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How To Hire The Best App Developers: A Comprehensive Checklist (Updated 2022)

Over the last few years, mobile users have multiplied across the world. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to find a person without a mobile phone. So, having a mobile app for your business becomes more and more critical. It seems that in 2018 every brand and every business has its app.
And you too must have decided that hiring app developer for your business and it’s time to create a mobile application.

Now what? How to build a mobile app?

You’re going to ask how to find the best app developer. So, the search to hire mobile app developers to begin.

More than two million dedicated mobile app developers worldwide, and choosing only one of them is quite a complicated task to tackle. I can tell you that finding the right partner is more important than saving a few hundred or thousand dollars in building your product. Mobile app developers can add value in more ways than just development, which will help you maximize revenues for your app business.

Being a leading mobile app development company, we are well acquainted with the latest app development process and tools. We firmly believed that the right sources have ample skills to elevate any business authority. So, to hire mobile app developer is a vital part of any app owners. This post addresses the steps of hiring app developers with some excellent tips.

Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers

Hiring ios app developers may look like a piece of cake, but when you dive into reality, you realize this is a lot complex to land up at a suitable app developer. The thing is you have to prepare for the depth research.

Step 1: Choose a country

There are a lot of countries that provide good mobile app development services. Of course, it’s unnecessary to talk about all of them; let’s discuss the most popular locations. They are the UK, North America, and Eastern Europe. I am sure you’ve already heard of them.

All these countries provide great app developers who request quite a reasonable price. For example, the average price for iOS app development in Eastern Europe is from $30 to $80 per hour.

Step 2: Freelancer or outsourcing

Mobile app development requires quite a lot of time, so you need to be sure that you are hiring dedicated mobile app developers for an extended period, from several months to several years. That’s why you need to think carefully about the developers. There are some ways for you to find an appropriate partner.

One of these ways is visiting freelance websites. Such websites like Upwork provide profiles where you can look through feedback, hourly price, etc. On the other hand, you may cooperate with an outsourcing company to hire an iPhone app developer. There are some advantages.

For example, it’s the quickest way to find app developers because there is already a team of them in a specific firm. Moreover, there are many services like Clutch that give you a chance to find out about a company’s previous projects and clients’ feedback. Besides, outsourcing companies in another region of the world may become a cheaper option for you, saving on the development.

Step 3: Check the profiles

Of course, it’s impossible to let a random developer or company work on your project. It will not be a problem for the experienced mobile app developer because their UI/UX skills are quite good. Moreover, they will be pleased to share their previous experience and developed apps.
You should hire a developer to make an app, and the developer should have skills and experience in such fields as design, marketing, management, and, of course, coding.

Step 4: Make a list of companies

Now you may think that you know how to hire a mobile app developer, and it is a simple task. Do not believe this feeling because it is vital to ensure that the candidate understands your requirements and meet your expectations. I will not advise you to choose the cheapest or the quickest offer. Make a list of the candidates that you like and talk to each of them. After a personal discussion, you will find out as much information as possible about each candidate.

Step 5: Communicate and compare

It’s always good to clear all the doubts before starting the project. Jot down every single concern that could be affecting your dream application, no matter how good or bad it will. Discuss every feature with your app developers to clear the vision and requirements. Make sure to discuss app design, features, app category, and decide the final budget. To make the right decision, you need to ask the companies the right questions. Here is the list of some possible questions:

  • Can I look through the examples of your previously developed apps?

As I told you above, experienced and dedicated mobile app developers are usually ready to show you the already built apps. The best situation is finding these apps on Google Play or the App Store. This information will provide you with an opportunity to understand if this freelancer or outsourcing company can create an app that you want.

Moreover, if you’re going to cooperate with an outsourcing company, it’s good to visit its website. If the website is old-fashioned or unattractive, this company simply is not able to create good products.

  • How do you guarantee the quality of your development?

Of course, some standards of quality should be guaranteed by the developers. If you are not a technically experienced person, it’s better to find dedicated mobile app developers who have already worked with this field and can help you look through code samples. A specialist will study a written code and will give you an objective result. It will ensure that nobody cheats you.

  • Can you provide me a list of your clients (current and previous)?

Several conversations with previous clients can be more useful than a lot of dialogues with programmers. Getting feedback will allow you to mark how good, responsible, and result-oriented the team or freelancer is.

  • How can I communicate during development?

You need to understand that communication is one of the most significant parts of building an app. Nowadays, there are lots of ways of communication. For example, you can use E-mail, Skype, etc. to speak and follow the process every day.

By the way, you must have a chance to communicate with a project manager and each app coders for hire. You should ask about their efficiency if they don’t provide you an opportunity to track the progress.

  • How does the development process run?

A company usually uses one approach to the process of building your app. They suggest that it is the most effective and always can prove it. On the other hand, if they cannot give you an appropriate explanation and, as a result, they lack experience.

Developing an iOS app is a complex process, and that’s why you need to clarify every detail and be sure that the team understands your requirements before you hire iPhone app developers.

Step 6: Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers

Now it’s high time for you to decide who you will be working with. Look through all your notes, be sure to consider all pieces of advice that were given to you, and decide.

While we are wrapping up, there are some takeaways on how to hiring app developer. Some takeaways are research on Google, set your priorities, check the reviews and portfolios, jot down the entire app requirement.

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Google Knows Everything!

All you need to do is to put in an extensive research methodology. The best way is to Google it and jots down all answers about your queries such as the best mobile app development platform, best mobile app category for Android/iOS, best framework, or UI tool kit for application. You can also search how your competitors are making the lead and which technology they used.

Set Your Priorities

Before hiring app developer or the designer first, you have to sharpen your thought. Top mobile application developers only follow the client’s instructions and try to deliver as clients recite them. So, it depends on you how your mobile app looks in reality. If you settle the priorities about app features, app platform (Android/iOS), app design, etc., it helps the developer meet your expectations.

When you hire someone to build an app, it doesn’t mean you are free from any further technical issues. The best way to deal with such a factor is to research a little bit about the technology and development process. It helps in communicating with the developers; you can easily suggest any app; otherwise, it is ready to sound like a fool. If you are acquainted with the technical terms, then developers take it seriously.

If you follow the above three tips while searching for app developers for hire, we will ensure that your research will end with the best one, and your mobile app is also robust in the result.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Anyone who has the slightest knowledge of it, including your company advisors, developers who work on your project, and naturally, your rivals will steal your mobile app knowledge and your project idea if the word comes to them. 

The cost of a basic app is $38,000, and it could go up to $80,000, depending on the functionalities of the application. 

An application developer is a key component of the technical and/or project management teams responsible for ensuring that software implementation and enhancements fulfill user needs.

When you hire dedicated developers of mobile applications, you will collaborate to launch exclusive and imaginative promotions and provide your consumers with more value as they have great awareness of the latest trends and strategies in software.

There are many websites like UpWork & Clutch to find mobile app developers.


The average salary for app developers, per PayScale, is USD 68,478.



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