How to Hire PHP Developers in 2023? Cost And Features
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How to Hire PHP Developers in 2023? Cost And Features

If you are looking to hire dedicated PHP developers in 2023, there are some interesting factors to consider. With the ever-growing demand for PHP developers, finding the right talent is challenging.

Not to mention, with emerging technologies and constantly evolving trends, it can take time to keep up with the latest developments in the field.

some interesting statistics about using the PHP programming language:


Statistic Value
Year of Initial Release 1995
Current Stable Version (as of 2021) PHP 8.0
Total Number of PHP Websites (estimated) 79.1%
Websites using PHP (as of 2021) 78.9%
Number of PHP Developers (estimated) 5 million+
GitHub Stars for PHP Repository 16k+
PHP’s Ranking on the TIOBE Index (as of June 2021) 4th
Frameworks Built with PHP Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, etc.
Top Companies Using PHP Facebook, WordPress, Wikipedia, Etsy, etc.
Market Share of PHP in Web Development 78.9%
Job Market Demand for PHP Developers High
Community Support and Online Resources Active and extensive


Are you curious about why people love PHP? Do you want to know how to find someone who knows how to use it? Well, you are in luck because we are about to tell you all about it.

This post aims to deliver you with an exhaustive guide on how to hire PHP developers in 2023.

We will cover the current state of the PHP development market, essential features to look for in candidates, cost-effective hiring strategies, and much more.

Keep reading to find out more!

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The Current State of the PHP Development Market

PHP, an open-source server-side scripting language, has been a popular choice for web development for over two decades. Despite facing competition from newer languages such as JavaScript, and Python, PHP has continued to grow in popularity due to its ease of use, scalability, and compatibility with different operating systems.

The demand for PHP developers is expected to remain high in 2023 due to the growing need for web-based applications and e-commerce solutions.

 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, web developer employment is expected to grow by 13% between 2020-2030. PHP developers will be in high demand as companies look to develop and maintain web applications that can handle high volumes of traffic and complex user interactions.

As of 2023, PHP remains the most popular server-side language, with a market share of over 76%. The demand for PHP developers is expected to enhance in the coming years due to the growing need for web-based applications and e-commerce solutions.

PHP is a scripting language that is widely used for server-side web development. It is designed to be fast, flexible, and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for developing dynamic web applications and PHP Development Company.

PHP code can be embedded into HTML, allowing developers to create dynamic web pages that respond to user input. PHP is also highly scalable, which makes it an ideal choice for building large-scale web applications.

What is PHP Popular For?

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a famous server-side scripting language primarily used for web development.

Here are some common use cases and purposes for which PHP is used:

  • Server-Side Web Development: Basically, PHP is used for server-side scripting, powering the back-end logic of websites and web applications. It allows PHP developers to create dynamic web content, process forms, interact with databases, handle sessions, and perform other server-side tasks.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS): Next, PHP is widely used for creating CMS platforms such as Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla. These CMSs offer a user-friendly interface to manage and publish web content, and PHP allows advanced functionality and customization options.
  • E-commerce Websites: PHP is employed in building e-commerce websites, shopping cart functionality, facilitating product catalog management, payment gateway integration, and order processing.
  • Web APIs: PHP can be used to build web APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow different software systems to communicate with each other. APIs allow data exchange and integration between applications, enabling developers to build robust and interconnected web services.
  • Web Forms and Validation: PHP simplifies the handling of web forms by processing validating data, and user input, and performing server-side form submissions. It ensures the security and integrity of data submitted via forms on websites.
  • Web Scraping: PHP can use for web scraping, allowing developers to extract data from websites and automate data retrieval tasks. Web scraping is employed in different applications such as content aggregation, data mining, and research.
  • Command-Line Scripts: PHP can be used to create command-line scripts, perform various tasks on a server or automate repetitive tasks. These scripts can be used for different tasks like database operations, file manipulation, data processing, and more.

What Makes an Excellent Php Developer?

What Makes an Excellent Php Developer?

When evaluating PHP candidates for a position, there are several essential features to look for hire php web developers. Here are some key aspects to consider:

1. Proficiency in PHP

Ensure the candidate has a strong foundation in PHP programming, including knowledge of syntax, data types, functions, and object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts. They should be able to demonstrate their ability to write clean, efficient, and secure PHP code.

2. Experience with PHP Frameworks

Familiarity with popular PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, or CakePHP is valuable. Candidates with experience in working with frameworks can leverage pre-built components, improve development efficiency, and maintain coding standards.

3. Understanding of Web Technologies

Look for candidates who have a good understanding of web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and AJAX. Knowledge of front-end frameworks like Bootstrap or Vue.js can be advantageous as well.

4. Database Skills

PHP often involves working with databases. Candidates should have experience with database management systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB. They should be proficient in writing SQL queries, managing data, and handling database connections.

5. Problem-Solving and Debugging Abilities

A strong PHP developer should possess excellent problem-solving and debugging skills. They should be able to identify and resolve issues efficiently, whether it’s troubleshooting code errors, optimizing performance, or resolving compatibility problems.

6. Knowledge of Security Best Practices

PHP developers should be familiar with security best practices for web applications. Look for candidates who understand common security vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and cross-site request forgery (CSRF), and know how to implement proper security measures to mitigate such risks.

7. Collaboration and Communication Skills

Effective collaboration and communication are crucial for working in a team environment. Look for candidates who can clearly articulate their ideas, collaborate effectively with other team members, and communicate technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.

8. Continuous Learning Mindset

PHP is an evolving language with new updates and features. A good PHP candidate should demonstrate a willingness to learn and stay up to date with the latest advancements in PHP, related frameworks, and industry trends.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Php Developers?

The cost to hire dedicated developers or PHP developers can vary significantly depending on several factors, including

1. Geographic Location

Salaries and rates for PHP developers can differ based on the cost of living and market conditions in diverse regions and countries. Developers based in countries with higher living costs generally demand higher salaries or rates compared to those in regions with lower costs.

2. Experience and Skill Level

The level of experience and expertise of the PHP developers also affects the cost. Developers with more years of experience, specialized skills, and a proven track record may require higher compensation.

3. Project Complexity

The complexity of the project or the detailed needs can impact the cost. Projects that need advanced PHP skills, integration with numerous systems, or extensive customization may require developers with a higher level of expertise, resulting in higher costs.

4. Engagement Model

The engagement model chosen to hire PHP developers at hourly rate can also influence the cost. Hiring a full-time employee would generally entail a fixed monthly salary while hiring on a contract or freelance basis might involve hourly or project-based rates.

It is important to consider these factors and determine your budget and requirements before hiring a PHP developer.

Rates can range from a few dollars per hour for offshore or freelance developers in some regions to significantly higher rates for highly experienced or specialized PHP developers in more developed markets.

Global Yearly Salaries of Php Developers

Did you know that people who want to build custom php websites can make different amounts of money depending on where they live?

For example, in the United States, it costs a lot more money to hire someone who is really good at a computer programming language called PHP than it does in India.

So, sometimes companies in the US will hire people who live in other countries or who work for themselves because it’s cheaper.


Country Junior PHP developer Middle PHP developer Senior PHP developer
United States $81K $94K $153K
Australia $72K $108K $127K
Canada $48K $75K $110K
India $6K $14K $22K
France $50K $57K $72K
Germany $47K $60K $75K
United Kingdom $51K $56K $105K
Israel $35K $61K $90K
Poland $16K $49K $67K
China $19K $32K $59K


Global Hourly Rates For Freelance Php Developers

The table below offers a rough estimate of hourly rates for freelance PHP developers based on general observations, but please keep in mind that these are approximate ranges:


Country Junior PHP developer Senior PHP developer
United States $40 $190
Australia $35 $150
United Kingdom $22 $140
France $30 $100
Germany $43 $120
Canada $35 $160
Poland $35 $190
Israel $40 $120
India $20 $60
China $30 $80


Where to Lookout and Hire PHP Developers

Where to Lookout and Hire PHP Developers

There are some fantastic platforms and methods available for finding and hiring PHP developers. Here are some popular options:

1. Freelance Platforms

Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal provide a platform where you can post job requirements, review freelancer profiles, and hire PHP developers based on their skills, experience, and client feedback.

2. Job Portals

Utilize job portals specific to your region or industry to post PHP developer job listings. Websites like Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Stack Overflow Jobs attract a wide range of developers and allow you to search for candidates based on their skills and location.

In-house hiring: job boards

  • Glassdoor for Employers
  • Indeed for Employers
  • Startup jobs on Well Found

3. Professional Networks

Leverage your professional network, both online and offline, to find PHP developers. Reach out to colleagues, attend tech events and conferences, join relevant online communities or forums, and connect with developers on platforms like LinkedIn.

4. Development Communities

Explore online communities and forums dedicated to PHP development, such as the PHP subreddit (/r/PHP), PHP Developer Network (PHPDN), and PHP Classes. These platforms often have dedicated job boards or sections where you can find and connect with PHP developers.

PHP communities and groups

  • PHP community portal
  • A list of PHP user groups on
  • PHP groups on Meetup

5. Development Agencies

Consider hiring PHP developers from development agencies or software outsourcing companies. These agencies typically have a pool of experienced PHP developers, and you can discuss your project requirements directly with them.


hire php developers cta

4. Local Meetups and Events

Attend local tech meetups, conferences, and hackathons focused on web development or PHP. These events provide an opportunity to network with developers and find potential candidates for your project.

5. Referrals and Recommendations

Seek recommendations from trusted colleagues, industry contacts, or other developers in your network. Referrals can help you find reliable and skilled PHP developers who have already been vetted by someone you trust.

When hiring PHP developers, it’s important to thoroughly evaluate their skills, experience, and fit for your project. Conduct technical interviews, review portfolios or code samples, and consider requesting test projects or assessments to assess their abilities.

Remember to clearly define your project needs, set expectations, and discuss compensation and engagement terms upfront to ensure a smooth hiring process.

The Impact Of Emerging Technologies On Php Development Recruitment

As technology continues to grow, it is necessary to be aware of its impact on PHP development recruitment. Here are some key areas to consider:

The Role of AI and Automation in Php Development Recruitment

AI and automation can help streamline the recruitment process by handling time-consuming tasks like resume screening and candidate matching. This technology can also help identify top-performing candidates.

The Impact of Blockchain and Other Decentralized Technologies on Php Development

Decentralized technologies like blockchain are becoming important in the world of PHP development. Hiring developers with experience in these areas can deliver a competitive benefit and help position your company as a leader in emerging technology.

The Rise of Cloud-Based Development and its Impact on Php Recruitment

Cloud-based development is becoming more famous and can provide advantages like  accessibility, scalability, and cost savings. Hiring developers with experience in cloud technology can help ensure your team is prepared for future developments in this area.

Popular Industries Used PHP Language

Here are some popular industries where PHP is widely used:


Industry Description
E-commerce Shopping carts, payment gateways, powers online stores, and inventory management systems for businesses selling products online.
Content Management Provides the foundation for content management systems (CMS) such as Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla, enabling website creation and content publishing.
Social Networking Supports the development of social networking platforms, such as  messaging systems, user profiles, and interactive features.
Education Facilitates the student management systems, development of e-learning platforms, and educational websites for online courses and distance learning.
Healthcare Allows the creation of healthcare information systems, medical record management applications, and patient management solutions.
Travel and Tourism Powers booking engines, travel portals, reservation systems, and travel management solutions for the travel and tourism industry.
Financial Technology Supports the development of fintech applications, payment gateways, online banking systems, and financial management platforms.
Media and Publishing Enables the creation of content publishing platforms, news portals, blogging platforms, and digital publishing solutions.
Real Estate Powers real estate listing websites, property management systems, and real estate transaction platforms.
Non-profit Organizations Support the development of websites and web applications for non-profit organizations, fundraising campaigns, and donation platforms.


Future-proofing Your Php Development Team for 2023 and Beyond

Staying ahead of the curve is crucial in the fast-paced world of PHP development. Here are some key steps to take to future-proof your team:

Staying Up-to-Date on the Latest Php Development Trends and Technologies

Keeping up with the latest trends and technologies in PHP development is crucial to staying relevant and competitive.

Developing a Culture of Continuous Learning and Innovation

Encouraging ongoing learning and innovation can help ensure your team is always up-to-date on modern developments and best practices in PHP development.

The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in PHP Development Teams

Creating a diverse and inclusive work environment can help attract and retain top talent, foster creativity and innovation, and improve collaboration and problem-solving.

Final Thought

Hiring the right PHP developers is key to the success of any business. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this post, you can find the right talent and build a team that will help you get your business goals in 2023 and beyond.

Remember to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies and to create a supportive and positive work environment for your PHP development team.

With the right approach, you can build a top-tier PHP development team that will help your business thrive.

FAQs: How to Hire PHP Developers in 2023

1. What are the essential technical skills required for a PHP developer?

Some of the essential technical skills needed for a PHP developer include proficiency in PHP programming, experience with web development frameworks, knowledge of web development tools like Git and Docker, understanding of front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and experience in working with databases such as PostgreSQL or MySQL.

2. What soft skills should I look for in a PHP developer?

Some of the essential soft skills to look for in a PHP developer include a passion for coding and learning new technologies, problem-solving skills, excellent communication skills, and the ability to work independently and as part of a team.

3. What is the average salary range for PHP developers?

The salary range for PHP developers varies depending on their location, experience, and the size of the company. However, the average salary range for PHP developers in the United States is between $50,000 to $119,000 per year.