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Want to know the basis difference between Kotlin vs Java?

Android applications are more popular compared to iOS because it provides an amazing experience to all its end-users which is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Nowadays, businesses are using android operating systems in order to enhance their sales. However, you need to choose a web development company to build an app.

But when it comes to building an android app, you need to choose a programming language. There are many programming languages, so it is really challenging to choose one. If you are confused that kotlin vs. Java is better for android projects, you will get all the answers to your question in this post.

With deep knowledge of both languages, it is easy to determine kotlin vs. Java, which is better for developing an android app for your business that will help you boost your business worldwide.

An Overview of the Kotlin

An Overview of the  Kotlin

Kotlin is a popular programming language that is designed to interoperate fully with Java. The creator of this programming language tried to take the best features from TypeScript, Java, JavaScript, and many other languages in order to build a programming language that would compile as fast as Java.

So, you can use this language for custom web development. Another thing that makes it popular is its ability to be multi-platform targeted. Moreover, it reduces time spent writing and maintaining the same code. I hope it will help you in determining kotlin vs. Java, which one is better for an android project.

Key Advantages of Kotlin

Kotlin is a good programming language that is better for developing an android app. Using this language, you can easily build an application that is equipped with rich features and technology. It has the following perks:

  • Maximise the Productivity

Kotlin is based on Java, which can easily get rid of aggravations and the obsolescence of Java. Being a clear, compact, and dynamic language, it can maximise the productivity of the IT firm. In simple terms, developers can develop an app without investing more time in this language.

However, you need to hire dedicated developers who regularly update you regarding your project and ensure the best user experience. So, you can believe in the developers to complete your project.

  • Compatible to Work with Existing Java Code

Another great advantage of Kotlin is that it is compatible with Java code and many other related frameworks and tools. Therefore, switching to the kotlin language is easier. So, it is a great idea to use this language to build an application.

I hope you have an idea of Kotlin vs. Java and which one is best for your project. But when it comes to choosing this language for android app development, you need to make sure that the professional has a good grasp of this programming language.

  • Kotlin Can be Easily Maintained

Kotlin is always supported by many IDES, including Android studio and many other SDK tools. It can maximise the developer’s productivity by continuously dealing with toolkits they are already using.

  • Reliable

No doubt that there are many programming languages available in the market for android app development. But kotlin came on the big screen, and it can undergo many Beta and Alfa stages prior to releasing its final version.

  • Less Buggy

As a clear and compact codebase language, it does not leave any space for making mistakes. This will help in order to provide more stable codes in production. So, it is a great idea to choose this language for developing an android application for your business.

  • Merges Procedural and Functional Programming

We all are aware that each language has some advantages and disadvantages. In order to get the best results, Kotlin has combined the best of functional and procedural programming. This is the reason that it is a popular programming language for android app development.

  • Easy to Learn

Another great advantage of kotlin is that it is easy to learn. So mobile developers who work on Java can always use this language easily and build an app that helps you to boost your business.

An Overview of the Java

An Overview of the Java

Java is a popular programming language equipped with open-source tools and libraries that help developers build fully-functional applications. This programming language is suited for many purposes, such as web applications, server apps, android apps, big data, and many more.

So, this language can be used to build an android application equipped with rich features. In simple terms, building an application with this language is easy.

Key Advantages of Java

Java is also a popular programming language that many large agencies use to build functional applications. By using this language, developers can build an app in less time. Plus, it has the following advantages:

  • Simple

Java is a simple programming language that is easy to learn and understand. Generally, its syntax is based on C++ and uses automatic garbage collection, so you don’t need to eliminate unreferenced objects from memory.

Plus, this programming language always removes the features such as operator overloading, explicit, etc., that make it easy to write and read. This is the great advantage that will let you know which one is good kotlin vs. java performance for developing an android application.

  • Object-Oriented

Java is also object-oriented, making it more practical to take care of data and behaviour. This programming language usually utilises object-oriented concepts such as inheritance, class, objects, and encapsulation.

However, you should get in touch with a Java development company to build an application. With years of experience and dedication, they will provide you with one of the best solutions for your business.

  • Secured

Java is also a secured programming language that runs inside the virtual machine sandbox. So, you can rely on this language for android app development. However, you should get in touch with a web development company to build an existing application.

  • Robust

Being a strong programming language, it uses strong memory management. With this language, developers can handle exceptions with Java code. Moreover, you can use type-checking to make the code more secure.

  • Multi-Threaded

This programming language also uses a multi-threaded environment in which a huge task is to convert into various threads and run separately. The great perk of multi-threading is that professionals do not provide memory to every running thread.

Kotlin vs. Java: Comparison Between Both

Kotlin vs. Java

Java and kotlin are both more popular programming languages for developing android applications. But each has some differences that make them separate. Here we listed some differences between both that help you determine which kotlin vs. java performance is good.

1. Easy to Use

Kotlin is easier compared to Java, and it has a good collection of tools that make it good for android app development. If you choose kotlin to develop the application, you need to get in touch with kotlin developers with years of experience.

2. Performance

There is no doubt that Java is a mature language known for excellent performance. On the other hand, Kotlin performs better than Java for android app development because of its uses of immutability and properties.

Thus, experts suggested choosing when it comes to choosing an option kotlin vs. Java. It will help you build an app that will take your business to the next level.

3. Popularity

Kotlin is a new language, but it has become more popular for android app development. On the other hand, it’s backed by Google, which means it will continue to see more support and improvement as time goes on.

Thus, you should choose this programming language to build a fully functional app that has rich features and advanced technology.

4. Cross-Platform Development

Kotlin is compatible with building cross-platform apps and runs on multiple platforms. On the other hand, Java is limited by its use of bytecode which can only be compiled for making a single platform.

5. Mature Libraries

Java has a collection of great frameworks, libraries, and tools that help to build Android app development. However, Kotlin can introduce new libraries such as coroutines and KTS. So, it will help you in knowing kotlin vs. java performance in  2022.

I hope this information will help you understand which one is best for android app development, kotlin vs. Java. Having in-depth knowledge of both languages, it is easy to make a wise decision.

Kotlin vs. Java: Which is Better for Android App Development

Kotlin vs. Java: Which is Better for Android App Development

As we mentioned, both languages are fantastic for building an android application. This is why these are excellent choices to use in developing an existing and responsive mobile application.

But if you are looking for a specific language at kotlin vs. Java, then there are certain applications where one might be better than others. Big applications with great features and functionality that require to function across all platforms.

And Java has mature libraries which support such types of application development well, so it is a great choice to use Java for developing large applications for a variety of industries. But when it comes to building applications, you need to get in touch with professionals for custom web development.

On the other hand, Kotlin has a more streamlined and efficient design than Java, which is why it will perform better in these types of situations, especially when scaling is concerned. Applications that require maintaining platform independence and being cross-compiled for multiple platforms.

In simple terms, both languages have pros and cons, so it is really difficult to determine which one is best between kotlin and Java. Generally, it depends on your requirements and the functionality of the application.


In order to develop an app, it is necessary to choose a programming language. Of course, it is not easy to develop an app without choosing a language. But when it comes to choosing an option for building an app, the first thing that comes to mind is kotlin vs. Java, which is better for making an app.

The information mentioned above will help you understand which one is suitable for building an application for your business. Having an idea about kotlin vs. Java code examples, you can easily decide which one will work better for taking your business to the next level.

Finding an appropriate language is not enough; you should also get in touch with a trusted IT firm that will give you the best solutions as per your requirements. So, make sure you find a trusted name that has a good portfolio and grape on technology.