10 Reasons to Choose PHP for Web Development

10 Reasons to Choose PHP for Web Development

The internet world is huge, where you will find several websites and apps made on different platforms using different languages. Thousands of companies launch their website every year, which will increase daily. Would you like to know which programming language is good for web development? Well, it is suggested to choose PHP for web development.

Of course, there are multiple programming languages in the world that can be used for web development. So, it is obvious why to choose only PHP for developing a website or application. The answer to that question is that it is a simple language that has a wide range of functions such as redirection, data collection and mobile integration.

The demand for this language has never decreased over the years because it is the most useful programming language for building both large and small-scale web applications and mobile apps. However, you need to get in touch with a PHP development company to build a fully-functional web application.

List of websites that Chose PHP for Web Development

As we discussed, PHP is the most popular programming language with an open-source nature, with a wide range of functionalities that stand out from the crowd. Therefore, many companies are using this programming language to develop websites.

If you want to know which websites are developing by using PHP language, have a look below:

#1. Facebook

Facebook is the world’s biggest social media platform that millions of users use. But you know it is built on the PHP programming language because of its scaling efficiency.

All the codes of the FB application are written in PHP. In 2010, this app came up with HipHop for PHP called source code transformer that translates PHP into C++ language and then compiled further into binary for execution.

#2. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the websites that is built with PHP. Nowadays, Wikipedia has 6,451,492 articles. Therefore, you can say this is the best programming language that will help to develop a fully featured website.

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#3. Tumblr

This is a widely popular microblogging website that has over 500 million blogs. In 2016, this website switched to PHP 7. The outcome is an improvement in the website’s performance. If you want to get this perk, choose PHP for web development.

#4. Slack

This is the most popular communication platform for businesses that help users to communicate and send images and videos. Nowadays, numerous companies use this application daily to get in touch with their clients and employees. And what’s remarkable about this application is that the backend technology is PHP 5.

Reasons to Choose PHP for Web Development

Reasons to Choose PHP for Web Development

PHP is the best programming language that can boost the website’s performance and ensure your business’s success. Several companies use it because of its amazing functionality.

Would you like to discover why PHP is a good choice for web development? Have a look  at the following points:

1. Easy to Learn

The first and foremost reason for choosing PHP web development services for building websites as it is very easy to learn. In simple words, you can easily develop a web application if you have basic knowledge about the program.

2. Open Source

PHP is a free source, which is why coders from any corner of the world can build an app. Furthermore, it is a top-notch open-source programming language as it comes with several frameworks that a developer can use per their requirements and desires.

This is why people rely on choosing PHP for developing a website. However, using this technology is not easy, so you need to hire PHP developers with years of expertise in developing a website using this programming language.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Another reason to choose PHP for web development is cost-effectiveness. In simple terms, businesses develop the best solutions at a minimal cost. It provides all the features you require to craft a website or app, such as integration with database, frontend and backend development.

4. Vast Community

Anyone can easily understand the coding in PHP if there is any issue with the website. Having an easy-to-understand programming language, developers can easily provide support whether you want. So, you will get the appropriate answer from the experts in less time.

However, you must ensure that the professionals are conversant in this language. It is easy for you to find a web development company among numerous options with a team of PHP professionals to provide the best solutions to you.

5. Versatility

You can use this versatile language to develop the best solutions for different platforms such as Windows, Linux, macOS and various browsers in the world. Along with this, it works well on all the web servers, meaning its deployment cost is less than others.

For this reason, many businesses select this language when selecting web design services for their operations. It makes sure that the website will respond instantly; that is the most important thing while developing a website.

6. Database Support

Another great reason to choose this amazing language is that it supports more than 20 databases like MY SQL, SQL, Postgre and many more. It helps in order to choose the database option while creating professional apps or websites to handle users’ data.

If you want to develop a social network site, you can hire a PHP developer to build a web application in this language. With years of experience and knowledge about this language, they will easily develop a site with ease.

7. Testing

When you choose PHP for web development, it is easy to test the code manually as it is easy to read. It means there is no bug and malware in your web application, so your user can enjoy the web while running this on their device.

To make this procedure more convenient and easy, you can seek the help of a web development company. A leading company will assist you in every possible way to provide the best solutions.

8. Integration

It is always easy to integrate the PHP code with any existing system. In this, its open-source nature and platform independence function help a lot. It means it will run smoothly on complex platforms like Linux, Unix and Solaris. Plus, it always saves time for programmers because of its speciality.

9. Scalability

Another great reason to choose this language is its scalability, which makes it different from other languages. Hence, PHP offers ultimate solutions in the form of free extensions. These extensions can be utilised in order to make the web application scalable.

This will help the enterprises expand their business through the website’s functionality. However, you should seek the help of a reliable PHP development company that has good grapes in this language.

10. Organised

We all know that PHP is a well-organised programming language, making the development procedure more efficient and smooth. Using things, it is easy to remove technical glitches from your website and app.

Another great thing about this is that new functions have been added to it. This is the reason that numerous companies use this language to develop their site to provide result-oriented solutions to their clients.

Complete Guide to Choose the Best PHP Web Development Company

When an enterprise decides to develop a website for their business, they have lots of confusion about which is the best company that suits their requirements. After spending lots of days and weeks, companies also face difficulties finding a trusted name.

If you are newbies in the world of app development and looking for a PHP development company, you need to keep some crucial things in mind. This guide will assist you in choosing a leading name for your business.

  • Check the Portfolio

The portfolio is first considered before choosing a company to develop a PHP developer. It makes sure that the selected PHP development company is eligible to complete the project on time.

So, don’t forget to check the portfolio before choosing a company for PHP development. This will help you come to an intelligent decision.

  • Go to Their Website

The second step in finding a reliable PHP development company is to visit the company website. They will readily use PHP for web development if they have a team of reliable developers who know how to play codes.

So you need to check different PHP development companies’ websites. This will help you choose the best name for PHP web development services.

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  • Read the Testimonials

Testimonials are the reflection of customer satisfaction. The positive feedback from past clients gives you an assurance that PHP development companies provide top-class services to their clientele.

In order to find a trusted name in the city, you need to read all the testimonials carefully. This will help you in getting an idea about how much work satisfaction the company provides to its valuable customers.

  • Check Experience

This is another vital point that will help you determine that the selected company is capable of completing your project on time. If the selected PHP development company has good years of experience in using PHP for web development, then you can rely on them.

  • Check the Methodologies They Work On

There is no doubt that each company has their own style of working. So when choosing a PHP development company, you need to ask them for the workflows and milestones of the project.

In order to get one of the best solutions, they should use the latest and most advanced PHP framework for developing a website.

  • Check They Work on Your Budget or Not

Once you choose a reliable company that uses PHP for web development, you need to check their service cost and hourly rates. Then you have to decide on a budget to keep in mind. Hence, the company should fit into your budget without compromising on quality.

Prior to making a final decision, you should also check the modes of payment they accept and the hourly cost. This will assist you in choosing a reliable company that works within your budget.

  • Check Their Customer Support Service

Making a website is not enough for a PHP development company. It is also required that the selected company provide instant support and services to their clients. This is the only way by which a customer will stay connected to the selected company.

In case you have any queries, then customer support is always there to answer your question. Hence, you need to ask about their customer support service, such as the kind of support they offer.

These points will help you find a reliable name with years of expertise in developing a fully functional website. Hence, before choosing a reliable name in the city, you should look out for the points mentioned above.

These will help you choose a trusted company with years of experience, a good portfolio and a good reputation in making a website that can run on numerous platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows.

Closing Thought

As mentioned above, PHP is the best competent programming language for developing rich-function websites. If you want to get more visitors and customers to your business website, it is good to choose a company that chooses PHP for web development.

If you have any doubts about choosing the PHP framework for developing a website, it is good to read the reasons mentioned above. These points will help you in determining why to choose this language to craft a website for your business.

However, it is not enough to choose a language for development. You should also hire PHP developers who are familiar with new technologies and trends. No matter whether you are looking for an AngularJS development company or a PHP development company, it is required to check the experience of the developers.

Dedicated developers make sure that your website is fully functional and responsive. This will assist you in taking your business to the next level. With years of experience and deep knowledge they also make sure that all the codes are appropriate and there is no bug and virus on your website.