Best Mobile App Development Companies in Toronto 
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Best Mobile App Development Companies in Toronto 

The world is moving forward with technology and so are we. We are moving at a very fast pace when it comes to technology and bringing the offline world online through apps and websites. The world has seen a 4.7% increase in the number of mobile app development since the year 2021. And to keep this number in mind, Canada is marking their point in the world by adopting the increased registration of mobile app development companies in Toronto, Canada.

As stated by the stats, 78% of Canadians use about 1-8 apps on a daily basis which could be social media, password protected documentation apps, etc. More and more people in Canada are moving towards getting their apps developed and designs after seeing this tremendous shift in the data. But the problems arise when the businessmen are not able to find good app development companies. 

To help entrepreneurs with this problem of finding the best mobile app development company in Toronto, we have narrowed down a list of 12 best companies along with their rankings on top sites to get a better understanding of the company’s reputation.

Search Through the Best Mobile App Development Companies in Toronto

1. TechGropse

TechGropse is known for offering a wide horizon to entrepreneurs with the new and advanced technology of mobile applications. Any business owner, whether they are a startup and or a well established company needs the benefits of new technologies to take their business on a whole new level. 

With our flexible approach to building something out of the box, we have successfully developed tech driven applications adding value to the business. A mobile application provides ease of access to the user as they can get hold of your products and services 24/7 from anywhere in the world. 

We have been partners with WASPHA, BBT and ProFantasy in developing their mobile applications by using the tech driven approach for today’s world moving towards building a better tomorrow. Hire Mobile app Developers from TechGropse Pvt. Ltd. to work according to your flexibility and time schedule. 

Country  Employee Rating  Cost  Project Completed 
Canada 300-500  4.7/5 $15 to $25 1000+

2. Tata Consultancy Services

TCS is an IT company based in Mumbai, India providing services around the world and in Toronto, Canada as well. The main focus of the company is to get deep insights of the technology and combine them with the requirements of the business. The strategies that the company uses involve defining the outcomes of the business, doing proper research on the needs of the user, and to build products according to the requirements of the modern-day users. 

One can opt for any kind of services they think is necessary for the growth of their business, you can just connect with the team at TCS discussing the requirements of your project. Now, let’s shine some light on the portfolio of the company. The company has successfully helped many businesses around the world by providing services related to Artificial Intelligence, IoT Things, Cybersecurity, Network solutions and services, etc. 

Country  Employee Rating  Cost (Per project) Projects Delivered
Canada 601546  3.8/5 $25 to $150 150+

3. Infosys

Are you looking for a company that stands out in the competitive market? Then you are in the right place. Infosys is a leading company of Mobile Application Development in Toronto, Canada. The team at Infosys focuses on creating a strategy before moving onto the process of designing and development. The strategy requires them to sit together with the client and brainstorming and discovering the idea, researching the idea thoroughly and then finally building the right strategy for the app. Once the strategy phase is complete, the designing, developing, testing and maintenance of the app phase is followed. This ensures the simplicity and success of the procedure.

Country  Employee Rating Cost  Projects Delivered
Canada  335186  3.8/5 $35 to $40 per hour 23000

4. Wipro

The popularity of Wipro is known well around the world. The company is known for its Mobile App Development Services in Toronto. When you have a look at the website of the company, you can see that the design is minimalistic adding a vibrating effect to it. Their own website is a showpiece of simplicity and effectiveness of design. How well one can display their business if they have the right idea and way to execute in mind. The mobile app development process of the company is thorough as they priorities having complete understanding of the client’s requirements. All of the strategies built by the company team are designed according to the requirements of the project only.

Country  Employee Rating  Cost  Projects Delivered 
Canada 257000+ 3.7/5 $26 per hour  1000+

5. HCL Technologies

Do you require an App Development company in Toronto to serve your business purpose? If yes, then your business is in the right place because HCL Technologies is known for helping business owners build applications like nothing in the world. Other than this, the company helps in the maintenance of these applications as well. Moving forward, the company’s website provides in depth information about their services and the industries they serve in. If your business is looking for a top app development company in Toronto, Canada then HCL Technologies is it.

Country  Employee Rating  Cost Projects Delivered 
Canada 225944 3.6/5 $75  5000+

6. Tech Mahindra

We have seen immense growth in the online market in terms of bringing technology to different industries. If you have an idea in mind that requires you to get an app for ease of access, then Tech Mahindra will bring the best options for you at the table. The company is seen as one of the best Mobile App Development companies in Toronto and other parts of the world as well.

With their success in the industry, they have made an impact in the lives of millions of people through their app and the number is taking a toll every day. Tech Mahindra has built some strong applications in different types of industries. The team at Tech Mahindra are experts of their domain adding reputation to their businesses. 

Country  Employee Rating  Cost  Projects Delivered 
Canada 146000+  3.6/5 $22 1000+

7. L&T Technology Services

L&T Technology Services is an IT company providing the services of mobile app development demonstrating the terms of app development and technology along with other IT related services. The name of the company is very well identified in different parts of the world including Toronto, Canada as they have successfully made a mark by helping businesses excel in their domain. 

As we know, startups and even top companies find it difficult to create an app for their business that is responsive, properly integrated and adds worth to your business. This is where the company marked its identity amongst small and large businesses by building cost-effective solutions for them.  

Country  Employee Rating  Cost  Projects Delivered 
Canada 45615 3.5/5 $50-$100 2000+

8. Oracle Financial Services Software

Oracle is well known for providing financial services. A software company that has everything you need on their platform giving you ease of access and finding the best finances. The company has gained successful recognition by the media as well as they were able to give 100% satisfaction to their clients with their services. Other than this, the company also offers some of its own products. Oracle is known for having a horizon so vast that you can find any type of service here with the company. 

Country  Employee Rating  Cost  Projects Delivered 
Canada 164000 3.8/5 $15

9. LTI Mindtree 

If your business requires more than just an application, then LTI Mindtree is the right choice for you. The company deals in development aiming to innovate the client’s project with excellence in technology. Find the best deals when it comes to advanced technologies and building the right future with the team for your business. We are committed to serving each industry and find the best solutions to your digital problems. Other than that, you will find a team of professionals at work helping you in creating strategies and bringing out the right 

development out of your vision. 

Country  Employee Rating  Cost  Projects Delivered 
Canada 81650 3.5/5 $75 1500+

10. 3i Infotech 

3i Infotech has been in the industry for over a decade and they have been helping businesses establish and expand themselves by making use of technology for their business. The company is the most trusted name in Toronto, Canada and other parts of the world for their mobile development skills and the process they use towards the development is also 100% professional and transparent to the client. 

As we know, the cost to build mobile application comes around between 20000$ to 100000$ depending upon the requirements of the client along with features they want to add in the application. With their company, you get ahead of the competition in terms of technology and find your business growing every day. The client satisfaction rate is at 100% with us and we have achieved the target of developing 1000 applications. 

Country  Employee Rating  Cost  Projects Delivered 
Canada 6000 3.5/5 $15 500+

11. Accel Frontline

Does your goal include finding a company that is artistic and creative? If yes, then Accel Frontline is the right choice for you. The company has successfully added their name in the list of best IT companies with their hardwork and dedication towards their work. We take the quality of your project in our hands by developing each and everything in house making sure we stay in touch with the clients for every update on the progress of the app. Excellent work and communication between the developers and business partners is important to see if there are no discrepancies between the ideas shared by the two. 

Country  Employee Rating  Cost  Projects Delivered 
Canada 1748 3.9/5 $20 1200+

12. Atom Technologies 

Atom Technologies is a company that helps in making the business process easier and healthier on both ends. A top IT company providing mobile app development services that has had their hands on the best projects helping businesses establish their identity in the market by developing a mobile app and ensuring that it is accessible to all people around the world. This has helped many businesses grow in the past few years as more and more 

people are aware of the products and services a business offers. 

Country  Employee Rating  Cost  Projects Delivered 
Canada  686 3.9/5 $20 100+

13. Blue Star Infotech

Blue Star Infotech is an IT company based in Mumbai with offices spread across different parts of the world. The company is known for its expertise and experience in the field of It sector providing services related to mobile app development, website development, cybersecurity, etc. They are known for acting as the leaders of the digital market. As we all know, the digital market continues to grow everyday with different types of technology updates. Our team is up to date with the latest technology and works on different projects related to different industries according to the data provided by the client and market standards. 

Country  Employee Rating  Cost  Projects Delivered 
Canada 2800+ 3.5/5 $50 250+

14. C-DAC

C-DAC is known for manufacturing technology used around the world for a number of electronic systems on a large scale as well as on a small scale. The company has manufactured products for applications that range from medical appliances, supercomputing, personal computing, power and process control, etc. The company also involves services related to the education sector teaching the young generation about the new technologies and how they will help in the formation of a brighter and better future. 

Country  Employee Rating  Cost  Projects Delivered 
Canada 1027 4.3/5 —- 50+

15. CMC Limited

CMC Limited is an IT company that has set foot in the market by providing the best services to bring life to your online business. The company acts as a subsidiary to Tata Consultancy Services, world’s leading Information Technology consulting, services, and business process outsourcing organisation. We are known for delivering end-to-end solutions according to the requirements of your business, having an understanding of the business and knowing about the standards of the market making sure it is up to the mark. We believe in adapting to the in-depth solutions for your business and finding solutions to innovate our ideas into reality. 

Country  Employee Rating  Cost  Projects Delivered 
Canada 12665 3.6/5 $20 1000+

16. Coforge

We all are aware of the power AI and generative AI has but to use it into your business and daily lives would be something different that makes you stand out from the market. Coforge is an IT company providing services that are not limited to development but also has services like data and analytics, AI, Digital process Automation, Salesforce Ecosystem, Cyber Security, Business Problem Solutions, etc. Our world is bigger than just Digitalisation of your business. Our team is a perfect match for your business problems. 

Country  Employee Rating  Cost  Projects Delivered 
Canada 21000 3.5/5 $15 500+

17. Cognizant

Cognizant is a top IT company adding strength to business for a long time. With newer technologies being developed and introduced everyday, there is something that one needs to understand i.e., to make use of these technologies in a proper and organised way. Cognizant believes in transforming the experience of their users in a more convenient way adding value to their business and bringing their money’s worth. This is a company that is not known but has set a foot around the world bringing out the best in different businesses. The world is changing and with each change, your business requires a new touch of technology and in design as well. 

Country  Employee Rating  Cost  Projects Delivered 
Canada 355300 3.9/5 $50 2000+

18. Collabera

Collabera is a term used to describe the collaboration between us and human connections. The company is known for creating connections bringing a change in the lives of people that help in delivering impactful changes. Our globally talented team helps clients in transforming each and every aspect of your business. This helps us win in every situation and achieve success in the requirements of the clients. 

Country  Employee Rating  Cost  Projects Delivered 
Canada 16000+ 3.9/5 $40 5000+

19. Cyient

Cyient is an India based MNC with a focus on Engineering, Data Analytics, Networks and Operations, Engineering, and much more. The company was established in the year 1991 started in Hyderabad. The company partners with about 300+ clients from all over the world adding strength to the company and bringing out the best in their team. The company follows up with the daily changes in the technology and makes the best use of those technologies to help the client excel in their business and bring their business on top. 

Country  Employee Rating  Cost  Projects Delivered 
Canada 10000+ 3.5/5 $30 1000+

20. Datamatics

Datamatic is a Digital Technologies company adding strength to people’s business with their ideas and creativity. The operations and experiences of the company allows hundreds of enterprises to enhance their productivity and the experience of the customer through their services creating an advantageous situation for the company as well as for the clients. We go hand in hand with the AI approach and passionately work about developing a future where these intelligent systems will take a turn and transform the industry outlook. 

Country  Employee Rating  Cost  Projects Delivered 
Canada 10000 3.4/5 $50 500+

To End The Blog

This is the list of top Mobile App Development companies in Toronto mainly originated in Canada but has spread their horizon around the world over the past few years. Any company serves with the motive to help startups and established businesses get an identity of their own in the market through the terms of technology. By getting an application for your business, you are able to find a successful place in the market. Through the online means of communication of brands and businesses, they are able to communicate about their products and services to the user around the world.