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On Demand Tutor App Development – Cost and Key Features

Education has a huge part in the world, and people understand this. Today’s education awareness is growing by the day, as everyone wants to learn new things, get new abilities, and become experts in their preferred topic so that the path to a better profession becomes clearer.

Parents, in general, are highly concerned about their child’s schooling and want to do everything they can to help them succeed.

Educational institutions and organizations have switched their college degree programs to the online portal as a result of the quick paradigm shift owing to the conditions in 2020.

But it was the tutors who were unable to provide personal attention to the youngsters in need who benefited from the on-demand tutor app who stood out the most during the difficult period.

It is often difficult for children, parents, and guardians to discover the finest expert that can help them improve their talents.

The On-Demand Tutor App, on the other hand, can assist you to address this difficulty.

These applications are popular among the working class, who find it difficult to devote significant periods to teaching their children.

What is an On-Demand Tutor App?

Learning from schools, universities, or any live setting has been prohibited since the Covid-19 era.

Every institution and university had a tremendous issue in figuring out how to educate large groups of students online. Since then, the availability of internet markets has increased dramatically. 

The on-demand tutoring app allows students to do daily activities while being supervised by a tutor.

The only thing they require is a smartphone on which the parents or children may install the app.

After you’ve installed it, students and teachers can register themselves on the app with an email or phone number. 

Market Stats of On-demand tutor app 

From 2020 to 2027, the market for on-demand tutoring app development is predicted to grow at a 16.1% annual pace, reaching $4.81 billion in 2019.

This shows that online education is regarded as one of the finest methods to make money, despite the disadvantages of higher employer rates.

Online tutoring services have several advantages, including the ability to bypass regional restrictions and request tutor assistance from a pool of professionals.

The availability of a variety of features and an on-demand Tutoring App makes it possible to acquire real-time information about a student’s development.

Science, math, engineering, and technology accounted for over 60% of the market share in worldwide sales in 2019.

Several prominent corporations are attempting to seize this online educational potential. McGraw Hill, an American firm, teamed with TutorMe, a US education provider, in July 2020 to give out free online teaching services to students.

Business models of an On-demand Tutor App development 

On-demand Tutoring App Development uses a variety of business models depending on their applicability. The following are a handful of the most successful company models. Let’s learn more about it- 

  1. Freemium Service: At first, this sort of business strategy is free. Users only need to download the app from the Google Play Store and start using it. Using extra services requires an in-app payment.
  2. Subscription: This business model is utilized by a variety of companies to generate money. To use the services of a tutor mobile app, users must pay a nominal membership charge. Of course, it’s free for a few days as a trial, after which subscription options are available based on your needs and capabilities.
  3. In-app purchase revenue model: This revenue model is used to make money through in-app purchases. Some of the features are only accessible when you make a purchase.
  4. Advertisements: The greatest method to make and keep money is to advertise. In this strategy, the app owner preserves room to broadcast advertisements from various sources such as publishing firms, schools, and universities to generate money. The cost of these advertisements varies depending on where they appear on the page and how much space they take up.
  5. Data monetization: Detailed data is not free. On-demand tutoring applications save a wealth of information about students, institutions, and facilities, among other things, and may be used to generate revenue.

Market Leaders of On-Demand Tutor App 

Guardian of any student wants their child to be well-versed in technology and aware of current trends for them to be tech-savvy and capable of meeting work needs.

Many EdTech firms are in a rush to develop innovative online solutions that cater to the comfort of the zen-next generation of children to boost their long-term income and credibility.

It offers the e-learning business a boost and corresponds with new goals. Kids can get online with just a smartphone and a reliable internet connection.

We’ve compiled a list of the best on-demand tutoring applications currently ruling the market

  1. Genext Students
  2. Tutree
  3. Chegg Tutors

Genext Students

We’re talking about India’s first AI-based hybrid learning mode. Every student does not have the financial means to pay a substantial sum.

Genext devised low-cost ways to address this issue. They set their application with many of the value-appropriate solutions to tie every youngster with their degree of comprehension, idolized by the idea that education is the right for every child.

Several of the boards were included in their courses, notably CBSE, state boards, national, ICSE, and international.


Here’s another App for Private Tutor that provides a list of tutors in a couple of moments, covering a variety of courses such as Spanish, English, geometry, computer, and so on.

Tutree is verified as being one of the main online portals for growing students from the outset to the higher levels, including over ten thousand teachers and 1000 universities approved by the ministry of national gender offender registry registers and licenses teachers.

Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutor is another App for Private Tutors that offers students quick task completion, video lessons, chat solutions, and cost-effective e-learning all in one place.

The platform included evaluations and ratings of individual instructors to assist students and parents in selecting the best teacher for their needs. Hire dedicated developers that can develop a tutoring app like Chegg Tutors.  

Framework & Features of Tutor App Development

User Panel (Student-side):

  1. Signup/Login- With this feature users can create an account on the app to avail features that it offers. This can be done with an email address/phone number or a social media account. Any top on demand tutor app development will ensure that this feature is integrated into your app.
  2. Browse Tutor – Users may look for teachers in this section depending on their unique learning needs, such as subject or course. Hire mobile app developers that can integrate such features as part of On-Demand Tutor App Development Services.
  3. View Tutor Details/Reviews – This area contains all relevant information on the instructors, such as specialty, course parameters, teaching experience, user ratings and reviews, and much more.
  4. Share Requirement – Users may find qualified tutors by merely listing their needs, which include their programs, subjects, grades, and time constraints.
  5. Book a Tutor – Once the user has read the tutor’s reviews, they can appoint them because then the classroom learning may begin according to the user’s chosen academic areas.
  6. Chat with chosen Tutor – It is simpler for consumers to connect with their teacher about a variety of issues such as costs, timetables, and other pertinent information. This increases the efficiency of the learning process.
  7. Give Ratings & Reviews – Ratings & reviews given by other users helped to select a tutor. Users can also rate their concerned tutors according to the quality of service they are receiving, consisting of teaching efficiency, time adherence, and behavior.

Tutor Panel:

  1. Profile Setup – Other users’ ratings and reviews aided in the selection of an instructor. Users may also assess their teachers based on the quality of service they get, which includes instructional effectiveness, punctuality, and demeanor.
  2. View/Edit Bookings Tutors may check and edit their booking schedule in this area. Tutors can edit it, much like running tuition and those for which the course is completed.
  3. Accept/Reject Requests – Tutors can accept/decline user requests based on their time schedules or scheduled tuition.
  4. Change Availability Timings – Tutors may simply adapt and rearrange timings depending on the number of scheduled tuition rates.
  5. Chat with Students – The students often ask questions via chat, and the tutor can answer their queries as well as update them in case of any change in schedule or anything else.
  6. Check Weekly/Monthly earnings – According to the number of active tuitions, it is easier for the tutors to check their earnings weekly and monthly. Besides, the tutors can easily keep a track of their tuition, like the ones for which the fee has been incurred or yet to be incurred.

Admin Panel:

  1. Statistics – The information and numbers about the services provided, grades with the most tutors, most requested locations, and payments are saved and monitored.
  2. Manage Tutors & the services – This section tracks tutors who have registered with the app, as well as their facilities, achievements, and specializations.
  3. Efficient Analysis – Each user and tutor who has been affiliated with the app and uses its services has a track record that is examined, kept, and preserved.
  4. Service Listing & Management – This feature allows the admin who is in charge to manage and track all school grades, colleges, courses, and specializations.
  5. Jobs Assignment & Manager – The complete tuition request is managed by the Admin. If a tutor’s schedule conflicts with the schedules of other learners, Admin has the power to reassign user requests to other tutors in the system.
  6. Student Manager –  Admin is in charge of keeping track of information on learners who have been registered for a longer period, including their curriculum and pricing policies.
  7. Reports – To ensure an effective learning environment, instructors’ incomes are checked on a weekly and monthly basis according to the policies and guidelines in place.

Cost of On-Demand Tutor App Development

Mobile app development is charged on a per-hour basis by mobile app development companies and app developers all around the world.

Prices in developed nations such as the United States and Europe are high, ranging from $50 to $250 per hour.

Singapore’s costs are lower than those in the United States or Europe, ranging from $30 to $150 per hour.

Full-stack On-Demand tutor app development in India starts at a very cheap fee of $10 to $80 per hour.

When all overhead expenditures are included, an average cost for a single platform (Android or iOS) is expected to range between $7,000 and $30,000.

However, if you want to create cross-platform software or add additional functionality to your app, you may expect to pay up to $45,000.

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