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In this technology-driven age, people are engaging in online solutions in almost every important thing that online social communication has taken to the next-level with matrimony apps. In the recent past, we have witnessed that people prefer to search for a life partner over matrimony applications, and surprisingly, these applications are the reason behind many successful marriages.

We will look at the significance of matrimony apps in terms of development and economic scenario. These applications usually have a simple interface built with interactive search buttons where users can easily find a suitable match for them. These applications are secure and protected with all user privacy protocols.

How Matrimony App Development Is Beneficial for Your Matchmaking Business

Those who consider matrimony apps as weird or a new concept, they should be given an example of the days when people used to hire a private agent who would search for the best match for their children. With transforming technology, matrimonial companies have replaced agents with robust apps. The matrimony sector is generating high revenues in these days of technological transformation. 

If you are running matchmaking business and have conventional business tactics to deal with your customers, you must go for a matrimony app. Because you understand the process of matchmaking, this will help you to market your application to a wide range of customers. 

App development companies are developing matrimony apps utilizing user-created data to help the app users to interact with other profiles and find a suitable match. An app simplifies user-tasks by using a database of customers. Thus, having a matrimony app can boost your business dramatically.

Matrimony App Development Features That You Can Consider

To enhance customer engagement to the matrimony app, a standard matrimony software company focuses on packaging it with lots of interactive and user-friendly features. Let’s have a look at some of the significant features required in a matrimony app:

  1. Social Login/Signup: With this feature, users are provided with the facility to log in to their accounts or create a new one if they do not have any. They can create a new account either through a manual sign up process where they are required to fill all the details one-by-one or by integrating a third-party social media account like Facebook, Gmail, or LinkedIn. 
  2. In-App Chat: Integration of chats or in-app chat is considered a significant feature in a matrimony app since it facilitates the application to develop a level of understanding with the user so that they can leverage peer-to-peer communication conveniently. 
  3. In-App Camera: App users can integrate their camera to share pictures with other profiles on the platforms easily. They can directly click a photo at the time of uploading or can also add one from their gallery. 
  4. GPS Integration: GPS Integration helps the app users to find the most suitable matches near to their city or state. This strategy can customize the settings to enable location tracking if they want to do so. 
  5. Upload Horoscope: Users can upload their horoscopes or Kundli. Those looking for a match also including horoscope as criteria can get your profile in their search results. Mobile application development companies add these features considering the behaviors of users in any particular region or community. 
  6. BioData Generator: Users easily enter their details, and the matrimony app can design an interactive biodata for them. With advanced content and design features, most of the users prefer to use a matrimony app to create their biodata in a well-structured form. 
  7. Search Filters: By adding algorithms to the database, a matrimony app can have a large set of filters that helps users to find the most suitable match for them. These parameters typically include religion, castes, areas, etc. 
  8. OTP Integration: The application authenticates users with their email and mobile numbers by sending a one time password. Users can also register themselves by sending a confirmation link. 

How Does a Matrimony App Work?

People are using online portals to find a perfect match for them. With the increasing utilization of mobility, the process has also increased the business demand for app development companies. Users are not required to spend a lot of money to take high-cost premiums. These apps ask users to provide all the necessary information to find a perfect match for them. The matrimony sector is gaining immense popularity among users and investors. 

A matrimonial app development company developing a matrimonial mobile app considers the real-time behavior and choices of customers these days. They understand the things people may anticipate from their application, and this helps them to develop a revenue-generating matrimony app for their customers.

What are the Most Popular Matrimony Apps?

Many matrimony apps have emerged as business empires in countries with their excellent service in the matrimony sector. Matrimony apps provide free services along with those requiring their customers to get premium memberships after a time. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular matrimony apps of these days.


  1. Bharat Matrimony 

Bharat Matrimony is one of the most popular and firstly introduced matrimony apps in India. This application was launched in 2000. Today 80% of the Indians are using this app to do their matrimonial search.
Bharat Matrimony app

Download the App From: 

Google Play: 4.2 stars

App Store: 3.8 stars


  1. Shaadi

Shaadi app was launched in 1996 for matchmaking. The application includes parametric filters like religion, caste, age, height, education, photos, horoscope, etc. Shaadi’s website mentions that 0661243 Members are using the app.
matrimony application development

Download the App From:

Google Play: 4.0 stars

App Store: 4.1 stars


  1. Jeevansathi

Jeevansathi is among the most trusted matrimony apps. has launched its android app in 2014 and soon became popular among the customers. 

matrimony app development

Download the App From:

Google Play: 4.0 stars

App Store: 4.0 stars


  1. Vivaah

Vivaah is also an Indian matrimony app, widely used by users throughout the world. This application offers a database of thousands of users with their profiles and photographs.
matrimony apps
Download the App From:

Google Play: 4.0 stars

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Matrimony App?

If you want to enter this industry as a passionate business leader and thinking to begin with a website, while estimating the matrimonial app development cost, one significant factor is the physical location of a matrimonial app development company and the mobile app developers. Mobile app developers in countries like the UK and USA charge from 70 to 250 USD per hour on average, whereas developers in eastern European countries charge from 50 to 150 USD per hour. 

Although in India, you can find mobile application development companies offering the same services at affordable prices from 20-70 USD per hour. Talking of a rough amount, matrimony mobile app development cost for any platform may range from 15,000 to 20,000 USD. Additional features can increase the costs of matrimony app development.

Hire the Best Matrimony Mobile App Developer

Undoubtedly, matrimony apps simplify the process of matchmaking. Those in this sector can utilize the matrimony app to grow their business with enhanced user experience. If you are planning to run a matrimonial mobile app and looking for the best matrimonial mobile app development company, you need to understand different aspects and market insights of the industry. It’s always wise to understand the basic insights and the requirements from a matrimony software company.

As a trusted matrimonial mobile app development company, you are always welcome to reach out to us. We promise to deliver a robust app that can help you to transform your innovative ideas into features of your business application.

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