How Much Does It Cost to Build a Medical Appointment App in Dubai UAE

Say bye to the traditional method of booking an appointment with a doctor. Making an appointment with a specialist is at your fingertips. By just tapping a few buttons, you can easily schedule appointments with the help of an application. As a result, the demand for medical appointment app development in the UAE is high.

With the help of a medical appointment app, it is easy to consult with a doctor anytime and anywhere. It also helps doctors keep track of patient’s medical history, reports, and prescriptions. Thus, it is a good opportunity to develop a medical appointment app. The best thing about the application is that it is accessible from any device like a smartphone, tablet, etc. Having a mHealth app makes it easy to break the barrier between doctor and patient. 

However, medical appointment app development is not as easy a procedure. Generally, mobile app development requires proper planning, strategy, and innovation. If you are planning to build an app, it is necessary to be concerned about the medical appointment app development cost. It will assist in ensuring that you can include advanced features and technology in your app or not.

The cost depends on several factors, such as location, experience, platform, and many others. If you are planning to build your app in Dubai, then the app development cost may differ compared to other countries. In this guide, we will cover all the aspects that can be helpful for you in the future. Let’s start. 

How Much Does A Medical Appointment App

Medical appointment app development cost in the UAE depend on numerous factors. Whether it is a design or app development platform, everything fluctuates in development cost. In such a scenario, it is challenging to ask a clear amount for app development.

Once mobile app developers in UAE  charge different fees as per their skill, knowledge, and experience, it is tough to determine the actual cost of medical app development as it fluctuates based on different factors. For an idea, below is a quick summary of the cost of building a medical appointment app. 

  • Basic or Simple

A basic medical appointment app development cost in the UAE can be around $15,000 to $30,000. In basic or simple applications, you can include only fundamental features for basic functioning and basic design. 

  • Medium

In this type of application, you can go a step ahead of the basic application. You are eligible to include new features and make some modifications and advancements to the basic version. In simple terms, the medical appointment app development cost in the UAE would be nearly $30,000–$70,000.

  • Larger or Complex

The complex form of the medical appointment app also influences the cost. You can get all the features you want your users to have, including complex customizations, superior design, and a lot more, for around $80,000 and higher. 

Factors That Affect Medical Appointment App Development Cost in UAE

We are all aware that app development is an extensive procedure that takes a long time. There is no doubt that hardwood and time is required for a successful application. However, you have to pay for it. It is difficult to say how much you have to pay for medicine appointment app, as it depends on several factors. 

Here are a few factors that may affect the medical appointment app development cost in Dubai. 

  • The Application’s Type and Size

The medical appointment app development cost may increase or decrease based on the app type and size. Small applications are designed for a single platform and have minimal functionality and typical user interface components. These applications don’t need backend development or API integration. 

On the other hand, medium applications are built for a single platform but provide customized user interfaces and payment options. This category always includes applications that are created for more than one platform but are less complicated. Large or complicated applications have far more features than the other two. 

So, it depends on what type of application you want. If you choose a small-size app, then the cost may be less compared to a large-size application. For an idea, you can check out the listed table: 

App Type  Estimated Hourly Cost
Basic Medical Appointment  $40-$90
Advanced Medical Appointment  $55-$150
Telemedicine App $40-$120
Electronic Health Record $60-$180

However, this is approximate and may vary based on different factors. But when it comes to knowing the actual cost, it is good to consult with mobile app developers who are well experienced in app development.

  • Operating System for a Device-iOS vs Android 

Medical appointment app development costs vary depending on the platform for which you want to create an app. Android and iOS are more popular platforms for app development, but you know that the cost is different for both platforms. For example, in Android app development, it is required to hire Java or Kotlin-experienced developers. While in iOS app development, you need a professional well-versed in Objective C or Swift. 

Moreover, Android is compatible with numerous mobile devices, which have different screen sizes. On the contrary, iOS supports a maximum of 20 different device types and operating system versions. 

Platform Estimated Hourly Cost Range
iOS $40 – $100
Android $35 – $90
Web $45 – $110

However, this is not real estate. To know the actual cost based on the platform, you have to contact a team of professionals who are proficient in app development in Dubai. It makes sure that your project is in the right hands. 

  • Mobile App Design 

The mobile application’s design is another essential thing that may increase the cost of app development in Dubai. Henceforth, it is necessary to keep an eye on the icons, logos, and UI/UX of the application. The first impression is indeed the last, so it is important to make sure that the application looks professional and eye-catching.

If you choose simple designs, then you have to pay less compared to high and complex designs. There is no doubt that crafting professional-looking designs is not possible for novice designers so professionals will charge the highest cost based on their experience, knowledge and skills. 

  • The Development Team’s Location 

The development team’s location also plays an important role in medical appointment app development cost. This is because every task involved in the development procedure is handled by a separate department in a large organization, resulting in significant expenditures. 

Additionally, a startup or an independent developer providing app development services may have only one team performing all tasks, resulting in lower prices. On the other hand, the location of the selected company or team working on your app development project impacts the cost. Here is the table of the development team’s location. 

Developer Location  Hourly Cost 
UK $20-$100
Europe $25-$90
London $20-$80
Malaysia  $35-$120
Germany $25-$100
USA $30-$120
India $15-$30

Note that it is just an idea. To know the actuarial cost, it is suggested to consult with a reputed mobile app development company that has a team of professionals who are trained to transform an idea into reality. 

Features a Medical Appointment App Must Have 

When it comes to building a medical appointment application, it is necessary to choose the features wisely. Here is a list of the top features a medical appointment app must have:

Doctor Panel 

  • Login 

The first and foremost important feature you have to include in the application is logging in. With this feature, it is easy for users to log in to the application. Therefore, a medical appointment app developer should always have a login option with a social media account. To include this feature, you can also hire dedicated developers in Dubai. 

  • Decorative Profile 

This is another feature you have to include in the doctor panel that helps them create and update their profiles as per their requirements, such as the doctor’s speciality, location, image, charges for an appointment, etc.  

  • Accept/Reject Booking 

With the help of this feature, the doctor can accept/reject the appointment. There is no doubt that doctors are not always free. In such a scenario, it is necessary to have an option that they can accept or reject the appointment request. 

  • Edit the Book slot

The medical appointment app should have edited the book slot feature. This feature allows users to edit the appointment slot in case of any inconvenience. Henceforth, you have to add this feature to the doctor panel. For this work, you can also seek the help of skilled developers. 

  • Telemedicine 

This is always an essential feature you have to add to the doctor panel. This feature, also known as online scheduling through video calling or chat, has changed the healthcare industry. Therefore, it is required to include this feature in your application. 

Patient Panel

  • Patient Profile 

As a doctor profile, it is also necessary to include a patient profile feature that allows them to enter the essential profile information in the application. With the help of this feature, patients can easily log in to their existing social media accounts. 

  • Dynamic Search 

Dynamic search is another essential feature that helps patients set a filter to find expertise based on price range, expertise, time availability, etc. Therefore, it is essential to add this feature to your application. 

  • Appointment Booking 

This is another essential feature you have to include in your application. With the help of this feature, it is convenient to book a slot with experts. In simple terms, patients can book an appointment as per the availability of the doctor. 

  • Multiple Payments 

Multiple payments are another feature you have to include in your application. It allows the patient to make payments to the doctor through a credit/debit card or other suitable methods. Thus, don’t forget to add this feature. 

  • Review/Rating 

The patient is always able to post reviews and ratings. Based on the expertise you encounter at the time of the appointment, henceforth, it is necessary to add this feature to your app. 

  • In-app Chat 

The medical appointment app allows the patient to discuss any other additional queries. These features play an essential role in making a successful application. 

  • Push Notification

This is another feature you should include in the patient panel. This feature plays an essential role in a medical appointment app that gives the latest update to the patient about the application. This feature allows patients to stay up-to-date with the latest scenario. 

Admin Panel 

  • Manage Booking 

Every booking slot and edit whenever required, and the perfect function is working. The admin can handle all the doctor and patient booking schedules. Therefore, it is necessary to include this application. 

  • Manage Patient

This is another important function you have to include in the admin panel. This feature helps admins to manage patients and data associated with the patient properly. As a result, it is required to include this feature in your application. 

  • Mode of Communication 

Mode of communication is an essential feature for all applications. However, not every user is familiar with all languages. From video conferencing to email, a doctor appointment booking application should offer various modes of communication. It is helpful for both the patient and the doctor. 

  • Report Generation 

This is another essential feature you have to include in the admin panel. All are aware that the report is essential to understand where you may require some improvement in the application soon. 

  • Notification 

Notification is another essential feature you have to include in the admin panel. It will keep the patient up-to-date about the daily tasks and keep the whole procedure in check and order. 

These are some required features a medical appointment app must have. However, implementing features is not an easy task. Therefore, you are required to consult with mobile app developers who are trained to implement advanced and innovative features in your app.


When building a medical appointment app, it is necessary to know about the cost. However, the cost of a medical appointment app cost in Dubai depends on several factors, such as complexity, features, experience, and the development team’s location. This is why it is essential to determine the medical appointment app development cost. 

This will assist you in setting a budget for your next project. But when it comes to building such an application, it is suggested that you consult with an experienced team of developers who are trained in app development in Dubai.


1. How much time is required to develop a medical appointment app?

It is hard to say the exact time it takes to build a medical appointment app. However, sometimes, because of some inconvenience, the project may be delayed. 

2. What is the exact cost of developing a medical appointment app?

The actual cost of building a medical appointment app depends on various factors. It included the features, developer you chose, location you selected, platform, technology, etc. Henceforth, if you add more features, you have to pay a high price, and if you add less, you have to pay less. 

3. How do I search for dedicated developers for medical appointment app development?

In order to search for a skilled team of dedicated developers, it is necessary to do proper research and check their experience and knowledge. This will assist in searching for dedicated mobile app developers.