How Much does It Cost to Develop a Cryptocurrency?
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How Much does It Cost to Develop a Cryptocurrency?

Now, cryptocurrency has become one of the most transformative technologies in the digital world. It works as money that helps you operate in the virtual world. This is why stakeholders and investors are showing interest in cryptocurrency.

Even though many companies want to develop their own cryptocurrency, the question is, what is the cost to develop a cryptocurrency?

Usually, cryptocurrencies exist on a blockchain that preserves its transactions and always allows for direct peer-to-peer payment via a trustless system. The fantastic thing about cryptocurrency is that this industry is expected to increase by $4.94 billion in 2030. 

Investments in cryptocurrencies are an excellent opportunity for businesses to build a crypto portfolio and make personal finance safer and more secure. The value of cryptocurrencies fluctuates every day, so it will obviously increase. So, there are high chances you will get good revenue and high ROI. 

But when it comes to developing a  cryptocurrency, it is necessary to know the exact cost of developing a cryptocurrency. As we discuss, the popularity and demand of crypto are becoming high, which means the cryptocurrency development cost is high.

However, the cost depends on several factors such as features, complications and other aspects.

In order to know the actual cost, you need to get in touch with a reputable cryptocurrency development company that will provide you with accurate information about the cost. With this help, it is easy to decide on a budget for a company. 

Top Reasons to Invest in Cryptocurrency

Top Reasons to Invest in Cryptocurrency

Nowadays, digital currency is gaining popularity worldwide. Therefore, it is the talk of the town. With the help of cryptocurrency, it is easy to make the transaction without any hassle. However, many people have doubts about it and want to get the answer to their question of why to invest in cryptocurrency. 

If you also have the same question, read out the following reasons to invest in cryptocurrency:

1. Control Over Your Assets

Control over your assets is the first and foremost reason to invest in cryptocurrency. The quintessentially decentralised nature of crypto trending gives you control to own and store your assets, and there is no involvement of a third party. 

The value of the assets is not determined by the exchange or a middleman that gives traders liberty in order to get maximum profits from the prevailing exchange rates. Thus, companies need to invest their money in cryptocurrency. 

However, developing your own currency is not easy, so it is suggested to hire cryptocurrency developers who are proficient in their job. They will easily create a digital currency for your business with accurate information about the technology and other aspects.

2. Deflationary Assets

Usually, cryptocurrencies and bitcoins have a limited supply, making them deflationary assets. It means the purchasing power increases over a period of time. Thus, experts suggested investing their money in cryptocurrency. 

But as we discussed, this is not an easy task, especially for unprofessional. So, it is time to get in touch with a leading  NFT development company with years of experience developing cryptocurrency. 

3. More Opportunities for Earning

Another great reason to invest in cryptocurrency is the ultimate opportunities it provides. With the help of this, you can easily send and receive the payments by saving them. If you invest in this technology, you will probably earn more than ever. 

Hence, you should invest in this technology. But the question is how much does it cost to develop a cryptocurrency. Of course, it isn’t easy to know the exact cost, so you need to get in touch with professionals.

4. Easy and Accessible 

There is no doubt that people are becoming more advanced. They are looking for a faster and simpler system to get things done. And cryptocurrency is very simple and easy, so it is easier to join in the crypto world than any other investing and trading platform. 

This is the reason that you should invest your money in cryptocurrency. But, making a cryptocurrency is not easy for the business because of a lack of technical knowledge and skills. In this case, you need to get in touch with a leading company that will ask you everything from developing a digital currency to telling you the cost of launching your own cryptocurrency.

Step by Step Guide to  Develop Your Own Cryptocurrency

We are aware of the popularity and demand for cryptocurrency. Once you are aware of the advantages and popularity of digital currency, you want to build your own cryptocurrency. So, don’t waste your time and start the process of creating and launching your own cryptocurrency. 

  • Define the Cryptocurrency Concept

Usually, digital currency is not innovative, and it needs a strategic plan to do real-life business. Hence it should be a problem-solving solution; thus, the audience can buy in and invest in the coin. So you need to note down your thoughts on a whitepaper and get in touch with a blockchain development company.

A trusted and reliable company will help you implement your ideas into reality. With appropriate knowledge and skills, they will quickly develop a cryptocurrency for your business that will give you huge profits in the future. 

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  • Decide How to Develop

Developing cryptocurrency is not a cakewalk. Cryptocurrency coding from scratch is challenging and time-consuming. Bitcoin and Litecoin have open-source cryptocurrency source codes available on GitHub.

So it is easy for you to edit it the way you want it to look. For this task, you can hire cryptocurrency developers who will easily do this job. Of course, they have appropriate skills and knowledge, so they will quickly develop cryptocurrency.

  • Choose a Consensus Mechanism

Now you need to select a consensus mechanism. This will assist you in defining the guidelines of blockchain transactions. Once you establish them and launch your cryptocurrency, they cannot be changed. 

Generally, the consensus mechanism is declared during the initial coin offering. This will give users the rules that they should expect on the blockchain. The type of smart contract chosen will always determine the speed of transactions. 

  • Launch an Initial Coin Offering

Now your cryptocurrency journey. The ICO is the first part of the marketing plans and should involve leading industry players, press media, users and brokers. Then promote it with the help of email marketing, social media marketing and guest posting. 

This will increase awareness of your cryptocurrency, attracting users to invest in it if viable. To make this procedure more convenient, you can get in touch with the specialist.

  • Starting Mining 

Mining generates the coins for distribution. When you promote cryptocurrency, the demand is likely to surge. Mining is essential to keep up with the users’ requirements. It is inconvenient to purchase something only to find out it is unavailable.

  • Build a Community 

Now you should build a community such as Reddit and Discord or develop your blockchain platform with its unique domain. This community assists you in communicating with the investors, and it is always an interactive platform where you will answer their queries. 

But the members require a fundamental understanding of how cryptocurrency works. But the exact question is, what is the cost to launch my own cryptocurrency? For the correct answer, you can get in touch with professionals.

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  • Do a Regular Audit of Your Cryptocurrency

You know that the cryptocurrency world is not all merry because some have been scams over the years. Auditing your cryptocurrency is a stamp of credibility, and this will offer users an incentive in order to buy into your idea. 

You need external auditing to make it legitimate. Furthermore, it should be one with a positive reputation and trusted industry-wide. 

These are a few steps you should follow to develop a cryptocurrency. But the main question is how much does it cost to develop a cryptocurrency. In order to know the answer to your question, you can get in touch with professionals who will provide you with the correct information on every topic.

The Cost to Create a Cryptocurrency

As a trader, you not only need to focus on your goal but always prepare with your budget, especially when you want to build your own cryptocurrency. Here, we mentioned some components in order to know more about how much it costs to launch a cryptocurrency:

#1. Financial and Legal Matters

When it comes to launching a cryptocurrency, you should consider registering it with legal entities. You should always contain legal documents, including legal opinions. Hence, it is required to have an account with appropriate banks too.

However, it requires an end-to-end legal preparation journey, which may take up to a few months. The best thing about it is that you can put up a legal framework alongside arranging some procedural matters. In order to allocate legal and financial matters, you may need to pay $8,000- $16,000.

#2. White Paper Development and Project Concept

Project concept and white paper development costs may be between $5000-$800. You also need to understand that it takes about a month to complete the project. 

#4. Use of Technology

If you have a question about what is the cost to launch my own cryptocurrency, it may take around $50,000. Hence, you need to save at least $15000 if you launch tokens in order to build a cryptocurrency.

Apart from this, many other aspects decide the cost of developing a cryptocurrency, such as developers’ experience, geographical location, and many more. The overall cryptocurrency exchange development cost based on geographical location may be different. Here, we mentioned a list that will give you an idea about the cost.

City Cryptocurrency Development Cost Per Hour
East Europe $150 to $200 Per Hour
USA $120 to $180 Per Hour
Saudi Arabia $70 to $150 Per Hour
UAE $ 80 to $200 Per Hour
Africa $ 100 to $140 Per Hour
India $ 50 to $80 Per Hour

This is just an idea, not reality. So, please don’t rely on this statement and discuss it with a reliable NFT development company. They will provide you with one of the best solutions for their valuable customers.

Final Thought 

In this post, you will learn about the cost of developing a cryptocurrency and the development process. We hope that all your doubts can get clear by going through this blog, and you can develop the best solution. 

To make this process more convenient and straightforward, you can always seek the help of a blockchain development company that can guide you to develop your own cryptocurrency and provide you with ultimate solutions.