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On-Demand Fleet Management App Development Cost & Features

Transport is the lifeline of our business because they make our work easy and smooth. Whether you need to move your products from one place to another or drop customers off, you need a vehicle.

However, logistic and transportation companies have always faced major issues when it comes to tracking automobiles. Therefore, the demand for on-demand fleet management app development is increasing. 

In order to increase productivity, one is required to have a track record. This will assist you in calculating fuel consumption and other essential factors. It make sure that you have all the information regarding the vehicle. Therefore, many IoT companies are investing heavily in on-demand fleet management app development

However, making a fleet management app on your own is not as easy as it seems. In order to create a responsive application, you need to hire a reliable mobile app development company.

Having a team of dedicated mobile app developers, they will do this job easily. So make a search and find a reliable app development agency for on-demand fleet management app development

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Interesting Stats of On-demand Fleet Management App Development Market Size

As per the expert’s report on the market trends, the current on-demand fleet management app development market size is expected to grow up to 34,629 million dollars in 2022, from the prior evaluation of 7,755 million dollars in 2015. It means the overall growth of fleet management app development is 24.5% from 2015 to 2022. 

Nowadays, the demand for fleet management apps is increasing high, allowing businesses to track and maintain their vehicle quickly, easily accessible, and cost-effective.

According to market research, the on-demand feet management app development market is going to be profitable for any business, from transport & logistic firms to shipping and marine companies. 

Who Can Take Advantages from Fleet Management App Development?

As discussed above, on-demand fleet management app development allows businesses to track their automobile. However, now we will discuss those companies/people who can take advantage of fleet management app development.

1. Corporate Fleet Companies

There is no doubt that corporate fleet companies are managing vehicles in bulk. They have numerous automobiles, which they give on a rental basis. However, the rental amount varies as it depends upon the duration for which the customer wants to hire, the type of vehicle a person hires, the distance covered by the car, and many other factors. 

But it is quite challenging to check all these factors manually. Therefore, the demand for fleet management app development increases in corporate fleet companies. It will allow the owners to determine the distance covered by automobiles and many other things that will assist them in calculating the overall benefit they earn in a day or month. 

2. Logistic and Transport Companies

Transport and logistic companies play an essential role in transporting goods and services from one place to another. These firms have their own vehicle to deliver items, which the pick from the origin point to their destination. 

With the help of this, customers can easily order an item that they want to their doorstep. However, it is quite challenging to believe in newbie service providers and startup companies. In such a situation, a fleet management app helps the users to track their orders until they receive them. Therefore, the crase of on-demand fleet management app development on high. 

3. Aviation and Flight Companies

Numerous flights assembled, which usually comprise military helicopters, headed by a single person are known as aviation fleets, which is always the military flight of a nation. It has a large number of flights that are managed by a single company.

4. Marine and Shipping Companies 

Marine and shipping companies provide ships in large quantities to its owner. This will provide ship services to its owners across the world. The services provided vary, ranging from crew training to advanced management needs. 

Marine is not only necessary for commercial purposes but always used for the nation’s security purposes, importing and exporting products and goods from one nation to the other one. Therefore, the demand for on-demand fleet management app development.

Advantages of Fleet Management App Development 

We all are aware that with the help of fleet management app development, you can easily track your automobile. However, it has the following advantages that make it more demandable:

1. Low Fuel Consumption 

Through the help of on-demand fleet management app development, owners can track a record of fuel consumption. The fleet management app will be continuously updated from time to time on ways to improve fuel consumption. This app also includes a destination path prediction which means it will calculate the shortest distance which is available in low traffic to reach its destination. 

This shortest-path calculation includes the time to reach the destination, which means the vehicle consumes low fuel. Because of this, the popularity of on-demand fleet management app development is increasing high. However, you need to find a reliable mobile app development company for this job. 

2. Real-Time Tracking

Another feature of this application is real-time tracking. It means this software track automobile in real-time. Plus, real-time data is also shared with the customers so that they can pick up the order on time.

With the help of this mobile app development, users can estimate the time of pick up and arrival at the destination, along with the location data that the satellite transmits to the app being used on the users’ smartphones. 

3. Safe and Secure

There is no doubt that all the companies store all the details of all the drivers operating that automobile; it is secure for passengers. Even if any issue occurs, the organization already has the details through which they can contact the concerned driver. 

It ensures the safety of drivers as well as passengers and goods. In simple words, if any abnormalities are detected, the software will automatically alert the team controlling the app because to wich the safety of both the parties involved is intact. 

Key Features of the Fleet Management App Development

Automobile tracking is a major concern in all industries, be it logistics and transportation or packers and movers. Hence it is a great idea to track your vehicles running on the road. For this, you can rely on fleet management app development that can analyze the distance covered, which helps them calculate the fuel consumption and the other required factors. 

This is the primary reason that plenty of businesses and enterprises are looking for fleet management mobile apps to track the path taken by their fleet. Furthermore, these applications provide complete information regarding speed, drivers, and other information regarding driving habits.

Hence, the on-demand fleet management app development is gaining an impressive surge; thus, the concept is more likely to augment in the foreseen times. However, a business should add the following features: 

  • Real-Time Tracking 

Real-time tracking is a primary feature of fleet management app development. This will warn the owners so that they can take preventive measures to reduce the event’s effect. The real-time tracking feature will give information regarding the automobile, the vehicle’s speed, traffic-based route, direction, the temperature of the engine, etc. 

Nowadays, almost all of us rely on the mobile application for everything. Therefore, it is necessary to have an area time tracking feature in a fleet management app. It will provide accurate information to a user about where the automobile reached and to the driver and the customer’s location. 

  • OBD Based Vehicle Tracking

An on-demand fleet management app should have this feature. It will give you information about the vehicle it is plugged into. The information might be on tracking the automobile, or mechanics might use it to know the exact issue of the vehicle. 

  • OBD 2 Based Vehicle Tracking

This is similar to the OBD port. The only difference is that it is plugged into the OBD 2 port, which gathers the information, and the report is sent to the application. 

  • Vehicle maintenance and Management

Vehicle maintenance and Management are done by a team of members who control the application. The app collects all the information by using the tracker in the automobile and sends the report to the app, wherefrom it is controlled and managed by the team of fleet companies. 

  • Fuel Consumption Control

Another feature you should add to your application is fuel consumption control. This application keeps track of the fuel consumption level, which can give data on whether the car’s engine is performing well or not. 

If the fuel consumption level is way too high, then there is surely an automobile issue that needs due attention. 

  • Driver Management and safety

This is another feature you need to add to a fleet management app. It will keep track of the driver, whether he is fit to drive or not. It is done by analyzing the posture of the driver, which sends the information to the application and alerts the team managing the application if the driver is not fit driver or is driving rashly. 

It is taken great care of by the companies as it is directly connected to the application of the passengers. However, you need to hire a skilled and experienced developer for on-demand fleet management app development. 

  • Dispatch Management 

It is another feature you should add to the fleet management app. As the fleet companies handle a lot of vehicles, it might be difficult for them to keep track of which fleet is booked and which is not. I booked, for how long and when is the next time it will be availabe for use by other customers. 

Therefore, adding this feature to your fleet management app is required. To make this job successful, you need to hire a reliable name for on-demand fleet management app development

  • Route Optimization 

This is another important feature you should add to the fleet management app by which users can reach the destination faster than the other route. This is why it is required to add this feature to this application. 

  • Geo-Fencing

This is another feature you should add for calculating a virtual area in the real world, which allow a user to get accurate information about the geographical area in which the vehicle is located. It will help the user to locate their cab, and always the fleet company knows where each of theri automobiles is present in any given area. 

  • Accident and Claim Management 

If any customer faces an accident while traveling through a particular fleet company’s car, the can claim insurance from the company. The insurance is barred by the company under whom the fleet vehicle is operated. 

  • Compliance Assurance 

The companies use this feature to keep an eye on whether the policies and agreements between the customers, drivers, and the concerned company is followed or not. Therefore, it is necessary to add this feature to this application. 

  • Fleet Summary Report 

You should also add this feature to your application. This report includes information ranging from the type of automobile, the count of vehicles managed by the fleet management company, the condition of an automobile, the vehicle’s daily report, income generated from them, information regarding every driver associated with the company, and the customer’s database. 

  • Dashboards and Analytics 

You should also add this feature to a fleet management app. Dashboards are used to check key data points regarding the automobile and its analytics. The dashboard displays information like fuel consumption and its cost, automobile use in a day, engine durability, tire pressure, etc.  

How Much Does It Cost for Fleet Management App Development

App Type Estimated Cost
Normal App Development $40,000 – 50,000
A Basic App Development $60,000 – $1,50,000
Complex App Development $1,50,000 – 300000

An on-demand fleet management app development cost depends on several factors, such as the features you want to add to your app. As per an idea, it may cost somewhere between $700- $1350, included with two to three years of continuous development to build a fully-fledged application with a minimum number of bugs. 

An on-demand fleet management app development cost depends upon factors such as the geographical location of the development team. If the whole team is in one place, your project will be complete in less time. To save some cash, many companies prefer to hire a freelancer. However, they take a lot of time to develop a fleet management app. 

Therefore, you need to hire a reliable fleet management app development company with years of expertise and professional and knowledgeable staff. It ensures that your project will complete on time. However, the total cost of mobile app development depends only on features and the selected company’s expertise. Plus it depends on the countries because each takes different charges 

Mobile App Development Hourly Rate Country Wise App Development Cost
US and Canada $50 to $250 Per Hour
Australia $50 to $150 Per Hour
Western Europe And The UK $35 To $170 Per Hour
Eastern Europe $20 To $150 Per Hour
India $10 to $80 Per Hour

Summing Up

We hope this blog can help you gain a bit of information related to on-demand fleet management development. How they benefit your business, the cost it takes to develop a fleet management app, and the features you will add.

In recent years, Fleet management application demand has been boosted because of easy access to the internet with cheap data plans.

With the help of this application, it is easy to track the vehicle of packers and movers, and other companies. So, if you want to develop such an application, get in touch with a reliable, on-demand fleet management app development company. They will provide you with great solutions that are robust and scalable.