to take selfies directly using an app camera and the server displays the most matching results.  Hence, it is a great idea to take a reference from this app and build a great solution that meets your as well as your business desire.

In order to make this process more convenient, you can get in touch with a reputable agency that is committed to provide the best android app development services.

6. Facer

Another high demand celebrity look-alike app is facer that helps people to engage more. This app will provide users with their three best celebrity matches and every option is always accompanied by a percentage of similarity between the two.

It has a powerful collection of celebrities which includes politicians, singers, bloggers, etc. In order to make such an app, you need to get in touch with a reputable firm that has a good track record and portfolio.

7. My Replica App

This celebrity look-alike app is ideal if you want to give your images a polished look. It will provide filters that can make the image appear more authentic. It is compatible to run on Android & iOS platforms.

Hence, it is a great choice to build an app such as my replica app. However, making such an application is not an easy task. In such a case, it is ideal to get in touch with expertise that will provide you on-demand app development services within your budget.

8. Who Do I Look Like

Who DO I Look Like is another app that is listed on the list of top celebrity look-alike apps? This will give its judgement after examining your image and your facial features such as hair colour, face tone, the shape of your nose and ear etc.

9. Twinlets App

This is also included in the list of top celebrity look-alike apps that are developed for entertainment purposes. Thus, it is an ideal choice for taking a reference for building your own solutions with great functionality.

10. Doppel App

Doppel will notify the users whenever it finds a profile that matches yours. Using it, the users can make funny videos, chat, create and join groups, and share the face gradient with family and friends.

It is a great idea to take a referral from this application and build a solution equipped with rich features and advanced technology.

The Cost of Developing a Celebrity Look-Alike App

Once you have an idea, plan and reference for developing your own app. But the main question is, what is the cost of developing a celebrity look-alike app? However, the app development cost is not the same because it may depend on several things, including the app’s complexity, the number of developers involved, project size and the platform you choose for app development.

According to an idea, the average cost range of developing celebrity look-like apps ranges from $45,000 to $60,000. The cost will be more if you want to include additional features or choose a developer in a different location. Yes, you heard right, agencies in different countries take different charges for developing an app.

Below we mentioned a list of hiring developers at different places on an hourly basis. This will help you in deciding which one is right for you.

Country Celebrity Look-Alike App Development Cost  Per Hour
USA $30-$50 Per Hour
UAE $35-$60 Per Hour
Europe $40-$80 Per Hour
India $25-$50 Per Hour

This will help you in finding a name that is eligible to develop the best solutions for your business within your budget. However, the cost may increase based on features, technology, platform and many other factors.


Innovation and uniqueness play a significant role in establishing your business in the market. If you recently decided to build your application, such as a celebrity look-alike app. In this case, you need to get in touch with a mobile app development company.

A reputable name will help you to make one of the best celebrity-look-alike apps in the best way. Another great thing about hiring a reputed name is that they never compromise on quality and provide the best services for custom android app development.