Dog walking App Development Cost and Features
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Dog walking App Development Cost and Features

Are you looking to find Dog walking App Development Cost?

Nowadays, many people have a furry dog who is their best friend. This is because they are lovely, loyal, and yet so cute.

Dogs are one of the most adorable and faithful animals in this world. When you own them as a pet, you own happiness, joys, and comforts. But you need to take care of them; that is not as easy as it seems. However, you can trust dog walking app development.

We all are aware that having a pet is just like raising a baby because they can’t speak for themselves. So, you have to take care of their health, hygiene, and all their requirements.

However, it is really tough to take care of all their needs all the time because of having a busy schedule and other personal work.

Therefore, people are dependent on technology, which is why the demand for Dog walking app development is high.

Nowadays, people rely on mobile apps for pet care. Pet care apps such as dog walking apps are very popular amongst pet owners.   Therefore, businesses invest their hard-earned money in on-demand app development.

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On-Demand Dog Walking App Development  Market Size

As per a report, the global market size of on-demand dob walking app development was valued at USD 2.6 billion in 2019, and it is expected to grow at 8.7 from 2020 to 2027. Increasing the demand for an app like wag, companies invest the money in on-demand app development, which is why the chances of market growth are high.

In addition, the increasing number of pet ownership among people, particularly across the world, is driving the requirement for technology to take care of dogs’ health, thereby propelling the demand for an app like wag. However, you need to call a reliable  Dog walking app development company to develop an android app.

Generally, people treat their pets as their family members and are willing to invest their money to take care of the health of their furry friends.

This has led to an increase in the  On-demand dog walking app development for their care. A report shows the market size of the on-demand app development is increasing rapidly in upcoming years.

How Does an On-Demand Dog Walke App Work?

Dogs are cute, friendly and loyal, but they always need proper take care to stay healthy and fit. In order to ensure they are well, people rely on technology. Therefore, the demand for the dog walking app development is becoming high.

However, users need to register themselves with sufficient details about themselves and their pets. There is an option to add additional information about the dog, such as his coat, harness, medication and many more.

Now the registration process is done, so you can search for a dog walker nearby and find a match to hand over your pet to the walker to your furry friend out on a walk.

Presently,  on-demand dog walking app development are becoming more and more among dog owners, and there are many reasons for it to be as it is a great platform to spend time with pet apart from earning money.

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Why Should Businesses Invest in Dog Walking App Development Services?

Yes, pets are cute, but they bring added responsibilities with them. People need to look after them in a consistent manner, provide them food, groom them, take them to the vet, and take them out for a walk as it rejuvenates them after being at home a day.

However, it is impossible to outsource all these responsibilities of themselves.

So, businesses can ease this task by investing money in dog walking app development services. This app will help to outsource a walker who can take your pet out for a walk.

Usually, for working people with a rigorous work schedule, an app like wag works like a charm.

With the help of this technology, they easily find a walker who takes their pet out for a walk. So, it is a great opportunity for businesses to earn a good profit.

As we mentioned above, the pet industry is expected to cross $350 billion by 2027, so it is an opportunity for businesses to earn good revenue from their investment.

The boom in sales figures has given a strong rise to mobile app development for pet owners. Dog walking app development has been one of the most favoured for pet care.

Hence, it is an ideal place to invest your hard-earned money. Apart from dog walking app development, the demand for pet boarding app development and dog house sitting app development is always high.

Hence, it is an ideal choice to invest your money in such an application. Nowadays, many Mobile app development companies provide a customized app; you can choose the best app development company among them for a responsive app.

Must-Have Features for Successful Dog Walking App Development

Must-Have Features for Successful Dog Walking App Development

Do you have any idea about the most included features in an app like wag? Here, we are discussing about what features are significant to add as per different panels of the dog walking app. Have a look below:

Dog Owner Panel

Apart from choosing an app development company for dog walking app development, you need to add the following features:

  • Profile Creation

In order to take your dog out for a walk, you need to hire a walker. So, it is required to add profile creation in an app. This will allow the owners to register themselves first. With the help of this, they can also check the walker’s profile to check their background and reviews before hiring them.

  • Filters and Search Bar

This will helps the users to find out a dog walker service as per their preference and choice. With the help of this feature, users can filter for area, agency, rates, specific services and so on. This will assist them in getting suitable dog walker services. Therefore, a dog walking app development should have this feature.

  • GPS Tracking 

This is an important feature for on-demand dog walking app development to help both dog owners and walkers know the real-time location of dog walkers and dogs to ensure the safety of the pet. Hence when hiring a developer for pet boarding app development and dog house sitting app development, don’t forget to add these features.

  • Photo Updates

This feature is helpful for dog owners to get time-to-time updates about their furry friend by getting photos as proof of the good care and health of the dog. A dog walker can send photos to the owner in case of any doubt. So it is required to have this feature in an app like rover.

  • Data Reports 

This is beneficial for dog owners to keep track of all their past bookings, the performance of the dog walker, payment transaction records and walking distance. In order to make a successful app like rover, it is required to have data reports feature.

Dog Walker Panel

Hiring an app development company for dog walking app development, you get this feature in your application. Let’s have a look:

  • Profile Management

To use this application, dog walkers must register themselves on the app, and after that, they must maintain their app profile because dog owners will approach them based on that. They can also add their previous work, customer review, experience, identity proof, and customer review.

  • Booking Schedule

The calendar or schedule feature helped a dog waker to keep their booking in order and sorted as per the date. It reminds them about their upcoming booking or pending payments as well. Hence when developing an application like rover app clone, remember to add this feature.

  • Accept or Reject Booking 

When the dog owner sends the request to the dog walker, he has the right to accept or reject it. If they have any essential work on the same date, they can reject the request, and if they are free and want it, they can accept the request.

  • Real-Time Tracking 

A dog walker can send the location to the dog owner so that he can track the dog and dog walker for safety purposes. They can always use it to reach out to the pet owner.

  • Earnings Summary

Having this feature, a dog walker can check their earnings to the date and receive payment from the people who provided the dog walking services. Therefore, it is required to have this feature on pet boarding app development and dog house sitting app development services.

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Admin Panel

When choosing a dog walking app development company for dog walking app development, keep the following points:

  • Customer & Walker’s Management

Admin has access to all the information of on-demand dog walkers and dog owners stored on their dashboard. He can handle all the details and looks out for any problems.

  • View Reports

Admin has the right to investigate the created reports to help the app’s activity tracking. Records of cancelled, accepted, or completed bookings, all kinds of information it includes.

  • Allocated Tasks

The admin takes care of all the job requests done by the owner to dog walkers. Both manual and automatic job allocations can be done through the dashboard.

  • Payment Management 

The admin can take out his commission through the service charge or payment made to the dog walker.

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  • Advanced Features

To create an on-demand app like wag, you need to integrate advanced features into the dog walking app development service.

  • Social Sign-up & Log-In

Users can use their other social media accounts to enter the app and link it to that other social media account while enrolling. Otherwise, users can always sign-up by entering details such as email, contact number and many more.

  • Real-Time Notifications 

This feature alert users about any new changes to the app, deals, offers and discounts. In order to provide information about all the new deals and news. Hence, it is required to have this feature in on-demand dog walking app development.

  • In-App Chat

Dog owners can chat with the dog walkers if they want, and there is any requirement. They can ask anything to them, and it will be very convenient for them if they don’t want to call them. In order to make an app like rover, you need to add this feature.

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  • In-App Call

Many customers have questions for a dog walker to ask but want to mask their phone number to them. This feature is specifically for those users to provide them ease to call. However, this feature’s integration can increase the cost of developing a dog walking app.

  • Mobile Wallet

A mobile wallet is a great asset to include in on-demand dog walking app development, pet boarding app development and dog house sitting app development. The dog walker app is beneficial because of the payment procedure. It is easy to transact payment from any place across the world.

  • Real-Time Analytics Dashboard

This is a performance tool to add to mobile app development to analyze, track & report the comprehensive data of a firm in real-time with data visualization assistance. These real-time and automatically updated dashboards will provide users instant access to important data.

Dog Walking App Development Cost

The dog walking app development cost depends on a number of factors such as features, time, place, and developer and client demands for the same.

As per the demand for the features, you need to pay a cost. It may be different as per the reputation of the  Android app development and iPhone app development company.

According to an idea, the dog walking app development cost is between $10,000 to $30,000 if you want all the required features and another facility.

However, the exact cost of the mobile app development may depend on the reputation of the app development company. When you are a reliable company for on-demand dog walking app development, you need to pay accordingly.

But you don’t need to compromise on quality. Being a reliable name, they will give you high-standard services and support all the time. In order to get an idea about the dog walking app development cost, have a look at the mentioned table:


Countries App Development Cost Per Hour
US $60 to $ 270 Per Hour
Australia $ 40 to $ 140 Per Hour
UK $20 to $ 120 Per Hour
Europe $20 to $ 170 Per Hour
India $10 to $ 70 Per Hour


This list will help you to determine the pet boarding app development. However, it is an idea because it is quite difficult to tell the exact cost. Hence, you need to call an app development company to know the cost of the dog-walking app development cost.

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Summing Up

With the help of on-demand dog walking app development, it is easy to take care of pets and earn a good profit. Therefore, the demand for Android app development and iPhone app development is increasing.

However, you need to find a reliable app development company for this job.

Having in-depth information and knowledge of the market trend, they will easily design an application as per your desire. So, take some time and explore the market to choose a reliable and trusted name in the city that has years of expertise in this field.