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Period Tracker App Development: An Ultimate Guide

We have always heard that “health is wealth”. So it is really important to take care of our health. We see many changes in women’s bodies from time to time in which menstruation is common. However, tracking the period cycle is a competitive task, which is why the demand for period tracker app development services is becoming high.

Therefore, many agencies are searching for a period tracker app development company that will provide you with ultimate solutions per your business requirements. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge, they will provide one of the best services. But as we know, building an app is a challenging task, so getting in touch with professionals is advisable. 

Experts completed many projects, so there is a high chance that they never make mistakes. This is why you should find a team of professionals for period tracker app development. In today’s blog, we will cover all the aspects, such as the process of building an app, benefits, features and cost of building a period tracking app. 

What Are Period Tracking Apps?

period tracker apps

Generally, period-tracking applications are resources that allow women to keep a record of their period. Period tracking can assist females in getting to know their body and menstruation cycle and the symptoms that may occur. 

Using such applications, they can easily identify the changes that may indicate potential health problems. Another great thing about the period tracking app is that it can predict when a person is ovulating and fertile. It means such applications are helpful for those who want to avoid pregnancy or trying to conceive.

There are several period tracking applications, but some are free, and others take some charges. So, you need to choose one that is suitable for you. It will assist you in tracking the period cycle. Therefore, the demand for period tracker app development solutions is becoming popular.

Suppose you want to build your own period tracker application. In that case, it is ideal to get in touch with an on-demand app development company with years of experience and knowledge of coding and technologies. With good years of practice, they will easily complete the job.

Why Should Females Have a Period Tracker App?

period tracker app development guide

As we know, period tracker applications not only help women to count the days of their period but also enable them to keep track of their mood changes, ovulation and any physical changes they might experience throughout their cycle. This is why a female should have this application on their phone.

There are many other advantages of period tracking apps. Some of the perks are listed below:

  • It Gives You Control

Many women think their period is unpredictable, but tracking apps will give you Control. It is genuine that the average menstrual cycle is 28 days long, but that is only the average. However, each woman’s cycle is unique. For example, the cycle can be more or less than 28 days. 

Knowing the exact length of your cycle and ovulation date will help you feel more in control of your reproductive health. This is the reason that period tracker app development is becoming more popular.

  • Useful to Map Contraception Use and Fertility

There is no doubt that the menstrual cycle is closely tied to fertility, so you must know the days you are fertile and the days you might ovulate to maintain control over your reproductive decisions.

Whether you want to start a family or avoid pregnancy tracking, the period cycle will enable you to decide your future. Therefore, having a period tracking app on your phone is essential. In order to generate revenue, you can also invest in period tracker app development.

In order to make the process easier and more efficient, it is an ideal choice to seek the help of professionals. When you choose professionals, they will provide you with custom on-demand app development services that meet your business needs.

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  • Help With Mood Management 

Mood swings are a common issue during menstruation. Even if we see it, a few days before that may lead to arguments with the partner or an outburst at the workplace, and it may affect your work and your personal life. However, period tracking applications help you control the particular PMS sign. 

Therefore, it is a good idea to have a period-tracking app on women’s phones. Even companies can generate more revenue and good profit by building such applications. However, getting in touch with experts who will provide the best mobile application development services in Kuwait at a competitive rate is required. 

  • Provide Health Updates

As we are aware, that period can affect overall health. Period tracking apps enable you to understand your health status better. Simply put, it is a great way to notice changes, such as a late period or heavy flow. On the basis of this information, it is easy to improve your health. 

So it is an ideal choice to invest in period tracker app development. However, building such applications is a challenging task on your own. In such a scenario, getting in touch with a leading name that will provide ultimate solutions per your requirements is ideal.

Top Period Tracking Applications

top period tracker apps

When investing in period tracker app development, it is important to have an idea. It will assist you in building a functional application. If you want to develop a functional and easy-to-use application but need an idea, it is a great choice to take an idea from different applications.

In this section, we mentioned top period tracker apps so you can choose an idea from them. So look out for the following applications:

  • Period Tracker Lite

This is a leading period tracker application available on the Apple and Google Play stores. The fantastic thing about the app is that it is rated 4.8 and includes great features that track your weight and moods. Plus, it can remind you of doctor’s appointments and charts showing your symptoms, length of your period and cycle, and weight. 

On the other hand, it allows you to add your own symptoms and categorize them into moderate, mild and severe. Therefore, you can pick an idea from this application and build your own app. However, you should hire a dedicated team of developers who will assist you in every possible way.

  • GLOW

This is the best application for those who are trying to conceive. Moreover, it has a mirror application that tracks the partner’s fertility. This is why it is a good tracking application for women. However, you should contact Android app developers for hire. With years of experience and knowledge, they will assist you in building your app, including rich features and modern technologies.

  • Period Calendar

Period calendar is a free application where you can enter data about your age, body type and period. Usually, this application will send you an alert to ensure that you remain forewarned, which is why it is a good tracking application.

You can pick an idea from this application to build a functional one. However, getting in touch with iPhone app developers is required if you want to develop an iPhone application. 

  • FLO Period Tracker

It is the best period-tracking application to switch seamlessly from tracking periods to being a pregnancy calendar. You can take an idea from this application and build your own period tracking application. 

However, period tracker app development is a challenging process, so it is suggested to seek the help of experienced developers who are experienced in building easy-to-use and innovative solutions for various businesses. 

How to Develop a Period Tracker App?

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Once you get an idea from different applications, you must start the period tracker app development process. It will assist you in earning good revenue and taking your business to the next level. Below we mention some steps to build a period tracker app:

  • Idea

This is the first step to building an app. It is easy to start the development process if you have an idea. So, first of all, it is required to have an idea that is unique and interesting. If you have a plan, you can follow the next step to complete the job with ease. 

  • Choosing the Technology

The next step is determining the tech stack required to build a period tracking app. In order to make the process easier, you can employ an on-demand app development company with a team of skilled developers who have good knowledge about different technologies, programming languages, and frameworks such as react native, flutter, swift and many more. 

You should also list all the features, tech stack and many other things required for period tracker app development. 

  • Design and Development

When it comes to building an app, the design also matters. A professional design will make sure that people will download your app. So you should take care of the design. To get a professional-looking design, you can contact a leading app development company in Dubai and check to see whether the firm has any expertise in building on-demand applications. 

  • Testing & Launching

Once the application is built, you need to check it and make sure it is compatible to run on different devices. If QA testers find something fishy, they will fix them on time. After ensuring that the application is bug-free, you can launch the application on the Google play store or Apple play store. 

To build an app, you can also get in touch with an Android app development company in the USA with a good track record and years of experience in this field. So, getting in touch with a leading name is an ideal choice. 

Cost to Build a Period Tracking App?

Apart from the period tracker app development process, the cost is also important. So when deciding to build a period tracking application, you need to know the cost to build an app. However, it depends on several factors such as functions, features, technologies, framework, experience and location of developers. 

If you also want to know the cost of building a period tracking app, look at the following table. 

Location  Period Tracking App Development Cost Per Hour
USA $30-$80 Per Hour
UAE $35-$100 Per Hour
Australia  $25-$150 Per Hour
Saudi Arabia $30-$90 Per Hour 
India $20-$60 Per Hour 

Hopefully, now you know about the cost of a period tracking application. It will assist you in choosing a location where you can hire dedicated developers to build functional and innovative IT solutions per your business requirements. 

Wrapping Up

Nowadays, it is not easy to take care of your health because of busy and unhealthy lifestyles. As a result, the periods can be delayed or skipped for months. In such a case, investing in period tracker app development is a great choice. The application will allow you to keep track of your menstruation cycle. 

But when building a period tracker app, you should follow the complete process. If you don’t have an idea about which steps you should follow, then you can read this application, where you will get the answer to your question with ease.