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How to Continue App Development Amid COVID-19 Lock-Down

For developers, change has been the only constant for years. We have been evolving and updating ourselves to keep in the business amid the technology advancements. The present times, due to COVID-19 spread, are also testing for the developers.

The market is affected like never before. But, it is upon us to transform or succumb to the threat! The best way to deal with the challenge is to face it and find alternatives that can help us continue app development.

So let’s accept; to survive and to grow, we will have to adapt. To help you with that, here are the challenges faced by app development businesses in Coronavirus times, and the ways we can overcome them.

1. Managing Your Team

Can technology help manage your business remotely? Well, you have the answer! As developers, you develop hi-tech app solutions for the users and try to convince them that technology can make everything possible and easy for them. And now, when you need it, you are doubting the potential of technology?

Technology-driven remote work is one of the best ways to keep working in these times. There are numerous ways that your team can continue working remotely yet effectively.

You can use a remote work software that comes with features such as audio/video calling, collaboration, employee monitoring, file sharing, live chat, meeting management, project management, remote access, reporting, analytics, and security. As you can see, the software covers almost all your needs.

Technology thus helps you engage with your team, monitor them, and keep your work going irrespective of the location of your employees. And imagine, now that the location barrier is removed, you can hire the best developers from anywhere.

2. Develop New Ideas

Coronavirus times have changed the needs and preferences of the users. And so, you must start working on app ideas that are useful for the users confined to their homes.

A lot of people are in fear across the world. And they are missing their friends. They need some entertainment to beat boredom and loneliness. Can you think of developing an interesting gaming app, or social media app, that can engage your users?

Apart from that, app-based education is the need of the hour. As already discussed, businesses will need more remote management solutions in critical fields. Education is one such area, which cannot be ignored and which will continue through apps, despite circumstances.

When confined to their homes, customers need access to essentials like food and clothing. So, the e-commerce apps with rich customer experience, easy delivery, and payment options are here to stay. Shopping and e-commerce apps will thus be in demand more than ever.

And, how can we forget the most talked-about industry in these times, Healthcare? The demand for healthcare and telemedicine apps has increased manifold. So, have you thought about an excellent healthcare app idea?

3. Adhere to Timelines

Most app development businesses are struggling through with anxiety, and they are unsure when they will be back on track.

But, instead of waiting, better accept the remote working teams as the new norm for the time being. And accordingly, start valuing your work timelines. Communicate these timelines to your team clearly. Also, make sure that you define some milestones that your team must achieve timely.

App development will continue amid the crisis. And so, seek your team’s support to follow your deadlines diligently. This will help you deliver to your clients’ requirements and will ensure that you get repeat business.

4. Build Relationships

This is the ideal time to contact your past clients. Keeping in touch with them will help you understand the issues that their business is facing in the slowdown times. Try to think about the solutions that you can build to help them manage better!

Also, share your experiences with your clients on how you have optimized your business operations to survive the crisis. And, you might as well get some amazing ideas from them.

When your clients have work, you will continue to have work. So, if your clients are looking for app ideas, suggest something innovative that you can develop for them.

5. Relax & Strategize

Let’s admit; we are all having teething problems managing remote teams. But, as the situation is new to both business and the employees, it will take time for the employees to settle with the idea.

The employees will also gradually learn to adapt to the work-from-home culture. So, just relax; ultimately, the employees who contribute to the success of your business will continue with you. Trust your employees, and they will help you grow.

As there is a temporary slowdown in the business operations, we should use the time to strategize better. Make your goals for the next quarter. Then develop strategies to achieve these goals, prepare manpower plans, do skill and resource mapping, etc.

To Summarize!

In times of crisis, we must develop more compassion. Yes, this applies to businesses as well! App development businesses should work with more patience. They will gradually adapt to the changing times if they practice agility.

Fortunately, app development is technology-driven. And, so, with intelligent use of software, the businesses can find solutions to so many challenges in the long run. Remote working can be effectively managed with software, so try it now!

Customers will need apps; they are now more dependent on mobile apps for their day to day work. When there is a demand for their apps, app developers will continue to have work. But, they will have to conserve their resources and use them effectively.

Ultimately, building relationships with their employees and the clients will help businesses survive the turbulent times.

Our experts are working efficiently amid the crisis. So, if you have an app development idea that you would like us to turn to reality, contact us now!

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