Most Popular Mobile Apps in 2022
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Most Popular Mobile Apps in 2022- A Complete Walk-Through 

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The mobile app development market is transforming at a breakneck pace. To succeed in this digital Darwinian era, you must get familiar with shifting mobile app development trends. The smartphone is now the key to success in digital media. 

At an astonishing rate, it fundamentally alters company structures, operational methods, and marketplaces. The mobile app industry revenue is anticipated to reach $693 billion by the end of  2022. 

There are applications for everyday chores like balancing a chequebook or calculating a tip, as well as critical work-related apps that bring business communication platforms, all of the main social network brands, and many more to your Android mobile. We’ve done the legwork of compiling a list of the greatest applications across all categories to assist you in selecting the finest apps for your everyday life.

The Demand for Mobile Apps in the Market 

The Demand for Mobile Apps in the Market 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a fresh concept or a marketing executive looking for new ways to service your clients, all of the top app ideas that follow have one thing in common: they’re all free. They fix an issue by utilizing mobile technologies. You’re in business if you can address a substantial problem for a sizable section of the market.

With an ever-expanding market, technological advancements, and changing customer demand, mobile applications help businesses stay relevant and competitive. According to the online magazine eMarketer, the average US adult would spend 31 minutes more on mobile devices in 2022, with 88% of their total mobile internet time spent inside applications.

Popular Mobile Apps: Current Market Numbers 

popular mobile apps

Have you ever considered what people think about when they unlock their smartphone, what they investigate, click on, browse, download, and so on? You do not need to be concerned because we have provided all of the answers to your questions about app usage and other information in this post.

Smartphone Statistics 

  • There are around 3.8 billion smartphone users worldwide.
  • China has 911.92 million smartphone users, whereas the United States has 270 million smartphone users.
  • By 2021, around 15% of US adults will own cell phones.
  • Furthermore, around 28% of US people between the ages of 18 and 29, 11% of US adults between the ages of 30-49, and 13% of US adults between the ages of 50 and 64 use smartphones for online access.
  • Smartphone users will number 6.378 billion in 2021 and are expected to reach 7.5 billion by 2026.


Age Statistics 

  • Millennials, as expected, spend more time on mobile applications than older adults.
  • People 65 and older spend roughly 51.4 hours per month using apps, or about 1 hour and 43 minutes per day, similar to the declining usage of older groups.


Age Group Average Hours per month per user
65+ 51.4
55-64 69.3
45-54 75.6
35-44 93.6
25-34 102.4
18-24 112.6


Gender Statistics 


Apps Male Female
Gaming 37% 35%
Social 27% 22%
Music 23% 25%
News 7% 5%
Travel 4% 10%
Utility 3% 3%


  • Females of 18+ age spend about 49% of their time on smartphones, whereas males with 18+ of age spend approximately 39% of their time on smartphones. 


According to these figures, the demand for mobile app development has been steadily increasing over the last five years and is unlikely to slow down anytime soon.

The Winners of Trending Mobile Apps by Categories 

Mobile apps are not just a digital solution anymore. They have transformed into a tool which can be used to take your business to reach exemplary heights. Your business, be it of any kind, needs to be online. Before you begin the process of mobile app development, you must first know the star market players of every industry so you can offer something different and better. Further in this blog, we are going to list down the best mobile apps for different sectors. Let’s glance over the top mobile apps as listed by industry experts- 


App Downloads (mm)
TikTok 656
Instagram 545
Facebook 416
WhatsApp 395
Telegram 329
Snapchat 327
Zoom 300
Messenger 268
CapCut 255
Spotify 203


This was just a glance over the top app list which in a way is never-ending. To understand the competition better we have categorized top apps by industries. 

Top Social Media Apps of 2022 

Social Media Apps

The evolution of the internet has given rise to a plethora of social networking applications and websites that allow users to easily communicate with their family, coworkers, and even long-lost pals. From Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to Reddit, WhatsApp, and Telegram, there are hundreds of social media applications and sites that serve a variety of useful purposes. Here is the list of top social media apps of 2022 


Top App  No. of downloads  Features  Platform of Availability
Facebook  2.9 Billion MAUs  text, images, video content, and Stories.  Android and iOS 
Youtube  2.2 Billion MAUs  Video Sharing Platform, Youtube Shorts  Android and iOS 
Whatsapp  2 Billion MAUs Text, voice call, video call, Whatsapp Web Android and iOS 
Instagram  2 Billion MAUs Reels, DMs, QR Codes, Stories, Posts  Android and iOS 
TikTok  1 Billion MAUs Video Uploading, Video Editing, Social Sharing  Android and iOS 

Top Dating Apps in 2022 

Tinder revolutionized the online dating business in 2013 with a simple approach of swipe right if interested, swipe left if not. Rather than having a matchmaker go through thousands of profiles to locate someone special, users may select if they like someone based on a few photographs.  Dating apps simplified dating in contrast to previous services. Here is the list of top dating apps in 2022. 


Top App  No. of downloads  Features  Platform of Availability
Tinder  450 Million+ Swipe, Match, Chat  Android and iOS 
Hinge  100 Million+ Send likes, Prompts, Standouts  Android and iOS 
OKCupid  100 Million+ Intros, Send-Receive Likes, Viewing Matches Android and iOS 
Bumble  100 Million+ Message your Matches, View Beeline, Superswipe  Android and iOS 
Happn  50 Million+ Flashnotes, Audio Call, Text  Android and iOS 

Top Food Delivery Apps in 2022 

Food Delivery Apps


While takeaways are a terrific way to have scrumptious meals at home, the work of going to the restaurant and returning with the luggage is not worth it. In today’s hectic environment, when every second counts, everyone would be better off conserving time than squandering it by commuting. The creators have devised an outstanding answer to the problem. They have swiftly produced food delivery applications that perform the job since they work in the realm of mobile app development. Here is the list of top food delivery apps in the market 


Top App  No. of downloads  Features  Platform of Availability
Uber Eats  81 Million  Deals and promotions, Schedules orders, Delivery Tracking  Android and iOS 
Postmates 10 Million+ Order from anywhere, Special featured stores Android and iOS 
Zomato  70 Million  Order-Tracking, Fast Delivery  Android and iOS 
Grubhub  31 Million  Discounts, Offers,Real time tracking  Android and iOS 
Doordash  3 Million  Activity Tracking, Customer Database, Order History  Android and iOS 

Top Entertainment Apps of 2022 

Entertainment Apps

When we are bored, the first thing we do is pull out our smartphone from our pockets and start looking for something to watch or listen to. Scrolling through feeds or viewing an original series on a streaming provider might also help to alleviate boredom. 

There are many applications available that you may become addicted to, but we’ve compiled a list of some of the finest entertainment apps in the market that will function as a stress reliever and help you unwind.


Top App  No. of downloads  Features  Platform of Availability
Netflix  200 Million  Streaming on multiple devices, Multiple Profile Login  Android and iOS 
Amazon Prime  200 Million  Wide niche of shows and movies, Offline Downloads  Android and iOS 
Tubi  100 Million+ Free video streaming for Movies and TV Shows  Android and iOS 
Disney+ 126 Millions  Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos Audio  Android and iOS 
Clubhouse  28 Millions  Personalized rooms for chatting, Schedule chat via email & social media Android and iOS 

Top Healthcare Apps in 2022 

Healthcare Apps

In recent years, the healthcare business has faced enormous difficulties and has had to adapt. One of the solutions was healthcare app development, which provided some unique solutions that reduced various healthcare business operations during difficult times.

Let’s have a look at the healthcare apps accessible now and what you should keep in mind if you want to design your own medical applications.


Top App  No. of downloads  Features  Platform of Availability
Doctor on Demand  1 Million+ Video Consultations, Medical Prescriptions  Android and iOS 
HelloMD 50 Million  Schedule appointments, provides specialists Android and iOS 
Epocrates  1 Million+ Pharmacist’s App, Pill Identification Tool, Texting Service  Android and iOS 
Better Health  4 Million  Mental Health Professionals, Medical Information, Online Therapy,  Android and iOS 
TelaDoc  1 Million+ Secured video calls with patients, Filter to prioritize appointments Android and iOS 

Top Travel and Tours App in 2022 

Travel and Tours App

Traveling necessitates much planning as well as a certain amount of spontaneity. If you prepare too much, you will miss out on the possibility of discovering something amazing by coincidence. Too much spontaneity, and you’ll lose out on exciting activities that need planning ahead of time. The ideal assortment of travel applications will assist you in balancing both. We’ve compiled a list of the finest travel apps to assist you in doing so.


Top App  No. of downloads  Features  Platform of Availability
Tripcase  17 Million Access to critical travel alerts, Reservation Cancellations  Android and iOS 
TripIt  13 Million  Organize your travel plans, Creates a comprehensive itinerary, Provides access across devices. Android and iOS 
Airbnb 150 Million+ Accomodation, In-app Messaging  Android and iOS  100 Million+ Variety of travel choices, Instant reservation confirmation Android and iOS 
Expedia  18.8 Million  Partner Central Program, Connectivity  Android and iOS 

Top Education Apps in 2022 

Top Education Apps in 2022 

Because of the top educational apps, smartphones are currently regarded as the ideal channel for kids to study through online education. It’s also not an issue to use because children are exposed to it from a young age. Thanks to educational apps, smartphones have been turned into virtual classrooms where students may learn at their leisure.

The finest edu apps, along with superior “technology,” are revolutionizing the present educational system. When you visit the app store, you will find thousands of applications, but not all of them are suitable for learning. We have mentioned the best educational apps in the current market in this blog. 


Top App  No. of downloads  Features  Platform of Availability
Google Classroom  150 billion  Create and Manage Classes, Grade papers online  Android and iOS 
Duolingo  37 Million  Practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing  Android and iOS 
EdApp  10 Million+ Makes learning fun with Gamification  Android and iOS 
Edubrite  Course Authoring, Certification  Android and iOS 
Kahoot  50 Million+ Live Class, Assign homeworks.  Android and iOS 

Top Gaming Apps of 2022 

Top Gaming Apps of 2022 

With the release of new games on the market, the global passion for online gaming has grown. According to recent trends, a large number of online games are available on various platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone OS, Symbian, and gaming consoles. Because there are so many online games to choose from, it can be difficult for players to identify the most fascinating and popular games. Another cause for the growth in online gaming is the rising number of mobile users worldwide. So, let’s have a look at the top five most popular online games played throughout the world.


Top App  No. of downloads  Features  Platform of Availability
Among Us  300 Million+ New Character Roles, Store  Android and iOS 
Minecraft  141 Million  Survival mode, Creative mode, and Multiplayer mode. Android and iOS 
Call of Duty  100 Million  Console Quality HD Gaming, Voice-Text Chats  Android and iOS 
Candy Crush  250 Million  Puzzle Game  Android and iOS 
Subway Surfers  30 Million  Colorful and Vivid HD Graphics  Android and iOS 



As mentioned earlier, mobile applications have now become an integral part of our lives. Not only do they make our tasks easier but also are a great opportunity to earn fortunes. Whether you are looking for the best apps to download on your phone, or looking for the best idea to develop an app, bookmark this blog and revisit when needed.