How Much does it Cost to Build an App Like Shein a Fashion Shopping App?

Read this blog to know the Cost to Build an App Like Shein.

Purchasing clothes directly from a shop is boring, and the shop needs more stock. You must visit several stores to find out about the latest collection. Hence, many fashion brands have started to approach the e-Commerce application to help people buy the latest and fashionable clothes. Nowadays, shopping app development is highly demanded.

However, building an app like Shein is more challenging. There are many loopholes to the application. This is why you should seek the help of an eCommerce app development company that will provide you with the ultimate solutions per your desires. With the help of an online store, you can serve the best to your customers. 

An app like Shein has a variety of products from various groups of customers. Here, people will find fashion for toddlers, kids, adults, and old age. So your customer can order their favorite outfits. No doubt that the Shein application has a variety of fashion goods for especially female customers and distributes them among different price ranges as per consumer convenience.

Therefore, it is a good idea to build an app like Shein. But as we mentioned building an app is a challenging process. You need to seek the help of experienced developers who have years of expertise in building custom, native and hybrid applications for your business. Apart from hiring dedicated developers, you should know the app development cost.

Today, we will share all the information about the importance of building an app like Shein, its features, and the app development cost. This will enable you to finish the project on schedule.

Benefits of Building an App Like Shein for Your Business

There is no doubt that mobile applications are easy to use whether you want to buy clothes, cars, or other products in a couple of clicks. This will raise your chances of becoming richer.

If your app is customized, you know it provides clients with a consistent user experience and optimal performance. Therefore, building an app like Shein, a fashion shopping app that will provide you with ultimate advantages, is good.

However, building an app takes work, so you need to seek the help of professionals with good years of experience in on demand app development. They will make the application attractive by adding unique features. Plus, the application will provide the following features:

  • Increase Conversion Rates 

Customers who purchase clothes from your application want a smooth transaction, and the conversion rates will improve. The mobile shop app deployment might be costly, but it can match customer demands as well as considerably improve revenue. 

An app makes it easier for customers to browse when they shop using their smartphones. This is the reason that you need to build an app like Shein that will give better customer satisfaction and help you to increase conversion rates. 

In order to make the process smooth and simple, you can seek the help of an on demand app development company that has a good portfolio and years of expertise in building a solution that meets your requirements. 

  • Improves Brand Recognition 

Another great advantage of building an app like Shein is enhancing brand recognition. Customers will spend the majority of their time on their mobile devices, so businesses can engage the customers with an app.

To get on demand app development services, you need to knock on the door of the professional. They will build a professional-looking next-generation mobile application with good years of experience and in-depth knowledge about the technology and trends. 

  • Strengthening Marketing Communications

A shopping application certainly boosts sales. Plus, businesses use mobile applications to communicate more effectively with their consumers. Push notifications on an app like Shein also help you to communicate with your customers. 

But when deciding to build an app like Shein, you need to hire dedicated developers who will help you in every possible way to build the best solutions for your business. Therefore, you need to contact professionals to build an app for improving sales and getting high ROI. 

  • Enhance Customer Loyalty

Custom android app development will help you build customer loyalty. Undoubtedly, people use their phones to make a purchase, so they also watch your application to buy the latest fashion. 

If they like your services and product, there is a high chance they will recommend your application to make a purchase. And they only choose your application for buying products and services in the future. In simple terms, you will build a long-term relationship with your customers. 

These are a few advantages of building an app like Shein that will help you build a brand, increase sales, and achieve a high return on investment. Moreover, you can take your business to the next level without any difficulties. 

Building a next-generation application is a challenging task because it requires advanced technology,  unique features, and trends, so it is obvious that you may need more skill sets to build an app. In such a case, you should get in touch with a mobile app development company

Top Features & Functions a Shopping App Like Shein Mush Have

To build an app like Shein, you need to add engaging and stunning features. This will provide a great shopping experience. So, be careful while deciding on features for building an app. Here are the top features and functions you should include while deciding to build an app like Shein.

  • Shopping Cart

Without this, your application is incomplete. In simple terms, the customers are unable to purchase an item. Consequently, you must include this feature in your application.  This function will allow the users to add the product to the shopping cart. After that, the user can place an order with ease. 

Therefore, you need to add this function to your application when deciding to build an application. You can also contact a reputable agency that will provide android app development services for this task. 

  • Search Box

Of course, customers want to search for something unique on a shopping app. They are looking for an item that is unique and stylish. Therefore, adding a search box feature to your application that consists of text and voice search options is essential. 

This will allow them to do a voice search in case they are not comfortable writing something on the search box. To add this function to your application, you can also hire mobile app developers who will easily do this job. 

  • Payment Gateway

This is the essential function an app like Shein must have. With a payment gateway feature in the app, users can easily make payments through different methods. It is an advanced feature that lets users make easy online payments through debit and credit cards. Plus, you can also pay through UPI.

  • Push Notifications 

Push notification is the essential feature an app like Shein must have. This function will help you to provide information about the latest offers and discounts on clothes and the latest outfits available on the application database. This function will improve customer retention. 

Hence, you should add this feature to your application. To make the procedure simple, you can also get in touch with a mobile app development company. A leading name will provide you with ultimate solutions that meet your requirements.

  • Chat & Support 

This is another feature an app like Shein must have. It will allow the customer to get in touch with the support team to share the issues related to purchases and products. It will help the customers to get the desired results that they want from the support team. 

So, it is necessary to add this function to your application when deciding to build a shopping app like Shein. 

What is the Cost of Building an App Like Shine?

When building an app like Shine, this is the first question that strikes the minds of those planning to develop an app. However, the app development cost depends on many factors, such as planning, features, and other essential factors. According to an idea, the development cost of the application might be between $15,000-$55,000. 

This is not a final price, just an idea. The development cost of the app development varies based on the following:

  • App Design 

This is the important fact that determines the Cost of the app development. A mobile app with a simple and appealing design will let users spend more time in-app and do shopping for hours. Therefore, it is important to have user-friendly app designs that enhance the user experience. 

So it is suggested that you always invest in app design. It will help you in building a professional-looking application for your business. 

build app - cta

  • App Platform 

Platforms also play an important role in deciding the app development cost. So you need to choose an appropriate operating system as per your requirement. According to an idea, Android app development cost is higher compared to iOS app development. 


  • Application Size

When it comes to knowing the Cost of building an app like Shein, you need to check the application size. The size can be measured based on the features you include. A small-size project cost may be between $10,000 to $20,000. The Cost may increase or decrease on the basis of the number of features and other aspects.

  • App Development Team 

To build a professional-looking app like Shein, you need to hire an app development team in the city. The expertise and location of the developers influence the overall Cost of the app development. 

So, you need to get in touch with a reputable mobile app development company that has a team of experienced developers, designers, and testers. They will give you all the details about the price and development process.

However, the Cost of the app development may differ on the basis of location. This is why below we mentioned a table that will help you take an idea about the Cost of the app development that will help you make a budget. 

Location  App Development Cost Per Hour
USA $30-$60 Per Hour
UAE $20-$50 Per Hour
Europe $25-$60 Per Hour
India $20-$40 Per Hour

Based on this idea, you can easily determine the app development cost. This will help you in deciding which one meets your requirements to build the latest and custom solutions. 

Ending Notes

Online shopping apps require attractive features, unique technology, and other required things. Therefore, it is necessary to find trusted and reputable developers with years of experience making functional applications. 

But the actual question is, what is the app development cost? Of course, there are many agencies that can’t invest a huge amount of money. Therefore, you need to collect all the information about the cost. In order to get an idea about the app development cost, you can read this blog, where we share the important information you should know. 

Apart from that, you should also hire a trusted and dedicated developer who will only work on your project and provide the ultimate solutions as per your requirements. However, you need to collect information about them before choosing the mobile app development company.