Know the Steps to Develop an App like Egybest
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Know the Steps to Develop an App like Egybest

Nowadays, the demand for video streaming apps is exceptionally high. Instead of watching television, people love to watch movies, shows, and sports online. This provides an opportunity to develop an app like Egybest and make more profit. It means entrepreneurs and businesses can easily enter the OTT market and ensure a high return on investment.

To develop an app like Egybest, you must choose the right strategy and resources. This will help you craft successful and profitable movie-streaming apps. The size of the worldwide video-streaming industry is estimated to increase by $1,902 billion by 2030. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to craft an application.

This guide will help you understand the overall steps involved in crafting a movie streaming application. Moreover, we also highlight other information about the benefits and costs of building an app like Egybest. This means you will get all the information you need to create a video streaming application that provides a seamless user experience.

What is a Movie Streaming Application?

Generally, movie streaming applications allow users to watch their favourite movies and shows online on their smartphones and other devices. In simple terms, video streaming applications provide a library of movies and TV shows that can be streamed on the end-user’s demand or desire.

With the help of this application, users can easily log in to the application and enjoy the free shows. If you are interested in watching the latest episode in advance, you can get a subscription to the application and enjoy the shows. Therefore, this is a good choice to search for a video streaming app development company to build a functional and easy-to-use application for your project.

Guide to Develop An App Like Egybest?

Building an app like Egybest requires complete planning, research, meticulous preparation, and technologies. Therefore, we provide a step-by-step procedure for creating a movie streaming app like Egybest. Take a look at the complete procedure for developing an app like Egybest.

1. Do Market Analysis

Conducting a market analysis is an essential step in developing an app like Egybest. Analyzing the data makes it easy to pick the users’ pain points and provide the best solutions according to their requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to know the context in which you are going to enter, which requires this approach.

Henceforth, this is the necessary and foremost important step whether you are taking care of a specialty market such as wellness lovers, instruction seekers, or a vast diversion crowd. By completing this analysis, you can easily satisfy users’ requirements by analyzing what existing streaming services facilitate. If you want to make the procedure more convenient, you can consult with an OTT app development company.

2. Consider the Requirements

Another step you have to follow to develop an app like Egybest is to consider the requirements. If you have a strong comprehension of the market, it is necessary to look at your application’s specialized requirements. In order to get better results, you can also seek the help of a mobile app development company.

But you have to ensure the security that guarantees your foundation is secure from digital fraud. This will ensure an excellent user experience.

3. Make the Right Team

Now it is time to search for professionals to  build video streaming apps. Moreover, you have to hire managers, business analysts, developers, designers and testers. Having the years of experience and knowledge, the experts can easily transform an idea into reality. This is why you should hire mobile app developers.

By hiring skilled developers, you will guarantee that your group has the right abilities and skills for their particular jobs. The professional designers will construct the eye-catching and professional-looking app. Overall, you will get peace of mind by knowing that your project is in the right hands.

4. Define the MVP

Once you hire dedicated developers, you have to define the MVP. It works like an application skeleton that has all the essential functionality needed to make it functional. However, it does not include highly advanced applications. Therefore, characterizing the MVP includes framing the key highlights your application ought to have in its underlying stage.

You also have to keep in mind that the motivation behind an MVP is to provide a straightforward form of your app to early clients. In order to develop MVP, you can contact the professional coders who have years of experience in custom OTT app development.

5. Development and Testing

In this step, it is necessary to use the required codes and develop an app like Egybest. It makes sure that the app is functional and easy to navigate. Instead of development, it is also required to check the application. It will help to find the hidden bugs that can affect the overall functionality of the application.

The QA experts find the malware and troubleshoot them to make the application work. This is why it is the most crucial step to follow to develop an app like Egybest.


6. Launch the Application

Once the application is developed and tested, you have to publish it to multiple app stores. It makes the link available to other people. With the help of the app store, the whole world can see your creativity and creation. You can also share the link on social media platforms where more users will see it.

Reason Behind the Popularity of Movie Streaming Applications

There is no doubt that movie streaming applications are growing day by day. As such, applications allow you to watch movies and TV shows anywhere and anytime, with tailored recommendations based on viewing history and affordable subscription plans. Therefore, movie streaming applications are the most cost-effective way to enjoy your favourite movies and shows.

Instead of these reasons, there are many other reasons behind the popularity of the movie streaming application. Let’s explore!

  • Convenient Access

Using the movie streaming application, users are able to enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows. It means viewers don’t have to wait for hours to watch their desired movie and other programs because they can enjoy anytime when they want. The convenience of these applications make it a popular choice.

Therefore, from startups to large enterprises, every businessman likes to develop an app like Egybest. Crafting such types of applications, you can always provide offline viewing options, and give permission to download the show with ease. Moreover, the application supports multiple device compatibility that makes it possible to seamlessly switch from one device to another without having to compromise on any of the things.

  • Tailored Experience

Another reason behind the popularity of the movie streaming app is to provide personalized recommendations based on the user’s viewing history. It makes it easy for viewers to find new content that they might enjoy. The application generally comes with a large library of numerous TV shows, so they find it easy to choose one movie as per their interest.

Once you create a tailor made solution, it ensures that people have access to a variety of content that they love, making it easy to find something new to watch every time. On the other hand, video streaming applications include features such as parental controls, which allow patients to make restrictions to ensure that their children only have access to the appropriate content.

As a result, video streaming apps are everyone’s first choice. Therefore, you have to search for an Android app development company if you want to build an Android video streaming app.

  • Affordable Option

The video streaming app development cost is less compared to traditional cable TV services. It makes it possible for viewers to enjoy a wide range of shows and movies without emptying their pockets. In such an application, the monthly subscription plan starts with a few dollars, which means the users don’t feel a financial burden on their shoulders.

On the other hand, crafting video streaming applications provides a cost-effective alternative to purchasing individual movies or TV shows and the option to try out content with a free trial period. Furthermore, it allows multiple users to share a single account, making it simple for families and friends to enjoy the content together without spending more.

  • Flexible Creativity

Undoubtedly, streaming applications are the platforms that come with new talent, so people can quickly discover new and creative content. With a variety of genres, along with documentaries, independent films, and web series, movie streaming applications provide a plethora of new content, enabling people to find something interesting and It’s amazing to watch each time they check in.

Plus, the application allows viewers to access content that can’t be found anywhere else. They always provide a platform for movie and TV show creators by breaking down geographical barriers and allowing their work to be seen by people all over the world.

  • Advancing Technology

It is true that movie streaming applications are continually developing, harnessing technological improvements to provide viewers with a smooth experience. There, you will get from high-quality streaming options to intuitive navigation and virtual reality expertise. Therefore, it is profitable to develop an app like Egybest.

In order to make the application more attractive, you can incorporate new technologies such as AI-powered recommendations that make use of algorithms and a lot of calculations in order to suggest content based on a user’s viewing habits. This will make it easier for viewers to enjoy their favourite show more efficiently.

These are the top reasons behind the popularity of video streaming apps. If you want to develop an app like Egybest, you will realize that your application is getting more popular. However, the procedure involves several tasks, which is why it is necessary to have technical knowledge. If you are not familiar with the tech stack and coding, you have to use an on-demand app development company that has the required resources and a team of talented developers.

Cost to Develop Video Streaming App

Cost to Develop Video Streaming App

When it comes to developing an app like Egybest, the first question that pops into your mind is the Egybest app development cost. However, the price varies in different factors. A rough estimate of the cost to develop a video streaming app ranges from $10,000 up to $30,000. It is difficult to determine the actual mobile app development cost because it depends on a number of things. The listed table shows the overall cost of developing an app like Egybest.

Component Cost Range
Research & Planning $5,000-$15,000
Design $8,000-$12,000
Front end Development $10,000-$15,000
Backend Development $8,000-$16,000
Testing & QA $10,000-$15,000
Launch & Deployment $9,000-$12,000

This is the rough table that provide an idea of cost to build an app like Egybest. In order to get the clear understanding of the app development cost, you have to get in touch with the team of professionals who are well trained and experienced to develop a functional application.

Final Notes

The demand for video streaming applications is high in the town to watch favourite TV shows and movies. Therefore, it is a good opportunity to develop an app like Egybest to make money. However, the procedure involves several aspects such as features, tech-stack, platforms and many more things.

If you are interested in transforming the idea into reality, you have to contact the experts who have years of expertise in building functional and engaging mobile applications. Moreover, the experts never compromise in the quality and provide ultimate solutions to build strong relations with the clients.


1. How much does it cost to develop an app like Egybest?

The cost depends on multiple aspects such as features, platform and many more things. According to a rough estimate the development cost may between $10,000-$25,000 or higher based on your requirements.

2. Is it beneficial to build a video streaming app?

Yes, it is beneficial to develop a video streaming application because people prefer such applications instead of choosing cable TV to watch their favourite shows and movies. This means that the demand for video streaming apps is high compared to other options.

3. How much time does it take to build a video streaming app?

It is difficult to say the exact time period to build a video streaming application. The time period depends on what a client wants in their application. If there is a need for highly advanced features, the time can be enhanced.