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How Much Does It Cost To Hire Flutter Developers in 2023?

Generally, Flutter is the newest open-source framework launched by Google, enabling you to build a cross-platform application. Over the years, Flutter has proven to be an outstanding option for startups, equipped with rich features and advanced APIs. But the question is, how much does it cost to hire flutter developers for your business?

Of course, no one has enough money to invest in several areas. Therefore, it is required to know the exact cost of hiring dedicated flutter developers. It will assist you in deciding the budget for mobile app development.

Today, we cover all things, such as the importance of hiring flutter developers, cost, and many other aspects that you should know before handing over your project to someone. So stay tuned with us. 

Why Should You Choose Flutter Over Other Frameworks?

cost to hire flutter developers

Undoubtedly, Flutter is a gift from Google for entrepreneurs, developers and companies to build a cross-platform application. The fast-growing cross-platform app development is a new trend in the market which is why the demand for flutter app developers is becoming high. 

But still, many people have a question as to why Flutter is better than other frameworks. If you have the same concern, below are multiple reasons why Flutter is the most appropriate choice above other frameworks:

  • Cross-Platform

The primary reason to use Flutter is its ability to cross platforms. The SDK of Flutter can be used for web applications, desktop applications, etc., rather than just limiting it to mobile apps. 

Henceforth, it is popular compared to other frameworks. But when building an app with Flutter, you should contact experienced flutter developers for hire, who will give you ultimate solutions per their requirements. 

  • Easy Widget Customization

Another reason to choose Flutter is that widget customization can be easily dung in Flutter. Using a custom widget editor, you can add any widget to your project. Therefore, Flutter is more popular compared to other frameworks. In order to build an app with this framework, you can contact flutter app development company who are well-versed in building applications for various businesses. 

  • Dynamic Code

You know that the hot-reload feature in Flutter can assist developers in fixing everything in an app immediately without the requirement to restart everything from scratch. This will keep you one step ahead when experimenting with new functionality in mobile development. In simple terms, you can make all the changes in the code with easy and not-so-complicated steps.

  • Excellent User Experience

No doubt that Flutter helps to build an outstanding user experience. The SDK has multiple qualities for building appealing mobile applications. When you use flutter apps, it is easy to compile into native code without further steps directly. In simple terms, this framework eliminates additional processing steps, resulting in faster app performance. 

Therefore, it is an excellent platform compared to others. But when it comes to building an app using this framework, you need to find top-flutter developers who are experienced in handling complex to complex projects with ease. 

  • Best for MVP Development

Usually, Flutter is considered one of the appropriate choices for MVP development because of its faster time to market, cost-effectiveness and flexibility. This speeds up the whole development procedure with shorter development hours. The SDK of Flutter enhances UI elements and interactive design that are enough to grab the attention of both investors and customers. 


Therefore, it is better than other frameworks. However, you need to know the cost of hiring flutter developers. It will assist you in making a budget to take your business to the next level. 

  • Larger Community Support

You know that the rapid growth of Flutter in the app development market is known as an open community. This is why it is an excellent choice to use the flutter framework to build a functional and easy-to-use application that can run on different platforms easily. But it is suggested to hire flutter developers at an hourly rate if you have a small or one-time project. 

Where to Hire Flutter Developers?

Once you know why Flutter is better than other frameworks, it is your turn to hire flutter developers. Now you must be wondering where you can get developers with good skill sets and knowledge. For your help, we mentioned some places where you can find experienced and dedicated developers. 

  • In House

Hiring experts in-house is ideal if you want to work with them on your premises. It will make sure that you have control over the team. In order to hire dedicated developers, you can find them on job portals such as Indeed. However, hiring permanent developers is expensive as you will have to pay monthly salaries and other allowances even when your project is over. 

So, when deciding to hire flutter developers, you need to consider the cost of hiring flutter developers. It will ensure that you are eligible to pay a monthly payment.

  • Freelancer

In order to build a flutter application, you can also hire freelancers who charge less than hiring an in-house team. In simple terms, you can save a few bucks as you will pay them only for the work you assign them. In order to hire freelancers, you can do research on Fiverr, Upwork, Linkedin etc.

But there is no guarantee about the quality and timely delivery because they work as per their convenience and time zone. It means there is no control over them. However, they take fewer charges compared to others. 

  • Outsource Dedicated Developers

In addition, you can hire dedicated developers from a reliable app development company. It will save money as you will pay for the hours they work; they possess hands-on experience in flutter app development and guarantee security, high performance and quality. You can also visit Good Firms, Clutch and Glassdoor to hire trustworthy app development company in Dubai. 

But when it comes to hiring flutter app developers, you need to recognize your project requirements. It will assist you in finding a reputable name that will easily complete your project on time. 

Challenges of Hiring Flutter Developers

challenges to hire flutter developers

As we know, building an app is a challenging process. In such a case, hiring flutter developers with years of experience and good knowledge is an ideal choice. Given the growing demand for app developers, developers have become a valuable resource for any agency. But when you hire dedicated flutter developers for your next project, here are the most common challenges you may face while searching for developers. 

  • Lack of Formal Education

The lack of formal education is one of the primary challenges you may face when searching for flutter developers. There is no doubt that most specialists have a computer science degree, and there has been an increasing number of bootcamp graduates in the last few years. While there is a positive view on hiring specialists, many agencies still need to be more keen to recruit bootcamp graduates or experts with extensive working experience. 

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  • Limited Pool of Candidates

Another challenge to hiring flutter developers is the limited pool of candidates. We know that there is a requirement for highly qualified candidates to do the job. The most common skill sets recruiters to find difficult to hire are analytics, security, big data, and legacy systems. We all know that IT professionals with a good skill set are already employed, making it more challenging to hire skilled candidates.

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  • High Recruitment Cost

Hiring experienced app developers is not only time-consuming but also a costly procedure. A report shows that the app development process may take months, and the cost of hiring experienced developers is between $20,000 to $40,000, or it may be high. Generally, tech candidates are known to expect high salaries and compensation when joining a new agency. 

Companies need more qualified professionals to avoid recruiting professionals that may not be a good fit or hiring freelancers for a short period of time. So, you should be careful while searching for a reliable team. 

  • High Competition

Nowadays, there is high competition in the market, and employers are competing with tech giants. Strategies once used to reach candidates no longer work because many companies are trying to access the same pool of tech candidates. 

Each agency requires IT specialists, and each company provides different advantages to attract top talent. Large enterprises have more resources to provide better working conditions that make it much more attractive to candidates than smaller startups. 

Cost to Hire Flutter Developers

cost to hire flutter developers

When hiring flutter developers, the cost is the primary concern. Of course, no one has a huge amount of money to invest in app development. However, the cost to hire flutter developers depends on several factors such as frameworks, technologies, location and many other things. 

Once you decide to hire flutter developers in the USA, you have to pay $30-$50 per hour, which may be increased on the basis of functionality, framework and many other aspects. On the other hand, in the UAE, you have to pay $40-$90 per hour. 

But the cost to hire flutter developers in ideas is less than others. For more detail, we mentioned a list of the cost of hiring flutter developers. 

City  Cost to Hire Flutter  Developers Per Hour
USA $40 to $75 Per Hour
Mexico $35 to 70 Per Hour 
Canada $25 to $ 65 Per Hour
Panama $30 to $60 Per Hour
Africa $25 to $40 Per Hour
Morocco $20 to $80 Per Hour
Ethiopia $30 to $70 Per Hour
Madagascar $20 to $50 Per Hour 
Cameroon $26 to $50 Per Hour
Liberia $40 to $65 Per Hour
South Africa $30 to $60 Per Hour
India $20 to $40 Per Hour 

This table will help you determine the cost of hiring flutter developers. Hopefully, you will find the best place to hire a team of dedicated developers proficiently building functional and innovative solutions.

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The demand for mobile applications has become high over the years. This is why you should hire experienced developers with years of experience and knowledge in building a functional mobile app. But when it comes to finding professionals, the cost is the primary concern. 

You should determine the cost of hiring flutter developers with good knowledge and years of experience. If you don’t know about the cost, this blog may be helpful to you because you will find the right answer to your question.