Lingokids App Development Cost and Features
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Lingokids App Development Cost and Features: An ultimate guide

In the era of globalization, it is required to have the knowledge of a second language. As a result, we see many language courses such as English, French, Japanese, etc.

English is essential to learn for every age group in today’s time. However, children are facing difficulty in learning a second language. In such a situation, people prefer apps because they make learning English easier. As a result, many agencies have decided to build an app for kids.

LingoKids application provides English lessons for young children on three levels: individual words, phrases and sentences. It means kids can learn a second language in an easier way. Therefore the demand for such applications has become high. But when it comes to building a language learning app like LingoKids, you have to do a search about LingoKids app development cost.

This information will help to determine how much you have to spend to build an English learning app for kids. This blog post will discuss must-have features, approximate development, and a list of advantages for kids.

What is a Language Learning App?

In general, a language learning application helps kids learn grammar, new vocabulary, phrases, and other things that help them become fluent in English. In simple terms, such applications help the kids learn.

A report shows that in 2015 the global digital learning market for the English language exceeded $10 billion by 2022. According to a market report, learning is expected to grow 15 billion by 2025. In simple terms, the language learning app has a bright future. Therefore, it is a good time to search for a Lingokids app development company that helps businesses to build functional and robust English learning applications for kids.

Advantages of Fun Language Application for Kids

Advantages of Fun Language Application for Kids

Well, there is a huge load of study on the shoulders of the kids, so they make excuses when parents and teachers tell them to study. But now they can learn a second language with fun and improve their communication skills.

As we all are aware that kids have access to smartphones to communicate with their patients when they are at school or tuition. Moreover, they use their smartphone to play games and watch cartoons and other content. But now you can use a smartphone to teach them English.

Yes! You heard right; by installing language apps like Lingokids on their smartphones, you can encourage them to learn something new and interesting that will help them in the future. Here are some of the reasons why language applications make excellent learning aides:

  • Immersive

Language learning applications usually feature intuitive dashboards and menus that make them easy to navigate while using catchy visuals and captivating audio effects. These functionalities combine to develop an experience that is immersive and memorable.

  • Combine Learning With Fun

Unlike physical classes at school or language learning lessons, language learning applications deliver different games as practice and a way to access student learning. Kids will enjoy the lesson and learn new things by playing word games.

Therefore, the demand for learning applications has become higher. But when you decide to invest in Lingokids app development services, you must contact a leading agency with an excellent reputation in the city.

  • Learn Anytime Anywhere

Another great perk of learning applications is that kids can learn the lessons anytime and anywhere. Moreover, the App can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets. It means it is easier to use the application at any time.

As a result, many agencies are interested in building a language learning app such as LingoKids. However, you must search for professionals who will provide you with the best  Lingokids app development services within your budget.

  • Learn at Own Pace

Every kid has their own interest and style of learning. Some are quick loans, and some take time to learn English. However, the Lingokids app helps kids to learn at their own pace. It means if they have difficulty learning a phrase and world, they can repeat the level until they learn. This is why the popularity of such applications has become high.

As a result, agencies realize that such applications help them earn good revenue and more profit. Henceforth they decide to invest in such an application. If you also want to earn good revenue by building an English learning app for kids, you must search Lingokids app development cost.

This will help you determine how much money you must spend to build an app for kids. On the basis of this information, you can easily set a budget and develop a functional application for your business.

  • Performance-Wise Analysis and Report

The application helps the kids to track their performance and how much time they have before they finish. In simple terms, the application has an automated feature to show detailed reports. This is the great advantage of a  language learning application.

If you also want to get this advantage, you have to search for an on-demand app development company committed to providing you with the ultimate solutions per your requirements.

Features of a Language Learning App

Features of a Language Learning App

When you build an app like LingoKids, the first essential thing is the features you include in the application. We know that colors, games, and cartoon characters attract kids’ attention. So, you have to choose the features of the application carefully.

For your help, we mentioned some features a language-learning app must have. So take a look at the following list:

1. Register/Login

This is an essential feature you must include in every application that allows users to register with the help of phone numbers, email, and social media accounts. It will help them to sign in the next time with the saved information.

In order to include this functionality in your application, you can hire dedicated developers proficient in building a robust and leading application.

2. User Profile

Once the application is created, users must fill in their personal information such as age, image, address, etc. Moreover, they can edit their profile as per their requirements. So, it is necessary to include this feature in your application, whether it is for kids or adults.

However, doing this job on your own is a challenging task. In such a case, it is advisable to hire mobile app developers with in-depth knowledge of coding and technology. So they will easily handle complex to complex tasks.

3. Learn Screen

This is also an essential feature a learning application should have. It will allow users to follow their advancement and includes tools for learning a new language. So remember to include this feature in your App.

In order to make the task easier and more convenient, you can contact an Android app development company that will help you in every possible way from start to finish.

4. Motivational Notification

Sometimes kids lose interest, so it is important to include motivational notifications. This feature will encourage the kids to complete their lessons without getting bored. Henceforth, you have to include the motivation notification feature in your application.

To do this job, you can contact a mobile app development company with a team of experienced developers who are experienced and knowledgeable to handle the complex task with ease.

5. Rewards

Rewards are a fun way to acknowledge a kid’s learning progress. Rewards are generally given when kids reach their milestones or use the application continuously. Thus, you have to include this functionality in the application.

However, doing this job on your own is a challenging task, so hiring dedicated developers with good knowledge and experience in the app development industry is advisable.

Advanced Features of Language Learning Application

In order to make the application more attractive, you need to include advanced features that will attract users to download the application to their smartphone and tablet. For your help, we mentioned a list of advanced features below:

1. One-on-One Tutoring

If kids have difficulties understanding the pre-designed course, they can join a virtual personal tutor who will clear their doubts. This is why you have to include this feature in your application.

2. Gamification

This is another great feature you have to include in your application. It will help the kids to learn the language while playing fun games such as puzzles. It makes the learning process more productive and fun.

3. Competition Among Users

A competitive spirit will bring out the best in people and serves as a tool for self-motivation. Thus, you have to include a dashboard in the application where users can check their performance and compare it to that of some top performers of their friends. This will encourage users to become more involved with the App.

4. Set Goal

Another feature to include in the learning application is set goals. This will help the users fix their goals and reward them for achieving the target. Hence, you need to include this function in your application.

Steps to Build a Learning App Like Lingokids

Once you know which features you must include in your application, you need to start the development process as soon as possible. However, with the complete process, it is possible to build a learning app. Therefore, we mentioned a detailed information about the complete process:

  • Decide What You Want

Having a clear idea of your requirement, you can easily build an app. So, first of all, you need to decide what you want. Planning exact functionalities and features will assist you in what your application will do at the functional and appearance levels. When deciding to build an app, you must understand your requirements and work accordingly.

  • Determine the App Development

Once you understand what you want, it is time to choose a platform to build an app. In the online language learning market, a platform determines the success of your mobile application. You know that the number of Android phone users is higher compared to iOS users.

It means you must decide on a platform to build an app with rich features. You can also easily create a hybrid app that is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.


  • Use the Latest Tech Stack

Once you choose a platform, you must choose a tech stack that depends on your app development platform. You know that both iOS and Android comprise different technology stacks and methods. It will assist you in building innovative and robust applications that can run on different devices easily.

  • Focus on the UI/UX part of the App

The design can affect the application. So you have to ensure that the App’s UI/UX part is great. Therefore, when deciding to build an app, you need to pay attention to the UI/UX of the App. In order to make professional designs, you can search for a leading mobile app development company committed to providing great features.

  • Build a Language Learning App

Now it is time to build a language learning application for kids. For this, you can hire dedicated developers proficient in building a functional and robust application that can run on both iOS and Android platforms.

  • Test Your Application

After that, you have to test whether the application is bug-free and error-free before launching it for the public. For this job, you can seek the help of QA testers with good years of experience. With years of experience and knowledge, they will easily detect and fix the issue on time.

  • Launch and Market the Application

After testing the mobile application, you need to launch the application onto the Play Store and Apple Store. Once you launch the application, you need to market your App to help their target audience download it easily.

Cost to Build a Learning App for Kids

LingoKids app development cost depends on several factors, such as complexity, location, etc. The location also plays an important role in deciding Lingokids app development cost. Based on location, you have to make a payment that may be different. If you want to know the cost, the following table will give you an idea.


Location Lingokids App Development Cost Per Hour
USA $30-$80 Per Hour
Africa $20-$100 Per Hour
US $35-$90 Per Hour
Saudi Arabia $30-$70 Per Hour
Europe $25-$60 Per Hour
India $15-$40 Per Hour


This table will give you an idea of how much you must pay to build a language-learning app for kids. However, it is an idea, not the actual price. In order to know the cost of building a functional app, you have to communicate with a leading mobile app development company with years of experience and reputation in the app development industry.


Over the years, the demand for second languages has increased in every industry. Therefore, schools have additional language subjects. However, it isn’t easy to encourage kids to learn English. In such a case, apps play an essential role as they have amazing features and graphics that attract users to learn English with games.

So parents don’t have to push their kids to learn a new language. With an attractive application, they can easily learn English and become fluent in the same language. As a result, many agencies have decided to build an app. However, you must know the LingoKids app development cost before handing over your project to someone.


1. Can I use Lingokids on multiple devices?

Yes! If you have subscribed to LingoKids plus, you are able to use it on different devices with ease.

2. Can Lingokids be played offline?

Of course, but in the case of subscription you can access this application offline. When you have a subscription plan there is no requirement of the internet to play games.

3. What languages does Lingokids teach?

Currently, this application only teaches English to kids in the funniest way.