Top Political Campaign Software in 2023
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Top Political Campaign Software in 2023

In the digital age, political campaigns have evolved to leverage technology and data-driven strategies to reach a broader audience and engage with voters effectively. Political campaign software plays a pivotal role in streamlining operations, enhancing communication, and organizing campaign efforts.

Through the help of this software, the politician can easily manage the campaign. In this blog post, we will explore some of the top open source political campaign software that have been revolutionizing modern campaigning.

Know How Political Campaign Software Makes an Impact

No doubt that campaign management software is crucial for many aspects of modern campaigning, from getting out the vote to recruiting volunteers. Below we mention some reasons why investing  best political campaign software can make a real difference:

  • Save Your Time

No doubt that the campaign team has more than enough tasks already on their board. In such a case it is beneficial to take the help of free political campaign software that can automate time-consuming tasks, use AI to generate materials as well as assist you reach more voters in less time. Therefore, it is beneficial to take the help of this software to save time.

  • Lets You Meet Voter Where They Are

There is a huge list of campaign management software that provide capabilities such as peer-to-peer SMS texting. It lets the politician connect with potential voters on a personal level than you could through mailers and email. The best part of the software is that it can always integrate with social media and give supporters an easier way to donate to their campaign

  • Voter Data Management

Political campaign software helps manage large amounts of voter data such as demographics, voting history, and topic preferences. With this information, campaigns can more effectively identify and target specific supporters and better coordinate their messages and outreach.

  • Fundraising and Donor Management

Campaign software often includes tools for managing fundraising efforts, tracking donations, and managing donor information. This allows campaigns to conduct targeted fundraising, process online donations, and comply with campaign funding regulations.

Volunteer Coordination

Volunteer mobilization is critical to the success of any campaign. Campaign software helps recruit, schedule, and coordinate volunteers for a variety of tasks to keep ground operations smooth and organized.

List of the Best Political Campaign Software

List of the Best Political Campaign Software

No doubt that there are several options in the market, so it is really difficult to choose an option that suits your requirements. If you are looking for political campaign software, you will face problems. For your help, we mentioned a list of top political campaign management software, so you can choose one as per your requirement and interest.

1. Tatango

Tatango’s platform allows businesses to create and manage SMS marketing campaigns, send bulk messages, automate messaging, and track campaign performance with analytics and reports. The company’s services are widely used by businesses for various purposes such as promotions, notifications, reminders, and customer retention. As a result, you can say it is the best open-source political campaign software.

Functionalities of Tatango:


Feature Description
SMS Campaigns Create and send targeted SMS campaigns to subscribers
Autoresponders Set up automated responses to incoming messages based on predefined rules.
Subscriber Segmentation Segment subscribers based on various criteria for more targeted messaging
Mobile Coupons Distribute digital coupons via SMS to drive sales and customer engagement.
Reporting & Analytics Access detailed reports and analytics on campaign performance and subscriber engagement.
Integrations Ensure compliance with SMS marketing regulations and allow subscribers to opt-out easily.


NGP VAN is a well-known technology provider in the political and non-profit sector, providing a comprehensive platform for managing election data, organizing grassroots campaigns, fundraising and outreach to voters. The company name is an acronym for Next Generation Politics, Voter Activation Network.

NGP VAN’s software is widely used by political campaigns, parties and advocacy groups to streamline operations, engage with constituencies and streamline public relations. To manage the political campaigns you can also build your own software. However, you have to search for a software development company.

Core features of the company’s platform include: 


Feature/ Service Description
VAN (Voter Activation Network) NGP VAN’s flagship product, a database and organizing platform that enables campaigns to manage voter data, create walk lists, track voter contacts, and more.
MiniVAN A mobile canvassing app that allows volunteers and field organizers to access VAN data on their smartphones or tablets, streamlining door-to-door canvassing efforts.


Digital Tools NGP VAN provides various digital tools for email marketing, online fundraising, and digital ad targeting to engage supporters and raise funds online.
Social Organizing Integrates social media outreach and engagement with organizing efforts, enabling campaigns to reach potential supporters across various social platforms.
Predictive Dialer A tool that streamlines phone banking by automatically dialing phone numbers and connecting volunteers to potential voters, optimizing call efficiency.
Connect A voice broadcasting system that campaigns can use to send automated phone messages to targeted voter lists, ideal for conveying campaign messages and reminders.


3. NationBuilder

NationBuilder is an integrated software platform that offers tools for email marketing, website creation, fundraising, volunteer management, and social media integration. This software is usually used by campaigns and companies across the political spectrum. To make the task easier, you can also build your own software.

However, political campaign software development tasks are not an easier process. In such a case, you have to hire software developers because they have good years of experience, knowledge, and skill sets to build functional software.

 Features of NationBuilder:


Feature Description
Website Builder Create and customize campaign websites, including templates and drag-and-drop tools.
CRM Constituent Relationship Management to track and manage supporter data.
Email Campaigns Send personalized emails to supporters and constituents for engagement.
Social Media Integration with major social media platforms for outreach and engagement.
Fundraising Tools for donation management, online fundraising, and donor tracking.
Volunteer Management Recruit, organize, and track campaign volunteers.


3. Blue State Digital

This is an online company that provides a suite of tools and services for online fundraising, social media engagement and email marketing,  this software has been used by various democratic campaigns and advocacy groups.

As a result, you can count on it in the list of top political campaign software. This software has amazing features and functionality that make it unique and more popular among politicians.


Features Description
Email Marketing Advanced email campaign creation, list management, and segmentation.
Social Media Integration Integration with various social media platforms for campaigning and outreach.
Fundraising Tools for online donations, peer-to-peer fundraising, and donor management.
Advocacy Tools Tools to mobilize supporters for specific actions, like contacting lawmakers.
Online Advertising Tools for running targeted online ads and tracking campaign performance.
Data Management Centralized database to store and manage supporter information and campaign data.


4. Aristotle

This is the best political campaign management software that provides great solutions` including compliance, donor management as well as voter data analysis. It caters to political campaigns, advocacy companies and nonprofits.

If you are looking for political campaign software, you can count on this software. Through the help of this amazing feature, politicians can easily manage the camping as well as connect with voters. This software also has amazing features that make it popular among users.

Features of Aristotle


Features Description
Campaign Planning Tools to strategize and plan marketing campaigns
Content Creation Tools for creating engaging content for campaigns
Audience Segmentation Segmenting target audience based on demographics/behavior
Ad Management Creating and monitoring online advertising campaigns
Email Marketing Managing and tracking email marketing campaigns
CRM Integration Integrating with Customer Relationship Management systems


5. Ecanvasser

Ecanvasser is the best political campaign software that permits campaign volunteers to gather data, manage their outreach efforts effectively and engage with voters.

The best thing about the software is that it allows advertisers to efficiently collect data, engage with voters and record poll results while they are on site. The app usually works on both her iOS and Android devices. If anyone wants to build an app, they can take an idea from this. However, they have to hire dedicated developers for this task.

Features of Ecanvasser


Features Description
Mobile Canvassing Ecanvasser provides a mobile app that allows canvassers to easily collect data on the field, such as voter preferences and concerns.
Voter Database The platform maintains a database of voters, including their contact information and voting history, for targeted outreach.
Mapping and Routing Ecanvasser offers mapping and routing tools to optimize canvassing routes and efficiently cover the designated areas.
Integration Ecanvasser may offer integration capabilities with other tools and platforms, such as CRM systems or voter databases.
Custom Surveys Users can create custom surveys and questionnaires to gather specific data from voters during canvassing.
Analytics and Insights The platform provides data analytics and insights, allowing users to visualize and interpret their outreach efforts’ effectiveness.


6. Action Network

This political campaign software enables campaigns to create and manage their activist network, mobilize supporters and fundraising. It provides a range of features and tools to help users build and manage campaigns, engage supporters, and drive activism.


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Action Network  Features


Feature Description
Voter Database Management Manage and organize voter data, including contact information, demographics, and history.
Volunteer Management Track and coordinate volunteers, their activities, and assign tasks.
Fundraising Tools Facilitate online fundraising through various channels, such as email campaigns or events.
Email and SMS Campaigns Send targeted emails and text messages to supporters and potential voters
Donor Management Keep track of donors, their contributions, and engagement history.
Social Media Integration Integrate with social media platforms for outreach and engagement.


7. Voter Activation Network (VAN)

The Voter Activation Network (VAN) is a data management and targeting platform widely used by political campaigns, advocacy groups, and other organizations involved in outreach and voter mobilization. VANs are intended to help these companies manage voter data efficiently and engage more effectively with voters during election campaigns and other advocacy activities.

Voter Activation Network Features


Features Description
Voter Information Basic details about the voter, such as name, address, contact information, age, and registration status.
Contact History A log of all communication and interactions with the voter, such as canvassing attempts, phone calls, emails, and door-to-door visits.
Voter History Records of the voter’s past election participation, including voting frequency and types of elections (primary, general).
Party Affiliation The political party with which the voter is registered or affiliated
Donation History Records of the voter’s financial contributions to political campaigns or related causes.
Issue Interests Topics or specific issues that the voter has shown interest in, gathered from surveys or previous interactions.


8. CiviCRM

CiviCRM is open-source customer relationship management (CRM) software specifically designed to meet the needs of nonprofits, civil society and community-based organizations. It provides a powerful set of tools for managing contacts, tracking interactions, managing donations, and automating a variety of processes essential to maintaining strong relationships with supporters, donors, volunteers, and members.

Key Features of CiviCRM


Feature Description
Purpose CiviCRM is a web-based CRM designed to facilitate communication and engagement with constituents.
License CiviCRM is open-source and distributed under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL).
Target Users Non-profit organizations, NGOs, associations, and civic-minded groups.
Installation Can be installed on a web server (LAMP stack) or through CMS integrations like Drupal or WordPress.
Core Modules Contacts: Manage individuals and organizations’ information.
Security Offers user roles and permissions, data encryption, and access controls


9. PDI

PDI offers a wide range of services including voter data management, data enrichment, data analytics, campaign finance tracking, compliance services and voter assistance tools. The company’s data is drawn from various official government records, voter registration databases and other publicly available sources, enabling clients to access valuable insights and effectively target specific demographics.

It’s worth noting that the landscape for political data and technology companies can change rapidly through mergers, acquisitions, or new entrants. Therefore, we encourage you to check more recent sources for the most up-to-date information about Political Data Inc. and its current offerings.  So you can say it is the best political campaign software.

Features of Political Data Inc


Feature Description
Voter Database A comprehensive database to store voter information, demographics, and past interactions with the campaign.
Volunteer Management Tools to manage and coordinate volunteers, track their activities, assign tasks, and communicate with them effectively.
Fundraising Tools to manage campaign finances, track donations, process contributions, and generate fundraising reports.
Phone Banking Automated calling features for volunteers to make phone calls to potential voters, log interactions, and update the voter database.
Social Media Management Features to manage multiple social media accounts, schedule posts, monitor mentions, and analyze engagement metrics.
Email & SMS Campaigns Sending bulk emails and text messages to targeted voter groups for communication and outreach purposes


We all are aware that Political campaign software typically performs a variety of functions, including: For example, managing voter records, organizing volunteers, fundraising, creating and tracking ads, and analyzing campaign performance. As a result, the demand for such software is high among politicians.

But there are several options available online, which is why it is tough to believe in one option. If you are looking for the best political campaign software, you can check the above-mentioned list that helps you in choosing the best option for you.


1. Is your political campaign software secure and private?

The level of security and privacy provided by political campaign software depends on the measures implemented by the platform and the campaign teams themselves. Reputable software vendors take data security and privacy seriously and use encryption and other security measures to protect sensitive information.

2. How much does political campaign software typically cost?

The cost of political campaign software varies greatly depending on platform capabilities, size and popularity. Some software options have a monthly subscription fee, while others work on a per-user or per-action basis. Additionally, costs may vary depending on the size of your campaign and the level of usage required.

3. Can political campaign software help with your compliance and reporting needs?

Yes, many political campaign software platforms include features that help with compliance and reporting. These features help campaigns comply with relevant election laws and regulations by providing tools to track and manage financial transactions, donations and spending. In addition, some software may generate reports that can be submitted to election commissions or regulatory bodies.