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Mobile App Development Cost of Developing Classified Apps Like Dubbizzle

At present, more people rather than conventional roadside shops favor online shopping. The firm eCommerce market has earned the business an ineffable presence, well beyond the opportunity to purchase an item at any time and everywhere. With smartphone use increasingly rising in recent years, companies are adapting rapidly to the growing demand for smartphone device services and goods. 

To reach and involve more and more people, the online market has shifted dramatically. Thanks to mobile applications, you may best say that shopping is feasible, simple, quick, and always available. A smooth and productive partnership between consumers and sellers is the key explanation for the demand. 

In this recent surge of eCommerce business, classified applications are one of the latest trends. Classified applications allow customers to purchase and sell new and outdated goods from their homes online quickly. Developers in Dubai have developed a perfect classified application named Dubbizle. Going forward in this article, we will discuss how to develop an app like Dubbizle, and the overall cost of app development for such kind of apps.

So, let us begin this case study:

What is Dubbizle? is a leading UAE classified & group site based in Dubai that provides work offers and property lists content in the UAE. Sim Wheatley and JC Butler created the Dubizzle website in 2005. Dubizzle is an OLX corporation. Around 40% of visitors on this platform spend at least 20 minutes. To supply expatriates with classified ads, the Dubai-based business has come to use. 

The business has been the country’s first consumer platform for selling, purchasing, or seeking something in its culture. In December 2010, about 50 million page views per month were generated on Dubizzle’s website with over three million hits. Dubbizle can help you in:

  • Renting or purchasing any room or apartment
  • Buying and selling furniture, electronics, home decors, and mobile phones
  • Searching for jobs in UAE

Why Build an App Like Dubbizle?

The Internet is now one of the world’s fastest-moving markets and classification ads/services offer the right way to market your business. They are called classified apps since they play a role in selling and purchasing companies alike.

The best mobile app development companies in the UAE are building classified apps. But what should be your intent for creating an app like Dubbizle? We have answered this question in the following two points:

1. An Effort to Build a Vibrant Community

Many software developers, with the rise of the smartphone market, pave the way for more innovative and fashionable iOS and Android platforms. It is an excellent way to create a prosperous culture around you to target more traffic to the targeted sites. 

2. For Targeted Audience

A group of sellers just put their advertising on a secret platform; many customers will take a look at it and eventually purchase from the app. It is a perfect way to meet more people in a single area. It helps you to create your classified 3W “World Wide Web” advertisements on your website or via your smartphone application.

How to Develop an App Like Dubbizle?

To build an application like Dubizzle, you will need to start with a little study and homework. Next, create a to-do list that contains all your priorities, interests, and even the budget you have for developing an app like Dubbizle.

Since multi factors, like an impressive concept, analysis, implementation, and much more, depending on the cost of the app development, you must therefore start with detailed research. Let’s go through the process to develop an app like Dubbizle:

1. Impressive App Idea is Must for Creating Dubbizle Clone Application

You should create an impressive and creative app idea because an app idea will be your Unique Selling Point (USP). Best mobile app ideas contain unique features that target a specific set of customers.

2. Determining the Type of Classified App for Dubbizle Like App Development Process

The classified online business is wide because it has taken on a substantial market share, making it a strong start to the journey in 2020. Two alternatives are typically available for developing a classified app like Dubbizle

  • Vertical implementations: These applications are focused primarily on a single pf product or service category that only serves a certain market. Classified vehicle apps, classified electronic computer apps, and more for example.
  • Horizontal applications: This sort of classified app encompasses all sorts of advertising, services, objects, and things. The Horizontal categorized app is an example of Dubizzle. These software owners enjoy a large volume of users and massive profits.

    Since horizontal applications span a wide variety of resources, their production is more complicated, and ultimately, the average app development cost is often higher than the cost of developing vertical applications.

3. Contact a Mobile App Development Company in Dubai

It is time to contact developers after you’ve finalized your product concept and marketplace. You will certainly create applications of your own if you have technical experience. If not, you can contact or only employ professionals from a dedicated mobile app development company. 

Ensure that organization that you choose has expertise in designing an application.

Cost of Building an App Like Dubbizle

Developmental cost is also the most frequent factor that hits our minds before choosing to develop an app. If truth be told, the final cost depends on a variety of variables. You like the complexity of applications, hosting the website, using the technologies, to measure the overall expense by a variety of variables. 

Without seeing all the results, it is impossible to share an exact cost for a project. There are plenty of thrilling components that describe smartphone apps like Dubizzle in architecture and features. Depending on the number of features, the architecture, and other considerations of app development cost.

  • Dubizzle like Vertical App with basic features: $10,000
  • Dubizzle like Horizontal App with advanced features: $30,000
  • Dubizzle like Horizontal App with extra functionality: $50,000

Dab the Revenue With App Like Dubbizle

The cost of creating an app such as Dubizzle is costly, but the result is rather lucrative and equally satisfying. If you would like an app like Dubizzle with one or more of the above features, there are many mobile app development companies. Your application development is the most important thing to notice. Take as long as you like or speak to industry professionals before you start designing the software. 

And proper testing is required to create an app with the greatest usage capacity. It is advised that you use a standard application development method with these additional features and other beneficial facts. The notion of developing a different business center application is not an outstanding option.

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