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Guide to Develop Best Pregnancy App For Mom-To-Be

The experience of motherhood makes women feel delightful and fortunate, which shows their love towards their baby.  This nine-month journey needs extreme physical care and emotional support, which is not easy in today’s busy lifestyle. Technology has changed our lives in every manner.  Many pregnancy tracker apps can make yourself comfortable in this crucial period of pregnancy. 

The pregnancy tracker application has been expanding its feet in the IT industry. Many gynecologists have also shared their experiences about the use of pregnancy apps. These tracker apps give you many more facilities like health tips, medications, precautions, vitamin schedules, and many more you loved to see.  These applications also show you the personalized week and days of pregnancy give you an idea of the delivery date. 

There are many benefits to having the best pregnancy tracker app, and there are many applications like them, as many companies are targeting this trending app. Still, there are some of the technologies required to build up an app like a pregnancy tracker.

How it will be Beneficial For Moms-To-Be

Pregnancy is a kind of stage that triggers you all over the body- physically and emotionally. To maintain the record and ease the tabs on everything related to your health. With the help of a pregnancy tracker application, you can take care of yourself and the baby. It gives you the freedom to record everything from a doctor’s appointment to fetal growth. 

There are several questions that the application can answer.  The primary question every mother has is how it works? It’s simple; you just have to fill in the following details available on the app; after that, it analyzes how your body works and what it needs.

Popular Pregnancy Tracker Apps Developed  on the App Store

There are a lot of applications available, but you have to choose one that is worth using. Below I mentioned the five best applications that are worth checking out:

1. Sprout Pregnancy App: Best Pregnancy App

The sprout pregnancy tracker app is specially designed for busy moms dealing with a perplexing thought process about pregnancy. This application helps you stay organized and educates you all about the changes happening with your body, and updates you when required.

The application is available for both iOS and Android. The best part of the application is that it allows you to capture belly pictures and pair them with ultrasound.

Key Features of Sprout Pregnancy Tracker App:

  • Daily information related to pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy timeline.
  • Checklist.
  • Make birth plans.

Download Sprout Pregnancy Tracker App for iOS & Android

2. BabyCenter Pregnancy App: Best Pregnancy App

This app is one of the best pregnancy apps. It has an excellent reputation in the market because it provided the best medical tips. People believe, and many doctors also have stated that the app has 100% accuracy and gives you up-to-date knowledge about pregnancy. This application is available for both Android and iOS, and it has a lot of impressive things.

It comes with the features that every mother desires, which is the photograph of the baby’s development. After the delivery, the application transfers into a parenting guide, which is also an impressive feature.

Key Features of BabyCentre Pregnancy App:

  • Due date calculator.
  • A wide number of informative blogs.
  • Pregnancy food tracker.
  • Pregnancy weekly tracker with community groups.

Download BabyCentre Best Pregnancy Tracker App for iOS & Android

3. Headspace App: Best Pregnancy App Tracker

We all know that pregnancy is stressful. The nights convert into sleepless nights, and days go in worrying about many things related to pregnancy. Meditation is the best way to breathe out all these stressful things. That’s how the magic of the HeadSpace app came.

You can find this application on Android and iOS; this peace helps you find peace and soothe your nerves to stay calm. This application will prepare a different plan for meditation only.

Key Features of Headspace Good Pregnancy App:

  • Track the progress.
  • Wide range of meditation options.
  • Sleep sounds.
  • Relieves anxiety and mood swings during pregnancy.

Download Headspace Best Pregnancy App for iOS & Android

4. Glow Nurture Pregnancy App: Best Pregnancy App

This application is famous because of its pregnancy weight gain tracker and various other customizable features that give you the freedom to feel the user experience. The application will provide you with insights and alerts from time to time based on your’s data.

It provides tips about baby care, and every application has an impressive feature, and this app has smooth and exciting stories for the mother to cool down the pain and the stress for healthy living.

Key Features of Glow Nurture Pregnancy & Baby Daily Tracker App:

  • Pregnancy articles.
  • One of the best pregnancy nutrition apps.
  • Customizable features.
  • Reminders for due dates.

Download Glow Nurture Best Pregnancy Tracking App for iOS & Android

5. Prenatal & Postnatal Workout App: Best Pregnancy App

It is impossible to have a stand out pregnancy app unless you link to a fitness tracker. You must be interested in looking at a prenatal workouts app if you have plans to continue your fitness routine during the upcoming nine months. It is the best pregnancy weight tracker app.

Since it has been designed for pregnant women, this app keeps you informed about what is safe to do during pregnancy. Moreover, workouts are only 20 minutes long, which is really relieving.

Key Features of Prenatal & Postnatal Workout App, the best pregnancy app for iPhone:

  • 7-day trial version.
  • Workouts tailored for pregnant women.
  • Prenatal yoga.
  • New workout every day.

Download Prenatal & Postnatal Best Pregnancy Tracker App for iOS & Android

Ingredients Required for Developing a Pregnancy Tracker App

The developer has many technologies as it relates to the healthcare sector, and everything should be in an organized way. The best app for pregnancy provides you with insightful and significant information with attractive packages.

1. Research for Rich User-Experience

The first and crucial step to execute the development of pregnancy tracking application is market research and analysis. Like customer persona and demographics, some of the specific aspects play a vital role when developing an app.

The research and analysis of these areas help the developer decide how it should be implemented and approached successfully. Collecting these types of information would help the team determine the type of application that the user craves for.

2. Designing the UI

An innovative design should be part of a useful application. Usually, the right customer interacts with the objectivity and accessibility of your idea. You have to make sure that the design should be according to pregnant women and enrich the user experience like it should not be too dark in the background.

The tone opt by the developers should be warm, and later on, also, the developer can use the gradient color that would be used by both of the platforms Android and iOS, in their way.

3. Impressions

The application also relies on the usability of the app. It is one of the best fundamental aspects of application development. When the app begins the development process, the developer team closely tracks and checks the app’s performance during each development section.

It extracts the functionality, safety, reliability, performance, pressure, and interface controls of the application. Eventually, you’d find out whether or not the app works for targeted users.

4. After Launching Process

Once your application gets life, it’s the developer’s responsibility to add some new updates and features that the user demands after using the application. In other words, it’s the nature of the application to get maintained and well structured; launching isn’t the end part of the application.

The application’s user interface must perform seamlessly and efficiently. The developer must create an updated schedule that will direct them to new features and improvements.

Experience the Bliss of Motherhood Using Baby Pregnancy Tracker App

As the leading company in the IT industry, we have years of experience to develop the application in various sectors. The pregnancy tracker app is one of them. We have successfully served many applications. TechGropse offers you effectual application development services to materialize the ideas into innovative products with our agile methodology.

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Sprout pregnancy app is considered to be the most accurate pregnancy app.

The Glow cycle is considered to be the most accurate fertility app.

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